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 hi FOLKS!

 welcome to the FIRST edition of a new
 magazine we like to introduce to YOU!
 it's not again one of these magazines
 only delivering you scene news,charts
 and all the crap. it's a mag about ALL
 KINDS OF MUSIC,its business,record -
 reviews and anything else we can offer
 about it.

 it is released monthly normally on the
 first,this one was realeased on the 4th
 november on the T.A.T party in inns-
 bruck in austria
 it's called : C O N D O M !

 you can find also CHARTS in this mag,
 for more information check out the
 charts chapter.

 next time also a LETTERS chapter will
 be included.
 (+: next ,-:previous page;space:exit)

 the three editors of this magazine are


 style.. hip-hop,rap,new age,hardcore


 style.. hardcore,thrash,metal,punk,mosh


 style.. house,hip-hop,hardcore,punk

 we are members of different groups but
 this doesn't mean anything to the mag
 as it is released under no groupname
 but under a new software label called

 we will test everything we can catch.
 also things we don't like.

 ratings system for everythings is

 our tests will be very SUBJECTIVE due
 to the fact we dont like e.g. pop-music
 so we would like to hear from you react
 ions and your opinions or if you even
 want your personal music tests

 you can also send us your personal
 tapes (you certainly get them back)

 for requests,letter,charts...




 well,this chapter features you the
 date when your favourite BAND or
 MUSICIAN shows up in your TOWN.

 let's begin...

* abomination+pungent stench+master+
  noise filter

  17.11 (d)karlsruhe-durmersheim,lamm

* axxis+lovetrick

  06.11 (d)hannover,capitol
  07.11 (d)goettingen,outpost
  08.11 (d)erfurt,musiccircus
  09.11 (d)leipzig,musiccircus
  11.11 (d)dresden,musiccircus
  12.11 (d)saalfeld,stadthalle
  17.11 (d)kiel,traumfabrik
  19.11 (d)dortmund,blickpunktstudios
  20.11 (d)fulda,jugendhaus

* bloodgood+creed

  07.12 (d)hof-naila
  08.12 (d)ennepetal
  09.12 (d)esslingen
  11.12 (d)berlin
  13.12 (d)hamburg


  22.01 (d)offenbach,stadthalle
  23.01 (d)hannover,music hall
  24.01 (d)hamburg,docks
  27.01 (d)berlin,metropol
  28.01 (d)osnabrueck,halle gartlage
  29.01 (d)bonn,biskuithalle
  31.01 (d)ludwigshafen,eberthalle
  01.02 (d)neumarkt,jurahalle
  03.02 (d)ludwigsburg,forum
  04.02 (d)muenchen,deutsches museum

* jingo de lunch

  06.11 (d)bremen,modernes

* blue cheer

  07.11 (a)linz,posthof
  08.11 (a)wien,rockhaus
  09.11 (a)hohenems,konkret
  10.11 (ch)fribourg,fri son
  17.11 (ch)luzern,sedel
  28.11 (d)heidelberg,schwimmbad
  29.11 (d)fulda,kreuzsaal
  30.11 (d)villingen-s,kienzlehalle

* ballroom blitz

  14.11 (d)bad worrishof,u2
  15.11 (d)muenchen,twighlight
  16.11 (d)wiesbaden,ROUGH club
  17.11 (d)mainz,hdj
  19.11 (d)koeln,starclub
  20.11 (d)koeln,ekkberg's club

* gan's&garnet+black bembel blues band

  15.12 (d)offenbach,f 63

* IRON MAIDEN+special guest ANTHRAX
  08.11 (n)oslo,drammenshalln
  09.11 (s)gothenburg,scandinavium
  10.11 (s)stockholm,isstadion
  12.11 (sf)helsinki,ishalln
  15.11 (d)berlin,deutschlandhalle
  17.11 (h)budapest,sporthalle
  23.11 (d)saarbruecken,saarlandhalle
  24.11 (ch)bern,festhalle
  25.11 (i)firenze,palasport
  26.11 (i)rome,palaeur
  28.11 (i)milan,sport palace forum
  29.11 (i)turin,palasport
  30.11 (i)treviso,palasport
  01.12 (i)bolzano,palasport
  03.12 (d)muenchen,sedelmayerhalle
  04.12 (d)stuttgart,sleyerhalle
  05.12 (d)carl-diem halle
  07.12 (d)bremen,stadthalle
  08.12 (d)hannover,eilenriedehalle
  11.12 (gb)edinburgh,exhibition+tradec.
  14+15.12 (gb)birmingham,nec
  17+18.12 (gb)london,wembley arena
  22.12 (d)frankfurt,festhalle

* saint vitus

  06.11 (d)enger,forum
  07.11 (d)hannover,bad
  08.11 (d)hamburg,molotov
  07.12 (d)berlin,festival


  06.11 (a)wien,metropol
  08.11 (d)stuttgart,theaterhaus
  09.11 (d)biberbach, hall
  11.11 (d)saarbruecken,fordgarage
  12.11 (d)mannheim,alte feuerwache
  13.11 (d)karlsruhe,festhalle durlach
  14.11 (d)goettingen,outpost
  15.11 (d)berlin,quartier
  16.11 (d)halle,jugendklubhaus p.m.
  18.11 (d)schwerin,halle am fernseht.
  19.11 (d)hamburg,docks

* escape

  17.11 (d)lautertal,festsaal


  18.11 (d)hamburg,grosse freiheit
  19.11 (d)bonn,biskuithalle
  22.11 (d)hannover,musichall
  23.11 (d)neumarkt,jurahalle
  24.11 (d)wertheim,main-tauber-halle
  26.11 (d)muenche,theaterfabrik
  27.11 (d)ludwigsburg,forum
  02.12 (d)senden,gorki park

* monsters

  10.11 (ch)effingen,schulhalle
  11.11 (ch)zuerich,volkshaus
  12.11 (a)innsbruck,stadtsaal
  13.11 (a)wien,rock house
  15.11 (d)regensburg,the factory
  17.11 (d)buehne,alsterhalle
  21.11 (d)burgebrach,steigerwaldhalle

* despair

  30.11 (d)andernach,jz


  06.11 (d)berlin,extasy
  07.11 (a)linz,posthof
  08.11 (a)wien,rock house
  09.11 (a)hohenems,konkret
  10.11 (d)stuttgart,jugendhaus anna
  11.11 (d)oestringen
  12.11 (d)koeln,rose club


  06.11 (d)hamburg,sporthalle
  08.11 (d)mainz,rheingoldhalle
  09.11 (d)appenweier,schwarzwaldhalle
  10.11 (d)landshut,etsv halle
  12.11 (d)ludwigshafen,ebert-halle
  13.11 (d)kassel,stadthalle baunatal
  14.11 (d)fuerth,stadthalle
  15.11 (d)stuttgart,liederhalle

* shanghai'd guts

  30.11 (d)wuppertal,hdj barmen

* KREATOR+death

  29.11 (d)hamburg,docks
  30.11 (d)berlin,neue welt
  02.12 (d)bremen,aladin
  03.12 (d)oberhausen,musikzirkus ruhr
  04.12 (d)mainz,elzer hof
  06.12 (d)fuerth,stadthalle
  08.12 (d)osnabrueck,halle gartlage
  09.12 (d)kassel,musiktheater
  10.12 (d)stuttgart,longhorn
  11.12 (d)voelklingen,sporthalle
  12.12 (d)ludwigshafen,colloseum
  13.12 (ch)winterthur,volkshaus
  14.12 (ch)appenweier
  17.12 (d)muenche,theaterfabrik
  18.12 (a)wien,rock house


  25.11 (d)frankfurt,batschkapp
  26.11 (d)hamburg,docks
  27.11 (d)berlin,metropol

* doughboys

  19.11 (d)koeln,rose club
  20.11 (d)dortmund,fzw
  21.11 (d)hamburg,fabrik
  22.11 (d)oldenburg,alhambra
  23.11 (d)bielefeld,ajz
  24.11 (d)berlin,extasy
  25.11 (d)frankfurt,negativ
  29.11 (d)muenchen,kulturstation


  12.11 (d)ludwigsburg,forum
  16.11 (d)hamburg,docks
  17.11      "       "
  18.11      "       "
  19.11 (d)berlin,eissporthalle
  21.11 (d)duesseldorf,philipshalle

* heavy-metal&thrash festival

  10.11 schwalmstadt,frantic

* demon&tredegar

  06.11 (d)bremen,aladin
  07.11 (d)detmold,hunky dory
  08.11 (d)berlin,extasy
    ?   (d)offenbach,f63

* kansas+NAZARETH+saga

  06.11 (d)boeblingen,sporthalle
  07.11 (d)fuerth,stadthalle
  08.11 (d)offenbach,stadthalle
  09.11 (d)muenchen,deutsches museum
  10.11 (d)grossried,sporthalle
  12.11 (d)berlin,eissporthalle
  13.11 (d)lichtenfels,stadthalle
  14.11 (d)mannheim,maimarkthalle
  15.11 (d)hamburg,cch saal 3
  16.11 (d)duesseldorf,philipshalle


  26.11 (d)hannover,musichall
  27.11 (d)bremen,aladin
  28.11 (d)siegen,siegerlandhalle
  29.11 (d)deggendorf,stadthalle
  30.11 (ch)zuerich,volkshaus
  01.12 (d)augsburg,schwabenlandhalle
  02.12 (d)bamberg,zentralsaal
  03.12 (d)berlin,neue welt
  04.12 (d)oberhausen,musiccircus ruhr
  05.12 (d)heidelberg,stadthalle
  06.12 (d)frankfurt,musichall
  07.12 (d)kehl,stadthalle
  09.12 (d)muenster,jovel
  10.12 (d)goettingen,outpost

* resistors
  16.11 (d)landshut,jugendzentrum

* rough silk
  16.11 (d)hamburg,logo
  17.11 (d)luebeck,riders cafe
  08.12 (d)holzminden,jz
  15.12 (d)sindelfingen,hdj

* sanctuary+fates warning+secrecy

  06.11 (d)augsburg
  07.11 (d)ludwigsburg
  09.11 (d)berlin
  10.11 (d)hamburg
  11.11 (d)detmold
  12.11 (d)bremen
  14.11 (d)zwickau


  06.11 (d)tuttlingen,akzente
  07.11 (d)stuttgart,longhorn
  08.11 (d)bremen,aladin
  10.11 (d)hamburg,grosse freiheit
  11.11 (d)berlin,metropol
  12.11 (d)goettingen,outpost
  13.11 (d)senden,gorki park
  15.11 (d)bamberg,zentralsaal
  16.11 (d)neumarkt,jurahalle
  17.11 (d)dortmund,blickpunkt

* SCORPIONS+winger

  23.11 (b)bruessel,voorst national
  25.11 (i)firenze,palasport
  26.11 (i)roma,palast
  29.11 (g)athen,palais des sports
  05.12 (d)berlin,deutschlandhalle
  08.12 (d)hamburg,sporthalle
  09.12 (d)hamburg,sporthalle
  13.12 (d)dortmund,westfahenhalle
  17.12 (d)mannheim,maimarkthalle
  20.12 (d)nuernberg,frankenhalle


  19.11 (d)hamburg,markthalle
  20.11 (dk)kobenhavn,pumpehuset
  22.11 (d)berlin,metropol
  23.11 (d)duesseldorf,tor3
  24.11 (nl)tilburg,noorderligt
  25.11 (d)bremen,modernes
  27.11 (d)frankfurt,volksbildungsheim
  28.11 (d)stuttgart,longhorn


  06.11 (s)goeteburg,concrethouse
  07.11 (dk)kobenhavn,saga
  09.11 (b)deinze,brielport
  10.11 (gb)london,hammersmith odeon


  07.11 (d)frankfurt/festhalle
  08.11 (d)koeln/sporthalle
  09.11 (d)hannover/messehalle
  11.11 (d)bremen/stadthalle
  12.11 (d)bochum/ruhrlandhalle
  14.11 (d)stuttgart/schleyerhalle


 CHARTS  ofcause we dont show you demo
-------- or cracker charts but normal

 music charts ! in this edition you can
 find the official dancefloor charts of
 the month october and some lists of
 our personal top 10's to show you what
 we like...

 in the next edition we will release
 charts voted from you.
 you should vote 4 top 5 singles and
 top 5 lp which ever music you want!
 if you want we will print your adver-
 tisement for voting.

 send your both top 5 to...

 XXXXXXXXXXXXXX   or to anyone of us!

 the offical dancefloor charts of 10/90

  1.ENIGMA        sadness part one
  2.DNA           la sereissima
  3.THE GRID      a beat called love
  4.snap          cult of snap
  5.klf           what time is love?
  6.vanilla ice   ice,ice baby
  7.kid frost     la raza
  8.after one     tom's diner rap
  9.a trible call.bonitta applebum
 10.splash        i need rhythm
 11.urban dance s.a deeper shade of s.
 12.kmfdm         more and faster
 13.deee-lite     groove is in the hea.
 14.technotronic  rockin' over the beat
 15.dna           tom's diner
 16.en vogue      hold on shop b.   so hard
 18.technotronic  megamix
 19.johnny gill   rockin you the right w hammer     pray

here come BAD CAT's alltime single
 1.METALLICA       one
 2.XENTRIX         ghostbusters
 3.SUICIDAL T.     posessed to skate
 4.misfits         20 eyes in my head
 5.megadeth        anarchy in the uk
 6.die toten hosen azzuro
 7.anthrax         indians no more   epic
 9.toy dolls       nelly the elephant
10.dimple minds    blau auf'm bau

and the actual single charts
 1.SUICIDAL T.     you can't bring me d.
 2.MEGADETH        holy wars the p.d.
 3.ANTHRAX         got the time
 4.annihilator     stone wall
 5.tankard         space beer
 6.bad news        bohemian rapsody
 7.iron maiden     holy smoke           thunderstruck
 9.exodus          objection overruled
10.sodom           ausgebombt
11.the great kat   beethoven mush
-ROUGH's actual prefered singles....
 1.NIAGARA             ?
 2.DAVE E.STEWART+SPI. love shines
 3.FAITH NO MORE       zombie eaters
 4.suicidal tendencies u cant bring me
 5.klf                 what time is lo.
 6.enigma              sadness part 1
 7.vanilla ice         ice,ice baby
 8.gbh                 a fridge too far
 9.dna                 la sereissima
10.sluts               2000 jahre sche.

-and my actual lp's...
 1.FAITH NO MORE       the real thing
 2.COLD CUT            what's that noise
 3.BOOGIE DOWN PROD.   blueprint of hip
 4.suicidal tendencies light,camera,r.
 5.nick cave           the good son
 6.gbh                 a fridge too far
 7.dead kennedys       in god we trust
 8.depeche mode        violator
 9.testament           souls of black
10.inspiral carpets    life

£  now BAD CAT's alltime lp charts
 1.SUICIDAL T.      lights,camera,rev.
 2.FAITH NO MORE    the real thing
 3.DIE TOTEN HOSEN  auf dem kreuzug i.g.
 4.anthrax          among the living
 5.megadeth         rust in peace
 6.metallica        and justice for all
 7.helloween        walls of jericho
 8.warlock          triumph and agony
 9.suicidal t.      join the army hot chili p. mothers milk

actual lp charts
 1.ANTHRAX          persistence of time
 2.MEGADETH         rust in peace
 3.SUICIDAL T.      lights,camera,rev. no more    the real thing
 5.doa + jelly b.   last ? of the m.n.
 6.annihilator      never neverland
 7.dimple minds     durstige maenner


 this one is the NEWS chapter we pre-
 sent you the latest news about every
 kind of music...

 -next year in JANUARY there's gonna be
  a big festival called ROCK IN RIO.
  it lasts 10 days in a row. some ex-
  amples of the groups being there are:
  george michael,guns'n'roses,new kids
  on the block,inxs,deee-lite,megadeth
  lisa stansfield and lotsa more
  (well doesnt seem to fit much!)

 -whitney houston just released her NEW
  LP ... no comment about this one!

 -the ROLLING STONES are going to make
  a music movie which will be started
  in the cinemas next year.

 -did you know that the old guys from
  GRATEFUL DEAD played a special HALLO-
  WEEN concert on 31/10

 - this time the fight against stupid
   RELIGION FANATICS soluted into an-
   other victory for civilized art.

   1.the headbangers from JUDAS PRIEST
   have been declared free after they
   were attacked by parents,whose both
   children SUICIDED and the parents
   claimed the reason of their death
   was because they listened to metal
   music esp.judas priest! fact was
   that both boys were totally DRUNK
   and very heavy DRUG-ADDICTED as they
   commited suicide.also they were in
   bad relationship to their parents +
   so the judge decided to speak judas
   priest FREE.the major label company
   CBS was fined $40000,cause of "WITH-
   not found the original recording
   tapes.(!) one is a process against the
   2 LIFE CREW,one of our favourites,
   which were attacked because they
   FUCKED women live on stage and did
   other so-called DIRTY things in
   front of the audience. well,anyway
   also this time they were DECLARED
   FREE because the judge said that
   rap music is FREE ART which cant
   be banned in any way!
   so they can go on producing their
   cool songs,except the leader of 2
   life called LUKE SKYYWALKER had to
   change his name,because lucasfilm
   accused him in case of the SIMILA-
   RITY with the name of the well-
   known 'starhero' in star wars

 - the next release from the PET SHOP
   BOYS lp will be a song called 'BE-
   ING BORING'! guess whose 2 guys are
   ment in the song! they declared this
   on their own.

 - PAUL SIMON released another folks
   music lp! this time it's called
   RHYTHMN OF THE SAINTS. bullshit,we

 - the have been rumors that the old
   once splitted GOGO's will rejoin or
   are already rebuilt.

 - one of the biggest partys taking
   place is the SATELITE JUKEBOX on MTV
   there are partys all over europe and
   mtv zooms to them.
   some of the bands which make it worse
   jason donovan,london beat,j.sommer-

- AXL ROSE,vocalist of GUNS'N'ROSES was
  arrested.he attacked his neighbor (who
  knowes why) with a bottle.after a few
  houres he was released again after
  having payed $5000 bail.he'll have to
  appear at court in l.a. on the 20th
  of november for a final judgement.

- THE CURE brought out a new lp called
  MIXED UP. as the name says it's a mix
  of old shit + one new song.

- FAITH NO MORE were take off stage at
  THE MONSTERS OF ROCK cause they said
  bad things about other live acts at
  this festival (aerosmith,poison).
  who can take this ill ? anyway,they
  where NOT banned from playing the next
  days of the tour. mike patton,vocalist
  stood calm and held himself back.

- sacred reich were included in a brawl.
  they were beaten so they had to go to

LP tests

 this is the RECORD REVIEW chapter. in
 the 1st edition some of the tested
 SONGS might be a little bit old but we
 decided to fullfill the mag with some
 alltimefavourites,especially our per-

 the ratings system goes from 0 - 100%

 (100% is superior of course)

 in this issue the main reviewers are
 BAD CAT'n ROUGH,because gnu is not here

 so well,let's begin...

 MEGADETH / holy wars

 r:well,this is the first release from
 their new album 'RUST IN PEACE'. norm-
 ally i dont like those headbang songs
 but this one really hits the spot!PURE
 thrash! the text contains problems con-
 cerning with the JIHAXDthe holy war of
 the arabians! my rating....    79%

 b:i always was a megadeth-fan and this
 one is one of megadeths BEST.the whole
 lp is really good in old megadeth
 quality ! my rating .....      90%

                          all over: 85%

 ANTHRAX / got the time

 r:wowsa! wonder what?! the new anthrax
 lp simply sounds partly like PUNK esp.
 this damned cool song! it reminds me
 of MISFITS. you remark also on the lp
 that SCOTT IAN prefers rap-music. he's
 the strange looking guy with the goat
                     rating... 82%

 b:oh man ! evryone says that the new
 anthrax lp in NOT so good(metal hammer)
 but i think it's like all others a
 SMASHER! 'got the time' really sounds
 like misfits! reminds me of '20 eyes in
 my head'! very good done! i don't agree
 with rough: only this song.the others
 really sound like anthrax ...THRASH
                     rating... 89%

                     all over  86%

 FAITH NO MORE / the real thing     lp

 name...                b:   r:
 from out of nowhere   85%   82%
 epic                  92%   94%
 falling to pieces     89%   78%
 surprise,you're dead! 80%   89%
 zombie eaters         85%   96%
 the real thing        79%   64%
 underwater love       80%   81%
 the morning after     70%   75%
 woodpecker from mars  85%   84%

 the allover ratings for the lp are...
 r:this lp is one of the BEST released
 ever! so if YOU are so lame and you do
 not have it yet,jump into the next re-
 cord shop and BUY IT!   rating... 93%
 b:that's the lp that put faith no more
 to the top! and they deserved it!
 'epic' came in the top ten and this
 says it all!
                         rating... 89%
                         all over  91%
 DEUTSCH PUNK / kampflieder / sampler!
                                b   r
slime/deutschland muss sterben  75% 82%
slime/stoertebecker             75% 40%
notdurft/schlag zurueck         45% 58%
daily terror/99 stunden         62% 74%
toxoplasma/1981                 70% 75%
toxoplasma/teenager frust       50% 43%
canal terror/tu was dir gefael. 60% 71%
canal terror/maximierung des g. 69% 65%
sluts/2000 jahre scheisse       72% 88%
sluts/ficken                    46% 39%
toxoplasma/weltverbesserer      64% 56%
canal terror/abschuss           68% 72%
daily terror/todesschwadron     71% 74%
slime/polizei sa-ss             82% 79%
slime/bullenschweine            69% 61%

 well,nobody should feel attacked it's
 just music like everything else except
 it's on the index.

 bad cat.65% rough.70% all...68%


 this time in adds i want to show ya my
 and gnu's address.send to me for any
 things concerning the'll also
 find some credits in this one.

    bad cat/duel      also contact
   XXXXXXXXXXXXXX     address for
   XXXXXXXXXXXXXX     swapping.
   XXXXXXXXXXXXXX     vote your top5.
   XXXXXXXXXXXXXX     include your addy



 all code+linking : BAD CAT
 music :            MOON/FLASH
 chars :                ?
 well done logo :   GNU

 editors of this issue :


 we thank : MTV,METAL HAMMER for info

 released by TONE WARE on 4/11/1990

PS:send letter about what you thing
   about this project,any kinds o'advice
   and for your votings.who votes will
   get his address released in adds

Special Reports

 welcum to da SPECIAL REPORT chapter...

 this time we dont have too much for
 dis one because we had no time to fix

 anyway i will tell you a report about
 a group called BLOEDELOT which played
 last time on a local place...

 like i always i went with my friends
 to the town where those dudz played.
 most guys told me that it's gonna be
 pure bullshit INDEPENDANT,but anyway
 we dont care... entry was cheap (with
 membership-card even cheaper!) and so
 we went in.well i first met lotsa
 friends and talked to'em. MIKEY and me
 emptied a redwine-bottle,which tasted
 awful but ya got a nice feeling.
 then at about 9 o'clock they started to was a surprise that there was
 a band in the world which doesnt start

 with 3-4 hours delay.and let me tell u
 something...damned cool! those guys
 acted a cool mixture of independent +
 hardcore. VERY LOUD AND GROOVY. goil!
 most people didnt like it too well e.g.
 a friend called maya said that it
 sounded TOO MELODYLESS ! no rhythm!
 later on mikey came back from a trip
 to another meeting and he told me that
 sum suckers have beaten him up! 4 guys
 againt one! shit!
 BAD CAT and GNU were not there so i
 can only tell you my own opinion.
 anyway we went on too booze around a
 bit and all in all it was a nice gig.

 if you are a fan of hardcore or indy
 YOU CAN ORDER a demo-tape from those
 guys under the well-known address if u
 send us an empty c60 cassette + 1dm


 just to tell you what will happen in
 the NEXT edition we invented this


 1.your letters will be printed of coz.

 2.gonna see sum nice music swap adds

 3.charts should be in there

 4.a report from a real concert not a
   little gig like this time.

 5.some latest dancefloor music scene
   news,which we couldnt afford to in-
   clude this time coz we simply for-
   got it.ahem!

 so anybody outthere here's again the

 address you gonna send your requests



 this programm is full public domain.
 everybody is allowed to copy it.ripp-
 ing or changing strictly forbidden!
 it's not under any group label like
 vision,duel or anything else.

 (C) 1990 TONE WARE LTD.

D64 MD5: ab15d1459857c1cb1c89f5ff8a01957b

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