Brutal Recall 12 ch15

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   H:;K                          H:;K
  GLMNOP                        GLMNOP
  QRSTUV    crossfire/image     QRSTUV
  W<YZÅÄ                        W<YZÅÄ
    ÓÖ            vs              ÓÖ
   Ü !Ü                          Ü !Ü
   "#$%       dmi/acrise         "#$%
   &'89                          &'89
okay,here you've got crossfire's defence
  towards dmi/acrise's words...

dear scene...

the last 4 months a lamer calling
himself dmi of acrise has been spreading
the ridicolous lie that i,crossfire of
image, should be identical with the long
ago notorious lamer exory of holocaust.
i'll give you the story now, and there's
two sides to it - there's dmi's story,
and there is the truth. about two and a
half year ago i joined holocaust as an
original-supplier and swapper. i took
the handle reconner (maybe a few people
remember that handle!?) and i only
cracked a few games,but i supplied some
first-releases (maybe some people
remember those!?) for the group.  when i
left the scene about 2 years ago i was
so fed up with all the shit going on
with holocaust and i promised myself i
would not return to the scene - ever!
but... i did!  about one year ago i got
bored and started missing it all.  i
formed navy-seals, a group which truly
never amounted to anything. together
with wolf of joy division i then formed
unique. i got an offer to join vision,
and i did that for a week when i decided
to join acrise.  after all this bouncing
around problems started.  mendrake,the
leader of acrise,was caught by the
police and was forced to quit the scene.
the members in acrise elected me,for
some unknown reason,to be the leader. as
the leader,i decided first to try to set
a little activity into the unactive
members. then a guy named dmi send me a
letter telling me how active he was,he
was both a mega-swapper,a cool diskcover
designer,a great coder and a terrific
cracker. he begged me not to kick him
out, and promised to be very active in
the future.  after this letter a whole
month passed and again i had not heard
didly from him. at that time we were way
too many members in acrise,so the
inactive were kicked.  dmi,the mega-
swapper with 10 contacts (hmmm..!) was
kicked with other people like mouse,and
some others.  people you had never heard
of before!  then the small lamer dmi got
angry and started screaming at me that i
couldn't kick him cause he was one of
the original-members (did it look like i
cared at all!?).  obviously,he knew from
the start that he had a great chance of
getting kicked,so it couldn't have come
as a real surprise for him.  then he
started spreading the rumour that i was
exory,who had just returned into the
scene.  i admit that it would sound like
it could be right as i live in the same
town as he does,but take it statisticly-
århus is the second biggest town in
denmark and it has got about 250,000
people living in it, but when people see
the name of the town,they say "ahh! that
is just exory!",just much logic in it,is
there?  so then people went crazy, so i
decided to leave acrise and build up
this group called image.  my point with
this message: don't believe in dmi cause
he's just a little dickless lamer who
wants revenge and he thinks he can get
that by spreading lies.  people who
believe he's right, i sure feel pity for
but i guess that's the price you have to
pay for something you haven't done.
quite unfair, but i guess i've to live
with it.  judge fairly,and never take a
liar like dmi/acrise into your group.

yours sincerely, crossfire of image!
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