Brutal Recall 12 ch14

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   H:;K                          H:;K
  GLMNOP                        GLMNOP
  QRSTUV    crossfire/image     QRSTUV
  W<YZÅÄ                        W<YZÅÄ
    ÓÖ            vs              ÓÖ
   Ü !Ü                          Ü !Ü
   "#$%       dmi/acrise         "#$%
   &'89                          &'89
 this note about crossfire was taken
 from an note, done by dmi/acrise!
 read it and see what you think, after
 that,load part 2 and see what crossfire
 has to say to it!!
              yo riddler!!!

             bye riddler!!!

haha.. just kidding..

crossfire is here again! i wonder why ya
haven't send back lately..

i know no-brain-mason (hehe) called you
and said some thing that you might have
misunderstood, but don't take it much
too hard!

anyway, you're still welcome here! acr
must soon be dead anyway! bordeaux have
formed a new group, dmi quitted (i was
told by someone, can't remember!), only
you and exult should be left.. come on,
and join, man! won't regret it..

i'll maybe call ya monday evening, so if
i will we've talked by now, but come on
and join us, man!

anyway, please spread these wares like
hell and keep cool!!!

your friend, crossfire/image!!!
astonished ???

well, like you easily could have under-
stood: that what you just read was an
original note which crossfire/image
wrote to riddler/acrise in order to
convince him to leave the "lame" group
acrise and join his super-cool group
image. remember that this was only one
single note, he wrote tons of notes like
this to riddler (also to exult), and
every time with the same stupid aim:
to turn me and all the other acrise-
members down, to spread a whole lot of
lies about me, acrise and others (like
declaring acrise as dead, spreading that
i should have left the scene (what he
got to know from a secret undercover-
agent or something), telling that
boardaux would have left acrise (some-
thing which he would n e v e r do) and
last but not least:to destroy acrise !!!

also the story in popcorn was full of
lies and most of the "facts" were just
invented (!!!) by him !!!!!

according to crossfire (not worth
writing his name in big letters) ...

- ... acrise is dead
- ... the remaining rest only concists
      out of riddler and exult
- ... i quitted the scene
- ... boardaux built up his own group
- ... testa left acrise
- ... all cool members of acrise joined
- ... etc., etc. !!!

according to all members of acrise and
according to the truth :

- ... acrise is  not (!!!) dead and will
  most surely also not die within the
  next few month or even years
- ... almost everybody who used to be a
  member also still belongs to acrise
  and nobody even thinks about leaving
- ... i did not quit !!!!!!
- ... boadeaux did ofcourse not form any
  other group
- ... testa did not leave acrise, he
  joined generation-x but still belongs
  to our crew !!!
- ... only some danish friends (?) of
  crossfire (who already got kicked out
  of image again thanks to their cool
  "friend" crossfire) and some swappers
  left acrise to join image, but not a
  single one of the original acrise-
  members (i mean the real members and
  not the ones crossfire brought into
  acrise some months ago) joined image.
  actually it was like this that cross-
  fire asked almost every member of
  acrise to join his new crew, but
  almost all refused and called him a
  lame sucker and only clive, static
  (two swappers) and dr will went to
  image ....

just another lie: crossfire still
pretends that he got the leader of
acrise because all the "cool" members
wanted him to be the leader and that
they all elected him, but in fact only
the ones who got into acrise thanks to
him (and were ofcourse very gratefull at
that time) voted for him, he didn't even
ask the other ones but just declared
himself as the new leader ...

more facts about crossfire ...

i know that it is boring to publish this
one more time as everybody already knows
it, but as he still denies it it just
has to be said once again :

crossfire fucking is (!!!!) exory, the
one who used to be on the top-position
of all lamer-charts from all mags about
1 or two years ago. if you should happen
to be a newcommer in the scene who
doesn't know so exactly what was going
on at this time: this guy (exory/holo-
caust) was the biggest re-cracker, lamer
and ripper ever spotted in the scene;

he recracked games from almost every
group, he cheated holocaust into the
charts by voting for holocaust and him-
self under different handles (like glaff
/atomic waste, leech/coldcut, ...) on
the top of all the cracker-charts, he
forced all his lamer-contacts to vote
for holocaust always on the top and pro-
mised them originals for this dirty job,
he made a whole lot of re-releases and
faked first-releases (where he just
wrote a wrong releasing-date into the
intro of the crack), and so on and so
on ... as all this got finally known to
the public (thanks to "sex'n'crime") he
invented a whole lot of lies to prove
that he would be innocent (what he of
course wasn't) but the fae (federation
against exory) finally broke his neck.
finally ? no, of course not !!! he just
told everybody that he would have left
the scene, but in fact he only changed
his handle to dystan/trauma and conti-
nued re-cracking ...
he already made this about ten times:
he acts absolutely lame, re-cracks a lot
and ripps his head off, and then, when
somebody discovers his lame behaviour,
he leaves the scene for a short time and
later comes back with a different group
and different handle (hoping that he
won't be discovered again) and of course
with a whole lot of new "re-cracking-
power" ...
untill now, he already has been ...

 -glaff/atomic waste
 -exory (and not reconner !!!)/holocaust
 -mega boozer/navy seals
 -crossfire/image (how he calls himself

and a whole lot of others ...

if there still should be someone being
in doubt that all this is really true:
i can supply everyone who is interested
with crossfire's phone-number, call him
and you will see that there is not
excisting any "john" (he still pretends
to be called like this) in his family
but only a "kim" ! yes, i am speaking
about kim andersen, the guy who used to
be known as the re-cracker exory a while
ago ...

maybe there are now still a lot of guys
who think that crossfire is cool never-
theless as he seems to be quite a good
cracker (atleast a very active cracker),
but if you carefully check out some
stuff from him, then you will very very
quickly recognize, that ...

- most of his "first-releases" were
  coded by a certain guy called kim
  andersen, so he actually coded them
  himself !!!!!!!
- he releases a whole lot of frozen
  games as he is too stupid to de-freeze
  them (hey, even i (being no cracker at
  all) can do that !!!)
- he likes level-packing files which are
  shorter than two blocks (something
  which doesn't has any sense at all!)
- and, and, and ....

haven't you never wondered from where he
gets most of his originals ? well, if
you have ever swapped with him then you
know how: crossfire offers you to swap
"hot" originals by sending you some old
shit-crap-ories. you send some new and
cool originals back, he tells you that
all your ories were lame and far too old
to get still cracked and a few days
later you finally get the cracked image-
version of the original you sent to
crossfire, of course without getting any
credits for the original-supply in the
intro ... by the way, i am not inventing
all this, it is the truth and i can also
prove it since also some contacts and
friends of mine got betrayed by cross-
fire this way and are now pretty pissed

with him, so at the latest now you
should finally be convinced that cross-
fire is the biggest wanker amd asshole
of the whole scene !!!

but this is still not all, just keep on
reading ...

crossfire is not only an asshole and
lamer, but also quite a cool ripper:
he ripped tons of graphics from other
groups in order to make acrise-logos out
of it (as he still was a member), and of
course never credited anyone for the
graphics but made it look like that
everyone should think he made all this
on his own. some of "his" artwork is
linked infront of this note that every-
body can convince himself that i am not
lieing or inventing all this ...

furthermore, he is the absolutely
biggest liar i ever heard of !!! for
instance all this shit in his disc-notes
that he left acrise because of a general
"anti-genesis-attitude" inside the group
and that he pointed out that he doesn't
had anything against genesis at all ...

man, this is bullshit !!!!!!!!
he, being exory and at the same time
mega boozer/navy seals (the guy who
released a huge anti-g*p note just some
while ago) should not have anything
against genesis ?????
haha, great joke, kim !!!

every single day i ask myself the same
question: what the fuck is crossfire a
kind of guy ??? ohh man, i just can't
imagine how someone can go as low as he
did ... he offers you friendship and
calls you a cool guy, and only some days
later he suddenly tells you to fuck off
and kicks you out of "his" group (with-
out any obvious reason), the group from
which he got the "leader" by accident
and from which you are already a member
for more than one year and from which
you even was one of the founders ...
not that he did exactly this only to me
and all the other acrise-members, no, he
even dared to kick mason (!!!) out of
image just recently ...
see: mason was one of the very few
friends crossfire ever had in his whole
life, maybe even his only real friend
ever. they used to be friends and worked
together for several years already and
have been together in the same group
already over two years ago. they cracked
games together, coded intros together,
visited parties together, etc., etc. ...
but then, one day, suddenly crossfire
comes along and kicks mason out of
image, without any reason at all ...
wow crossfire, you really know what
friendship consists of, don't you ???
i mean, if there was any real good
member in image, then it was mason !!!
he was the only one in whole image being
able to do iffl-cracks, he could code
quite well, he used to be in groups like
dominators, x-ray, joy division and
x-factor and, which is in my opinion the
most important thing, he is quite a cool
and friendly guy !
but crossfire ??? well, you should now
be able to make up your mind about him
yourself as you should now know already
almost all of all the lame crap he ever
did ... just another prove that it is by
far not only me who doesn't like him
that much anymore: as mason got kicked
out of image almost all other members
also left crossfire and followed mason
rebuilding unicess, atleast all the
danes did ... if you ask me: also they
suddenly recognized what a guy crossfire
really is and that he only allowed all
of them to join image (or acrise before)
because then image would look bigger and
better so that also crossfire himself
(as the leader of image) would gain a
small touch of a better reputation. his
whole mind, yes even his whole life, is
based on one single aim: to be someone
in the scene ! he doesn't care about
anything else at all, only the greed of
success controles all his steps of life.
all his friends (in case he would have
any) could die and he wouldn't even give
a fuck about it as there is onle one
thing which really interests him: to get
high into the charts and to earn some
recognition from elite-guys. i am quite
sure he would even be able to betray his
best friend just to raise some places in
the cracking-charts ...
how stupid must this guy be ? he spends
one whole week at the rough army and
then, when he finally gets home again at
the weekend for some hours, the only
thing he can think of is to crack his
heart out and to spend sleepness nights
infront of his computer training games.
i will never understand this guy, he has
to be a real looser in real life who is
told every day by others how lame he is
so that the only way for him to get some
satisfaction is the scene. without it he
just couldn't survive as he then would
have to face every single day the sad
fact that he is a nothing and only some
senseless human waste ...
well, thinking about crossfire brings me
always into a very depressed mood as it
is really hard for me to imagine how low
humans can go and how someone can end
like this ... just imagine that also you
would be like crossfire some day, ohh
man, this thought is really too much ...

sorry, but i just can't force myself to
continue writing anymore ...

i hope that i reached something with
this small note at atleast a few guys of
you. if you should have been a crossfire
-fan and are it now still, even after
having read all this, then i declare you
as absolutely stupid and nuts or you are
just like crossfire himself ...

something forgotten: i hereby would like
to point out that all this is not ment
as any anti-image-propaganda at all but
only as a kind of an act of revenge to
the one and only crossfire himself for
all the shit he wrote about me, but not
to turn down, attack, offence or annoy
the whole group image or any of it's
other members in any way. i do not have
anything against any other member of
image, in fact it seems that i even have
quite a lot of friends in this group,
at least more than crossfire has ...

.... and to you, crossfire:

now i finally gave you enough reasons to
start a real war with me, not only that
childish crap which you did before like
writing to all mags and telling all of
your contacts how lame i am, spreading
a whole lot of lies about me in some of
your cracks and in popcorn and so on ...
but be aware: from now on, i will pay
you back twice every single step you
will do against me in order to turn me
down. i still have more than enough to
care for to make you look ridiculous in-
front of the whole scene ...
and never forget: whatever you will ever
write about me, it can only be lies
which you invented yourself, but if i
want to turn you down, i only have to
publish the truth and this is already
more than enough ...
by the way, do you still like calling
acrise a "sinking ship" ??? well, then
take a closer look at image with it's
4 or 5 members now as all the others and
even design left and as there are only
some swappers and one "cracker" but no
single other skilled member left and you
know how a real sinking ship looks
like ... but please don't take all this
too hard, i know that this note is a bit
mean and unfair to you, but if you are
really afraid that i might have managed
to make you look ridiculous then just
tell all your contacts that you left the
scene and continue under a different
handle again like you already did so
many times before ... come on, this
shouldn't be so difficult for you, you
should already have some practice in
affairs like this, don't you ???
enough crossfire-killing crap for now,
i hope his "revenge" will also follow
soon ... if someone of you should have
anything to react on, just leave me a
message on one of the following boards:

        the highway/acrise+brutal


      dragon's tower/legacy+acrise


you can also try to dial me up (but
please only late at night as i am not at
home in most of the cases during normal
times) at:    XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

or if you should prefer the mail-way ...



and never ever dare to forget ...

        cooler than ice - acrise

 ... and even more important:

i'm a lamer, ripper and a liar-crossfire
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