Brutal Recall 12 ch10

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            "bacchus said..."

after recieving a letter from bacchus of
  fairlight some months ago,considering
  several topics about the scene,he sent
  another one and here you can read it..

howdy hackers!
you might have read the text i had in
an earlier issue of brutal recall.
a lot were said in it, groupjumping for

rockstar wrote a reply to this one in
propaganda, and it is to this one i
here reply again. for you who haven't
read that one, i can just say that he
felt a bit pointed out by my text. not
as a person, but he explained why he
didn't think he was in the category of

i must first say that i've always been
a great admirer of rockstars work.
he cracks with quality, and only in a
specific few cases have i seen severe
errors (i remember one time with the
common bug that when you score the
remaining energy credits, the energybar
is never dec:ed! we all do these from
time to time).

rockstar is far too modest to point out
why he differs from the normal group-
jumpers: he is a well established
cracker, with a good reputation,who does
not need to swap groups as he's about
to get kicked out of the last one.
typical of the normal groupjumpers are
also that they form new groups, not as
they want to try it out, but as no other
groups want them. you can see in the
newspages in mags that it's always
the same few dozens that jumps groups
and who forms the new ones. if a group
stays on the scene for less than half a
year, and didn't have any real success
then you know for sure that most of
the groupjumpers were in when it died!

the reason why it seems as they are more
than a few dozens is that they change
handles often. when they have spoiled
the reputation of the old one, they
make a new one. a bit like the role-
playing games, isn't it??
i also want to point out a fact about
the charts:

dividing the categories might cause
a lot of mess while counting votes,
but i suggest a few changes:

in the codercharts, people tend to
forget the utilitycoders. quite a few
of us use some derivation to the
darksqeezer, but darkforce is never on
any list. this goes for quite a few
good programmers, rockstar (check out
the code in his xtc packer, awesome!)
, lubber, polonus, matt', cellux, to
name but a few. these guys deserve a
pat on the shoulder for their work, and
my suggestion is therefor two coder
charts; one for democoders and one for
other/utility coders. no restriction
for being on both of course!

it's been done before and it's more
fair. make a speedcracker and a
qualitycracker chart! we all know that
the guys in censor are amazing when it
comes to moving data from tape to disk,
and having it released in the states.
psycho did this faster than most others.
the apparent drawback was that these
don't (didn't) always work at all and
very rarely work till the end. compare
this with my versions, that i fight with
until i'm pleased with them. very few
of my releases haven't been fully
tested before release. could our work
really be compared?

speed cracking is mainly about having
the right supplier, and very little
about the actual skill of the cracker.
having psycho on any list is nothing but
pathetic! also finding qed/triangle,
zap/sharks and painkiller/chromance far
below the mid of the list also shows
that the public isn't always the best
judge! rockstar, antitrack, dogfriend,
the illusion dudes and chrysagon have
been more successfull on the charts
as they are in groups with better
supply, and not necessary as they are
better crackers! (all the mentioned
are however very good indeed!)

so what people want is quality, but what
they vote for is mainly speed.
it's a strange world (wayne's world?)
i'll leave you to think this over!

                   bacchus of fairlight!
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