Brutal Recall 12 ch09

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          "the last chance ii."

           by bleze of brutal.
 once again i'm back to write about the
c64 dying. not that much has changed or
has come up,but i recieved a reaction on
the chapter in the last brutal recall.
 here it is:

             hi bleze!

 this is zimbo of sap writing.
i read in the latest issue of brutal
recall your chapter "last chance". this
letter is an answer to your article. i
quite agree with almost everything you
write, except for the thing about kids
who didn't have enough games to buy, and
therefor they went over to the amiga.
i think the reason is that almost all
the c64 games nowadays are to puke of.
bad graphics and sound. maybe some of
the kids friends has got an amiga, and
then the c64 kids sees how much better
graphics and sound there are on this
machine, and then they buy an amiga. i
don't know if i'm right, but i know many
kids who have done this.
now over to something else,the cracking.
i think that the main problem is that
there are too many cracking groups. what
is the point with playing games on the
c64? almost all the games for this com-
puter are bad. if the guys who make
games, made cool games like all the last
ninja games and creatures games, then it
would have been fun. now over to the
cracks again.
i think it had been enough with 5-10
cracking groups in the scene, because
many games are cracked before by other
groups. as an example lets take
creatures ii. first i got it from
success. then i got it from unicess and
then from several other groups. what is
the point in cracking the same game 100
times? the spreading is too big, like
you write: everbody can get a game for
almost no money!
i agree, it's no problem to get a game
for free, espesially not the good ones,
because they are cracked 100 times by
all these lame cracking groups. if all
the bad cracking groups started to make
demos and tools then it would have been
great. and like you also write: the c64
is not created for games. i agree! buy
an amiga if you want to play games! keep
the c64 for demos!
something which i also think is bad with
our scene are all the lamers who want to
have their names printed in a mag for
swapping. as a advert text they write:
100% back! i have sent many disks to
guys like this, without any luck, they
didn't write back. well, guys like this
is real lame! 100% reply, puh!
i got a new contact these days, he had
contacted 15 dudes, and only 5 wrote
back to him. lame!  when you put your
addie in a mag then it means that you
are looking for contacts, right? well,
someone do this only to get disks, and
maybe some games, and they don't write
back. this makes me puke!
i think i have to end now.....
the c64 rulz forever!
try to make a chapter like this in the
next issue too, i think it can help!

 pheew! that was a long one! a big thank
you to you zimbo for this nice letter!!

   now some comments to your lines....

 i must say that i agree with almost all
you write. the quality of the games is
also a reason for people leaving the
c64. no doubt about that! but then again
it's up to the makers to maybe spend a
little more time on a game and put some
soul into it, show that the c64 isn't as
bad as the lamiga owners say.
 you also write that there are too many
cracking groups. of course! that's why
all the versions are released. if there
were only 3 groups cracking games in the
scene, there would max. be spread 3
versions. this would also mean more com-
petition between the groups leading to
better standard cracks.
 about the thing you write with the
people writing "100% reply" in their
adverts. i don't think it has that big
effect on the scene dying. i don't think
people leave because they get rejected
a few times. of course it's lame writing
it, but it's even more lame believing
 well, that's just about it! if you have
anything at all to say then try this
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