Brutal Recall 12 ch07

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             "opinion poll"

two issues ago,we published a poll
  concerning the charts...
  several opinion-sheets were spread and
  we recieved 61 filled back!!
  here you've got the list of result in
  these rates were calculated by taking
  the amount of slashes for a category,
  divide it by 61 and then multiplied by

chart           usefull  useless  dunno
cracking groups   85%      11%      4%
crackers          80%      15%      5%
demo groups       95%       2%      3%
best demo ever    38%      44%     18%
coders            92%       3%      5%
composers         93%       2%      5%
painters          92%       2%      6%
swapping groups   34%      57%      9%
swappers          72%      20%      8%
disk-magazines    89%      11%      0%
cover designers   48%      44%      8%
countries         18%      67%     15%
crack intros      34%      51%     15%
votesheets        33%      54%     13%
best game ever    28%      56%     16%
best utility      43%      46%     11%

following are some comments to various
  charts,written by an unknown person...
-"best demo ever" would be an extremely
  useless waste of time,as 90% of all
  scene guys today only know of the
  scenes development over the last four
  or less years. most people would only
  vote for 'wonderland 9','brutal 3',
  'last traktor 3','2 years crest' etc..
  anyway,since they haven't seen many of
  the golden oldies.

-"best swapping group" isn't such a bad
  idea,but who swaps with almost all the
  swappers in a specific group?  nobody
  does,and because of that,most people
  will vote for groups with one famous
  megaswapper instead. eg: "legend must
  be a great swappergroup,r.c.s. swapps
  for them!!  vote!! vote!!!"
  this isn't fair as other groups may
  swap far better but be unable to climb
  the charts because they do not
  advertize in the mags to get more
  contacts,but are satisfied with
  swapping with the 20 mega-top-elite
  crackers they already trade with.

-it's very difficult to compile a fair
  "single swapper" chart as there are
  too many factors to consider..
  eg:who is the best swapper?  a mega
  swapper that sends out 200 disks to
  his 100 contacts in one month,or a
  'normal' swapper that sends out 5 disx
  to his 40 contacts in the same period?
  the best would be,if all voters would
  vote for the swappers they feel is
  doing the best job,not for the most
  famous guys they know,but this doesn't

-"country" charts rarely make sense,as
  most guys do not know all countries
  well enough.

-"crack intro" charts seems like a great
  idea as the groups that make good
  intros (eg: enigma) deserve to gain
  recognition for their work,also such
  charts would hopefully make all groups
  try to improve the standart of the

-a "utility" chart sounds a bit pervert
  to me.  how on earth would you compare
  jch's music routine to amica-paint or
 we thank whoever wrote these comments!
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