Brutal Recall 12 ch03

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          "what has happened!"
 welcome again to this most loved
 chapter in every mag! alot happened
 since we last released 'brutal recall'!
 well just go ahead and read
 "what has happend!"

-the aars party'92 is beeing held by
 (amiga) crionics, crystal, anarcy and
 (c64) camelot!

-genesis got alot of new members like:
 rick, motley, sodapop and more!
 paradize is now also genesis euro hq!

-propaganda is said to not being
 released anymore!

-vogue joined oxyron as a graphician!

-aslive/hysteric joined flash inc., but
 he is still in hysteric too!

-r.c.s. left legend to join brutal,
 just 2 days after this baze/illusion
 joined legend,stopped mega swapping,
 he now has 56 contacts left out of
 250! but he re-joined illusion after
 4 days!
 also mirage+skater/censor designs,
 prophet/starion, lifestyle/success,
 x-factor and massive onslaught both
 excalibur all joined legend!
 striker/attacker should have joined

-dizzy/image quit the scene, also
 dr.disk/legacy quit the scene!

-pri/ex.ddt joined oxyron!

-the champ joined maniax!

-jayce/chromance joined dominators. also
 tbb left chromance to join arcade.
 warhead/faces joined chromance!

-voyage/rebels joined vagabonds!

-rumours saying that acrise is dead are
 not true, alot of old members are
 still in the group!

-pompom, crypt, wopper and decoy design
 all joined spirit, decoy design also
 joined empire as a 2nd group!

-mad/compagnions changed his handle into
 crazy and joined clique, also ice
 joined them, while janso and jonsku got
 kicked out! also stormbringer/ex.abyss
 and trice/ex.oxyron joined clique!

-calladan is dead again!

-ghoul, sat, flower, jason, objector all
 from laser inc. joined unicess,
 ghost joined dominators, laser inc.
 is dead! also faith joined unicess as
 a mega swapper!  unicess should also be
 in war with x-factor!

-slator and blockbuster both ex.ddt
 joined chromance!

-redstar aint joining any new crew at
 all even though lotta mags claimed so!
 he will stay groupless!

-dense/hysteric joined spirit, so
 bullet-proof is now a spirit-production

-stormbringer/clique got busted by the
 cops and post but they didn't find
 anything illegal!

-alot of hysteric members left to reform
 red sector inc. on the c64!

-armitage/extacy renamed into skar and
 went in coop with del who joined their
 forces lately, their jobs are...
 crack, code, gfx, covers originals!

-stormbringer/clique joined x-rated as
 a 2nd group! he's on trial for one

-cam/atlantis has stoped on the c64 but
 is in tech on amiga!

-stack j., yale, sir gbs left fate,
 yale and sir gbs joined faces!

-sopan/oxyron was kicked out coz he
 was letting fellows join, without
 asking the leader yazoo!

-rainbow is now a silicon board!

-tim/silicon left the scene!

-extince came back to the scene and
 joined maniax, also the hawk joined

-luke/sunrise renamed into master jay!

-wolf/ex.unique returned to the scene
 and joined vision, also buzzard joined

-macro nit/ex.dom joined pandora!

-rumours is saying that elegance/enigma
 joined oxyron!

-cst/varsity was kicked out, and joined

-deadline died, all members joined

-ashilles/megaunit joined acrise!

-a new group called motion is formed!
 the members are folx who gave up coding
 for about 2 years ago! some of the
 members were in the old group antimon!
 all the members live in norway!
 the main members (and coders) are:
 elwood, joe and mr. fantasy! motion has
 just released one demo called
 'bytes in motion'!

-there will soon be a danish board again
 it'll be called 'the centrum' and it
 will of-coz be 24 hours! sysop will be
 iron boss/brutal!

-maniac/brutal quit the scene and
 dazzler took his place!

-tg-acme/cross joined image!

-a new elite group should have been
 born called.. wonderland!

-an american card-hacker called french
 hawk joined dominators!

-viper/x-rated rejoined rebels after
 he was kicked out of x-rated! also
 hibish/ex.rebels rejoined and he will
 do an anti jerry/triad demo, if he
 should not apologize!

-dylan left maniax, joined shine, left
 again and joined hitmen!

-corsair/heartbeat joined extacy!

-calypso/ex.crystal joined f4cg after
 being in varsity for 3 days!

-tbm joined mayhem also revhead/hoodlums
 joined them!

-darkman. shadow and revenge joined

-the real 'conic' is back again,
 actually they never died! they will
 release public scandal again, and it is
 not a unicess mag as some say! also a
 demo should be on it's way!

-predicant/ex.ndc, starkiller/ex.acrise
 tesla/ex.acrise and ex.baboons all
 joined vagabonds!

-dr.j/the force joined image as a 2nd

-tech/wow joined triad, also
 wingo/oxyron/wrath design joined triad!

-nigel/ex.contex returned to the scene
 again and joined vision, also zeus,
 shogun and scope all ex.death-sector
 joined vision!

-malcom joined unicess!

-vision will soon release a new magazine
 called 'coma'!

-death left oxyron and rejoined hitmen!

-silver/baboons, flatline/ndc and
 sony/ex.radical all joined hitmen!

-psychofox, and wit joined heartbeat!
 while floppyman was kicked out!

-x-tro joined trinomic as a swapper,
 also gordon joined them!

-jk, tango and vain got kicked out of
 gothic design! bogomil/maniax joined

-creeper/flash inc. stopped swapping!

-x-factor will only produce games in the
 future!   5 of their members,including
 ecco and exulans, joined dominators.
 scenic joined brutal!

-panther/brutal quit the scene,so the
 magazine 'independent' is taken out of

-hotline is back once again!!
 members are silver surfer,nol,ratman
 and several others..
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