Brutal Recall 06 ch20

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             "THE MEANINGS"

welcome to the list with most of the
  abbriviations different groups use...

abbriviation    group
bf              beyond force
bz              bonzai
cd              censor designs
                cosmos design
dd              double density
ff              full force
gd              golden disk
gp              genesis project
hd              house designs
hx              hoaxers
hz              horizon
md              magic disk
pa              pandora
pd              panoramic designs
sd              sense designs
                spherical designs
tf              the force
xf              x-factor
xl              x-large
xr              x-rated
2d              double density
acy             accuracy
afl             alphaflight 1970
alc             alcoholics
atc             a touch of class
big             brenda importing group
bml             blackmail
byg             babygang
cen             censor design
cli             collision
clq             clique
cnc             conic
cps             compagnions
dbx             double cross
ddt             depredators
dmx             demonix
dnx             daniax
dom             dominators
dsr             death sector
emp             empire
fhi             flash inc.
flt             fairlight
htl             hotline
ics             italian cracking service
joy             joy division
lru             lamers're us
lsd             laser inc.
mdg             master design group
mir             mirage
mnx             maniax
mon             maniacs of noice
msi             megastyle inc.
ndc             new dimension crew
nec             north east crackers
nei             north east importers
net             network
noc             noice
pds             parados
prg             paragon
prz             paradize
pul             pulsar
pxn             proxyon
rbl             rebels
scs             sidchip scratchers
scl             silicon ltd
sil             silence
slc             silicon
tat             the ancient temple
tbi             the blasters inc.
tdu             the digital underground
tfs             the freaks
tpz             topaz
tnt             trinity
trc             the ruling company
tri             tristar
tsm             the shaolin monastry
t+b             trc+tbi
van             vanity
vdt             verdict
vib             vibrants
vic             victims
wdl             war deal lamers
wow             warriors of wasteland
xen             xentrix
xnx             xenox
x-f             x-factor
(a)             akrak
(b)             brutal
(c)             contrast
(e)             enigma
(l)             legend
(s)             spirit
(v)             victims
(x)             x-ray
(y)             security
(3)             triumwyrat
s451            science 451
tcom            transcom
trsi            tristar+red sector inc.
20cc            20th century composers
that were all the things i can think of
  at the moment.
  if your groupname wasn't printed then
  place send it to this address:

            "BRUTAL RECALL!"

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