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      written by YAEMON/DEPREDATORS

yes,it's the 90's and the scene is on
  the edge! well,we ask ourselves on the
  edge of what?
  since late 70's the great firm
  COMMODORE produced for the first time
  the CBM 64 BASIC MACHINE,and it was a
  revolution for all us!
  i remember when i was eleven years old
  i had already heard and seen this
  machine and i wanted it as hell!
  then it was my birthday (1984) and i
  got the 64 in present-oh hell i was
  pleasant!- i called abit around to my
  friends also having 64 (now they lost
  interest a long time ago) i wanted sum
  games you see!
  i remember my 1st tape (urgh!) with
  crax! cracked by SHERLOCK HOLMES,1001
  all those legends are gone by now but
  they have my deepest respect!
  it is now i want you to realize my
  point in this "warning" you may call
  all these groups are dead now...
  all the members are probably some
  30-YEAR-OLD WORK-MANIACS on an office
  they maybe have their 64 yet,but it's
  probably all dusty in a drawer or on a
  shelf.. whatever!!
  those groups are a comperison to the
  groups today!
  as we all know: we cannot keep up the
  scene throughout all our lives,and
  further more we will have jobs and no
  time for hobbies! (=computing today!!)
  the average of all members in every
  group are TEENAGERS!!!!
  we have a life,right?  so who the hell
  wnna sit in front of the 64 when we
  have some urgent business to tend to
  us,let's suppose you are 35 years old!
  the scene cannot die from one day to
  another,but it will die slowly as
  everybody looses their interest for
  the machine! the only thing that could
  save the scene is to pass it over to
  the next generation of teenagers,which
  funny enough will be our children!
  and yet we must say to them that the
  scene is not a lifestyle,but a hobby!


                       signed YAEMON/DDT

P.S.gimme some reactions on this message

yo yaemon...
  pretty interesting letter you wrote!!
  i fully agree with this and i think i
  know a good way to help the next
  generation a bit...
  here's a little experience of my own:
  the first thing a newcomer will do,is
  to send to a dude from who he saw his
  address and ask him to swap...
  the stuff he sends is mostly fucking
  old as he has no other contacts.
  he sends to several guys and hopes to
  get a reply...
  the contacted dudes though mostly do
  not send back as the stuff is too old,
  and if none of the contacted sends
  back to him,he will give up hope and
  there we lost a newcomer...
  but if someone sends back he now got
  the opportunity to contact more guys
  with newer wares and more chance on a
  he gets more and more contacts and
  also get some utilities...
  he might become interested in other
  things than swapping like:-coding
  or what ever...
  this guy might be very good in one of
  these things and he becomes one of
  his kind...
  but this all was only possible thanks
  to the guy(s) that sended back to him!

so now you got my point.
  if you get contacted by someone from a
  group you've never heard from (if he
  is in one!) and his stuff is pretty
  old then send back to him and give him
  a chance...
  you can always drop him,when he proves
  to be lame...

well,that was all i had to say about

if you want to react on this then don't
  wait and send your letter to:

            "BRUTAL RECALL!"

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