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         written by: TCH/BRUTAL

i have written this article to talk
  about the subject "short intros"...
  as you all may have noticed a lot of
  groups(,dudes) use intros which are
  completely designed with the COMMODORE
  it most of the time looks real ugly
  and the only reason for people to use
  these kind of intros is to make their
  version of a crack shorter.
  i also used to use this kind of intro
  but only for a short period as it did
  not give me any fun in using them!!
  i think it looks as if you are not
  proud at all of what you did as you
  don't finish your crack with a decent
  what i prefer is an intro with a logo,
  music (not just inc$d418) and some
  other effects on the screen.(rasters,
  there shouldn't be too hard coding and
  hires (or fli)-pictures is ofcourse
  not what i mean!!
  it just should look coool!!
  but if you still wanna use a "short"
  intro,then do it like TRIAD!!
  they got some very cool shorties!!
  for instance they use a scroller of
  one screen big with a flashing TRIAD
  logo over it! (sprites!)
  or they make other cool things with
  the ROM charset...
  those intros are much better than just
  one 1x1 scroller and a rom-logo on top
  or in some cases,only a screen with
  text and no scroller at all!!

but what is the use of using shorties
  these days a lot of groups use those
  fucking short ones so you don't really
  step out of the rest because your
  version is so short.
  in the GAMERS GUIDE there are always
  the same groups on top of the list
  with their shorties!!
  sometimes another group appears as the
  cracker made a very short one by
  erasing a lot of shit in a game or
  even by RE-PROGRAMMING some parts of a
  game (as i did with "STONE EDGE"!!)
  but does it really help to use short
  on this question i think i can say NO!
  just look in the CRACKER-CHARTS and
  you'll see...
  does any of these groups use shorties?
  I+T have almost always one of the
  longest versions in the gamers-guide
  (also due to the fact that there's an
   import intro!!)
  but still they rule the scene!!
  the only crackergroups with shorties
  that are in the charts are TRIAD and
  for the rest there's hardly anyone
  with shorties!!
  TRIAD and BONZAI are mostly here becoz
  they have very well trained versions
  so,as you can see it is really useless
  to use short-intros as nobody will
  vote for you anyway...
  the only good reason to use shorties
  is to be in the top 30 of the GAMERS-

well,i hope you guys realize that it's
  useless and stop the disease of the

thanx for reading this little article!!


if you have anything to add to this or
  you don't agree with this at all then
  send your letter to this address:

            "BRUTAL RECALL!"

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