Brutal Recall 03 ch24

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ULLA was spending a fortnight with her
RALF in munich. one morning after a boat
ride, RALF informed her, that they have
the house for their own for a whole day.
when they got back to ULLA'S aunt house
she almost flew into her cousings arms.
her fingers got to RALFS trousers, she
opened it and took his stiff dick in her
mouth, she sucked and sucked. it is a
short distance from the mouth to the
pussy, and so ULLA is riding on her
cousings dick. "aah, ooh you are fantas-
tic!!.... FUCK ME.... please.... fuck me
hard!!!" she moaned.
RALF lies back and enjoyed the feeling
of hr hot and wet pussy. after a thril-
ling ride, RALF wanted to fuck ULLA from
behind, so he turned around and put ULLA
on a chair, but as he saw her lovely
asshole, he got an inspirating idea.
suddenly, without warning, he pulled his
dick out of ULLA'S pussy and slid it
into her pulsing asshole. ULLA groaned
in a mix of pain and pleasure.
"it burns and tickles, but i like it!"
and she started to rob her clitoris
until she got a powerful orgasm.
ULLA was totally satisfied. she had
never dreamed that SEX could be so good,
or that being fucked in the "wrong hole"
could have been so pleasurable. RALF was
feeling very proud of himself, but his
dick was even prouder! it had never been
so hard for him. and so ULLA took it
into her mouth. "i want you to come now!
!!.." she urged. she needn't LICK and
SUCK long, coz RALF came after a short
time, they had a great orgasm!! and his
sperm erupted between ULLA'S lips....

 thanks to KNUFFEL/LOTU for this story!
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