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           !!! INTERVIEWS !!!


yo dudes!! in this issue we have inter-
viewed CROSSFIRE/acrise and DEATH/hitmen

sorry this time only two interviews coz
the other interview was a bit to old
  to puplish now. so let the question
             TORTURE begin.

? stands for MACHINE/blaze/oxyron
! stands for CROSSFIRE/acrise


? please, tell our readers what about
  yourself !

! well, my real name is john, i'm 19
  years old, 1.77/78 cm tall and weight
  76 kg. that's infact all there is to
  say. i will join the army from march
  2nd, but i will ofcause still remain
  active in the scene.

? when do you get your c-64 ?

! weeeeel.. i got my first c-64 around
  summer'87, and started collecting ga-
  mes on tape. around the beginning of
  1989 i got a diskdrive, and started
  studed cracking. then i formed with
  some friends a group named 'ATOMIC-
  WASTE', i left it again around summer
  of 1990 and joined HOLOCAUST and
  changed my handle from GLAFF to RECON-
  NER. after i had enough of the trouble
  around holocaust, i left it and formed
  a new group named TRAUMA, but the
  troubles started following us mostley
  because of dystan, the main cracker.
  so i left it again after only a month
  and quited the scene.
  nine months later i decided to start
  again. i formed a group called THE
  NEAVY SEALS, which lasted for a couple
  of months, when i founded UNIQUE to-
  gether with WOLF/joy division. three
  months later i got an offer to join
  VISION, and so i did, but only for one
  week, when i decided to join ACRISE
  that was around the beginning of
  december 1991 so you know what happen-
  ded from here.

? what do you think about the computer
  scene ?

! well, there is a few cool groups who
  really knows how to crack, and there
  is some groups who just can't crack a
  game 100%. some of these groups are
  even in the charts, that's lame! after
  all it's better to release a crack
  that works 100%, instead of releasing
  a fast one where you might discover
  some bugs later .

? yo, john tell us what's your favourite
  like: drink, food, music and movies !

! DRINK:beer (at occasional times),
        coke, coffee..
  FOOD:steak, ect. (nothing non-healthy
       for me.. well, not much atleast)
  MUSIC:metallica, emf, army of lovers
        (better believe it!), alot of
  MOVIES:nightmare on elm-street, friday
        the 13th,ford fairlane (awesome)
        terminator 1-2 and so on ...

? do you like fast food ?

! only in small doses, if you catch my

? so now i ask you, who is the best demo
  and crackergroup at this month ?

! don't ask me about demos, cause i'm
  not really interessted in them..
  i don't know exactly who's the best
  right now, but some of the best are
  for sure legend, talent, deadline, ddt
  censor, fairlight, chromance, enigma,
  hotline, elite, x-ray, success,extreme
  and some others..

? who are your best friends in the scene

! i don't know! proberly MASON/acrise
  and ofcause the rest of the gang.
  i like to count my contacts as my
  friends too,so i guess they count too!

? now tell our readers what you plan
  for the future !

! after military-services, i wanna be-
  come a computer-programmer, but let's
  see when it comes to that if i've
  changed my mind. i don't know exactly

? yo crossfire, what's your biggest
  wish ?

! hmmm.. i don't think i have a biggest
  wish, exept ofcause getting my girl-
  friend back, we had this great quarrel
  you see !

? you said that you not so interested in
  demos but i ask you nevertheless, do
  you like demos ?

! i watch all i get, but i only save
  about 1-2% of them on my disks, in
  most cases i just format them fast
  after recieving them! demos doesn't
  interesst me at all, but cracks surely
  does !

? did you ever in trouble with cops ?

! yeah.. recently, because a lot of my
  contacts are cheating their stamps..
  fuck them anyway,i'm not really scared
  of them !

? and now my last question to you. do
  you wanna greet some guys ?

! the rest of ACRISE, all my contacts,
  and some others.. ofcause also every-
  body who've seen the light and voted
  for ACRISE as we deserve !

? yo, crossfire at last i will thank you
  for the very cool and big interview
  cu later pal.


  and now the second INTERVIEW made by
    SCRAPPER/blaze with DEATH/hitmen

? stands for SCRAPPER
! stands for DEATH


? hi death! please give our readers some
  facts and information about yourself.

! yo! my real name is marc and i'm 1.83
  tall. i've blue eyes and blond hairs!
  i'm 17 years old and the new grafician
  from HITMEN!

? what are you doing in your sparetime,
  if there is one ?

! in my sparetime? i spend my sparetime
  my girlfriend or go to discos!

? tell us something what you really like
  to do.

! i like good graficians and nice coders
  and ofcause my girlfriend!

? what are your future plans for this
  machine ?

! to enter the grafician charts in all
  cool magazines

? how did you enter the scene, and which
  groups have you been in ?

! i enter the cool scene in the end of
  1989! my first groups are:trust, toxic
  radical, campri, crime and hitmen!

? yo death tell us whats your job in
  hitmen ?

! i'm the new grafician in hitmen! i'm
  also the raddings editor and swapper
  ofcoz cover designer!

? whats your favourite like: demo-group,

! demo group: LIGHT and FLASH INC.
  cracker group: HITMEN and LEGEND
  single cracker: JIHAD and POWERPLANT
  single coder: FLAMINGO and ZODIAC
  painter: THUNDER and HEIN DESIGN
  swapper: R.C.S., WALKER and INCUBUS
  musician: A-MAN and BRIAN

? what you like/dislike in the scene ?

! i like nice demos and cool coders! i
  like also nice graficians and musician
  i dislike bad grafix and graficians
  ofcoz lamers!

? which group would you join if your
  group die ?

! ohhh! i will go to the cool group

? do you have a girlfriend ?

! yes! her name is XXXXXXXXXXXXXX! she
  is a pretty girl with a cool figure,
  long brown hair and blue eyes! she has
  also big tits and a wet pussy!

? who are your best friends in the scene

! my best friends are: THUNDER, RACOON,

? whats your biggest wish ?

! to kick all lamers from the scene and
  get better games!

? do you like demos ?

! yes, i like demos ever !

? did you ever in trouble with cops ?

! no!

? in the end of this interview i would
  ask you some final words

! ok.! beers to: racoon,jihat,curlin,
  and demon of hitmen,attrction/pandora,
  machine & scrapper/blaze,voyage/effect
  the majesty/x-ray,r.c.s./legend,jerry/
  triad,henry,cop and clairvo/faces,
  the audience + nyarlathotep/sunrise,
  kreator/zenith,count zero/711,bomb/ex-
  dominators,klf+emf/spirit,wild thing/
  fity,deathstralker/brutal and the for-
  gotten ones!
  i hope you all like my grafix and VOTE
  FOR ME (US)?

  cu DEATH/hitmen!

! yo death i thank you for answering all
  the questions. cu next time pal !


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