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   in this issue again two interviews
made by MACHINE/blaze with INCUBUS/antic
 and the second with MIKE/milestone !!!
but at first some scene NEWS 'N' ROUMORS


     here some NEWS for your brain

 - AZTEC/wow quit swapping

 - DESIGN/x-ray changed his handle into

 - VIPER/rebels search a 2400 baud modem
   to buy

 - EXCITER/century is now also on pc

 - GLOOM start a PARDEY at the 29.11.91
   in the near of FLENSBURG it goes
   about 3 days for further informations
   call this number XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ask
   for XXXXXXX (yazoo) 18:00-22:00 o'cl.

 - CURLIN/triad who was SIR MIX A LOT+
   SQUELER+DEALER of rebels was kicked

 - TANJA has left EFFECT and joined

   build a new group called DEFJAM


 - EXALT/ANTIC/FACES opened his 24 hrs
   a day board as ANTIC+FACES HQ

 - TRASHER/ex-mystic changed his handle
   to BUD and joined the danish XZESS


 - POWER kicked out of dunex coz of
   lazyness !!!


 - SUCCESS rebuild!!

 - VICTIMS is worldwide! most of the
   members joined GENESIS PROJECT

 - VENGEANCE/ex-honour joined AMAZON


 - COCOON has 15 members now!

 - MISFIT is under the cocoon-label now!

 - ADDYCORNER is a new mag from COCOON

 - the VINEWS from TRIAD become a new
   outfit! racoon and curlin changed the
   name to SPIEGEL TV!! also nice grafix
   from THUNDER !!!

 - this RADDINGS from RADICAL become in
   the next issue a new intro outfit
   from DEMON and DEATH!! also a new
   chapter become da RADDINGS (interv.)

 - next coming TRINOMIC-DEMO called
   'PLEASURE ISLAND' at the end of

 - SCOOTER left tnc and joined x-ray as
   megaswapper + modemtrader

 - BOMB/ex-stormfront joined CYBERPUNX

 - KNUFFEL/loa left LORE OF ARTS and
   renamed into 'THE AUDIENCE' and
   joined WOW

 - SERGE/a.c. was asked by YAZOO/gloom
   to join gloom but he refused quietly

 - FRANK left CLIMAX and also da scene
   EGGMAN took place as leader now!!

   this are all 'NEWS' for this issue


      here now the first INTERVIEW

 B = machine/blaze
 I = incubus/antic

 B: please tell me somthing about your-
    self !!

 I: well, i'm 16 years old and live in
    the outskirts of the small town
    soderhamn in the middle east of
    sweden. i live there in a block of
    flats together with my mom and my
    TWIN-SISTER (yuuk!!). mom and dad
    separated when i was two, and he now
    lives on the other side of the town.
    as i've got the computer at his
    place i must go there to use it. but
    i can live with that.
    at the moment i'm a high-school
    student with tons of homeworks every
    day. it's not funny, but you've got
    to do it.

 B: when did you get your c64????

 I: i got my C64 in 1985. i had a vc20
    before, but it was nothing compared
    to the new cool c64. i used it for
    playing games only, until 1989, when
    i started to relise that there was
    an entire scene waiting for me out
    there. so i found some addresses in
    zzap 64! and wrote to them. after a
    while i got a couple of replies.
    and soon i had about 10-12 contacts.
    i went on like this until april 1990
    when i made a megasend to over 70
    contacts. i got about 15 answers and
    whoops i had become a swapper!

 B: what do you think about the computer
    scene ??

 I: it's really cool i think. despite
    the fact that not so many cool games
    as 4-5 years ago are released.
    there's also perhaps a little to
    many discmags in the scene at the
    moment. but thats only good as most
    of them are really nice to read.

 B: whats your favorites like drink,food
    music, movies ?

 I: DRINKS: water, milk, fanta
    FOOD: fried alpine char
    MUSIC: symphony rock; eg. marillion,
    genesis, pink floyd, mike oldfield
    MOVIES: at close range, first blood,

 B: do you like fast food ?

 I: yeah, i do ! hamburgers with all
    ingredients and pizza CAPRICCIOSA
    are my favourites. but they are
    fucking too expensive up here in
    sweden. a hamburger costs about
    40 KRONOR (about 4 english pounds),
    and a pizza is about the same.

 B: who's the best demo and crackergroup
    this month ?

    haven't even released the 'dutch
    breeze' demo yet!)
    group cool cracks!)

 B: who are your best friends in the
    scene ?

 I: my contacts are my friends ! and i
    especially want to mention STEPHEN/
    the force and BORDEAUX/cross for
    always writing cool and long letters
    to me!

 B: what are your future plans ?

 I: i'm in my 10:th year at school and
    i'm now in my first year at the
    technical high school. when i've
    been there for three years my
    education  is over. then i don't
    know really what to do. i  ofcourse
    want to get a job, and ofcourse i'd
    like to have a job with computers in
    it so far i'm sure.

 B: whats your biggest wish(s) ??

 I: stop all stupit wars in the scene!
    to many are making wars to each
    other witout any reason at all! stop
    all that!

 B: do you like demos ?

 I: yes, ofcourse!

 B: did you ever get in trouble with
    cops ?

 I: no. i live in such a little town, so
    the cops doesn't care about busting
    a dude who's using too little
    postage or cheating the stamps once
    in a while. i'm sure i'm the only
    guy in our town who does that.

 B: do you wanna greet some guys ???

 I: yes, all my contacts ofcourse, es-
    pecially my oldest and most reliable
    contacts: NIGHTSHADE/verdict, EASY/
    cocoon, SONY/gloom, UNCLEX/paragon
    BERED/plague, TORCH/spacelab and
    PHANTOM/ex-m.a.d. !!!

 B: i thank you incubus for this cool
    interview, good bye !!!


        now the second INTERVIEW

 B = machine/blaze
 M = mike/milestone

 B: now the first question. please tell
    me somthing about yourself!!

 M: my pseudo is mike just as my real
    name. i'm 19 years old and live in
    the wonderful south of hessen (a
    part of germany - for all non
    germans). i've got dark blond hair
    (quite long) and brown eyes. my most
    liked hobbies are (of coz) my good
    old c-128 and my e-guitar. anything
    else for you to know ? i don't think

 B: when did you get your c-128 ??

 M: i got my c-128 in 1987 (i think).
    i lamed around for nearly two years
    and started then my papermag 'MILE-
    STONE' (the actual name - in 1989
    it was called 'c&v-bote' for at
    least 2 and half years!). i was
    groupless for two years since i
    joined in january 1991the guys in
    spherical designs. as spherical de-
    signs got lamer and lamer i decided
    to leave and joined the forces of
    duplex. unfortunally this cool group
    died three weeks after i joined.
    today i'm groupless again.

 B: what do you think about the computer
    scene ?

 M: it is very popularto say that the
    scene is gettin' lamer and lamer. i
    don't think so! i still got douzends
    of cool friends and freaking still
    means fun for me!

 B: whats your favourites like drink,
    food, music, movies???

 M: the most un-liked question, eh? if
    you realy wanna know it:
    FOOD: pizza (the only thing to eat)
    DRINK: schmucker pils or sometimes
    warsteiner (both german beer labels)
    MUSICGROUP:nowadays bap, deep purple
    led zeppelin, dire sraits, u2 and
    some more. hip hop sucks like hell!!
    MOVIE: terminator i and once upon a
    time in the west (for all germans:
    'spiel mir das lied vom tod'. but
    terminator ii will come soon to the
    german cinemas. so maybe terminator
    i+ii ??
    DEMO: graphixmania ii from mda. the
    coolest demo i ever seen!
    GAME: micropose soccer and pirates!
    DISCMAGS:brutal recall (mamba sucks)

 B: do you like fast food??

 M: no not very much. not because of the
    taste but of the prices. i think
    fast food is much to expensive!!

 B: mike tell me whos the best demo and
    and crackergoup this month??

 M: crackergroup i don't know, coz' i'm
    legal as you should all know.
    demogroup: crest is the best. but
    also bonzai, cosmos, censor and the
    faces are cool!

 B: who are your best friends in the
    scene ?

 M: boah. i got many. my very best
    friends left da scene half a year
    ago. it was dave x-shape (not dave/
    ex-shape!). nowadays they are THE
    AUDIENCE/wow, SIR MANIAC/hysteric,
    the lamer in abyss named CRUISE,
    TASTY/stella, CRUEL/wow, ASTAROTH/
    chaos and all my other contacts.

 B: what are your future plans ?

 M: i'll give the best to make MILESTONE
    a well known papermag!! we are on
    the best way... next issue will be
    printed in english and... well i
    think it's better, when a mag is
    completely independent, eh? we'll

 B: whats your biggest wish(s) ?

 M: that the steady destroyment of our
    earth will stop.that we'll have
    peace forever  and that we can do
    someday something against the
    poverty in the world

 B: do you like demos ?

 M: of course!! especially those long
    mega-demos with lots of cool graphix
    (for example:HEXAGONE from babygang)

 B: hey mike did you ever get in trouble
    with cops ?

 M: no i've never get troubled with da
    cops. luckily! but they'd find

 B: do you wanna greet some guys ?

 M: yes! i greet my best friends like
    CRUEL/wow, CRUISE/ac, TASTY/stella,
    SIR MANIC/hysteric, NOTHINGFACE/tnc
    TACCYalive, EXTRACT/tat, BAZE/brutal
    GHOST/razor, VOYAGE/effect, SONY/
    radical, TRS/ac, FAROUL/???, NEOTEC/
    effect, HIGHLANDER/cps, ASICS/???,
    PYTON & DEADLY/style des., ANDRE/
    house, RAP/blaze, HAEGARR/dream,
    DENSE/h+i, NUCLEAR/inferno, TYPHOON/
    collusion, TRASHER/maniax, MYXIM/
    lagacy, X-RAFFI/brainbombs, SCOTCH/
    clique, SCARFACE/silence you and all
    my other contacts...

    some final words? well, contact me
    for legal swapping or for gettin'
    'MILESTONE' (my papermag). simply
    send 2,- dm (germans) or 2 us dollar
    (non-germans). it's worth buying...

    my addy: mike/milestone

 B: yo mike, thanx for the big interview
    see you in bocholt. good bye


             ADDY-BOOK #03

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