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   here some news 'n' roumors and two
   intervies with  L'TRIMM/climax and
   RIDDLER/maniax. the interviews was
   made by: MACHINE/blaze !!!
 - a IMPORTANT note from FLASH/hysteric
   our post keeps all 'WARENSENDIN'S!!'
   so choose: send as BRIEF ONLY!!!

 - BOMB/ex-xrated joined stormfront !!
   as megaswapper & disccover designer

 - STORMFRONT was formed by some ex-
   members of these groups: t.r.c.

 - THE REAPER left electric boyz and
   joined stormfront

 - VOYAGE/ex-accuracy joined EFFECT

 - PETE/ex-compagnions joined PANDORA

 - STORMFRONT in war with X-LARGE
   b'coz x-large stole a origi (first
   release) on venlo


 - MIRAGE changed their name in EFFECT

 - the next issue of the paper mag
   MILESTONE come in english

 - X-SIST left presence and is group-

 - TANJA joined EFFECT and soon comes
   her paper mag 'replay' the first
   issue is free, so write to:
   p.o. box 380161, w-4600 dortmund 30
   germany or to an EFFECT contact

 - RAP left PRESENCE and joined BLAZE

 - ROYAL of accuracy joined CONTRAST

 - REBEL left accuracy and joined TOPAZ

 - SPENCER was kicked out of MANIAX

 - ASLIVE was caught for stamp cheating

 - RAT/mad had a contest with WITTY/ore
   to see who could be in the most
   groups !!!! rat/mad, his identities
   included CHORA/tdu, FLEXER/mystic +
   ORREY/chrome !!! rat/mad is now
   joined with witty, so they are both
   WITTY/oregon !!!

 - TRUSE/honour was not in nec+nei as
   claimed !!!

 - OPUS/chrome joined INCENCE

 - MYSTIC and CHROME died

 - VERGEANCE/mystic formed HONOUR!!!

 - IKON VISUEL is now dead, most members
   formed AMAZON !!!

 - MYXIM joined COCOON

 - DEMON joined RADICAL and radical will
   release a mag in next time

          !! INTERVIEW #01 !!


 M = machine/blaze
 L = l'trimm/climax

 M: please tell me what about yourself?

 L: yeah. okay, i'm 15 years old. my
    real name is pascal i'm 1,67m tall
    and i have blue eyes!!!

 M: when do you get your C64 ?

 L: oh, i think it was in 1985 !!

 M: what do you thing about the computer

 L: oh yeah. the scene is mega COOL.
    i like swapping. but the cops fucked
    on my around! i HATE the damed cops
    and the post-office

 M: whats your favorite like drink,
    food, music, movies??

 L: fuck!!!

 M: do you like fastfood?

 L: no!!!!!

 M: who are your best friends in scene?

 L: aslive/brainbombs
    x-raffi/   "

 M: what are your future plans???

 L: to be the BEST pal on compy

 M: do you like demos??

 L: yeah i love them coz i'm LEGAL!!

 M: did you ever in trouble with cops?

 L: no, but with the post!!

 M: do you wanna greet some guys?

 L: yeah all my contax and friends

 M: yo l'trimm thanx for interview


          !! INTERVIEW #02 !!


 M = machine/blaze
 R = riddler/maniax

 M: please tell me what about yourself!

 R: well, i'm 16 years old and i'm a
    member of the SWEDISH group maniax
    my handle is riddler...

 M: when do you get your C64???

 R: actuelly i got my c64 only one year
    and three month ago. so you see, i
    haven't had it for very long!

 M: what do you think about the computer

 R: the c64 scene is cool! maybe there
    are some 'LAMERS' around as they say
    but i dont care about them.

 M: whats your favorite like drink, food
    music, movies??

 R: favorite drink! coke, fanta, beer
    and some more.
    food: pizza, hamburgers.
    music: i enjoy everything between
    beatles and zz top!!!
    movies: action movies like termi-
    nator 2

 M: who the best cracker-demo group this

 R: best demo group: FACES
    best crackergroup: ACTION and TRIAD

 M: tell me who are the best friends in

 R: my best friends are: TRASHER/maniax
    DR.WILDLOVE/wrath design, DR.ZZAP/
    dragon des. WOLVERINE/jam, LINQ/duet
    MENDRAKE/crush, BORDEAUX/cross,
    WISPER/cps and all the rest that i

 M: what are your future plans?

 R: to stay in the scene and learn some
    coding and to get better in school.
    that will be tough!

 M: whats your biggest wish?

 R: my biggest wish is to stop the des-
    truction of this fucking planet. but
    i also wish that the 64-SCENE will
    live forever!!!

 M: do you like demos?

 R: yes, ofcozz! i love all demos!

 M: did you ever in trouble with cops?

 R: yes i have had some troubles with
    the fucking cops!!! but that was
    befor i bought my c64...

 M: do you wanna greet some guys???

 R: offcozz i send greetz to these cool
    dudes: trasher, dr.wildlove, dr.zzap
    wolverine, incubus, mendrake, linkan
    bordeaux, wisper and ofcourse to all
    the dudes that visited the meeting
    here in boden! later...

 M: yes RIDDLER i thank you for this
    cool interview !!!!

------------ADDY-BOOK #02---------------
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