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        WN = W O R L D  N E W S
        WN = W O R L D  N E W S


WN. Give some personal facts about

       Age:20 years old
     Other:Glasses,Single and free.

WN. How and When did you get into
    the Scene?

BX. I got my C-64 in the year -87.
    The first year I was just playing.
    Then my neighbour started to
    program with MC,then I and my
    cousin CLF/Origo and Mixer tried
    it too! It was Fun! I and CLF joined
    Mixer's | Crony's group 'Division'
    as coders. After a few months we got
    new members(Zardax,Coax|Calaxy) and
    we changed our name to 'Albion'.
    Then Grendel asked us to join
    BYTERAPERS. After that short period
    I,CLF and Mixer started a new group
    called 'Brains'. We made one demo
    and changed the name into
    'ORIGO DREAMLINE' and Crony and
    Zardax joined.

WN. What do you do besides computing?

BX. Last 10,5 months I've been in the
    military and I have 2 weeks left!
    I'm going to find some job after
    my military service. In Autumn I'm
    going to Study at the University.
    Hobbies besides computing are music,
    reading a little and having fun with

WN. We haven't seen so much Origo
    releases lately,so what are your
    Future plans?

BX. We are going to release a demo here
    at this Light Party and 1 or 2 demos
    later on. It's hard b'coz the others
    are more or less on Amiga.

WN. Which group/person in your opinion
    is the best nowdays?

BX. I prefer real coding groups like
    Beyond Force and MDG. It's easy
    to make timing effects but those
    demos are all the same. Favourite
    codes is TNT of Beyond Force making
    the best demo(in Future).

WN. Tell us the member list of your

BX. The member(who have contributed on
    our demo) are myself,CLF,Mixer,
    Zardax,Crony and Slayer.

WN. Say some last words.

BX. I hope that you got some
    information of these few lines.
    Greets to all who makes/will make
    GOOD demos on the C-64.

WN. Thanx for the Interview.
             WN = WORLD NEWS
             WN = WORLD NEWS

            J = JERRY / TRIAD
            J = JERRY / TRIAD

WN: Welcome Jerry! Probably we all know
    you but neverless give us some facts
    about you please.

 J: Bought my first CBM Compo in the
    spring of 86. Was a mega swapper and
    Demo collector at the summer of 87.
    Got my first offer to join a big
    crew not long after.

    Since I got my first demo in 1986, I
    have collected every thing I have
    found. I probably have the biggest
    collection there is. I wish I had
    more time to list and take care of
    it. If I ever buy an amiga, this
    will be only so I can better list
    all those demos.

    Some of you know allready that I am
    grown up with two grown kids. I am
    an engineer of electronics to my
    profession, but an illness forced me
    to an early retirement some years
    ago. I still have a hard time to
    get time enough for all things I
    like to do. Fixing the house,
    building military models and train
    models, walking the woods and.. .  .

WN: Well, with your age I can't belive
    that you are still so much fascina-
    ted in computering. Where did you
    get the motivation to copy tons of
    disks each week? And what do your
    wife and kids think about your hobby

 J: My wife moved out of me and the kids
    in 1979, so she has no say in this.
    the kids moved out a few years back.
    My daughter because she got her
    first job and my son because he
    wanted to live in the big city.
    My son - Sergeant Pepper was in
    TRIAD too a few years back.

    I don't swap that many disks any
    longer because I am slowly getting
    tired of it. Copying is easy, but
    there are other things to do. I
    don't see what my age has to do with
    anything. At least 3 of my contacts
    are grown men and I know of others.
    The important thing is that we are
    young at heart.

WN: Nowadays many guys cry for the "Good
    old days", but none of the old guys
    are still in the 64 scene. Was it
    really such a big difference to now?

 J: Anyone crying for the good old days
    is a looser. He can't handle what he
    has in the present and so he hides
    in dreams of what was.
    The "Good old day" are all those
    days when you were into something
    new, had the time of your life and
    was exploring that new stuff with
    all your heart. The good old days
    are your memories of times when you
    were living it in full, there and

    When I found out about the world of
    Demos in 86, when someone greeted my
    first crew for the first time, when
    I took over TRIAD, the time when
    Buckaneer called from oz every week
    and so on. Those are all my good old

    Don't look back and don't worry
    about tomorrow. Live today and enjoy
    whatever you are doing and your life
    Will be the good old days every day.

WN: Hmmm, the Gamers Guide died because
    you said that it was destroying the
    scene. Now we hear rumours that
    TRIAD wanna restart the work. What
    is the point of restarting?

 J: We never wanted to kill the Guide.
    if we can make it without supporting
    the bad things, then we will do it.
    In a special note file I have
    explained it in detail. by the time
    this issue of World News is out,
    the Guide may be alive again.

WN: Did you know that David (ex-Tango
    and Cash)/CROSS was the first with
    the "Gamers Guide" idea?

 J: Injun/TRIAD came up with the idea
    in december of 1989 and he sent me a
    sort of test guide. This was a year
    before David released his version.
    Maybe he was thinking of it long
    before that and maybe someone had
    the idea in 1983! I don't care.

    What is important to us is that we
    can prove that we already were
    working on the Guide before David
    released his thing. We didn't steal
    the idea and that is final. We also
    produced 15 issues of the guide.
    David produced one preview and one
    issue, so who did the best job?

    Have you noticed how often you can
    read in demos these days that the
    routine or part really was made one
    year ago or two years ago? So what?
    If that was so important why the
    hell didn't they release it then?

WN: Some time ago FAIRLIGHT and CENSOR
    fighted for the nr.1 in Sweden but
    isn't TRIAD the nr.1?

 J: Have you noticed how the lamers
    keep saying they are the best?
    Beeing nr.1 is when people really
    think you are the best. Let others
    say it or it has no value at all.

WN: What are your music favourites?

 J: I relly like a whole bundle of
    different sorts of music including
    some classical. Right now I listen
    to an older Lena PH, a swedish
    singer i really dig. I have an old
    one with Nena that I play very often
    too. Front 242, Midnight Oil, Heart,
    ZZ-Top, Alice Cooper, Bryan Adams,
    Dire Straits, Sheena Easton, Pink
    Floyd and every sort of music that
    is good. I also have a bundle of
    60-TH music that I still dig.

WN: What is in your opinion the best
    count system for charts? And what
    do you say about mags?

 J: The best counting system must be
    the one which gives everyone a fair
    chance, whatever that is!

    A lot of people put a lot of hard
    work into making the mags. I think
    that many of them had not been here
    without the mags. It has broaden the
    scene. However, some guys forget the
    idea of a mag. It is supposed to be
    read and it should be easy to do it.
    some mags are a pain to read.

WN: Do you think that TRIAD will get
    even stronger?

 J: The strength of TRIAD is our basic
    atitude, quality in every aspect of
    what we do. We could of course get
    more stuff on the road with more
    members and better suppliers, but
    that is for the chrystal ball.

WN: What are the future plans for TRIAD?
    I heard of a new demo - Red Storm!

 J: The next demo from King Fisher and
    Alfatech is comming closer. There is
    a great chance that it will be
    released at the 1992 easter party.
    The new Guide will come soon. For
    the rest we don't bother about plans
    we just enjoy doing what we do.

    Come to think of it, I plan to work
    harder to find some good coders who
    can fit in with the crew. So many
    good artists of different kinds want
    to join us, but without coders to
    use the stuff, we've had to say no.

WN: That's it Jerry. bye and have fun
    with your family!

 J: Yeah, thanx. I think you deserve an
    extra thank you for not asking all
    those stupid standard things. I
    really enjoyed to answer your
    questions. continue that sort of
    thinking and you will really make it

WN: O.K.....

        WN = W O R L D  N E W S
        WN = W O R L D  N E W S


WN. Give some personal facts about

      Born:24.5.73 in Helsinki,Finland
           and that's when my life
           started going downhill

WN. How and When did you get into
    the Scene?

SM. Little history. Played Atari-video
    game in the early 80's and wanted
    a computer. I got a 64 at the end
    of '84(before that I had a Sinclair
    Spectrum for a half year). Me and
    one friend of mine(Jake of Beyond
    Force) saw a few demos and after
    coding a few basic programs we
    wanted to do some of our own.
    Hard work paid off(?!?) and it was
    the end of '86(I think) when we
    released a demo for out group
    called 'SWAP'. After 2 years I
    moved to another town and the
    interest towards coding got
    a hit down. I went to 'Browbeat',
    but I was in BOT only about 2 or 3
    years. Then I went to Beyond Force
    b'coz Hazor and Axeman were very
    good friends of mine. I've been
    in Beyond Force for about 3.5 years
    as more or less active.

WN. What do you do besides computing?

SM. Actually not much. I just finished
    HighSchool,so recently I've been
    studying. Now I'm working and
    studying for University. Hobbies
    are very few:reading a bit,listening
    to music,partying with my friends.

WN. We haven't seen so much Beyond Force
    releases lately,so what are your
    Future plans?

SM. I would like to be active enough
    to code all the ideas I have, but
    I'm just so lazy... If I have time
    I'll start coding now as my school
    is over, but in January '93 it's
    the army.

WN. Which group/person do you personally
    think is the best?

SM. This is not an objective opinion
    but I think that one of the best
    coding groups in the scene is
    Origo(Lazy!),but brilliant ideas
    and marvellous code, others coder
    groups are Horizon,MDG etc.
    I don't like raster timings like
    1 billion sprites with 3 trillion

WN. Tell us the member list of your

SM. A bit of the member status :
    On 64: Me(sam),TNT,Gremlin,Napalm,
    Max and the bit(?) less active ones
    like Xentrix,Hazor,Axeman,leviathan
    (maybe more...) on Amiga we have
    about the same amount of dudes,
    no list here,sorry...

WN. Say some last words.

SM. Sorry for these booring answers,
    but as the interviewer is living
    in Sweden I couldn't tell here those
    very "Funny""Swedes are Homosexuals"
    Prefer ideas before grafix and
    sounds, but prefer grafix and sounds
    over rasterbars.
    Take Life easy, But take Living

WN. Thanx for the Interview.
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