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             20 LOVE TRICKS

1. much KISSING.

2. LOOK deep in her eyes.

3. make many COMPLIMENTS about her eyes,
   body and clothes.

4. TOUCH tender with your LIPS her nape,
   lobe of the ear,shoulder and neck.

5. send flowers just because it's

6. while kissing take her head in BOTH

7. BIT tender her lips.

8. take her clothes SLOWLY off and LOVE
   each body part which you make free.

9. an erotic standblues - NUDE !

10. kiss her hands and SUCK tender on
    her fingers.

11. TURN OFF the tv WHILE a cup final
    and say her that you have now
    suddenly LONGING to her.

12. bring her a glass WINE and a TOWEL
    while she is in bath-tub.

13. when you are having a shower with
    your girly then take the shower and
    let the water jet FLOW over her
    titts and over her thigh.

14. be stormy !
    kick she PLAYFUL in a chair and
    press your feeds between her tights.
    of course ALL PLAYFUL !!!

15. love she everywhere (supermaket,

16. TELL her that you like her smell.

17. KISS her titts,nipple and abdomnen.

18. SHOW her your pleasure.

19. KISS her tights and her pussy.
    let your TONGUE cycle.

20. embrace her.tell her your love.


    the 10 death MISTAKES in the love

 1. to cool in the first contact !

 2. much speaking with your friends
    about her !

 3. always stay where she is !

 4. always say 'YES' !

 5. pay each price to keep her !

 6. always show your sweedest side !

 7. to keep one others !

 8. to deceive her !

 9. to beat her !

10. to flirt with another girly !


  now here are some hints how to make a
              popular mag !

- if you have a famous name it's MUCH
  easier !

- the most important thing isn't the
  coding, it's the text.
  (eg.  personally think that MAMBA
  looses quality !)

- it's also important to have a cool
  outfit (graphic).

- don't release the first issue until
  it is full.
  it's a big shit if you write in the
  first issue:'sorry for the few text
  but you know it's the first issue'.
  or 'no charts because the first issue'
  and so on !

- i also think it's better when you
  don't use the numbers for letters like
  ...c.u. l8r 4 more in4mation...

- a good needs much puplicity so spread
  many disc notes or a special file for
  don't surprise us with a new mag !

- try to find some own chapters like we
  in world news the SECRET LETTER corner
  and don't copy other famous mags.

- a elite mag need MUCH time if you
  wanna hold it on the elite mags so
  think good about it before doing it !

these are the most important things for
   a good mag so use it or let it be !

       and again its time for the

         VIDEO REVIEW'january 91

 please note that these are the offical
 charts of each country.


 place title
 01.   TOTAL RECALL (arnold rules)
 02.   look, who is speaking
 03.   scott&huutsch
 04.   amercian fighter 4
 05.   black rain
 06.   honey, i shrunk the kids
 07.   born on 4. july
 08.   downtown
 09.   always
 10.   ruf nach vergeltung

  country:USA        country:GB

  01. total recall   01. pretty woman
  02. pretty woman   02. leon
  03. again 48 hours 03. witches on run
  04. bird on wire   04. look, who is..
  05. hunt for red.  05. dark angel

you ask why you can find PRETTY WOMAN in
the germany charts. the reason is that
the company whould make a secound start
of this movie in the cinemas! next date:

   best films (GERMANY) of the month:

 wild at heart (nice lovestory)   75%
 leon (van damm is back)          79%
 shocker (cool horror...)         82%
 hexen hexen (nice comedy)        80%
 gremilns 2 (gizmo is back!!!)    92%
 back to the future iii (!)       80%
    and now lean back and enjoy a new
            amazing rubric !


             BILLBOARD / USA

pl. name                 producent
 2. because i love you   stevie b
 3. high enough          damm yankees
 4. love will never do   janet jackson
 5. from a distance      bette midler
 6. tom's diner          suzanne vega
 7. the first time       surface
 8. sensitivity          ralph tresvant
 9. impulsive            wilson phillips
10. gonna make you sweat freedom willia.
11. play that funky mus. vanilla ice
12. miles away           winger
13. i'm your baby tonig. whitney houston
14. after the rain       nelson
15. the way you do the
    things you do        ub 40
16. freedom              george michael
17. i'm not in love      will the power
18. somet. to believe in poison
19. just another dream   cathy dennis
20. love takes time      mariah carey

comment: in usa ICE ICE BABY is on place
         55 !


pl. name                 producent
 2. bring your daughter
    to the slaughter...  iron maiden
 3. ice ice baby         vanilla ice
 4. the grease mix       john travolta &
                         o.newton john
 5. you've lost that
    lovin feeling        righteous bro.
 6. all together now     the farm
 7. justify my love      madonna
 8. crazy                seal
 9. the total mix        black box
10. saviour's day        cliff richard
11. mary had a l. boy    snap
12. all the man that i
    need                 whitney houston
13. pray                 mc hammer
14. crazy                seal
15. gonna make you sweat freedom willia.
16. unbelievable         emf
17. the anniversary
    waltz part two       status quo
18. wicked game          chris isaak
19. unchained melody     righteous brot.
20. the time of my life  bill medley &
                         jennifer warnes

             MUSICA EDISCHI

pl. name                 producent
 2. i'm your baby tonig. whitney houston
 3. justify my love      madonna
 4. it takes two         rod steward &
                         tina turner
 5. sadness - part one   enigma
 6. the long and
    winding road         paul mc cartney
 7. justify my love      madonna
 8. attenti al lupo      dj lelewel
 9. cult of snap         snap
10. groove is the heart  deee lite
11. are you dreaming ?   twenty 4 seven
12. praying for time     george michlael
13. tom's diner          suzanne vega
14. le donne di modena   francesco bacc.
15. serious              duran duran
16. birthday             paul mc cartney
17. sucker dj            dimples d.
18. so hard              pet shop boys
19. come mona lisa       mango
20. crying in the rain   a-ha


pl. name                 producent
 2. sadness - part one   enigma
 3. mary had a l. boy    snap
 4. maar vanavond heb
    ik hoofdpijn         hanny
 5. don't worry          kim appleby
 6. pray                 mc hammer
 7. domino               clouseau
 8. to love somebody     jimmy sommervi.
 9. justify my love      madonna
10. i'll be your baby
    tonight              ub40&robert pa.
11. unchained melody     righteous brot.
12. all the man that i
    need                 whitney houston
13. groovin'             ub 40
14. sucker dj            dimples d
15. disappear            inxs
16. knockin' boots       candyman
17. operaa house         malcolm mclaren
18. leven en laten leven corry konings
19. gonna make you sweat music factory
20. all together now     the farm

         INT. CHARTS/EUROPE (!)

pl. name                 producent
 2. fantasy              black box
 3. justify my love      madonna
 4. miracle              jon bon jovi
 5. unbelievable         emf
 6. from a distance      bette midler
 7. mary had a l. boy    snap
 8. i'll be your baby
    tonight              ub40&robert pa.
 9. i'm your baby tonig. whitney houston
10. ice ice baby         vanilla ice
11. being boring         pet shop boys
12. working man          rita mac neil
13. solid gold           ashley&jackson
14. it taker two         rod stewart &
                         tina turner
15. you gotta love some-
    one                  elton john
16. down to earth        monie love
17. disappear            inxs
18. gonna make you sweat music factory
19. sensitivity          ralph tresvant
20. a better love        londonbeat
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