World News 05 Interviews part 1

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 yep we WORLD NEWS strike again with an
        interview with MANX/F4CG

  m = MANX

wn: hello MANX! gimme me some personal
    facts about you. your age,group,hair
    color,dick lenght,weight and stuff
    like this !

 m: well, i'm 15 years old, my hair
    color is blond and i am in F4CG.
    for my dick lenght you can sak my
    girlfriend. i'm 56 k in weight.
    my tallness is 1m 80 and i've blue

wn: tell me something about your
    favourites (food,films,girls,...)

 m: my favourite:

    food  : pizza,crisps
    films : pretty woman,kevin alone at
    drinks: tequila,coke,beer
    cracker groups: ikari+t.,illusion,
    demo groups: bonzai,crest
    single craxcker: bod,rockstar,

wn: how long are you now in F4CG and
    what were your former groups ?

 m: ok, as you know everyone was at the
    beginning totally lame. so, my first
    group was CORRUPT.lamee but it was a
    nice time there. then i've joined
    EJECT on febuary this time i
    was in the scene.on the holidays
    i've phoned with the leader of F4CG.
    then at the end of the holidays i
    was in F4CG.

wn: do you think of leaving F4CG anytime

 m: i won't leave F4CG at the moment,
    because i think that F4CG is one of
    the best cracker group in europe
    after DOM,I+T,ILS and G*P. but it is
    possible that i join in the future
    another cool cracker or demo-group.

wn: tell our readers your best joke !

 m: i'm out of jokes man! but wait i've
    one lame joke: 'why have a motel a
    red telephon set ???' 'well, to
    phone.' (bad joke !!!)

wn: some deathwishes or some greetings
    to anyone ?

 m: some greetings flies out to:

wn: ok! this is the end, any last word ?

 m: yes, i wish you and the mag WORLD
    NEWS many success in the near future
    and i hope that many problems and
    mistakes will be cleared, too .

wn: thank you man and stay cool !

 m: always. bye from me !

well the interviewer was: MANHUNTER/SCN
       time for the next one, eh ?


wn: hello WITTY !
    gimme some personal facts about you!

 w: well, i'm nearly 17 years old, i've
    brown hair,blue eyes, and i come
    from the country down under
    'AUSTRALIA' ? i like listening to
    cool top 40 music! mainly anything
    BESIDES heavy metal! i also like
    playing tennis when i get spare
    time !

wn: since when exists OXYGEN and how
    many members do you count ?

 w: OXYGEN was formed when ME & FEEZY
    left ROLE, and sharky left EXTASY.
    it was formed in august i think !
    we were called OXIGENE then, except
    we soon changed our name to OXYGEN.
    we have 2 germans, 2 belgiums and
    6 australians !

wn: what do you think about the scene
    down in australia ?

 w: what scene? there are only about 10
    groups n australia, and only 5 are
    worth mentioning! it s preety bad
    down here in australia! australia
    would be a cool place if there were
    more groups like OXYGEN (haha).
    the top 3 groups n australia, in my
    option, in no order are:
    most guys now agree with this.

wn: and what's your option about the
    euro-scene nowadays ?

 w: i like the euro scene! sometimes i
    wish i could go over to europe and
    meet some ofmy cool contacts! many
    guys say that there are too many
    lamers make the scene go, and
    introduce more people to the c64.
    if they think there are too many
    lamers then why don't they just
    ignore them? simple eh? i think the
    euro-scene rules !

wn: any last words to your family or to
    anyone else ?

 w: yeah! special thanks to you, and to
    all my friends in the scene in
    contacts and all the cool OXYGEN
    members !
    no words to my family, because they
    won't read it anyway !

wn: thanx for the little talk man !
    stay cool...

 w: thank you !

    once again MANHUNTER/SCN did this seems that he will be our
           main interviewer !

     interview with SCRAP/GENESIS!!!

 ok, this is the interview you all have
 waited for...
 and it was done by NEW ART/SILICON!!!

 wn: world news

wn:hi scrap! please tell our readers
   something about you (name, age,...)!

 s:hi new art! here we go...
   my real name is oliver (just like
   you...) and i'm born in the year of
   the lord, 1971.i'm about 1,78m tall,
   have 2 green eyes, brown hair, a 30
   cm long dick, to say it briefly, i'm
   the beauty in person!...
   how can we recognize you, in VENLO
   for example?

wn:well... that's easy! the crowd is
   surrounding me and kissing my feet!
   tell us your other hobbies besides

 s:reading (mostly horror, like stephen
   king, john saul, etc.), boozing,
   driving my new car, drawing and so

wn:when did you start your computer-
   career and in which groups have you
   been before?

 s:everything started in 1985 as i got
   a c-64 + casette as a christmas
   present. soon i figured out, that ya
   can't work proper without a disc-
   drive and so i bought one! at that
   time i built up "SCRAP SYSTEMS LTD"
   together with a good friend of mine,
   but he soon lost interrest in com-
   puters so i was alone with scrap
   systems! a few weeks later TNT of
   GENESIS PROJECT asked me to join.
   but at that time i wasn't very good
   in coding and i didn't swap, so i
   was quite useless so i have been
   kicked again (together with about 20
   other guys...)!
   after half a year being solo i
   joined CONTEX in the very first days
   of the group. in contex i started to
   swap more and did my first tries in
   coding. after 1 year we made contex
   to a really FAMOUS group, but i did
   not like to be the only german in
   the group and so i decided to rejoin
   GENESIS PROJECT, where i will stay
   forever! i also started to learn a
   bit more in coding and i just have
   finished my first demo for genesis
   which includes some cool code and
   graphix and will be realeased very

wn:what do you think about the scene

 s:it's cool, but it would be even more
   cooler without CRAPHEADS like GOTCHA
   of LAZY (crazy?)!

wn:what would you change in the scene?

 s:i would teach GOTCHA how to draw...

wn:which is/was the best group in your

 s:we are second best to no one...

wn:your biggest friends in the scene?

 s:omg/amok, alpha/wot, accu/fhi, deek+
   antichrist/gp and jihead/hitmen!

wn:the biggest lamer ever?

 s:GOTCHA, SYS and everybody else who
   deserves it!

wn:do you want to send some greets or

 s:greetings to everyone who was toooo
   stupid to understand TURN IT! (quite
   a lot...)

wn:who is the coolest guy you ever have

 s:SCRAP?  (arrogant, eh?  ed.)

wn:do you have a girl-friend?

 s:not at the moment. (strange fact for
   the beauty in person, eh?   ed.)

wn:what do you think about MODEMS?

 s:i never have missed one...

wn:what would you change to make the
   scene better?

 s:nothing! why should i?

wn:what are the future plans of you and
   your crew?

 s:realeasing my demo, realeasing our 5
   years birthday demo, coding my new
   game (don't forget to use better gfx
   in the game...   ed.), drawing lot's
   of gfx and keeping up our high stan-
   dard in cracking, gfx and music!

wn:have you ever have problems with the

 s:no! and i hope that i'll never have!

wn:have you ever regret to be in the


wn:what are your wishes for the future?

 s:an early dead for GOTCHA!

wn:what do you think about the OMG-SYS

 s:sys is a stupid LAMER, omg has done
   the RIGHT thing!

wn:do you think that OMG is sometimes
   too agressive in attacking somebody
   in SEX'N'CRIME?

 s:no! i think a lot of people can't
   bear the truth! (hi SYS!)

wn:is omg antichrist?

 s:i know them both,so he can't be him!
   but did you know, that OMG is jesus,
   ronald reagan, james bond aaaaaaaand
   mickey mouse?

wn:how much money have you got for TURN
   IT and for how many games have you
   done the gfx?

 s:i had to pay JESPER OLSEN and OMG
   and i still had enough money to buy
   a cool mazda 323!
   i did the gfx for:
   - amok the game
   - rage
   - grid
   - inertia
   - tank combat
   and some other amok games which will
   be realeased very soon.

wn:your last word?

 s:i'm fuckin' tired...

 ok, that was it this interview...
 but i must admit that it was only
 scrap's opinion about SYS and GOTCHA
 and it don't have to fit to my opinion
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