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we don't know if all following news are
           100 % correct !!!

 so don't fuck us when there are wrong
                ones !!!
- double face/ex-coocon joined radius.

- mavil/ex-trust joined lazer.

- manx/ex-corrupt joined eject.

- ass/radius is coding a game called:
  "high tech" for the magic disc.

- w.o.e. is a new group! their members
  are coming from crap and level.

- some members from union joined r.c.a.

- ironstyle is in coop. with brand-x.

- guard/poison is back after caught by

- the war between core and future is

- perhaps a war will start between the
  dutch-silicon and the austria ones !

- damien/genesis is caught by da police,
  don't write to him.

- rockstar and servant left fairlight.
  they joined extasy.

- baccus/fairlight stopped all computer

- rumours say that awesome is the new
  chief of fresh, coz many members left.

- the new radius demo "silence" is

- a new austria group is born - "t'pau"

- 007/ex-guards joined silicon !
  as an legal swapper and a graphican !

- t.a.t. built an saga destruction
  company/(sdc).sum groups joined this
  company. (poor saga) !!!

- paramount is in coop. with afl.

- leage and sonix (ex-dualis) were
  kicked out of radius, coz of lameness.

- rick of over kill joined radius as an
  original supplier !

- gnu/instinct joined t.a.t.

- redline joined scream !

- escape joined authentic arts.

- actual+lazer are still in coop.

- remix/ck joined eurasia

- the german f4cg-section were kicked
  out of f4cg !

- storm was kicked out of poison and
  searchs for a new crew !

- modesty/triad rejoined paragon.

- rino/trust and dash/role are the same

- a rumour said that syntech/lazer
  joined t.a.t. to make music for them.
  but true is that syntech never has
  lazer left.he only made 1 music
  exclusive for t.a.t.'s demo
  "airdance iii" !

- silicon is getting stronger and
  stronger ! red hawk/ex-zoids, ice mc/
  ex-x-out and bluebottle/ex-x-out
  joined them.

- saga got a musican called trans.

- mr. mister left ravage and joined

- maybe a coop. between future and

- drake left contex to join the force

- croydon was kicked out of dominators,
  coz he don't have the talent for hot
  swapping. (talent???)

- motion is now legal, so sampox, toad,
  unicorn, slade and cia was iced out
  from motion, tmb left motion and
  joined extasy.

- tsb left browbeat and joined extasy.

- max left browbeat and joined beyond.

- browbeat is now legal.

- frankieghost/g*p will soon stop
  computering !

- raistlin left g*p and joined amok to
  work for them.he'll produce tools
  until he gets his long awaited amiga
  and quits c64 totally !

- zoids is dead !
  hac stopped his activities.
  g.j.joe and john dow (ex-hawk) went to
  zodiac is now on amiga in line 5.

- yon/cosmos was fighting against a guy
  and won !

- the whole tcf joined scream

- atg deals in second hand codomes.

- a new disc mag called "big dig" was in
  planing, but it will never released
  coz the manowar boss, didn't want it.

- tdm was rebuilt by some lamers.

- ghost/manowar stopped swapping stuff.
  now he swapp only originals.

- pinguin/ex-arctic changed his name to
  guru and joined tropic.

- contex splitted up in 2 groups.
  a demogroup called artline designs and
  a cracker group.

- nato got a new member called sphinx,
  and he's the former member or inxs of

- rotcha left contex and joined dom.

- there is a new swiss crew called

- frib/accuracy stopped swapping.

- dutchman joined saga.(scum's reaction:
  if dutchman join saga i go !)

- slash and tch joined future concepts.

- beast, viper, icon and elwood all ex-
  time formed abyss.

- pherhaps scum/saga will join abyss.

- sp rejoined digitech.

- sonix/saga is coding a graphic
  will be a trick for coding, but a
  great demo with cool pic. of sagas
  department of arts.wot makes the
  audios for this graphic will
  be released with the intro-collection
  of wot.

- saga and the best friends of them like
  level 99 (...) are laughing about the
  the federation against saga.they are
  so childish.
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