The Link 16 Interview 3

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what is your handle/group name?
i go under the name of strobe,and at the
moment i am in lithium.

what is your real name?
beleive it or not,my real name is errol

what do you do in your group?
i do some coding,as well as some font
making.  the occasional digi and a tiny
bit of swapping.
in what country do you live?
well i happen to live in the best and
the freeset country in the world.  i am
talking about the good land of australia

tell us your height,weight,d.o.b.& sex?
at the moment lying in bed i am 176cm
flat and i weigh about 60kg's and losing
weight by the hour lying about here.  my
d.o.b. is the 8/3/1974 and i am a male,i
think.  let me have a look under the bed
blankets,yep definitely male.

what is your occupation?
at the moment i am unemployed,anybody
out there got a job for me?

tell us more about yourself?
well i am 19 years old.  i still live at
home with my parents.  i have finished
year 12,and did a tafe course on elect-
engineering,but got bored shitless with
it,so i quit.  got a job in the city
doing computer support.

how long have you been in the scene?
around 12 months full time and about 2
years on and off.  my first contact was
witty,and i was very good friend with
jadetiger (warren).

what groups have you been in?
i was in oregon,sunrise,then i went to
wow and i am now in lithium.  i don't
know for how long though.

what hardware do you have?
i have 3 64's,3 1541's a moniter,colour
t.v, printer,action replay 6.  lots of
disks.  a homemade sampler and a modem

how long have you owned them?
for around about 2 years.

what do you think of the scene?
i think the scene is very lazy at the
moment,but it has a lot of potential.

when you think of the scene,what do you
think of first?------------------------
i think about all the demo's,that have
been made and the ones,that i hope will
get made in the future.

what makes you tick?
i have a very pessimistic outlook in

what makes you happy?
riding motorbikes and getting out of the
fucking hospital,and seeing myself in
the charts.

what makes you pissed off?
people who get head swells,also people
who rip code,if you can rip code you
can learn to code.  ask around and i am
sure there are plenty of coders who will
help anyone get started.

do you have a girlfriend?
no not at the moment.

if you could screw any girl,who would it
be -------------------------------------
would be pauline porizkov.

what's your aim in live,& in the scene?
to get more reconition for my coding,to
be the best australian coder.  to see
more originals,tobe able to some first
routines.  to be rich and happy and to
get out of this god-dam hospital.

if you could change one thing in your
life,what would it be?---------------
i would change sitting here in hospital.

if you could change one thing in the
scene,what would it be? ------------
i would try to get more australians in-
to the scene,as i think as time goes on
we might be able to improve ourselves to
the standard on the european guys.

name 3 things you can't live without?
my computer,having good health,and my

name 3 things you can live without?
i can live without adds on t.v.,parents,
and i can live without my broken pelvis.

if you were going to be executed,what
would be your last wish?-------------
easy,not to be killed.

how does money affect your life?
it doesn't really.

who is the most influential person in
your life? --------------------------
no-one in particular.

if you were on a island,what 3 things
would you have?----------------------
first and most important a helicopter,&
nothing else.

what is your greatest fantasy?
racing a 500cc motor bike and winning a
g.p. race.

if you had a million $,what would you do
with it?--------------------------------
i would buy several motor bikes and i
would invest the rest.

before we finish,is there anything you
want to say?--------------------------
hi to everyone on the scene,including
those who i have to send back to,i will
send back soon as i get out of here.  to
everyone please don't quit the scene.

what/who's your favourite?
food:  lasagne
drink: lemon squash
music: anything heavy
game:  int karate 2
demo:  all good demo's from europe
computer:  64
drug:  nitrous oxide
book:  anything from douglas adams
movie: back to the future 1
t.v. show: the late show with the d-
topic for conversation: office at tech
hobby: computing programs
celebrity: none
car:   mini minor

thanks strobe for the interview
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