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yo homies,welcome to this new chapter
created by,passion and provoke of tsr in
europe,with some friendly help by a non-
scener called ease.

what can be found in this fly chapter?
we have the following things for you.

(C)RAPTALK,a corner edited by passion
giving you background information.

further more we have some news for you
compiled in the section NEWS'N'VIEWS,the
new releases corner called HYPELINE.
then we have a hype trivia section for
all you up to date b-boys out there,
followed by a section done by passion &
ease,containing reactions on happenings
entitled COMMENTS.

this time about a chapter written in the
disk magazine called ARISE about rap/hip

after that you can read which albums we
like.  its (of course) entitled CHARTS.
we hope we'll get some charts (top 10's)
from fellow homies for the next issue.

of course not to be missed the reviews
corner entitled FLIPPIN DA TRAX,where we
have done some reviews,containing our
opinions about some albums and singles.

at least we can present you some final
comments and the addresses to whom you
can send your reactions/top 10's to.

we hope you like this massive first rap
pages chapter.  your editors
                PASSION & EASE

peace brotha's this is passion here to
write some interesting stuff for your
entertainment.  just chill,grab a coke &
keep on reading.

first thang i wanna write off my mind is
dee endless question "will da NIGGAZ
WITH ATTITUDE" make a come back?  sorry
to disappoint ya homies out there,they
won't.  why?  CUBE'S said he'd return
with N.W.A.,so what's the fuzz about?
DR DRE (not the one who's presenting yo
mtv raps together with ed lover),former
producer of da posse,has announced not
to co-operate if eazy-e's joining da
posse again.  it's about a fight between
em,because eazy-e didn't want to go a
long with a new n.w.a. album on the sony
RUTHLESS label,because he had to sign up
dr dre and newcomer posse po brodie and
lonely.  producer dr dre's just released
a new record called THE CHRONIC,from
which the smash selling single NUTHIN'
BUT A 'G' THANG had been taken off.

now to dee otha special to write about.
ice-t had quite some negative news in da
past.  now he can add the brake with
warner records to it.  what happened?
after ice-t produced a new album called
cop killer warner records decided to
give'm another chance.  ice-t produced a
new album called home invasion,and gave
a pre-release to warner records.  they
decided not to release this offical
version,because it'd contain too many
explict lyrics,he must change it.  ice-t
decided to FUCK them and left to rhyme
syndicate records,and home invasion was
released there.  now he's got a record
deal with virgin.

hope you liked this first (C)RAPTALK,
edited by passion.  check da word an'
remain keepin' it's meaning PEACE.

this section was compiled by provoke and
ease.  hope we'll keep ya up too date.

rumours saying white dancehall rapper
snow's coming from jamacia.  he's born
and rised in toronto,connecticutt,usa.
his album called 12 INCHES OF SNOW will
be released by now.

the successful rap duo EPMD has spilt up
rapper parrish is going to do a solo
joint,the otha's still continuing da
posse still under da name EPMD.  they've
had a major success with the single HEAD
BANGER recently.

RUN DMC the old rap veterans made a come
back,with their single DOWN WITH THE
WING.  the video is featuring some very
famous rapsta's,like KRIS KROSS.

dee opp'ers NAUGHTY BY NATURE are having
major success with their album NINETEEN
NAUGHTY III,first song taken from the
album is HIP HOP HOORAY,which was direct
ed by spike lee(the director of movies
like malcom x and do the right thing).

unplugged album of their no 1 selling
album 3 YEARS,5 MONTHS,2 DAYS,which they
had recorded on mtv unplugged session.

rapper group 2 PAC will make a comebck
with a new album called STRICTLY 4 MY
N.I.G.G.A.Z.  first single will be
HOLLER IF YA HEAR ME.  it could be a
very promising album.

also making a return is KMD with a new
album called BLACK BASTARDS.

rumours are going around that PUBLIC
ENEMY,will release a new album soon.  it
would be their first album,after their
major success FEAR OF A BLACK PLANET.
meanwhile they've released a compilation
of old tracks called GREATEST MISSES.

APACHE,a gangsta rapper has released his
solo debut joint called APACHE AIN'T
SHIT,meanwhile he's been releasing da
first single GANGSTA BITCH.

N.W.A. has relesed a home video to their
smash selling album EFIL 4 ZAGGIN (in
reverse niggaz 4 life).

ICE-T'Sreleased his first single from
his album called GOTTA LOTTA LOVE,it's
of course from his latest HOME INVASION.
it's about gang wars and features 2 l.a.
gangsta posses BLOODS 'N'CRIPS.

earlier mentioned BLOODS'N'CRIPS have
made peace on da streets,they thought it
is better to sort their differences by
making rhymes.  they're released a full
ablum of raps against each otha.

also mentioned DOWN WITH THE KING run -
dmc's new single is also the 1st single
of their new album,called da same way.

better know as Y.B.T.(they're aren't so
black though) have released an album
first single TAP THE BOTTLE has already
been released.  their style is a bit
HOUSE OF PAINS speed rap alike.  they
topped da number 2 spot on the MTV RAP

CYPRESS HILL'S latest album's called
CYPRESS HILL, already older song from it

old vetran rappa ll cool j,made a come-
back with da single HOW I'M COMIN'.

ease earlier mentioned EPMD has spilt up
that's true,but his otha information
seemed to be false,PARRISH will continue
on with his own newly formed label,PMD,
eric sermon hasn't announced what he'll
do after the split.

not only ice-t,but his metal rap band
BODYCOUNT was forced to leave warner

HOUSE OF PAIN are the second rap act to
do a WHO'S THE MAN song.  HEAVY D. had
already done a smash selling single for
da movie,which features ,by da way ED
LOVER and DR DRE from yo,mtv raps.

this will be all for this month in this

all new albums released compiled in one
big list,by provoke.  lets start right

2 pac               strickly 4 my niggaz
apache              apache ain't shit
bell biv devoe      hootie mack
brand nubian        in god we trust
digable planets     reachin
dr dre              the chronic
freestyle fellow-   inner city
ice-t               home invasion
j                   we are the majority
k solo              times up
kam                 neva again
kool g rap          live and let die
madrock             knowledge to noise
naughty by nature   nineteen naughty 3
positive k          skills dat pay da
wreckx'n'effect     hard or smash
y.b.t.              bead en2 kidz doin

               RAP TRIVIA
 1.which 2 ex n.w.a.'ers are having a
   major solo success?
 2.what does n.w.a. stand for?'s da tribe called quest album
   called which has been awarded for an
   mtv/source award?
 4.which movie's featuring dr dre and ed
   lover from yo!mtv raps?  also apache
   and krs#1 have a guest appearance.
 5.which heavy weight rapper has done
   the title song to the movie,named in
   da 4th question?
 6.which rapper stars in boy's'n'the
 7.what's n.w.a.'s homebase?
 8.which rapper group started the speed
   rap rage?  the group's recently been
   supporting ice cube with his album
   the predator and also've had a gig
   together with epmd in march this year
 9.which hommie/posse doesn't belong in
   this row?
   a)ice cube        b)da lynch mob
   c)cypress hill    d)kam
10.which group doesn't belong in this
a)us 3               b)disposed heroes
                       of hiphoprisy
c)digable planets

we hope ya liked this small trivia. next
time we'll present ya dee answers & also
a new one.  yer editor passion.

hey homies here are passion and ease
with a reaction to arise issue #5.  it
contained a story about music styles,
also about rap/hiphop,written by rave of
twlight.  it's a nice story rave about
how rap was started and when.  ya forgot
to explain a few things,for example;rap
found his influences in soul,jazz and
reggae music.

the first rappers (the founders of it)
were afrika bambaata and grandmaster
flash,a thang not to be missed in a rap
report about the different styles.  we
think there's a lot more to describe
than "yer" three ones.  we would choose.

gangsta rap (i.e. ice-t,n.w.a. and ice
nasty rap (i.e. getc boys and 2 live

political rap (i.e. boogie down,ice-t &
public enemy)

commercial rap (i.e. ll cool j,heavy p
etc,this is what you'd call "lovers rap"

hardcore rap (i.e. boogie down,2 live
crew) and maybe some more.  you see,
groups are often sorted in one category.
very good article about run dmc,but you
could have written alot more about chuck
d,as for he was in da famous(?) rapper
group section 8,one of the first posses.
why da heck did ya put "ice" vanilla ice
into this?  that arrogant loose should
be in the catergory "one hit nothing
more".  you could have added more famous
names like,ice-t,ice cube,n.w.a. or
boogie down productions to it.  also
that you've put so less about public
enemy,probably da best rap posse ever,
has surprised us.  the point is,and this
is no offence,yer report could've been a
lot better(detailed).  just saying about
public enemy,that they've got chuck d as
a lead vocalist,just isn't enough.  what
about flavor flav,and terminator-x(the
best dj ever)?  they also have a place
in public enemy,without them da posse
wouldn't even exist.  well we think this
is enough reaction to put ya thinking.
passion and ease are off.

yo mates!  this is provoke writing just
after finishing counting 3 album top 10'
by the editors only.  i hope i'll get
some charts of fellow (homies) sceners
soon so this chapter will be big.  lets
1.fear of a black planet   public enemy
 2.apocalypse 'g'    public enemy
 3.efil 4 zaggin     n.w.a.
 4.the predator      ice cube
 5.home invasion     ice-t of pain     house of pain
 7.yo!bum rush the   public enemy
 8.step in the arena gang starr god we trust   brand nubian
10.sports weekend    the 2 live crew
11.straight outta    n.w.a.
   compton never    epmd
   personal takes a nation
   of...             public enemy
14.amerikka's most   ice cube
15.don't sweat the   eric b and ralum
16.the iceberg       ice-t
17.we can't be       geto boys
18.hiphoprisy is     hiphoprisy
   the greatest
19.3 years,5 months, arrested bev
   2 days
20.tougher than      run-dmc

public enemy hitting da charts(they
deserve it),cube's the predator should
be higher.  just wait for da next month.

this month we'll be given you three
albums and two singles reviewed.  this
is how we're working.  first,we'll give
you some background information from the
posse,then we show ya all the trax on
dee album.  furthermore we'll have a
list of the best tracks on a album and
then the review.  at last we'll give dee
album a rating.  we've got this rating

***** this should be in your collection
****  good value,got some cool trax,no
***   well worth having,got some nice
**    good to hear it twice,nothing real
*     this is utter crap

same rating system's for the singles
reviews.  this time we've reviewed the
following albums.

efil 4 zaggin by n.w.a.
the predator by ice cube

home invasion by ice-t

singles informer by snow and hip hop
hooray by naughty by nature.

lets start right off.

EFIL 4 ZAGGIN,n.w.a.(iggi)
though this album's abit old,i thought
it would fit in perfectly in this first
rap pages,as we're talking alot about
n.w.a.  by the way for those who don't
know,n.w.a. stands for niggaz with
attitude.  they were quite successful in
da past,with albums like staight atta
compton.  now they're giving us a mix
from 2 live crew,getc boys and ice-t
music with a lot of nasty gangsta-like
rap,which is sounding def.  after ice
cube's left them,a lot of homies thought
n.w.a. wouldn't survive,wrong!  this
album proves what they're up to,with or
without cube.  i think this was their
last lp,which is a pity,as da nigga2
really are one of da posses i favoured.
da trax on this album are:

1.prelude(gangsta-like rhythmic beat,
  real shit)
2.real niggaz don't die (main song,very
  addictive beat)
3.niggaz 4 life ("phukk da pigs"alike
4.protest (vident track,funny beginning)
5.appetite for destruction (best track
6.drink that wine (swing beat song,very
7.always into something (addictive tune)
8.messagae to ba (a very short message
9.real niggaz (mix between gangsta,and
  nasty) kill a hooker (real life scene
   killing and rapin' bitches) less bitch (nasty rap,pretty cool
12.findum,fuckum & flee(nasty rap)
13.automobile (soul like,nasty track)
14.she swallowed it (an addic(k)ted trax
15.i'd rather fuck you (most chillin'
   stupid track)
16.approach to danger (public enemy like
17.1-goo-2 compton (real life jail talk)
18.the wayz of waybadi (mix between
   nasty rap and ragga)

* dr dre,sampled this track for his
single,nuthin' but a 'g' thang,which
has got da same melody.

best track: prelude,real niggaz don't
die,appetite for destruction,don't drink
that wine,alwayz into something,one less
bitch,and i'd rather fuck you.

this is probably n.w.a.'s best album
ever.  as i'm really into slow chillin'
rap,i can advise ya,pick this one up in
yer collection,if you haven't got it
already.  i can say without anything,
this was the iggi album.  that's why i'm
giving ***** n.w.a. for their master-
piece.  reviewed by ease.

THE PREDATOR,ice cube (igg2)
cube has done it again.  da man who has
given us lp's like amerikka's most
wanted and kill at will,is now steppin'
up to dee upper elite of rap.  after his
shockin' departure from n.w.a. the
compton rapper has been quite active.
after da release of a few solo joints,he
has been in his first acting appearance
in da hit,BOY'S N THE HOOD(by director
j.singleton).  not only that,he has also
been producing posses like,da lench mob,
and promisin' rappers like kam.  the
predator was the first rap album which
topped the #1 place in da us billboard
charts.  the first release wicked,was
really def(containin' samples from
public enemy's excellent welcome to the
terrordome and can't truss it).  it was
about dee la kaos situation in 92 about
da rodney king case.  usin' speed rap
was a good choice. da trax on this album
1.the first day of school(real life bust
2.when will they shoot(speed rap,dope
3.i'm scared-insert-(speeches about
 4.wicked(best track on this album,speed
   rap)* i gotta wet'cha(mix between chill
   and gangsta)
 6.the predator(main song,has shit beat) was a good day(perfect track to
   chill on)
 8.we had to tear this up(exceptional
   gangsta piece)
 9.fuck'em-insert-(track full of shit
10.dirty mack(addictive samples,a bit of
11.don't trust'em(nasty rap,'bout bitch)
12.gangsta's fairytle 2(chilling track
   good melody)
13.check yo' self(feat.background vocals
   from das efx)
14.who got the camera(nuthin' special)
15.integration-insert-(again shit talk)
16.say hi to the bad guy(speed rap,very
 * look at the intro above.
most hype shit:when will they shoot?
wicked,the predator,it was a good day,we
had to tear this motherfucka up,gangsta'
fairytale 2,check yo' self,and say hi to
the bad guy.

this is the album to go for,if ya haven'
got it yet.  it's got some non-sayin'
speeches in here(all da ones with insert
behind da name),but most is shit.  da
guest appearance of das efx on the song
check yo' self isn't surprising as cube
seems to take over da speed rap rage
started by dem.  i personally like it
was a good day da most,though wicked is
one of da best raps cube ever did.  i
give this album *****
reviewed by ease.

HOME INVASION,ice-t (igg3)
it seems ice-t's gettin' very active.
first he released copkiller,a controver-
sial song about pigs and otha accidents,
then taking part in da metal rap joint,
bodycount and now this.  after his
departure by warner records it wasn't
hard for him to find anotha distributor,
he's now signed up with virgin.  this
album's been released under the rhyme
syndicate records,and seems to go a lot
further than copkiller.  in the second
track(it's on) ya can hear what he does
with a pig(cop for da non-gangsta's be-
tween us).  we must say this is his best
album since,oh,we can't remember hearin'
old legends rappin' again could be betta
than havin' got a ...(censored)
da trax on dis fly shit are:
 1.warning(ice-t's warning poppimps,not
   to listen to this)'s on(shootin' down a pig an' more) motherfuckin' t(his way to deal
   with politicians)
 4.home invasion(main song,a lot of
 5.g style(t's joining da speed rage)
 6.addicted to danger(100% gangsta lang)
 7.question & answer(t's opinion on pop) the ice break(achillin' track)
 9.race war(speed rap on racism,real
10.that's how i'm livin'(again pure gang
11.i ain't new ta this(a lot of sampling
12.pimp behind da wheels(just great rap)
13.gotta lotta love(t's spreadin' peace)
14.hit the fan(t's showin' he's da nasty
   rap king)
15.depths of hell(featuring daddy nitro) problems(featuring brother marquis
17.funky gripsta(intro 14 yr old bitch
18.message to the solider(about wars,got
   an de samples)
19.ain't a damn thing changed(t's rhymin

most stupid trax:well,we actualy liked
everythang 'bout this phukkin shit album
no wrong lyrics,though this is not for
the pimps among us.  we are awardin'
this with da best album of g3,though
ease liked predator more.  this is conta
ining enough to keep ya busy for this
year really!.  on this album ice-t's
also featuring some dope rhymes on comm-
unity.  one of da coolest thangs on this

we have run out of room in this section,
so we have put the rest in the news

hope you are enjoying this section.
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