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welcome to the REACTION section.  if you
have any thing to say about our mag then
send it into the following addresses:

154 the kingsway     20 stanley street
barrack heights      wainuiomata
new south wales      wellington

we would like to inform everybody that,
we will not publish any thing that is
going to cause any group or member un-
due concern.  this has come about mainly
because of some slagging going on in the
AUSTRALIAN scene.  so please don't
expect us to print any BULLSHIT here!


the link 8 was real COOL,seeing that i
missed the link 7.  i was quite pleased
with the 8th issue.  the only thing i
disagree with is the NZ groups chart.

ED:until i can get some proof of your
comments regarding ripping,we will leave
it at that,but thank you for letting us
know.  also thanks for the kind comments
hope to keep up the good work.

top mag.  keep up the good work.

ED:thanks DANIEL for the kind comments.
we thank you for doing the coding of
this issue.

reaction FRON SKY/?

your mag seems to be real COOL.  SLICE
did a great job coding the new outfit.
i'm waiting for the next issue.  so
don't stop producing it.
ED:thanks PETER,SLICE did do a good job
on that particular issue.  how issues
have you seen?  if you like let me know
which ones you have seen and i will send
over the rest for you to read.

i nice to get some good comments on our
mag as we would like to,one day get into
the EURO charts with it.

if you know of any of your contacts that
have seen our mag,and would like to have
something to say,then please let them
know our address,which is at the front
of this section.
reaction from THE HEGG/BAD KARMA

issue 8 was COOL,except the chapter icon
need to be improved alot.  the old ones
by ROADRUNNA were heaps COOL.  get into
ADV ART STUDIO and do a bit of cutting &
pasting.  cheers.

ED:thanks nathan for your comments,i
think when you see this issue,you will
be surprised, as we have changed every-
thing. do you like it?

reaction from 8 BALL

i like the main menu COOL and original
idea of having the chapter icons around
the borders.  the only real complaint i
have is about the constant slagging.

ED:thanks BRIAN for the comments on our
mag,i hope that you will like LINK 10
as we have some more new stuff.  in
reply to your comment about slagging,if
you get this issue you will see i have
had a fair bit to say about it so any
there is no necessity in commenting any
further.  p.s. thanks for the call!
reaction from OLIVER/MDG/DOS

thanks DAVID for the last issue of you
mag,i would like to make a few remarks
on it.  what about an IRQ loader with
the zak playing while loading?  also try
not to use lines in the chapters e.g.
leave two blank lines between the jokes
in that section.  the flashing could be
a lot smoother.  its good to see you
have removed the racist jokes out of the
mag as i like this part of your mag.

also please be careful with typing too
many errors.  also i would like a few
things cleared up with the interview i
did with you.  could you please correct
these for me.  the village is not called
WOLFSBURG it is near there,but is called
SULFELD.  i live 20m to the railway line
not from the station.  first i was not
in a group and cracking lamely.  then i
got busted for copyright reasons and not
for stamp cheating.  i think if you were
to ask for sparetime activities in your
interviews would be a big help.

ED:where to start OLIVER,first the idea
about the loader sounds great,but will
it be compatable with the AMERICAN way
as our loader works very well in the USA

we have,as you can see changed a lot of
things in this issue,and i think the
lines look alot better in this issue,
don't you.  also how does this flashing

we have tried to keep up a high standard
that you EURO'S seem to have in your
mags.  as we hope that one day in the
near future to climb the EURO charts.

before i forget OLIVER,we use a level
packer for the link.

i have no control over the jokes that
come in and i think to be fair to every-
one these jokes are not to be taken to

i hope that there is not too many errors
in this issue as i have spent a lot of
time doing this one.

i must say i am very sorry for the mis-
understandings about your interview,but
it was 5.00 am when i spoke to you and i
had just finished a 14 hour stint in the
taxi and was tired as all FUCK,so it is
i that must say sorry,we will be in the
future having interview sheets made up &
sent out for people to fill in and send

so once again i thank you OLIVER for the
COOL music that you have sent us.  i
hope to be able to use it in many more
issues of this mag.

reaction from JAZZCAT/BCT

COOL,mag,need more music and a IRQ load-
ing system.  keep up the COOL works.

ED:thanks DAVID for those remarks,as i
have said in the previous page we need
to keep this loading system,so our pals
in the U.S.A. can use it.

this concludes this section,please go
back to the main menu,and thanks for
sending in your reactions,as we can't
improve our mag if we don't get told how
to fix our mistakes.

thanks EDITOR
               <THE END<
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