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there has been a slight problem with
this months NZ section.  i already had a
whole report on the SYSTEM party that
was held in december saved,but then I
went and wiped the motherfuckin' disk by
accident.  so I'm just going to have to
try and remember the party from three
months ago,so here we go.

i arrived with TITANIUM/TSR at the party
place (OPTICS/SYS's motel and restaurant
place)at around 7.00pm,over an hour late
and most of the system guys came out to
meet us (list later).  We had missed
should that make us happy or sad?

Then we went in to the party room,where
there were 2 c64's and some crap thing
called and AMIGA.  after a bit of fuck-
ing around for a while,we went down the
street to get a feed.  which was when
MIDROMIN/FURY turned up (with his son!)
and gave us a preview of his (released
demo)NOCTURNAL.  Then we fucked around,
doing some real crazy shit,and during
which BLADE/system OPTICS/system and i
(DA ROGUE ) went on a graffiti raid on
the fun park down the street,when we saw
a car,that looked like it might have
been watching us in the car park.

so we bailed real quick,scrambling over
the fence and hooning on back to the
party.  after somemore fucking around
like,weird photos,a few kewl splanky's
(hi guyz!), and a wee bit of BULLDOG'S
brandy, MIDROMIN headed off and then so
did TITANIUM,so the rest of us decided
to go for a walk,during which,we got
chased by some drunks in a car,meet some
pretty tough mates of BLADE'S.  dodged
some cops, and to top it off,we got
caught in the FUCKING POURING RAIN,and
had to run about 3-4 kms back to the
room.  needless to say we were FUCKING
SOAKED and this was at about 2-3am,so
that was about the time we crashed,with
the exception of BLADE who played on the
fucking Lamiga all night!).

in da morning we just fucked around some
more until my ride came and i fucked off
all in all it was a pretty cool party,
but not enough guys there!!!

the dudes that were there:

         (midromin's son)

and of course,me,THE ROGUE/TSR !!
that's the KIWI section for this month.
yep,THE LINK is definately back on track
if any kiwi guys want something printed
in this section,don't hesitate,contact
me (see ADDY section)and i'll do that
for you that's it!!!

                        THE ROGUE/TSR'93
                -     -
                 - - -
         ------ the end ------
                 - -  -
                -       -
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