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welcome to this issue of humor and laugh
thanks to all those who have supplied
the following items.

we hope that you get something out of
this section,as it is meant to make you
have a laugh and forget all about you

this section is not meant to run anyone
or any race down.  it is only meant to
be a fun section.

so sit back and have a laugh on us.

what do you call a BLONDE with a dollar
on her head?

all you can EAT for under a BUCK
two irishmen were waiting outside an
office for an interview.  the first one
went in and the boss asked him which was
left hand and which was his right hand.

taking a lucky guess he came up with the
right answer and got a job.  on the way
out the irishman gave his fellow country
man a quick piece of advice.  all he
asks you is "which is my left hand and
which is my right.

so the other irishman walks confidently
into the office and sits down,but he
notices that the boss is over by the
hand basin washing his hands.  "rotten
bugger" says the irishman,"he's bloody
shuffling them."
why should you go shopping with a BLONDE

because you can park in the handicapped
what do you call a BLONDE with a bag of
sugar on her head?

what do BLONDES wear behind their ears
to attrack men?

their ankles
what does a BLONDE and a computer have
in common?

you don't know their value until they go
down on you.
sent in by BLADE/SYSTEM
there was a bear and a rabbit taking a
SHIT in the woods.  the bear turned to
the rabbit and said "do you rabbits have
a problem with SHIT sticking to your fir
the rabbit replied "no"  so the bear
wiped his ARSE with the rabbit.
sent in by BANDIT/TOXIK
there was an IRISHMAN an ENGLISHMAN and
an AUSTRALIAN all standing on the edge
of the EMPIRE state building.  the IRISH
MAN said "i bet you,i have got a bigger
dick than all of you!"  so he stuck out
his dick and said "1 whole story"

the POMMIE stuck his dick out and yelled
out "2 stories!"

the OZZIE walked up and stuck out his
dick.  all of a sudden he started to
jump around.

"what's wrong?"  the other 2 asked.

"nothing" replied the OZZIE,"i'm trying
to duck the traffic below."
7 dwarfs where all in the bath feeling
happy.  so happy got out.
there were 7 dwarfs,all taking a vaction
in tasmania for a few weeks.  on arrival
back in nsw,happy went to a priest to
ask a question?

he asked the priest "are there any two
foot nuns in tasmania"  the priest said
"no".  happy asked again "are there any
2 foot nuns in tasmania?"  to which the
priest replied "no there aren't"

happy asked "are you sure?"  the priest
replied "definetly not".

happy turned around to the other dwarfs
what job did the BLONDE do at the m&m

what is a BLONDES mating call?

oh,hell i'm pissed.
what's the difference between a BLONDE &

you know how many went down on the
what does a BLONDE and a beer bottle
have in common?

both are empty from the neck up.
this one should give you a good laugh,it
is called THE NEW PADRE

at his church service,the new PADRE was
so scared,he could hardly speak.  after
the sermon,he asked his commanding
officer how he had done.  the officer
said fine,but next time it might help if
you put a little more vodka or gin in
your glass to help you relax.

the next sunday the PADRE buut vodka in
his glass and really talked up a storm.
again he asked his commanding officer,
how he had done.  the commander said
fine,but there are a few things you
should get sorted out:

1. there are ten commandments not twelve
2. there were twelve disciples not ten.
3. DAVID slew GOLIATH.  he did not kick
   the guts out of him.
4. we do not refer to JESUS CHRIST as
   the late J.C.
5. next sunday there is a taffy pulling
   contest at ST PETERS,not a peter
   pulling contest at st. taffy's.
6. the FATHER,SON and HOLY GHOST are not
   referred to as BIG DADDY,JUNIOR and
   the SPOOK.
7. adam was not offered a TIT-BIT by eve
   she tempted him with an apple.
8. moses was hidden in the BULL RUSHES,
   not left in the SHIT by the rushing
9. contary to popular belief,in biblical
   days,not all girls became PREGNANT.
   some of them had to die before being
   STUFFED and turned into MUMMIES.
10.when the service ended,you should
   have said "MAY YOU GO IN PEACE"not
hope you have enjoyed these jokes,there
are designed to relax all those who read
them.  thanks goes to all those who sent
in their jokes.
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