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     G I O R G I O     A R M A N I

hello dudes, it's GIORGIO ARMANI corner
which takes you to a new dimension of
gossiping. several topics will be
discussed in this chapter. they are:

         1 - LINK ISSUE 10
         2 - MY FUTURE
         3 - SCENE PARTY 1993
         4 - INSPIRATIONS
         5 - COOL FRIENDS
         6 - AMIGA SCENE
         7 - NIK NAX
link issue no. 10
welcome to this new format and hope you
enjoyed your stay. yeah, this is my very
first attempt in coding a mag. a month
ago, i wouldn't even dream of coding the
menu interface. you see, it all got more
and more complex as i go along. in this
format, i have extended the text area up
to 24,000 bytes of text for each chapter
with the text reader, menu interface,
sprites and bitmap koala. this is quite
an accomplishment. don't forget to look
at the ADVANCED FLI-SPRITE at the bottom
of the chapter reader screen. yep, its
a world first!!! also, the text
decrunches itself during loadinf. yes!!
and conseqently, we have the ability to
feed 500 pages of text on one side of
the disk. that is if we ever need to
make a mag of this magnitude monthly!!!

although we decided to keep this format
for a while, but the scope for expansion
is enormous. my code structure will
allow further fancy functionality to be
built-in the future LINK. for the moment
we'll keep that a secret but please look
out for future releases to see the
my future:
as you know TSR-PLX have splitted into 2
groups. however, i have decided to stay
in both. although i have other offers of
joining other groups, i think i'll stay
in tsr-plx for a while yet. i will,
however, help out others in their demo
or whatever. just give me some advanced
notice first. the mentality of groups is
what made the oz scene separate and
uncompetitive. i'll seek to change just

one thing to clear up: which group do i
prefer as my second group? to this end,
i have no solution. i loved both group
for their talent and fun that they
provide me. for that, i do not think fit
to make a choice - and i won't!

so let's just say i have as much
loyalty towards one as i have towards
another. and i shall leave it as that.

if i am asked to produce anything, it'll
be my honour to do so for both groups.
and it'll stay that way...only that. for
those who don't know me all too well,
i'll just briefly mention what i do. i
am currently working for PACIFIC POWER
as a GRADUATE ACCOUNTANT. i work 8-5
monday to friday. i attend university of
technology for my finance subjects on
monday night and saturday. and the scene
feeds in between this tight schedule.

believe me, it is hard trying to do
coding, some gfx & zak within my current
parameters but i'll do it for the oz
scene. not for my personal gain, but for
the good of the whole scene. of course,
i cannot thank you guys enough out there
giving me your support - in terms of the
CHARTS. for that i am very grateful.
this is where my motivation leads me in
organising the SCENE PARTY 1993 FOR OZ.

the australian scene party will be held
on the 17-18 JULY, 1993 at PENRITH OF
SYDNEY. the cost will be $5 for both
days paying for court hire. no food,
accomodation will be provided for this
price. there'll be demo comp & gfx comp
with prizes for winners. however, no
alcohol will be allowed. the party is
for both c64 or amiga. the point is to
have fun in celebrating the oz scene.
the aim is for sceners to meet their
friends face to face. i must have at
least 20 people replying or no party
will be held. so far, i have 10 already.
you must reply by 15/5/1993 by sending
to my addy (in the address section) of
your intention to come. please write me
your real name, handle, address,
telephone for registration & contact
purpose. further news will be publish in
the future link regarding the party. a
paper note is being circulated with all
details. if you haven't got it contact
me! all attendee will get personal reply
if the party does go ahead. i hope the
party will be a reality.

well, in response to peoples claim about
TSR's comment in link 8, even though
uptonogood has expressed his views, i
have the following to say.

when we are running a mag, we'll try to
be as fair as possible. news & rumours
get send in for the mag to publish.
they are likely to be common views of
the scene - and so be it! if a mag is
not allow to express a view, then what
good would a mag be! we are certainly
not trying to start any sort of war.
there is a fine point between slagging &
having quality news published. quite
often, what is genuine news are perceive
as rumours. so what can mags do? the
best way is not to publish anything at
all because only god knows what is real
and what is false...okay, there is no
point in dwelling on. but i think a mag
must be able to express a view. maybe
we'll be more careful with the wording.
but a mag can only be as good as what
material goes into it. any offence taken
by others is regrettable.


g'day to all cool friends who are
swapping with me. just like to thank
all of you for your support.

still, i'll need alot more friends so i
need contacts. anyone out there haven't
had the chance to know me better, please
do contact me. that is of course if you
want a cool contact. so why not write
now to:  8 BOSCO PLACE
         N.S.W. 2763

paralax is currently the no.1 group in
oz. addicts is claimed to be 2nd(???)

the a1200 & a4000 is set to be a hit but
there'll surely be compatibility problem
with demo previously done for the a500.
this is because coders use unconvention-
al coding methodology which becomes
redundant when new machine is built.
commercial application don't normally
have this problem.


to finish off, i urge all oz sceners to
unite as one. forget your group
mentality and your ego trips, this is
what made the scene with more wars and
less done. stick together my friends.

only when we can truely kick ass before
we can really claim the prize. wars will
do nobody any good. so remember this!!!

do something constructively as show the
world what you can do. establish a
reputation for australia.
i hope australia can find itself a place
on the world chart. if we can all unite
and share knowledge with others while
keeping our competitive mind running
9000 revs, we can then start to compete
seriously with the rest of the world.
this is my vision. and i hope it'll be
your too. be yours truly...

                GIORGIO ARMANI/TSR-PLX
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