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           E D I T O R I A L

welcome to the EDITORIAL of THE LINK.
this chapter is divided into the
following sections:


ok, let's roll with the show...


coding:      giorgio armani/tsr-plx
graphics:    megazzap/paralax
music:       neptune/tsr
             oliver klee/dos
fli-sprite:  giorgio armani/tsr-plx
char-set:    unknown
editor:      uptonogood/tsr
co-editors:  guru/tsr
             giorgio armani/tsr-plx

menu system:

use joystick to move around. click ICONS
to select chapters. click on THE STAR to
load your own tune. TUNE must locate at
$1000-1FFF. select tune by entering the
initial  eg. enter P for pianotune.dmc!

in chapter reader, use DOWN & RIGHT to
go forward, LEFT & UP to go back a page.
click on button for menu.


welcome to the editorial section of this
mag.  i can tell you now that this will
be a VERY long editorial as there is a
lot to be said.

first i would like to thank those,who's
efforts have helped in putting this mag
out.  MEGAZZAP/PARALAX for the gfx done
in this issue.  GIORGIO ARMANI/TSR for
the coding of this mag.  GURU/TSR for
electronics he has done. and anyone else
i have forgotten to say thanks to. also,
i hope that you like this character set!
now to the important things i would to
get off my chest.  it has been brought
to my attention that there are those out
there that were not happy with the 8TH
issue of this mag.

you people know who i am referring to,do
you not.  i was in no way responsible
for the comments made in the EDITORIAL
of that issue,and just because my name
appeared as co-editor,dosen't mean that
i had a hand in writing the BLOODY thing

yes i did my usual sections,namely the
addies,charts,reactions,news,humour and
the message section,but i repeat i did
not have a hand in writing the editorial

if you people would like to make your
comments in this mag,feel free to do so,
and i can assure you,that they will get
published in any issue you want.

i had a conversation with STIGS/MSR the
other day,who said that there was a lot
of upset people out there,well i am now
giving you the chance to have your say!

yes i will say that i made a mistake by
not reading the editorial before sending
it out.  i have explained that because
of the magazine coming out late,i had no
time to check everything as i have a lot
of packs to make up at this time of the
month,but i can assure you it will never
happen again.

i issue this WARNING to all members of
TSR.  i will not tolerate any slagging
of another member of any group what so
ever.  we are here to promote the OZ
scene,not bring it down.  so if you have
a problem with another member of our or
any other group,or for that matter any
group,then talk to me,i am always here
to listen to your problems,so feel free
to talk to me any time.  i know that if
we can keep our noses clean and get on
with promoting the scene here,then we
will have acheived something.

i am sorry to bore the shit out of the
rest of the readers,but these comments
have upset me greatly.  as i stated to
STIGS/MSR,that i have been on the scene
now for the last 12 months and said to
him have you heard any complaints about
me before and his reply was no i haven't

so i ask my fellow sceners to give this
new management a FAIR go at running this

i know we have the abilities to produce
some good wares and in the coming months
will endeavour to set high standards
amongst our fellow AUSSIES.

so lets start the ball rolling with the
release of this issue of THE LINK 10.

i hope this statement will appease the
feelings that some of you had towards
our last management.  so sit back and
enjoy yourselves on the scene and always
remember the SCENE is bigger than any 1
member or group.  long live the 64 scene

thank you for taking the time to read
this article,but its something that had
to be said,and i make no apologies to
anyone for THE LINK 8 editorial.

now on a lighter note we at TSR are very
proud to present THE LINK 10.

in this issue you will find the usual
sections,but as you noticed in THE LINK
9 issue we have introduced a new section
called ELECTRONICS where we will try to
help those people who want to learn some
thing about computers etc.  such as how
to put in a reset switch.  GURU and my-
self will show you with diagrams and
instructions how to fix most of your
nagging problems.

so if you have anything that you would
like to know about repairs or setting up
then please drop us a line and we will
be only to happy to help you.

also i would like to announce that the
amalgamtion between TSR-PLX has gone and
we have become a friendship co-op with
PLX and both groups will now produce
their own wares and magazines.  i think
this is the way to go and so does PINK

this way we will have a mag released in
the first few days of the month and one
at the end of the month.  that way we
will be able to keep you up to date on
what is happening in the land of OZ.

so in finishing this editorial let me
add that the main thing to be gained out
of the scene is the friendships that are
made both here and overseas so lets all
work together i am sure that we can keep
the scene alive a lot longer.

so enjoy life and all the best in 1993
keep up the good work everybody.
remember let there be PEACE and not WAR
in this scene.

before i forget,i would like to take
this opportunity to thank all of those
people,who have helped in making this
mag.  namely the coders,gfx's musos and
those who made intro's for us.  we thank
you very much.  we hope you like this
new format.        UPTONOGOOD/TSR EDITOR

i like to extend my welcome to all of
you dear people for all your support in
the past. the link has now matured to
its TENTH issue. i'm looking forward to
the 20TH already! there are a lot of
things we can be proud of. link has grew
to become the leading mag of the oz
scene. it can now be proud and loud to
say that we have the most reliable
charts. we certainly are keeping our
standard to very high. a big thanks to
all our readers who beared with LINK
since its infancy. now to its more
mature phase, you can now expect only
better as issues goes by. i, myself,
have very high hopes for the LINK and
group producing quality which the oz
scene deserves.

of course, we do other things, too.
tsr will be releasing demos in the near
future to celebrate the scene years for
tsr. let's have some fun together by
promoting this great scene.

i do, as many others would, hope that
no more slagging for the scene. and i
hope that STIG can lay down the past and
look forward to the future. it certainly
won't do anybody any good shall this
affair be prolonged.

if STIG and others are after some sort
of apology for what happened. i'll say
it if the scene can go back to normal. i
say that because i know alot of people
are doing things behind other people.
an example would be grabbing members of
a group to join another so as to
achieve some kind of objective whatever
they may be. of course, this brings
instability to the scene as a whole.
i can claim that, australia would have
the highest turnover in people
movement in the world. that's because of
things that are going on. also, how long
can a group last (without merging or
breaking-up and reforming or renaming)?
can anyone tell me how many group in oz
has lasted for more than 2 years with
the above condition? then answer me the

there's no point dragging on in this
issue but to say: STOP IT!!! because
there is no other solution. god save the
oz scene...
please send your feedback to TSR. we are
very much interested in your idea of how
the scene may serve its prime purpose:
TO HAVE LOTS OF FUN. and let us don't
lose sight of that fact. let us not
bring it down to feed your ego. and let
us work together to bring FRIENDSHIP,

                        giorgio armani

                THE END
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