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Q. tell me something about yourself

A. my name is alex, im an SIXTEEN years
   old. i am in the fourth grade at
   school and i am 185 cms tall.

Q. how long have you been on the scene?

A. almost 12 months !

Q. what GROUPS have you been in ?

A. defiance, tce, akrak, eternal,
   acrise, 7-eleven, arcon, sunrise,
   varisty, silicon, f4cg, trc, triad.

Q. what is you favourite c64 game ?


Q. your favourite CRACKING groups ?

A. ledend, censor design, illusion.

Q. best aussie contact ?


Q. your favourite DEMO group ?

A. triad, sensor design.

Q. favourite EURO CONTACTS ?

A. incubus/antic, baze/legend.

Q. favourite MUSIC /

A. rap, hip hop, dance, house !

Q. favourate MUSICIAN on the c64 ?

A. fly/varisty and dhe/syndrome dia.

Q. how many contact do you have ?

A. 70 at the moment, i did have 250 at
   one stage but i have cut down !!

Q. what do you think of the euro scene ?

A. the scene could do with some
   improving, and in my opinion, more of
   the SMALL groups should have the
   chance to put out FIRST releases.

Q. what about you favourite CODER ?

A. glastnost/camelot.

Q. what is you favourite food ?

A. french fries or anything that IS'NT

Q. what type of MOVIES to you like ?

A. action and comedys eg. lethal
   weapon !

Q. what is you position in TRIAD ?

A. a swapper and originals supplier !

Q. what is the MEMBER STATUS of TRIAD
   at the moment ?

A. jerry - king fisher - alfa tect -
   tdm - kracin - transie - akzie -
   pacific - dutch - seal - ream -
   tech - trident - wingo - jfk -
   mancer - kill squad - coronar -
   stiff - s&d - brego - sailor -
   bismark - and i think thats all !!

Q. do you have any PETS ?

A. yes a bird its a canary !

Q. what do you do in your SPARE TIME ?

A. computing and watching videos !

Q. what sort of employment would you
   like to obtain in the future ?

A. a LAWYER or something to do with
   banking or insurance !!

Q. favourite saying (quote) ?


Q. do you think you will ever but an
   AMIGA ?

A. i would proberly buy a pc or an
   amiga it depends on the money !

Q. where did the name PACIFIC come from?

A. from a movie, i am not sure of the
   title as it was a long time ago !

Q. any final comments ?

A. i think a lot of groups in europe
   take the scene TOO SERIOUS. a bit of
   advice to the readers of the link -
   DON'T take the scene too serious.
   what you should be doing on the
   scene is to HAVE FUN!!

   GREETZ to all my friends on the
   scene - including rustler, enduro
   incubus/antic, jesus, my friends in
   varisty, trash, calypso, mit-1,
   mt-fly, and to everyone else as well.



by rustler/tsr

Q. tell me a bit about ya-self

A. my name is john sykes, i'm 33,
over weight & under paid. also
over sexed!!!

Q. and the group you are in ?

A. PARALAX is the group and it KICKS. a
lot of people don't realise just how
much PARALAX releases. we have had more
releases, with QUETZALS quality cracks,
than any of the other oz groups in the
last few months. TSR is coming a close
second... LOVED SUNDOWNER...

Q. will you be going to other computers?

A. a couple of weeks ago, i bought an
AMIGA. i am in PARALAX with it also.
this does not mean the end of my hot &
fast 64 trading.

Q. so tell me your favourite coders,
   graphics etc...

A. CODERS: tbh/msr,maduplec/crest

   CRACKERS: quetzal/paralax

   MUSOS:  gui shavitt/scs, atom/tsr

   GFX:    metro/hype, thunder/hitmen

   MAGS:   the link, script, shock

   SWAPPERS: you me friends, deb, dr.j,
             junkie/astra2, everyone
             else i swap with!!!

Q. how many contacts do you have?

A. too many oz & not enough euro!!

Q. what kind of movies do you like ?

A. action & science fiction,
   swazenegger, van damme, segal!

Q. do you read books ?

A. sure mate! mainly game related books
like the many battletech novels!!!

Q. what kind of music do you listen to?

A. hard rock & heavy metal (not death
or thrash). my fave acts are def leppard
dio, satriana, stevie vai, extreme..

Q. is ROBBO still asleep ?

A. as near as i can tell, he is
permanently catatonic, but his sister
puts fire in my pants!!

Q. before we go, is there anyone you
   would like to greet ?

A. all my contacts & a special hello
to the cool sceners i have met in person
... you, incubus,stigs,tbh,uptonogood,

Q. INTERVIEW OVER - any final words?

A. there is heaps i could say, but i
would like to leave everyone with this
comment: we are all different, all
individuals, but we are unites by our
use of the c64, so lets stop bitching
& fighting & get on with the good times.
friendship rulez!!!!!

Q. thanks JOHN!!!

A. YEAH - thanks man  CIAO....

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