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           #REVIEW SECTION#



            1. summerhaze

            2. robocop 3

   welcome to the REVIEW SECTION of the
link, and yes, with yours truly ...
ORACLE. most likely you turned to this
chapter coz all the other sections were
boring, especially CABBAGE!! (eheh). no
offence stigs !!

   anyway here we are with the following
items SUMMER HAZE and ROBOCOP 3. i would
have reviewed popcorn 2 and atoms music
collection, but i did'nt get them quick

SUMMER HAZE by metro.
   summer haze is a very cool graphical
released. code wise maybe not so hot!
but i guess breeze designs main point to
get across is that their graphics are
more important.

   enough of this and other details.
metros demos began with a stationary
fade in/out charset, don't ask me the
size!!. anyway this built up to a nice
full screen hires picture featuring
summer breeze. the next load, had a
summer design logo, split in half, and
placed vertically on each side of the
screen. in the middle featured a
vertical up scroll (sprite). the next
load, showed some of metros art, with a
cool junkwaffle with a summer haze logo
on top. the next screen is a very cool
picture of turrican, which i thought was

   the second last part featured a
breeze logo with two speakers either
side. with them reacting to the treble
and bass of the music playing.

   and finally the last part showed a
breeze designs logo abreviated, quick
but effective.

   of course all metros piccy's right
through were HIRES, however does this
allow for SLOPPY CODE. once again
graphics wise the presentation was great
but its beginning to seem, (now metro is
back in hype), that all the his demos
are to be, is a hires piccy with a 1x1,
single colour scroll anyway i'll let you
decide ?

   8.5 out of 10 for GRAPHICS
   6   out of 10 for his CODE



   well next up robocop 3, a game, which
has been recently released. the game
seemed a piece of shit upon first
impressions. the intro showed a a boring
robocop picture which, was'nt even hires
and then the game play, on wolf style,
seemed very un-original, however the
later levels consisting of horizontal
scrolls seemed a little better.

  the graphics in the game were ok.
better than the robocop 2.

  the cracked version i got with three
        unlimited lives
        unlimited power
        skip levels after 2nd level.

  the level skip was lame if you hated
the first level and especially wanna

fuck it off. oh well such is life.

  6.5 out of 10

  put it this way, i would pay money for

  and so ends the REVIEWS for THE LINK.
stay tuned for more next issue


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