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#new zealand addies#

THE ROGUE/TSR       * free gfx
20 stabley st       * hot & fast swaps
wainuiomata         * a cool m8
wellington          * free frogs
new zealand         * 100% reply

BLADE/FLAME         * 100% reply
ronal bhan            to anyone
23 russell st
lower unit          * gfx, mega swaps
new zealand

AXEL/FLAME          * 4 a kiwi contact
matt crook          * all welcome
totara store
main road
new zealand

NIGHTHAWK/LITHIUM   * 100% reply to all
p.o. box 246
new zealand

13 kent road
north island
new zealand

good morning australasia and the world,
prepare to be shocked, dazzled, inspired
or maybe just revolted at my attempt to
give the link 4,  a genuine NEW ZEALAND
section... this is my second attempt at
an opening page, because as usual my
teenage brain wandered at the sight of a
pair of breasts on the televison and i
pushed the reset button instead of the
freeze... okey dokey, one more line to
write and i will begin to explain NZ...

... where to begin? alright, first i'll
introduce myself, wouldn't that be a
good idea? hello, my name is THE ROGUE
and i am obviously in t.s.r. ... all i
can say is that compared to say 6 months
ago, the new zealand scene is really
growing fast, although it still is very
small, and there are more and more
products coming out from nz or at least
in the planning... and i'd give the
award for most active group to...

...of course ROTEC, this is mainly b'koz
they have the only real coder (MACHETE)
and i'd say the best graphician (HEGG)
in the kiwi scene on their side... they
have other members, but all their wares
so far (at least those that i've seen)
have been produced by MACHETE and HEGG,
with the exception of the FF demo which
CRITTER did the graphics for... but this
may change, because why only tonight i
got a call from HURRICANE/LITHIUM, (this
was before the call from INCUBUS/TSR
telling me to get this text written
soon or else! haha leigh or wayne or
who-ever the hell you are this week!)
saying he is coding a magazine, and ask-
ing me to do a logo for it... also the
new group SYSTEM (formerly FLAME) are
planning a magazine in the future also,
so present situation may well change
drastically in the near future... and
the only exports will not be just my
boring contact notes anymore...

... which reminds me, i can take advant-
age of this section to stick my addy in
so look for it at the end of this (very
boring) chapter... now i think i will

put in all the KIWI news i can, most you
will already know, most will be old,
but they fill up the pages quite nicely
indeed... i do like to start on a fresh
page though, so i'll finish this one
first... i suppose it seems more of a
chore to read this than fun...who cares?

... ok here we go with the KIWI news...

HURRICANE and NIGHTHAWK both joined the
new group LITHIUM...

joined T.S.R. ...

FLAME was put to sleep and renamed to

more KIWI news ...

FUNGI didn't amount to anything and
DEVIL joined ROTEC...

AXE arrived in the scene and joined

well that's about all i can think of at
the moment... i think i will take a
break now and continue sometime tomorrow
... afternoon, oh, it'll be this after-
noon actually as it's 1:07 am and i am
tired as a rabbit in springtime... so i
shall take my leave and return on the
next page fresh and completely revital-
ized and ready to give you some more
interesting... stuff... about the NZ
side of things... so it's good-night
until you push the joystick sideways and
my whole night goes by in half a second
to you... i think i'm falling asl-ZZZ...

... yes here i am after a full (well,
almost) night's sleep and raring (?) to
go...another factor that consistently
contributes to the failure of the nz
scene to expand, is that most of the
dudes join an australian group instead
of a kiwi one (ok, so i am a hypocrite,
but i tried!)... but this will always
be the case, as there are now only two
fully functioning new zealand BASED
groups that i know of are of course ..
are ROTEC and SYSTEM, i must say that my
old group WRATH (nz)  could have made it
but it just wasn't meant to be at least
that was'nt the way WRATH DESIGNS saw it
.......... well this chapter has gone on
long enough, so i'll finish by saying
something very very close to my heart..
FUCK THE AUSSIE IDOL !!! ...  whoever
the hell he is, but i have a fair idea!
well that's all from me   for today,
maybe next time another kiwi

...scener will write something for this
section, i might check out that idea
with the cheif... anyway, 'till next
time... this is the rogue/t.s.r. ...
over and out...
                  THE ROGUE/T.S.R
 ------------     20 stanley street
 for swapping     wainuiomata
 !100% reply!     wellington
 ------------     new zealand!!


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