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          2. DR.J/THE FORCE

             interviewed by



Q. how about some details about
   yourself ?

A. name - DWAYNE . height 5.10 . eyes
   hazel . weight 11 stone. have hair
   down to my arse, unshaven . have two
   earings in left ear . has bone
   through nose and a plate lip.

   answers to the name ugh and have a
   nice girlfriend called MICHELLE and
   two little ughs, ADAM & MATT.

Q. how long have you been on the scene?

A. 3 years...

Q. how did you get started on the scene?

A. importing, trading with euros only to
   begin with.

Q. what do you do on the c64 ?

A. crack code, graphics and i rub my
   finger on port two violently when i
   load soft and wet in dutch breeze and
   my keyboard is covered in cig ash !

Q. what groups have you been in ?

A. my own group SABOTAGE and now in
   OFFENCE. as you can see i don't
   jump groups!

Q. who's your best friends on the scene

A. rustler, incubus, slice & tracker .

Q. who's your best euro friend ?

A. aaron, flt, slaine, house, rooster,

Q. what do you plan for the future ?

A. my cracking so that i can release
   more demo's. and educate these little
   teenage NANCY BOYS that theres more
   to the scene than bitching like
   juiceless old pensioners at an avon

Q. what are your main interests?

A. computers, guns, sex, heavy metal,
   shit stirring, cartooning and
   re educating NANCY BOYS with brass

Q. favourite mode of transport ?

A. MOTOR CYCLE. prefer gsx 750.

Q. what do you think of the oz scene ?

A. has lots of potential if we weed out
   these little nancy boys and focus on
   friendship instead of BITCHINESS.

   (would somebody be my friend!!)

Q. which to you prefer crack or code ?

A. i have been doing a lot of coding
   but if i got more ORIGINALS i would
   crack more. so at the moment i do
   more code.

Q. do you think you will taken any more
   members into offence in the future ?

A. no thats NOT my responsibility.

Q. what is you favourite phrase?

A. yipp'yoo snuffoo, ya big handbag.
   suck the tot snot from my hairy
   womb broom.

Q. favourite movie ?

A. heavy death, trash metal , and
   shirley bassey. ha ha ...

Q. favourite beer lable and spirit ?

A. westend, johnny walker, export black

Q. how about a joke or two ?

A. whats worse than being RAPED by jack
   the ripper ?

   being FINGERED by captain hook !!!

   why do BLONDS wear panties ?

   to keep their ankles warm !!!

Q. your opinion of code rippers ?


Q. final comments ?

A. gee this interview was mentaly
   draining, my i.q. just dropped by
   20 points and my BRAIN hurts. wheres
   the panadol.

   my words of wisdom for today is.....

   its my DICK and i'll wash as fast as
   i want too...



1. tell me something about yourself?

DR J   : well.. my real name is ALEX
GOLDBLAT.. i'm 18 years old. i live in
a  little town in ISRAEL called:
HERTZLIA. i have black hair,brown eyes,
i'm 1.83 m. long,my weight is about
62 kg. now i'm the mega swapper of the
force crew and from time to time i do
some other things like : importing
games,some little coding works,gfx'n'
disk covers,phoning to our members and
supporting as much as possible etc...

2. how long have you been in the scene?

DR J   i've in the scene since 1988!
 my big brother have formed in '87 a
cool group :'T.C.S.' (tape cracking
service) than he stopped computing.. i
started to play on all the games he
cracked.. than i formed with my little
brother   a little lame group called
'the gold'   (this was in 1989 i think)
2 years later i joined the group 'hot
shot' with two cool friends of mine
(ice+mc and conex)  it begin 1992 daniel
of the force called me to join,i of coz
accepted his invitation and since than
i'm in the force!

3. what groups have you been in?

DR J   arrgghh.. as i told ya i was in:
the GOLD,HOTSHOT and now in THE FORCE!

4. favourite music?

DR J   let me think for a second.. emm..
 i really like classic pop from the '70
and the '80.. my favourite music bands
beatles and lately i'm hearing QUEEN!
by the way i also liked very much to
hear the music on the c-64..

5. best auzzie contact?

DR J    this is a really though question
!..i really don't know.. i think you
(RUSTLER) are my favourite but lately
ERRATIC kick ass like a monster so it's
hard to judge when you have so great
friends like you'n'ERRATIC of PARALAX!

6. favourite euro contact?

DR J   yep.. this is LOBO of wrath
design.. i hope that my other contacts
ain't mad at me when i don't mention
7. what is your favourite c-64 game?

DR J   no fuckin' problem.. my game is :

8. what do you do in your spare time?

DR J   i use to play a lot of sport like
soccer,basketball.. i like to watch t.v
(especially M.T.V.!) to go with friends
to have some fun and of coz being with
my girlfriend!

9. what do you think of the euro scene?

DR J   well.. i think it's a cool scene,
sometimes you have nasty lamers but
this always happen.. the euro scene is
the fastest around!

10. what is your favourite food?

DR J   well.. i like to eat many things,
but my favourite ones are: chips,pizza,
HAMBORGES (with ketchop) & chinese rice!

11. what type of movie do you like?

DR J   i love action movies like : total
recall,die hard,rambo and this style..

12. what is your position in the force?

DR J   i'm the SECOND LEADER now.. as i
told ya in my first answer i'm the main
mega swapper but i'm doing some more
jobs so keep my group kicking like
phoning to everybody and support as much
as i can!!

13. what is the member status of ' the
force ' crew?

DR J   in israel we have :
- me (dr.j ..i'm the bezzzzt!)
- daniel.
- guy shavitt.
- nir p. (isn't so active)
- viny.
 in australia i don't know the the name
 of the members but i think they are..
- v.i.p. members (they are 3 members!)
- ziggy.
- colwyn (or something like that..)
 and may-b a couple of more..

in italy we have gabriel who returned to
the scene 2 motnhs ago.

14. how many contacts do you have?

DR J   i've about 95 CONTACTS.. i think
in the near future i'll have around 120
coz i'll take all my friend (zooky who
left to lamiga) contacts and i'll
probably contact a few more.

15. do you have any pets?

DR J   yes.. i've a little cute dog.

16. what sort of employment would you
like to obtain?

DR J   i really don't know at the moment
but i guess i'll be in the hotel bizz.
(he???) i should go to a course which
will make me work in a cool job at a
big hotel can make a lot of money
by working this job!

17. favourite word?

DR J   laa'dieeeer! (this means later!)

18. whats your main method of transport?

DR J   (from where the hell you brought
  this question???) ....i guess private
 car or a bus..

19. where did the name dr.j from?

DR J   it was in 1989.. i used to play
a lot in a cool game called 'one on one'
 (the doctor j against larry bird) i've
always chosen dr.j in this game and of
coz that i always won! beside this i
really admired this b/ball player... he
played in n.b.a league in a club called
'philadelphia' '76! he was the best so
i just liked this name and used it since

20. final comments!!!

DR J   thanx for the cool interview
i really enjoyed it. hot greetings goes
to all my friends'n'contacts (especially
to ya'n'to erratic/paralax) keep calling
o.k.? ...the link is getting better 'n'
better so keep doing it o.k. !!
that's all.. c.ya laa'dieeer!
signed:  dr.j/the force crew 8/92!

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