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             joystick port 2

            slow scan up/down
           fast scan left/right

        fire to return to main menu


what do you do if you come across a
TIGER in the jungle ?

wipe it off and say SORRY !!!


my REFRIDGERATOR  died yesterday! WHY ?

because AIRWOLF/GP visited me !


whats big, white and can't climb trees ?


whats big, white and sits in the corner?


why did the girl fall off the swing ?

she had no arms !


why do BLONDS, drive cars with sunroofs?

more LEG room !!

how do you break ALPHA/TSR'S finger ?

PUNCH him in the NOSE !!!


why did INCUBUS/TSR cross the road ?

because his DICK was stuck in the

INCUBUS/TSR, the last of the great egg
stealers !!!


i am going to be a builder when i grow
up !!

little martin is four years old .
one day while he was pestering his
mother she said, '' why don't you go
across the street and watch the builders
work, maybe you will learn something ''.

martin was gone for two hours .

when he came home his mother asked him
what had he learnt.

martin replied:
well first you put the god dam door up
then the son of a bitch doesnt fit so
you take the cock sucker down. then you
have to shave a cunt hair off both sides
and then put the mother fucker back up.

martins mother said, '' you wait till
your father gets home''.

when martins father got home his mother
told him to tell his father what he had
learnt today.

when martins father heard the whole
story he said '' martin go outside and
get me a switch.''

martin replied '' get fucked, thats
the electrictians job ''.


how does a KIWI count his SHEEP ?

1..2..3..'' hello mabel ''..4..5 ''your
turn tonight diedre''..7..



what did patrick do with his first

he married her !!!


did you hear about the irish FORGER?

the cops raided his house and took
away $20,000 in $9 BILLS !!


micheal o'leary moved because he just
heard the 90% of accidents happen at
home !


the irish mountain - climbing team very
nearly made it to the top of EVEREST.

they'd have got there if they hadn't
run out of scaffolding !


how do you brainwash an isish labour ?

give him an enema !!!


why are haircuts in ireland $8 a time ?

its $2 per side !!!


why don't doctors circumcise irishman
any more ?

they don't know where to stop !


what's the difference between an irish
wedding and an irish wake ?

one less drunk..!!


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