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 THE CREST (c) Independent
 - The November Edition -

   ------------------   -

Hello and welcome to the latest issue of THE CREST!.
To be exact, the official "November-edition "..(005!)
The one and only magazine that pleases its readers
with the best of the scene. Objectivity is the most
important thing, no matter whether  one of the
editors currently has some wars or not  !I think,
everyone of the staff of THE CREST! has the same
opinion! .So, we'll continue filling our magazine only
with FACTS and not with dump comments concerning
even dumber news  !That is what we consider REAL
scene journalism! The reader should form his own
opinion and shouldn't be influenced by some silly...
..comments!  .It's a pity that it's "IN" nowadays to
abuse disk-magazines for every kind of group-
propaganda!  Can you call this independence and 
objectivity?  We don't think so... Anyway, we'll 
continue going our way and I think it's the right one
and will always stay the right one!

Hmmmm, the autumn has begun and so the phenomenon
of the so called "SUMMERHOLE" should disappear...
But it becomes more and more clear that our beloved
scene is takin' its last breaths.At least the illegal
part of it.Of course this won't happen from today
to tomorrow, but it was really often mentioned that
the scene is goin' to die.Even in 1989 when the Amiga
became more and more popular and many sceners left
the 8-bit scene for it.... But the CBM64 survived!
Of course whether the Amiga nor the Pc scene are 
dead, but both already passed their best time. 
As long as there are still crazy guys like us
the scene will never die! :)  Try to keep the Cbm64 
alive and remember when changing your computer 
system, where your roots are!And that it's the good
old Cbm64, that gave you fun in cold winter nights 
and many other moments.   No matter what happens,
we'll continue doing our magazine until we lose the 
fun or the scene really drops dead..  Okay, now 
you're depressed enough, hehe... So, now I go on with
fulfilling what a preface chapter really is and that's
keeping you up-to-date concernig our magazine..... 8)

In the last issue you could read that we're working 
on a new outfit.... But we must admit that it'll take
some time until this will be finished!
The reason for it is that I won't manage it to finish
all the graphics till the party in denmark, when it 
was originally planned to be used first. 
Anyway, the outfit will then be finished in spring
1998. Hope so! :) I hope you still can stand this 
( the old) outfit some months. But compared to some 
other magazines it isn't bad anyway, is it ?!? 8-)

Yak, I guess it's the right time to give you some 
credits etc... 

              - ----------------------  -

              --------------------  -

        THE INTRODUCTION (the return of Zelpod!)
        -------------------------------------  -

6510 manipulator:  XXXX"DODGER"XXXXXXXX

Vic manipulators:  XXXXXX "HARDSEQUENCER"       XXXXXXX
                   XXXXX "SHOK'RAY" XXXX

Sound manipulator: XXXXXXXX "XAYNE" XXXXXXX

     - ---------------------------------------  -      
 Where is the promised tune from you, XAYNE???? 8-)

           MAGAZINE OUTFIT (the main menu )
           ---------------------------   -    

6510 manipulator: XXXX"DODGER"XXXXXXXX

                  XXX "PIGEON"XXXXXX 

Sound manipulator:XXXXXX  "METAL"XXXXXXX

We would like to thank: PIGEON/ex X-RATED for the 
sprite-stars, and the VIBRANTS for the musical 
support! Great work, pals!

      MAGAZINE OUTFIT (text display screen)
      - --------------------------------  -

6510 manipulator: XXXX"DODGER"XXXXXXXX

Vic manipulator:   XXXXX"SHOK'RAY"XXXX

Sound manipulator: XXXXXX"METAL"  XXXXXXX

       ----------------------------   -

...again thanks to the VIBRANTS for this musical- 
masterpiece! ......

               THE CREST HOUSE-STAFF
                ----------------   -

                     XXXXX "SHOK'RAY"XXXX

Internet support:    XXXXXX "MIDFIT"???

Music reviews:       XXXXXXX "MITCH" XXXXXXXX
                     XXXXX"ZYRON"  XXXXXXX     

Coding reviews:      XXXXX"DANZIG"  XXXXXXX

Pheww, enough credits...
Now over to another topic, that caused some waves
on the boards and still bores me! It's the game 
"THE CASTLE".  A game that was released some time 
ago by Onslaught and that is said to be fixed Pal/
Ntsc! You can be sure that I won't say my opinion 
about the fix, because I'm not able to judge and 
also not really interested in it, because I'm a legal
scener.  :)  The thing I want to talk about is the 
fact, there are said to be excuses from our side 
concerning the game and our release-charts list in
August. I talked to DODGER as well as to HARD-
SEQUENCER about this topic, and both won't ever 
make any excuses! Besides this the problem got 
scratched with giving the points afterwards in issue
number 3 (September-edition)! It's just really...
..unbelievable that there were spread some lies and
rumours about THE CREST, just for group or mag
propaganda. What is it all about?!?You only get 
yourself into trouble with this!

...Okay, I really want to thank everyone who 
supported us with texts, news and votes and and 
and.. Special thanks go to the staff members 
MITCH/CREST and ZYRON/FFCG, who both support us 
with great music-reviews!THANKS! You both did 
good work until now and it's real fun to make a 
magazine with your support!   We also want to thank
spreading our magazine worldwide and so making our
magazine well known everywhere. Even with readers..
..that don't have an internet- or board account!
But a special thanks goes this time to......
HARDSEQUENCER, who makes the most for the mag
since the very first issue.And so he's the no.1 of
the whole THE CREST staff, without any doubt!
Without him that magazine would never have become
reality!. Thanks a lot, Sascha!  Keep it on..
As last point I also want to thank all our readers
who steadily support us with news and stuff!
You're a big part of our magazine and YOU are the 
real EDITORS! We are only the ones, who put all 
together and release it! GREETINGS!

Okay that is all so far. There were some thing to get
cleared out, because it sees that there are too 
many dopes in the scene!  (no names.. you all know
who you are!) Ah, I forgot to mention the news 
that we have a new spreader.   It's no one less than
the well know WALKER, who'll spread besides 
VIOLATOR and H-BLOXX. (Welcome Jonas!) ..Thanks 
dudes!  Only one thing left to say: Have fun reading
our magazine!  Keep the way you've chosen.... Always 
think about what you're doing, and never ever 
release anything when you're not 100% sure and 
satisfied with it!Because you do it mainly for your 
group and yourself!  If you think of these points  
then you'll have the world in your hands!... Ohhhhh...
I'm a real poet, am I not!? ...Hehe ;)

Ah, I nearly forgot... I also want to add that we
planned to make a MUSIC REVIEW chapter in issue,
covering all compeition musics from the ASSEMBLY'97.
But MITCH didn't finish the reviews in time, so
hopefully we can present them to you next time.

And the real last point is that we changed the name
of the chapter SPEAKER'S CORNER to THE FORUM, as
we think that this fits better. Because in this
chapter we want people to say what they think, what
they experienced or just everything important they
want to talk about. And that doesn't neccessarily
mean that it features a personal opinion about
something, what the name SPEAKER'S CORNER would
have meant.

Okay.. That really all now... Happy reading!



                            NEWS 'N' UPDATES
                           -- ------------ --

Another month - another news chapter...

It's just really depressing to see our beloved C64
scene become smaller and smaller.... Nearly no news,
only a few people left calling the boards, some more
or less shitty games and hell, only a few legal
releases... Even though this might become a little bit
better at the time around THE PARTY 7 in Denmark, 
but you can clearly see, we're coming closer to the
end.. But anyway, we stay here and give you all the
news and happenings from within the last month, 
even though it isn't much... 
So, check the pages and inform yourself.....
ALPHAFLIGHT 1970                              (AFL)
-- --------------------------------------------- --
First of all good old swapper CALYPSO left them and
so concentrates on AMNESIA only.
Then FLASH became active and also left them to join
the polish group called KRECIKI DESIGN.
After being down last month for a while their EHQ
ESCAPADE went online again.

ALG, Archangel, Argos, Baldhead, Caledonian, Chash,
Chrysagon, Danzig, Eco, Goldhand, Ignorance,
Lynchbit, Mad Hatter, Marc, Ned, Rayden, Styx, The
Heretic, Violator, Wizard, Xenox, Zapotek, Zatt

Edge Of Midnight      +X-XXX-XXX-XXXX  WHQ   (down)
Escapade              +XX-XXXX-XXXXXX  EHQ
Antidote              +XX-XX-XXXXXX    SHQ

-- ------------------------------------------------ --
They got a new main cracker called CRACKPOINT. He is
said to be an old cracker from former times back on
the CBM64 under this new handle. At the moment he
doesn't want people to know about his real identity.

Bitman, Crackpoint, Despair, Devil, Fungus, Goz,
Maja, Motley, Mr. Alpha, Neotec, Newscopy, Playboy,
Skid Row, Skinhead, Sliver, Smasher, Sneaper, Solar,
Stasi, Total Chaos, Walker, Zyron


SUCCESS AND THE RULING COMPANY                    (<)
-- ---------------------------------------------- --
They finally opened their internet bbs SPANKER'S
HEAVEN, which is still under construction.
To reach it use:

Action Jackson, Alchemist, Bacillus, Burglar, Count
Zer0, El Banditos, Funxilla, Gazza, L'Trimm, Mistri,
Mr Ammo, Nightshade, Spectator, Splatterhead,

The Dungeon              +X-XXX-XXX-XXXX WHQ
The Mystical Paradise    +XX-XXXX-XXXXX  EHQ

The Digital Dungeon

Believe it or not, but this were all major news!!!
Turn over to the next page to go on with some single

- -------- -

- DESPAIR is only in the PSX section of HITMEN, so he
  isn't an official C64 member, of course.

- MOTIV 8 releases old games under the group-lable

- GREGFEEL left SAMAR and ALG joined SAMAR as 2nd
  after having left his former 2nd group LEPSI DE.

  as 3rd, 4th and 5th group!!!

- CHROMANCE's EHQ VIRTUAL LIGHT is apparently down.
- LEPSI enlarged their forces with a new graphican
  called KATON. Besides this they put BAX, CSEZSO,
  JB, MR. BALLON and WORM on the inactive status.
  Also ALG left them to join the forces of SAMAR as
  2nd group.
  Blender, Gawain, Gregfeel, Katon, Lego, Leo, Levi,
  Lynchbit, Madrom, Nazgul, Nemo, Racoon, Sebaloz,
  S.U.C.K., Valsary, Violator, Wacek, Zatt, Zielok

- BAX joined NO NAME as 3rd group.

- The polish group TDR died. Most of its members
  joined ARISE.

- YAP/ALBION left the scene to concentrate on the
  Pc only.

- PHUTURE/CENTRIC/D.C. joined ROLE as 3rd group.

- STIX joined ALLIANCE as a composer.

- KORDIANKIS left all his groups to team up with the
  guys in SAMAR.

- SCORPE/WILLOW/ROLE joined PANIC as 3rd group.

- SWAYZE/ROLE joined P.L.F. as 2nd group.

- TRAPAUDAX, HEAVY01 and MR. DEATH were kicked out


- LEMING left ROLE as well as KIRK, who also left the

                            DODGER + HARDSEQUENCER

                                         ( Return )


                                 - ----- -

Welcome once again to the best of the best... Again
we can present you self counted charts that are hot
and fresh and up-to-date and represent the opinions
of the sceners, because we have new charts every
months. So here you can see who and what is really
If you want to cast you votes here as well, then you
can fill our votesheet and send it to us or one of
our spreaders, or leave me E-mail at:
DYTEC(AT)HOTMAIL.COM     or just leave me
(Hardsequencer) a message with your votes at one
of the major U.S. boards...
And here we go with the lists...
               THE TOP 10 DEMO GROUPS
               -------------------- --

   ***   01. (>) CREST..................(144)***
         02. (+) SMASH DESIGNS..........(101)
         03. (-) OXYRON................ (085)
         04. (-) BYTERAPERS INC. ...... (066)
         05. (-) REFLEX................ (060)
         06. (+) GRAFFITY.............. (045)
         07. (-) TABOO................. (044)
         08. (+) NO NAME............... (025)
         09. (-) PROFIK................ (024)
         10. (>) LEPSI DE.............. (021)
             (+) ACTIVE................ (021)

          (>) means the same place as last month
CREST still the clear number 1, and they really
deserve it, don't they?!?

SMASH DESIGNS made a huge jump from last month's
fifth place to the second this month! Just wonder

GRAFFITY are the highest new entry, but NO NAME are
also new in the top 10 with taking the 8th place.

PADUA and WRATH DESIGN left the top 10 and ACTIVE
comes in for them after releasing "O-TECH PEOPLE".
          ------------------------ --

 ***   01. (+) ALPHAFLIGHT 1970...............(151)***
       02. (-) SUCCESS + THE RULING COMPANY...(128)
       03. (>) HITMEN........................ (116)
       04. (+) CHROMANCE..................... (095)
       06. (+) ONSLAUGHT....................  (085)
       07. (-) LAXITY.......................  (081)
       08. (>) MOTIV 8........................(023)
       09. (+) EXCESS.........................(019)
       10. (+) TRIAD..........................(016)
           (+) ACTIVE.........................(016)

        ( +) means better position than last month
ALPHAFLIGHT took over the top position, but SCS+TRC
are still close to them on the second place!

CHROMANCE jumped from 6 to 4 even though they
didn't show much activity lately.

LAXITY fell down three places from 4 to 7 and had to
let pass F4CG and ONSLAUGHT as well.

Some new entries only at the lower places with
EXCESS being the highest one. TRIAD and ACTIVE are
sharing the 10th place - ACTIVE also on 10 in demos!!!
            THE TOP 10 DEMO CODERS
            -------------------- --

 ***   01. (+) CROSSBOW/CREST...................... (142)***
       02. (-) MR. SEX/BYTERAPERS INC. .............(121)
       03. (-) GRAHAM/OXYRON........................(095)
       04. (>) AEG/SMASH DESIGNS................... (075)
       05. (>) FUBEN/OXYRON........................ (061)
       06. (+) CLARENCE/GRAFFITY................... (041)
       07. (-) ZORC/REFLEX......................... (038)
       08. (-) LEONARDO/PADUA.......................(020)
       09. (>) ED/WRATH DESIGNS.....................(017)
       10. (+) MMS/TABOO............................(014)

         (-) means worse position than last month
CROSSBOW finally took over the top spot. Although it
took some time after the two KRESTAGEs he finally
gets what he deserves.

CLARENCE climbed two places from 8 to 6 and pushed
LEONARDO down to the 8th place.

GRAHAM and MR. SEX both fell one place, just to make
place for CROSSBOW. But both are said to release
something at THE PARTY 7, so let's see what this will

             THE TOP 10 CRACKERS
             ----------------- --

 ***   01. (>) IGNORANCE/ALPHAFLIGHT 1970...... (107)***
           (+) MOONCHILD/HITMEN................ (107)
       03. (-) BURGLAR/SCS +TRC................ (089)
       04. (-) JACK ALIEN/HITMEN............... (074)
       05. (>) DIDI/LAXITY......................(067)
       06. (+) STING/ONSLAUGHT..................(044)
       07. (-) SKINHEAD/F4CG....................(020)
       08. (+) MANIK............................(014)
       09. (+) CHRYSAGON/ALPHAFLIGHT 1970...... (012)
       10. (+) COUNT ZER0/SCS+TRC.............. (011)

Something very seldom this month: two guys sharing
the number 1 spot! IGNORANCE stayed there while
MOONCHILD came up from the 4th place last month!

STING made a good climb with jumping from position
8 to 6, while SKINHEAD went one down.

CBA finally left the top 10 after having left the
scene about four months ago or so.

JAYDEE and DANZIG both left the list, but CHRYSAGON,
MANIK and COUNT ZER0 came in to take the places.
          ------------------------ --

  ***   01. (+) JOE/WRATH DESIGN..........(103)***
        02. (+) ELECTRIC/EXTEND...........(081)
        03. (-) DEEKAY/CREST..............(074)
        04. (+) RRR/OXYRON................(063)
        05. (-) VALSARY/SAMAR............ (056)
        06. (+) TYRANT/THERAPY........... (047)
        07. (+) FAZEE/FATUM.............. (033)
            (-) CRUISE/TABOO..............(033)
        09. (+) RODER/AGONY.............. (032)
        10. (+) SEBALOZ/LEPSI DEVOLPMENTS.(029)

JOE took the small but important step and again
occupied the top spot!

Surprisingly DEEKAY fell down from 1 to 3 even
letting pass ELECTRIC, who is still impressing the
voters with his great competition pictures.

The biggest surprise, without any doubt, is RRR
climbing high up to the stars from 10 to 4!!! It seems
people still like his logos and his pieces for RELAX.

CREEPER left, even though he was the 5th last month!
            THE TOP 10 COMPOSERS
            ------------------ --

 ***   01. (>) MITCH+DANE/CREST....................(088)***
       02. (+) DRAX/VIBRANTS...................... (046)
       03. (+) P.R.I./OXYRON...................... (042)
       04. (-) JEROEN TEL......................... (040)
       05. (+) TRIDENT/ACTIVE......................(036)
           (+) THE SYNDROM/CREST/TIA.............. (036)
       07. (+) JEFF/CAMELOT/ANALOGUE.............. (032)
       08. (+) DAF/SAMAR.........................  (031)
       09. (+) MORBID/ONSLAUGHT....................(028)
       10. (+) ZYRON/F4CG/NOSTALGIA................(027)

Massive changes here... Only MITCH+DANE kept their
position, which is the top spot, of course. They are
the clear leaders this time!

DRAX made a huge jump from 5 up to place number 2!

The highest new entry is P.R.I., who jumped straight
into the list on the 3rd place.

A big surprise is FANTA leaving the top 10, although
he was the number 2 last month!


Releasecharts October

                   Releasecharts October 1997

Welcome once again to the List in THE CREST!
This time we had some more releases again, and I
hope that the next monnths will look better for the
illegal scene. .

Again we had 3 boards, where we took the releases

The Dungeon:      +X-XXX-XXX-XXXX
Deadzone:         +X-XXX-XXX-XXXX
The Bass Planet:  +X-XXX-XXX-XXXX

Let's go on with the rules for this List... .     [+]
The pointsystem:
0.X for previews
2.X for low-budget-games
3.X for budget-games
5.X for fullprice-games

-5 for the re-release of a full game
-1 for the re-release of a preview
-1 for a fixfile or a 2nd version

Fakelabel-releases won't be counted.
Basicgames, compiled basicgames, gamemakergames
and tools we get no points.

1 extra point will be given for something special.
This can be a special feature in a crack, an      [+]
impressing tool, or.?!

-1 point will be given for not translating the whole
text of a game into english. It's not neccessary to
translate the grafix too, but if the game uses no
text, only grafix, they have to be translated fully!

-1 points will also be given for a bad crack. That
means for example no levelpacking, bugging parts of
the game.. .

If a game is fixed PAL/NTSC it will get 2 points added
to the points for the game. If the game was released
as PAL-version before, it will get one point added.
If a 2nd group is involved in the fix, the points will
be shared...                                         [+]
Make sure it's a real fix, and not only slowing down
the music. If the fix isn't needed at all, I'll give the
PAL-points only.

A fixed version of a game has to be released within'
6 months after the PAL-version to get points.

The same goes for a PAL-fixed version of an NSTC-

Ok, that's all... .
Now let's start with the List for October 1997!

Happy reading!!!
ALPHAFLIGHT 1970 (Ger, Swe, Hol..................) 7,3 points

The flight started with the Pal-version of FLIPTRIS
(2,3 pts.). Later they put out the 2nd Preview of
LEGEND OF KYRIL (0,8 points). CHROMANCE released the
1st preview earlier this year! After all they put out
the fixed version of PENNY (4,2 points).

Excess (Ger, Hol..)                          0,1 points

They released the lame Preview of BLOODY STARS
(0,1 pts.).

MOTIV8 (Den, Ger, Nor.............)                  0,1 points

The guys in MOTIV8 put out BRAINSTORM-Preview
(0,1 pts.), a very lame game.

ONSLAUGHT (Aus, Ger, Pol....)             0,8 points

They gained some points with releasing CHAOS LANDS-
Preview (0,8 pts.)

WOW+ROLE (Hol, Ger, Pol...)                0,1 points

The guys in WOW+ROLE put out the small Preview of[+]
a game called TERMINUS2 (0,1 pts.).

Ok, that were all the releases in October '97!

This month, we don't had that much releases, but if
you compare it with my last List, it seems to become
better again for the illegal part of the scene... !

But now let's see who won the hunt for the crown
this month. :)

On the next page you'll find the complete Release-
charts for October.. .


Place  Group                Releases  Points
  1    ALPHAFLIGHT 1970     3         7,3
  2    ONSLAUGHT            1         0,8
  3    EXCESS               1         0,1
       WOW+ROLE             1         0,1
       MOTIV8               1         0,1

Again not much groups made it in here, but let's
hope for the future.. .
On the next page you can find the Fixer-Charts........................... .

Place  Group                                   Releases          Points
 1      ALPHAFLIGHT 1970                        1                 4,2

That's all for this month.

I nearly forgot to mention that the Preview from
THEPSOS released by F4CG last month was simply a re-
release from SYNOPSIS by RSI some years ago.
You'll  find the correction in the YEARS-LIST!



          ------------------------- - 
Cheers, oh dear mortals!
Once more we are proud to present you a wellknown
person from the legal scene-part!  Known for his
skills when it comes to code decent demos...
Nowadays he is working as game developer for the
SONY Playstation, producing high quality games for
ELECTRONIC ARTS! We are proudly presenting you...


-  -------------------------------------------    -
(C) .. THE CREST!            (B) .... BOB/CENSOR
(C)    Hi BOB! First of all thanks for sharing some of
       your time with us to make this interview  !
       So, please tell us and our readers something
       about your person in general, like name, age,
       hobbies, profession and stuff...

(B)    Well my name is Robert Gyrvari. I was born on
       1971 .07.02 and am 26 years old (too old:) and I
       live in the capital of Sweden ( Stockholm  ).
       Hobbies :) well dudes that wouldn't be hard for
       you guys to guess 8).  MAKING GAMES! And the
       social part as well of life.My Proffesion:
       Game developer. ( programmer  ) I still hold tight
       to that :).Currently finnishing up a PSX-Game
       called "AUTODESTRUCT" made by the Censor 
       team. We call ourselves NEUROSTONE...
(B)    ..(that's the company name ) it will be on the
       shelves for the X-mas, if you want to know
       more about it, it will be on many newspapers.
       There is an interview with us made by the 
       HYPE. at:
                       WWW  .HYPE. SE
           See the july month, interview with NEUROSTONE
           and a review of ATODESTRUCT.

(C)        Nice to see you active. eventhough on PSX! ;)
           Starting at the very beginning of your
           computer life, how and when did you get your
           beloved CBM64  ?

(B)       Some time during 1986?!? Don't even remember  :)
(C)         Quite brief answer.. Hehe!
            So how did you get into the scene then ?

(B)         Some of my neighbours known as CONTRING,
            SWALLOW and EUZKERA ( all CENSOR DESIGN!)
            bunched together in the earliest stage of
            computing and started to teach each other
            about coding etc.There it all started up.

(C)         As you are a really famous demo coder...
            What made you start coding and why didn't
            you become an artist or composer?

(B)         I loved to solve problems and make cool
            things on the screen.  I sucked at graphix and
           music so the choice wasn't that hard.  8]
(C)        Hehe....
           Who are or were  your idols then concerning
           demo coding or demo style on the Cbm64 ?

(B)        Well nowadays I don't have any idols anymore...
           But when I started in 1986 there were groups
           like 1001 CREW and THE JUDGES who were the
           allmighty at that time. They were the first
           ones to kill the sideborder of the Commodore
           64. That was cool stuff back then.

(C)        Back in time, who were the first guys you got
           to know in the scene and which was the very
           first group, you were in ?

(B)        My neighbours CONTRING, SWALLOW and EUZKERA
(B)        ..We started up a group called YANKEES
           together and after some time we joined ELRIC
           and the gang AGILE. After that me and GOBLIN
           formed LIGHT (group where FLAMINGO and
           company are currently in)! Then I was in
           TRIAD. Later I got sacked be the man of TRIAD
           (JERRY  ). So I started CENSOR DESIGN together
           with a lot of the TRIAD dudes from that time :)
           I guess that JERRY wasn't that popular :) Hehe!

(C)        Please let us know then, which groups you
           joined later on and what they did and what
           was your task in them!

(B)        Huh, I don't remember all that now, but at that
           time demos weren' so big as nowadays, that...
(B)        ..means there were loads of demos made, and
           I have lost the track of most of those demos
           ( unfortunatly!).
           But where ever you see BOB in a demo, that
           must have been me. 8)
           As far as I know I was the only BOB in the Cbm
           64 scene :] ....Hehehe.... I wonder why ??? BOB
           is a very common name, isn't it?!?
           But the best demos I am mostly proud over are
           all the demos from the CENSOR DESIGN time.
           WONDERLAND series and the SPASMOLYTIC demo.
           The rest wasn't that important.  

(C)        Now over to the present...
           What can we expect from you and CENSOR
           in the future ?
(B)         Well nothing scenewise but there is a game
            I made on the CBM64 with the help of
            "BOUNCY BALLS", it has been finished about
            2 years ago now. :)  It should have been out
            a long time ago, but I don't know what is
            holding that game of not to be released ???
            Or is it just my ignorance that I don't know
            that it is already out ???  :)
            But later on there will be hot console
            games produced by us (   NEUROSTONE ). There
            is one on the way to be finished in some time
            called "AUTODESTRUCT" as I have mentioned
            it before, I guess.  8-)  .......a hot car-action
            game that boots the PSX beyond its limits. ;     )
(C)       Looking forward to this PSX game...
          By the way, how did you get your very own
          handle ? Where have you taken it from ?

(B)       In the early eighties there were pretty bad
          arcade games which had only three letters in
          the highscore table.
          So Robert in english is Bob, and so it began.

(C)       What do you think of trackmos   ?
          Do you like them more than the old-style
          demos ???

(B)       Well it is an odd question I usually get from
          people! Is it because we never made
          trackmos ??? Hehe, well there is always...
(B)         .good and cool things about trackmos.      
            The demo often gets a nicer feeling, and the
            bad parts are, that the trackmos can't
            really give you the max-power you want from
             the Cbm64.  I mean using 100% memory of the
            current demo part!  So I guess that is a
            matter of taste.  I do like trackmos a lot, but
            they tend to be slow and boring if you have
            seen them more than once.
            Then I start to miss the Space-bar to skip
            skip the demo-part. 8)

(C)         Yes, I agree with you...
            Concerning the coding.... Do you more prefer 
            taking demo-effects from Amiga or Pc and 
            trying them on Cbm64 or do you like doing...
(C)        ..something only C64 related ?!?

(B)        I always invent my own stuff.

(C)        8) K00l! Unfortunatly quite seldom nowadays!
           How much time do you or did you approximately
           spend in front of your beloved 64 ?

(B)        Huh, a lot. Too much time!!! :-)

(C)        Hehe... Like we all do! 8>
           Is there any special technique you use when
           coding your demos ???

(B)        I made a special tool that could map the
           colourtables of a bitmap picture. In that...
(B)         .way you had full control over a picture in
            detail, and by simply flashing them the "fx"
            was outstanding.  That was the idea kicker
            of the 4x4 pixel era.  We never did that but
            we were the first with 4x8 pixel rotating pics
            by that in WONDERLAND 10.  I used this tool
            a lot in the game BOUNCY BALLS where you 
            can see the background picture in the game
            is never the same from level to level.
            Eventhough the bitmap WAS the same.... 8)
            And this tool was used by all the CENSOR  
            coders so they also could produce excellent
            demo parts in no time.  Whole SPASMOLYTIC
            has used the definer-editor and big parts
            of WONDERLAND 10, and the planet part in
            WONDERLAND 9.  So we had a lot of use...
(B)         ..of that tool in general.  I wanted to
            release this tool a long time ago but I lost
            that bloody disc somewhere! :  ( ...So anyone
            who's got a copy of Definer-Editor and ACOP
            tool, spread it like disease! You got my
            permission. 8 ).... As soon as I find that disc
            , these tools will be up on the webpage at:
            WWW.CENSOR.NET .........By that I hope I can 
            encourage people of doing massive stuff for
            the C64.  8-)

(C)         Have you ever had some kind of war in the 64
            scene ? If yes, please tell us a story !

(B)         Yes, many! Mainly with JERRY/TRIAD. He didn't
            like it when his best key people of TRIAD...
(B)         ...joined CENSOR. :)
            And some smaller wars with GENE (ed.  he is
            now a member of LEGEND  )  then known as

(C)         Which has been the best computer party that
            you have attended ????

(B)         Randers Party back in 1989 held by UPFRONT
            and DOMINATORS.

(C)         Please give us your very own favourites in
            the following categories...

                        and all the CENSOR coders.

                          MARTIN GALWAY and TIM FOLLIN.

           DEMO GROUPS:  CENSOR, CENSOR, CENSOR......ehhh
                         sorry got carried away 8).

           DEMOS:       I love our WONDERLAND series... Means
                        a lot to me! But I loved the late 
                        demos from OXYRON and BYTERAPERS
                        aswell (good work!).

           TOOLS:       ACOP and DEFINER-EDITOR (made by
                        me) for usage of WONDERLAND 9 and
                        after (screen colour manipulator...
(B)        TOOLS..........:  ...for bitmaps used by flashing
                             certain objects in a picture  ).
                             "The code wich codes the code".

           MAGAZINES:  SHOCK and MAMBA
           CRACKING GROUPS:  CENSOR.  I really wasn't
                             much into that part. At that
                             time we were active as
                             crackers, there were crews
                             like LEGEND, IKARI+TALENT
                             and ILLUSION which I liked
                             very much.

           CRACKERS.:        Probably the crackers from that
                             time in respective crews...
(B)         CRACKERS:  .......that I mentioned above!

             FOOD...:  MEAT !
             DRINK..:  BEER
             GIRLS..:  LINDA, my girlfriend
                       MINISTRY, SKINNYPUPPY, 9 INCH
                       NAILS etc...

(C)         Interesting...
            Now we're gonna do some kind of BRAIN-
            STORMING. I'll give you a word and you should
            try to answer as short as possible...
(C)        ..with what comes straight into your brain!

(B)        GRAPHICS  : 3D STUDIO MAX is a pile of shit and
                       I hate it so much that I would like
                       to puke on it! Btw, a picture drawn
                       by DRAGON/CENSOR, Eddie the 2nd !

           DEMOS...... :WONDERLAND 10
           CRACKING:    BOUNCY BALLS ?
                        on PSX and interview with NEURO-
                        STONE -the company of CENSOR-
                        made by us and published by 
                        ELECTRONIC ARTS  :-]  )
(B)         TRACKMOS:    Games to be made heavier and all
                         the way...

            PARTIES..... :RANDERS PARTY by UPFRONT and 
                          DOMINATORS in Denmark

            SEX...........:A lot! The more the better !

            ALCOHOL.......:A lot, too!  ZZZZzzzzzzz.....

            DRUGS........ :I'm crazy enough. I don't need'em!

(C)          What do you think of today's demo scene ?
             Do you like it ? Or do you more prefer the...
(C) from the eighties ?

(B)        Well to be honest I haven't been active in the
           scene since 1993/94 so I haven't got the
           slightest clue.  But of what I have seen, the
           demos are very impressive in some way.
           But the scene has become smaller.  I would
           prefer the highlight of the Cbm64 scene back
           in 1989 (when CENSOR DESIGN was born).

(C)        And now a tricky question.....
           What is ELITE in your eyes?   Do you think there
           is still ELITE on the Cbm64 ?

(B)        Well that was a thing when I was younger. I am
           too old for that shit now.. 8) .But basically...
(B)        ..if you are very good at something and
           people know who you are,   then the guy is
           more than qualified to be called as "ELITE"!

(C)        Good answer, in my opinion!
           Is there any special advise you have for
           young coders, who want to become as good
           as you ?

            IS POSSIBLE.  It is all about the attitude of
            how you want it to be.    MAKE COOL FX that are
            always loved by the crowd.

(C)         Some true words from the master...... 8)
            We're getting close to the end now..... As last...
(C)        ..point:  Do you want to greet some friends
           of yours or do you want to send out a shout
           to the audience ?

(B)        Well dudes, the C64 is an excellent learning
           stage of your future commitments for your
           carriers, by having computer groups and
           making demos / wares etc. It is an important
           state for having a company!
           And in the future it basically works the same
           way to start up your own company and
           produce your wares / stuff / service what
           ever.  So you guys are on the right track !
           Continue and many of you will succeed in the
           path of life by having your own company and
           earning money on you own hobby!
(B)      ...That is what I call a dream job!  8)

(C)      Thanks ROBERT! .....We wish you all the best
         for the future!
         That's it!


Date...:  29.09.1997
--------------------------------              (Return)


- ------------------------------------- -
          - -------------------------- -
Once again welcome to another illegal profile from
the illegal part of the scene. This time we have one
of the few active crackers still active on the 64!
So please welcome with me...


- -------------------------------------------------- -
(C) THE CREST...           (I) THE IGNORANCE...
(C)       Nice to have you in this interview, Thomas.
          Please introduce yourself to our readers....

(I)       My realname is Thomas, and I'm 28 years old.
          I'm married for 2 years now and have 2
          children. I'm 178 cm tall, have brown hair
          and blue eyes.
          Actually I'm an Staff-sergeant in the
          german army.

(C)       You're on the 64 for ages now, but how do
          you started on the 64?

(I)       Around 1985 I bought my first 64 from a guy
          from the CCC (Chaos Computer Club).
          First I played games and started to       [+]
           trade stuff with guys.
           In 1986 i joined my first (lame) group
           named THE FOXES INC. (later The FOXES). I
           started to play around with monitors and
           cracked my first games. I name myself THE
           MONSTER back  then.
            Later I joined ROYZEX (a better group) and
            changed my handle into HEATSEEKER.
             After ROYZEX I joined VIRGIN.
             For a short time I was in SHARKS and later I
             joined MANOWAR. 
             Then I joined the original austrian LAZER!
             After LAZER was dead I joined CREST back
             in 1989. In 1990 I met ARROGANCE/X-RAY at
             ZOOLOCK's place. We boozed and cracked
             together and I joined X-RAY as second    [+]
             group under the handle THE IGNORANCE!
             Some months later I got kicked from CREST.
             In 1991 X-RAY joined ENIGMA, and in 1992 I
             left the scene because I joined the army.
             Then I met my girl and lost my virginity.
             In 1994 I came back and joined TALENT.
             For a short time I joined DYTEC together
             with CHRYSAGON, since TALENT was nearly
             Then I left again to build up ONSLAUGHT
             (apologies to the public!) together with
             some other guys.
             Since things went wrong, I decided to
             accept the offer from ALPHAFLIGHT, and
             joined them. That was all... .
(C)            A quite long history............ .
               But why do you became a cracker instead
               of a coder.. ?

(I)            From the beginning on the 64, I always was
               interested in games. And since I don't liked
               some cracks, I started to worl on these
               games myself. Another reason was that I
               had some friends with originals, and since I
               had not that much money (and no
               motivation) to buy them myself, I cracked

(C)            What do you think about the cracking-
               business today?
(I)            To me there are not much guys left, who
               are able to crack games. Most of the
               crackers today are even to lame to release
               unprotected multifile-games.
               If I look at games like RIDDLES AND STONES
               or FLUMMIS WORLD, I see that most crackers
               are unable to remove lame protections or
               remove an track-sector-loader!
               Learning by doing and not by talking is my
               hint to the masses!

(C)            I see you know about what you're talking.... .
               But what characterizes a good cracker

(I)            A lot of arrogance, coolness and         [+]
               And on the techical side a cracker should
               think about how to optimize a game
               (memorypacking, highscore-saver and
               repairing). It's not important that you've
               most trainers, but that you've the best
               playable version of a game!

(C)            To me the image of ALPHAFLIGHT in the
               became far better with you taking over the
               job as maincracker.
               What do you think about the image of
               ALPHAFLIGHT in the past and today?

(I)            The original members (born in 1970) were
               wellknown and had an quite good          [+]
               standard in coding intros and demos.
               I don't saw any cracks from them back
               then, so I might have missed something.
               The second formation in 1990/91 was very
               lame in my eyes, because they only
               released bugging bullshit versions.
               Now we have the 3rd formation with more
               competent people in all ways.
               I still think that ALPHAFLIGHT has an bad
               image in the eyes of the scene because of
               the 2nd formation and their way to release
               games. That's my personal opinion!

(C)            Is it important to you that a cracker has
               his own style, and how important is it for
               you to have style in your cracks?         [+]
(I)            The style is important to build up an own
               image for a cracker, because it makes his
               crack different from the cracks of other
               crackers. That mean you see the trainer of
               a crack and know who cracked it!
               It's important to me to have my own style!

(C)            I've to admit that I share your opinion
               concerning this!
               Let's come to another topic. Your name also
               stands for another group in todays scene,
               named EMULATORS. It's one of the groups
               releasing old games as (far) better
               versions today. How do you came to the
               point, where you started to do old games
               again?                                  [+]
(I)            Most guys may think that I followed the
               trend with doing old games under the
               EMULATORS-lable, but you all are totally
               wrong. I'm doing old games for years now.
               I always kept them for myself or gave'em
               to local friends.
               The mainreason for doing old games was
               that a lot of games got fucked up by the
               crackers themselve (my person included).
               And in the 80's a lot of cracks don't had
               todays standard (charpacked, slowloader).
               The mainreason for Emulators was that I
               got my AMIGA and later my PC (you got it
               why I named my group EMULATORS?).
               I wanted to play the old games on my
               64-Emulators too... .                   [+]
               The cracks from EMULATORS are made to be
               played in 10 or more years too, when no
               64 exists anymore.
                I plan to make a CD, where you can play any
               game directly from.

(C)            You mean EMULATORS is a bit different than
               the other oldie-groups?

(I)            Yes. To me it's important to have the games
               running on Emulators too, and not that
               they have a million of trainers (it's a
               blasphemy to train an old game).

(C)            Seems we have a different opinion
               concerning this.. .                       [+]
               Are you interested in legal scene-
               productions (like Demos, Collections......) too,
               or is the legal scene uninteresting to you?

(I)            I like the old Demos (BLACKMAIL, CREST,
               TRIAD, FAIRLIGHT, FBI-CREW..), but I hate the
               new Demos (except CREST). I (would) like
               collections with old gametunes and game-
               pictures, but I don't like collections from
               guys like MORBID, MHD, CALAMITY..... .

(C)            What do you think about the mags these
               days? Are they still important in the times
               of I-Net and E-Mail?

(I)            I think the only worth magazines are the  [+]
               Boardmagazines. Mailmagazines are pure
               shit these days. The news in these mags
               are years old or wrong.. .

(C)            Ok, now please name us your scene-

                             older days)
               CRACKER:      GOLLUM, MZP
               DEMOGROUP:    CREST, HORIZON
               CODER:        CROSSBOW, KJER, SES
               GRAFICIAN:    BIZMO, SAGE
               MUSICIAN:     RED, CHRIS HUELSBECK,
                             JEROEN TEL
(C)            Please name us your real-life favourites.

(I)            FOOD:   POMMES
               DRINK:  GERMAN BEER
               GIRLS:  like CLAUDIA SCHIFFER
               SEX:     69

(C)            Ok, before we finally end this, you can
               send some greets to friends and enemies.

(I)            My greets are going to: HITMEN, DYTEC,
               DERBYSHIRE RAM and some forgotten.. .

(C)            It seems to me that you forgot some       [+]
               greetings, but however: THANKS for this


The Forum


Well, I have kinda serious problems in finding a 
proper beginning to give this chapter an appropriate
touch.. But hey, let's just start.. 
This time I'm more than proud to give you a kind of 
up-to-date profile! Many, many rumours have been 
spread since he has left the Cbm64.. The latest
rumours was, that he'll make a comeback in OXYRON.
Guess who is this guy? Yes, of course it is no one
else than the mighty BIZKID/CAMELOT! known for
his skills in drawing graphics and for sure you all 
know his magazine SKYHIGH! ...Let's see what BIZKID
is talking about...
                                      BIZ KID 15.10.1997
19 months ago I left this beautyful scene because  
of decreasing motivation and inspiration for the 
eight-bit machine!  But as many of you might know
that wasn't the entire reason!  I have become the 
father of a beautyful girl.  She is now 5 months old,
so that is one timesucking factor that made me 
decide to cut down the Cbm64 era.  Plain and simple
I didn't feel like it anymore, I had bought myself a 
PC and I have quite a diffrent life after the birth 
of my baby!! (Thanks for all the greetings, and NO we 
have not planned a sequel yet =) ) Hehe!  
Believe me having a child beats the crap out of...
..everything, you really prioriate a lot different.
Well, it's quite simple to decide whether I should 
feed my girl or edit another issue of SKYHIGH!
But enough of me having this child!

No, I really didn't have there go anymore for the 
Cbm64.  See, I had achieved my major goal.  I told 
anybody that I would take my magazine to the top,
and I did, right?  It was my intention to make SKYHIGH
no.1 from the beginning.  This should not be taken
the wrong way, because I'm NOT trying to brag, 
simply to state a fact.  See, I don't see a purpose
starting a magazine just because a lot of other 
groups do!  Actually SKYHIGH was without a group
for a time!!!  I did SKYHIGH because I wanted to, NOT
because others did.  Unfortunatly there were a lot...
..of these so called "magz" around as I had SKYHIGH
going.  I never really understood why they bothered.
As I was trying to say "Why do a mag just do a mag?"
In that way you are sure to lose from the beginning
and I succeeded, didn't I?!? .SKYHIGH was voted no.1  
for almost 18 month....STRAIGHT!  I guess only a 
handfull mags can say the same!!!!  So I think you can
say that I achieved my goal big time.  What people 
don't understand is how hard it is to maintain the 
top-position when you have gotten there!  When 
working your way to the top you have something to
look after, you will look for the right guidelines and
try to improve all the time to get more votes!
This can be hard and naturally enquire skill, but 
believe me it is a lot harder when you finally are 
there!  Staying at the top is quite another ballgame!
Now you have to get better EVERY time..... Personally,
I feel that SKYHIGH had a very high quality all the 
way, and that is what it is all about: QUALITY!
That is what people want.  I never really cared about
the size.  I still remember all these lame:"1800 blocks
of text"...HEHE who gives a flying fuck, if most of 
the text is cd-reviews, sexstories or drink recipes??
I sure don't!!!  So the main thing is quality!!!.  Beside
the text I believe that SKYHIGH was known for the 
outfit.  RAZ/CAMELOT and I tried to make it the  
crop of the cream.  And I guess we did quite good.
Afterall SKYHIGH was the first magazine with a 
proportional text-upscroller (!!!)...  Yeah people said
it couldn't be done, but I guess some coders have 
had to eat their own words....HEHE!!!  A strange thing
is that after we did it, many coders told me that
they could have coded such a routine all the time
-yeah right! BULLSHIT.  RAZ did it first, so live with 
it fellows :)!  Well at a point I lost my inspiration for
SKYHIGH.  18 months being number one is harder than
you would imagine.  You have to keep up the good 
work!!!  People expected quality stuff from you, and
that maybe could create a stressfactor, damn I 
dunno!  Anyway I lost the drive for it, and decided
to stop at the top, instead of driving it over the 
cliff!!! I would have been very sad to see my work
fall apart just because I didn't had the go anymore!
So I made the VERY difficult decision to stop at the
top, and let SKYHIGH be remembered for what it was -
SKY - HIGH!!!  Some people even asked me if someone
else would continue without me!!  HELL NO!!  SKYHIGH
was my magazine all the way.  I created it, I edited it,
it was a Biz-Kid magazine.  So no more BizKid no more
SKYHIGH  !!!  I had some very good co-editors but
they couldn't do it without me!!  Talking about the 
co-editors: "I never could have done it without you!"
I still owe you a lot for your help!  I am still in 
contact with many of you, but let me shout out a 
-yahoooooo- to:

RAZ - CUPID - SHUZE - CHAOTIC and all the others who  
contributed one way or another!!!

Hmmm, it really was a good time then, and I do miss it.
But I really haven't got the time anymore.
It was a hard decision but I have made up my mind.
I have left the Cbm64 for good!!  Don't expect to see
me on the legendary-breadcase ever again!!!  I like
to follow what is going on from a safe distance, but
I will never be active like I used to.  So no, don't 
you expect too much.  Then again, life is strange so
who knows!  8)

About the rumours of me joining OXYRON.....

Well let me start out with a big shoutout to the 
entire posse.  Hi dudes, how's it hanging?  Party on!!
OXYRON was the first real group I joined, and man 
I had a cool time there!  We sure had some nice times
together.  I do miss that too.  But I actually visit 
them in Flensburg sometimes.  It has  been a while 
since though, but I will contact you for a visit in 
the future!!!  I know exactly how the rumours has 
started!  One day at the internet I was chatting 
with AXIS/OXYRON on mIRC.  We started talking about
the good ole'days in OXYMOX, how many times we had
been boozing, coding, painting and simply partying.
In OXYMOX I am often referred to as BOOZE KID !!!.....
dunno why =) Hehe!! Boozing rules.
Well back to the point!  We started talking about how
funny it would be to make a comeback in OXYRON.
Basically we where just fooling around!  Maybe we 
both wanted to, but it was more like wish thinking
I think!!!  So it seems like people have been listening 
to us and started up their own rumours!  But no, you
shouldn't expect me back in OXYRON on the Cbm64...
I wouldn't be suprised if one day I would join OXYRON
as graphican for their Amiga and PC productions!
Coz I still do graphics now and then, but just on the

PC!  But this is between me and OXYRON.

About SKYHIGH issue 22....

Well, is that really what people want to?  I have a 
hard time believing that.  It is an exciting thought 
though! To tell you the truth then I have never really
given this a thought!  To me SKYHIGH is history.
There is no chance of getting back.  Many other 
great magazines have tried comebacks without 
success.  And I don't believe in comebacks anyway!
If I should do a magazine again it would be something
new.  Something I would have to work my way up with 
again!  It might sound like shit to you, but the
challenge of getting to the top is something special
I know if I tried to release issue 22, people including
myself, would be dissapointed.  Because you have 
this inner feeling about SKYHIGH and an issue 20
months after would not really cut it!!!  So no, there     
will not be another issue.
About the magazine online.. Hmmm this sounds a lot
more exciting to me.  But what should it be about ??? 
I don't know much about the C64 scene anylonger!
It would kill me if I started writing about something
I don't know jackshit about! Still a  great ideathough!

Well, I guess I should better end this for now, other-
wise I would keep writing for hours....

I just want to say that you can find me on the i-net
now and then.  I am hanging around on mIRC on ......

channel64 so try catching me there!

Otherwise you could contact me on:

             BIZKID (at)
             - -------------------  -

                 XXXXXXXXX XX.XX
                   XXXX XXXXXXX

Phone:               ++XX-XXXX-XXXX

I would love to hear from some of my old contacts...
So get the fingers out and contact me!!!
I will end this by greeting all my friends in the C64

Special shoutout to my fellows Camels in CAMELOT.
To OXYRON for always having phun!  All people 
involved in SKYHIGH.  And finally all my friends in the
C64 scene.  You know who you are, so I won't list you 
all here!!  It would be great if you contacted me.  
(don't send C64 discs, but paper notes or Pc-discs!  )

I would also like to thank "THE CREST" for wanting
to hear about me and my life... Can't imagine why 
thou' =) !!!
THE BIZ-MAN is outta here.....

                                             ( Return )



Welcome to the advertisment-chapter. We wish you  
all the best, maybe you'll find some new contacts!
If you wish to see your address published in one of 
the upcoming editions of THE CREST! then make  
sure to get in contact with one of us by E-mail at 
DYTEC (at)HOTMAIL.COM    ...or by snail mail at:

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                      XXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX

- ------------- -      XXXXXXXX XX
                       XXXXXXX XXX
                       XXX XX XXXXXXXXXX

- ---------------- -   XXXXXXXXXXXXXX X
                       XXXX XX XXXXXXX

- ---------------- -   XX. XXXXXXXXXXX XX/X
                       XX-XXX XXXXXXXXX

- ------------- -       XXXXXX XX
                        XXXXX XXXXXXX

G of ROLE:              XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX
- ------ -              XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX X
                        XXXX XXXXXXX

- ------------- -       X. XXXXXX XXX
                        XXXXX XXXXX
                        XXXXX XXXXXXXX

- ------------------- - XXXXXXX XXX
                        XXX XX XXXXXXX
                        XXXXX XXXXXXXX

- --------------- -     XX. XXXXXXXXXX XX/XX
                        XX-XXX XXXX

- ------------- -       XXXXXXXXXXXX. XX X
                        XXXXX XXXXXX

                                          ( Return )
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