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Welcome to the 2nd issue of THE CREST!
Finally we made it to finish another issue of our
quite young magazine.
First I have to thank all you guys for positive and
negative reactions. We got some stupid reactions 
too, but I'm not in the mood to comment this... .

After the final release of the first issue, we all
slowed down with the activities for the mag. That's
mainly caused by our real-life.
But I'm sure it will change for the next issue, since
some guys promised some help..... .
We will finally spread the VOTESHEETS with this issue
This means, we'll have real charts next time!

Were will be some more changes in the next issue,
but nothing is 100%, so I won't write anything about
this.. Just check out the next issue in September.

This issue was done in a big hurry, so their might be
mistakes in the text or the news... .
If we made mistakes concerning your own group
contact us through e-mail or snail-mail, and we'll
correct this in the next issue.

For contact through e-mail use this:
HARDSEQUENCER                                  DODGER       
For snail-mail use this:
                       XXXXX XXXX
                       XXXXXXX XXXX

We also have to name some guys in here, who helped
to release this issue. Thanks must go to:
STAN/Hitmen, JAZZCAT/Onslaught, SLEDGE/Fairlight, 
MORPHEUS/Flash Inc., MIDFIT/Legend, H-BLOXX/Excess
and to COUNT ZERO/Scs*Trc.... !

Both musics in this issue were done by METAL/Vib.!

Happy reading...                           THE STAFF


                           NEWS 'N' UPDATES

Again we bring you the latest information on what
happened in our beloved CBM 64 scene. Unlike others
we give you pure information in a short and
comprehensive way in stead of writing 3 pages about
only one fact or so...
This months news aren't that big as there didn't 
happen very much lately. Guess, the reason for that
is the so called summer hole...
Anyway, let's start straight to please you with
nothing but facts...

After CHASH leaving F4CG, the Flighters decided to
take him in as swapper. He stays in FRACTION as 2nd
Because of his inactivity FLASH got removed from
the memberstatus and put on the inactive list.
Memberstatus: ALG, Archangel, Baldhead, Blaze, 
------------- Caledonian, Calypso, Chash, Chotaire,
              Chrysagon, Danzig, Goldhand, Heretic,
              Ignorance, Lynchbit, Mad Hatter, Ned,
              Rayden, Rug Rat, Styx, Violator, 
              Wizard, Xenox, Zapotek, Zatt
Boards: Edge of Midnight +X-XXX-XXX-XXXX (down)
--------Escapade         +XX-XXXX-XXXXXX
        Antidote         +XX-XX-XXXXX
First of all BINJINX was kicked, because he only
concentrates on the PC now.
But later they gained SKID ROW and also MIDFIT joined
them, but a few days later he left again for LEGEND.
Memberstatus: Cubehead, Deviant, Druid, Garth, 
------------- Jaydee, Jinx, Joyride, Lion, Macx,
              Mr. Wax, Natas, Pete, Rough, Scrather,
              Scud, Skid Row, Spermbird, Sphere,
              Stash, Syco, Zakk, Zar
Boards:       The Bass Planet   +X-XXX-XXX-XXXX
--------      Virtual Light     +XX-XXX-XXXXX
FTP-Site:  Gangsta's Paradise

They again showed activity with the release of a
music collection by ECO called ECOCIDE. 
SCORPE left them for unknown reasons.
They also might start fixing in the future as they
got a NTSC C64 finally. Together with ROLE the guys
from EXCESS are planning to make party. But date
and location are still unknown.
Memberstatus: Black Duke, Cat, Creb, Eco, Ecsic,
------------- Fantastic Zool, H-Bl0xx, Master S,
              Red Rock, RHX, Sentinel, Spinball,
              Stormfront, Sush
Board: Coverage  +XX-XXXX-XXXXX

CHASH left them and joined up with the guys in AFL.
Also ARISTO said good bye.
But they gained a new member with DMC joining. 
It's also said that Sneaper is back.
Memberstatus: Bitman, Derbyshire Ram, Devil, DMC,
------------- Goz, Maja, Motley, Mr. Alpha, Neotec,
              Newscopy, Playboy, Sixx, Skinhead,
              Sliver, Smasher, Sneaper, Solar, Stasi,
              Walker, Zyron

They are planning to make a FLT reunion party 
between christmas and new year's eve. 
Nevertheless they are still working on their next big
demo called LEGOLIZE IT. Maybe they will release it on
that reunion party.
Memberstatus: Bacchus, Harlekin, Highlander, 
------------- Lightside, Red Devil, Rowdy, Sledge,
Board: Warez Aquarium  +XX-XXX-XXXX

Believe it or not, but they are currently trying to
get a new demo finished, which might get released at
the end of the year, maybe The Party 7.
Memberstatus: Epsilon, Lubber, Morpheus, Spy,
------------- Unifier, Warp 8
DEFF joined them lately, but he isn't back with full
strenght again. He just only thinks about coming
back. EROL left his former group TEMPEST to team up
with forces of HITMEN.
DESPAIR/DEMONIX joined them as 2nd group.
Their Website HOME OF THE HITMEN is currently
offline as their server is down.
Memberstatus: Alchemist, Burn, Chaotic, Cupid,
------------- Curlin, Deff, Diverse, Erol, Groepaz,
              Jack Alien, Jihad, Jinx, Kristian R,
              Luke, Moonchild, Motion, Peacemaker,
              Racoon, Rammy, Sabotage, Seven,
              Skud, Sledge, Stan, Tranziie, Tyron,
Boards: The Dungeon            +X-XXX-XXX-XXXX
--------Warez Aquarium         +XX-XXX-XXXX
        The Mystical Paradise  +XX-XXX-XXXXXX

According to SCROLL they won't be any demo from
them within the next 20 years. But they are working
on a C64 version of the game CIVILIZATION.
Memberstatus: Rage, Scroll, ShokRay, Space Roy

Once again they had massive changes in their
memberstatus. First of all THE MAGICAL GARFIELD left
them for an unknown reason, but then they gained
ECO as a new composer. ECO stays in EXCESS as first
group, of course. 
L.A. STYLE returned once more to the scene and
teamed up with the M8-guys.
Then they kicked DASH out, just to take him in again
only some days later.
EDDIE is currently working on yet another homepage.
Memberstatus: Bird, Clive, Crossfire, Dash, Eco,
------------- Eddie, Greenfrog, Grego, Ibanez,
              Iceball, Kosa, L.A. Style, Larry, Lyon,
              Mendrake, Mason, Nuke, TFP, Visby
Boards: In Living Color    +X-XXX-XXX-XXXX
--------The Dragon's Tower +XX-XXX-XXXXXX
        Rave-o-lution      +XX-XXXX-XXXXXX

FTP-Site: Mount Tokay

They released a music collection with about 100(!!!)
expected to be out again.
The UNHOLY is currently designing an (O)-Website.
Memberstatus: Bizarre, Bwyze, Carlos, Deekay, 
------------- Digahole, DjKat, Doom, Donar, Grafee,
              Homeboy, Insane, Jazzcat, Jason,
              Jolz, McByte, Meff, Morbid, Moses,
              Mr. Brain, Ramirez, Rap, Shocker,
              Sting, TBH, Trouble, Vengeance,
Boards:       Deadzone         +X-XXX-XXX-XXXX
--------  Sanitarium           +XX-XXX-XXXXXX
FTP-Site: Gangsta's Paradise

They opened their webdomain. Their Website can be
reached under  HTTP://WWW.SCS-TRC.NET/    and their
old FTP-Site DIGITAL DUNGEON is now available under
FTP://FTP.SCS-TRC.NET/PUB/C64 but it is still on the
Replay server. 
FRONTPAGE online is also in the designing process.
SPLATTERHEAD plans to stop swapping, but he hasn't
been very active the last weeks, anyway. ARROGANCE
is inactive but will stay a member forever.
Memberstatus: Alchemist, Allitaice, Arrogance,
------------- Bacillus, Burglar, Coolhand, Credo, El
              Banditos, Funxilla, Gazza, Micron, 
              Moren, Mr. Ammo, Nightshade,
              Spectator, Splatterhead, Stake, 
              Superstition, Trax, Tristan
Boards:       The Dungeon       +X-XXX-XXX-XXXX
--------  The Mystical Paradise +XX-XXX-XXXXXX
FTP-Site: Digital Dungeon

That were all bigger news. We continue with the
single news on the next page...

- The group U-TURN is dead.

- NEOTEC/F4CG and STAN/HITMEN will bring back the
  old magazine NEWS PRESS. It will be an independent
  production and the first issue after that long
  break is planned to be out later this summer. Then
  also the board WAREZ AQUARIUM will host the mag as

- LEGEND was rebuilt. Even MIDFIT came in after being
  in CHROMANCE for only a few days. 
  MANIAC/Ex.-PARAMOUNT joined them too. SECOND 2 
  NONE is finally online as I-net bbs.
  Members:  Antitrack ,Doc ,Fletch ,Goldfish ,Maniac,
  --------- Midfit ,Powerplant ,TDO ,Uncle D , Westbam

- At the beginning of July there was a party called
  RAGE'97 in Budapest(Hungary). The results of the
  competitions were as follows...
  Demos:    1. Nostalgia        /COMA
  -----     2. Beyond Recovery  /SINGULAR
            3. Tokeles MASOLAT 2/POFIK
   Graphics: 1. POISON    of SINGULAR
   --------- 2. SPLASH    of THERAPY
             3. ARNIE     of AMNESIA
   Musics:   1. CARLOS    of BREEZE
   ------    2. DA BLONDIEof WISH

- DUKE returned to the scene. He won't release THE
  PULSE again, but he'll edit freelance for
  PROPPAGANDA and other publications.

- AEGIS/ASCRAEUS is back from the army and will soon
  reinstall his board in Turkiye.

- DR. DOOM/ATLANTIS joined RPG as HQ sysop and
  composer. So his board FORTRESS OF DOOM is now the
  WHQ of RPG.

- Rumours say that CRAZY should come back.
  Memberstatus: Magic man, Peter, Shine...
- It's said GOBLIN and FLAMINGO are working on a new

                                           ( Return )



Again we can only present you some mega charts,
because we didn't get enough filled votesheets back
yet. But maybe that's normal, because it's just only
our second issue and we only have one month per
issue to get the votesheets. And that's not so easy! 
But hopefully until next time the votesheet will be
spread enough and we'll have the chance to give you
self counted REAL charts.
This time we took for the mega charts...
                     DOMINATION 9
                     PROPAGANDA 23
Thanx to the editors of these mags!
Okay, here we go with the best...

                   DEMO GROUPS

        [01]     BYTERAPERS INC....(297)  finland
        [02]     CREST.............(207)  ger,dk,swe
        [03]     OXYRON............(195)  germany
        [04]     REFLEX............(160)  germany
        [05]     SMASH DESIGNS.....(135)  germany
        [06]     PROFIK............(093)  poland
        [07]     WRATH DESIGNS.....(082)  sweden
        [08]     AGONY.............(063)  poland
        [09]     GRAFFITY..........(053)  hungary
        [10]     FOCUS.............(030)  holland

   Close to the top 10 are TABOO, LEPSI and XENON.

  BYTERAPERS INC. still hold the top position, while 
  CREST gained the second place with the success 
  of "Krestage 1+2".    
  While OXYRON, REFLEX and AGONY slipped down some

  With the release of "Yesterdays" FOCUS re-entered
  at no.10 !  Nice to see more old-school!


             CRACKER GROUPS
         [01]     SUCCESS+TRC...................(275)  hol,ger,pol
         [02]     ALPHA FLIGHT..................(260)  ger,pol,swe
         [03]     CHROMANCE.....................(176)  hun,pol,swe
         [04]     HITMEN........................(174)  ger,swe,nor
         [05]     F4CG..........................(134)  swe,pol,bel
         [06]     LAXITY........................(116)  ger,dk,fin
         [07]     ONSLAUGHT.....................(096)  dk,ger,pol
         [08]     MOTIV 8.......................(073)  dk,ger,pol
         [09]     TRIAD.........................(070)  swe,ger,hol
         [10]      EXCESS.......................(029)  ger,hol,pol

Close to the top 10 are FAIRLIGHT,AMNESIA and ACTIVE 

SUCCESS and THE RULING COMPANY still number 1, but
ALPHAFLIGHT could take over this position soon.
ONSLAUGHT and LAXITY could be a bit higher, if you
count their activity.
MOTIV 8 and EXCESS shouldn't be in here, since they
didn't show something worth the name 'CRACK' the
last months (or years..).
AMNESIA should finally enter the top 10 again...


        [01]   MR.SEX/BYTERAPERS.........(305)  finland
        [02]   CROSSBOW/CREST............(212)  austria
        [03]   GRAHAM/OXYRON.............(210)  germany
        [04]   AEG/SMASH DESIGNS.........(148)  germany
        [05]   FUBEN/OXYRON..............(142)  germany
        [06]   DRUID/AGONY...............(091)  poland
        [07]   ZORE/REFLEX...............(050)  germany
        [08]   CLARENCE/GRAFFITY.........(043)  hungary
        [09]   SLAMMER/CAMELOT...........(010)  denmark
        [10]   PROFI 1/PROFIK............(005)  poland

           CRUZER and GREMLIN got out of here!

CROSSBOW/CREST jumped to no.2, while MR.SEX still  
holds the throne! But X-BOW is coming closer!

places! Btw, SLAMMER isn't active! stop voting!

CLARENCE/GRAFFITY entered at no.8, so did PROFI1 at 
place 10!



        [01]     JACK ALIEN/HITMEN.............(274)  germany
        [02]     MOONCHILD/HITMEN..............(252)  poland
        [03]     BURGLAR/SCS+TRC...............(205)  holland
        [04]     IGNORANCE/AFL 1970............(197)  germany
        [05]     DIDI/LAXITY...................(137)  germany
        [06]     JAYDEE/CHROMANCE..............(080)  hungary
        [07]     STING/ONSLAUGHT...............(050)  germany
        [08]     CROSSFIRE/MOTIV 8.............(041)  denmark
        [09]     SKINHEAD/F4CG.................(020)  germany
        [10]     CALYPSO/AMNESIA...............(018)  holland

 Close to the top 10 are DERBYSHIRE RAM, COUNT ZERO!

JACK ALIEN still ruling in here. Since he did a lot of
oldies the last time he'll stay at this position for
IGNORANCE should be a bit higher I think since he's
delivering a lot of cool versions to the market.
Wonder what JAYDEE and especially CROSSFIRE are
doing in here. 
SKINHEAD deserves no higher position after his last


        [01]     DEEKAY/CREST.......(229)  germany
        [02]     JOE/WRATH DESIGNS..(216)  sweden
        [03]     CRUISE/TABOO.......(165)  poland
        [04]     RRR/OXYRON.........(150)  germany
        [05]     ELECTRIC/EXTEND....(142)  finland
        [06]     CREEPER/DUAL CREW..(137)  sweden
        [07]     MIKE/BYTERAPERS....(090)  finland
        [08]     VALSARY/SAMAR......(050)  poland
        [09]     ASTAROTH/AGONY.....(043)  poland
        [10]     CUPID/HITMEN/PADUA.(030)  germany

        Close to the top are SLIVER, DANE and STONE! 


It seems people finally noticed, CRUISE/TABOO has 
been inactive the last few month  s! He's left the top!

DEEKAY/CREST is the new no.1 ! But for how long ?
VALSARY/SAMAR entered at no.8! K00l logo for DOM9 ! 



        [01]     MITCH+DANE/CREST.............(257)  sweden
        [02]     P.R.I/OXYRON.................(230)  germany
        [03]     DRAX/CREST...................(182)  denmark
        [04]     JEFF/CAMELOT.................(122)  denmark
        [05]     PRAISER/REFLEX...............(120)  poland
        [06]     FANTA/OXYRON.................(109)  germany
        [07]     SHOGOON/AGONY................(072)  poland
        [08]     SYNDROM/CREST................(064)  germany
        [09]     METAL/CAMELOT................(035)  denmark
        [10]     COMPOD/AGONY.................(030)  poland

    Short before entering are GLENN and GEIR TJELTA!

MITCH and DANE got straight to the top after the
success of the two CREST demos KRESTAGE 1 + 2! And
they really deserve that no. 1 spot.

Hopefully DRAX and SHOGOON will climb too, because
they made some good tunes for the ALTERED STATES
demo, especially SHOGOON!

Also METAL is bound to go up after the release of

              OVERALL GROUPS

              [01]CREST....... (1159)          
              [06]ALPHA FLIGHT.(457) 
              [08]WRATH DESIGNS(298)

                       HOW TO VOTE
As we're gonna make REAL charts since next issue,
there are some rules to follow.
First of all we have our own special vote counting 
system. Your personal top 10 get counted this way...
              1st place gets 20 points
              2nd place gets 15 points
              3rd place gets 11 points
              4th place gets 8 points
              5th place gets 6 points
              6th place gets 5 points
              7th place gets 4 points
              8th place gets 3 points
              9th place gets 2 points
              10th place gets 1 point
We chose that point system to make you maybe think
more for whom your vote and whom you choose as
your personal number 1! So, keep that counting
system in mind when filling our votesheet!
You should also stick to the normal rules. That
means that you aren't allowed to vote for yourself,
your group or any of its products.. If you don't
follow this rule then you'll be outed as self voter,
of course.
We also want you to vote fair. Just think before
voting! Don't only vote for friends of yours, just
vote for people who really deserve it! Have a look
on quality and not only on quantity when deciding,
whom to vote for!
And you needn't fill the whole top 10 in every
subject, if you think that there aren't enough guys
who deserve a vote. Because voting for someone
only to fill the list, isn't very fair, in our opinion.
Just let the rest of the places be blank and so we
won't count anything for it.
Another thing is that we want you to vote for active
people only! It doesn't make sense to vote for guys
who are gone since ages. Because then these votes
take away the place for new people, who deserved
the votes recently! So, think of that!
You have three possibilities to place your votes.
As first you can use our votesheet of course and
send it back to us or a spreader of our mag. But you
can also send us your votes via email to:
or as third you may post us your votes on the major
us boards via mail delivery to HARDSEQUENCER.
Okay, that's all you need to know to place your
votes here and to see really the best in here in the

                                            ( Return )

Releasecharts July

                      Releasecharts July 1997

Welcome to another Releasecharts-chapter in
This time we had a quite silent month release-wise.
That means not much work for me.... hehe!

The boards were we take the releases from are:
The Dungeon      +X-XXX-XXX-XXXX
The Bass Planet  +X-XXX-XXX-XXXX
Deadzone         +X-XXX-XXX-XXXX

Ok, now skip over to the rules...

The pointsystem:
0.X for previews
2.X for low-budget-games
3.X for budget-games
5.X for fullprice-games

-5 for the re-release of a full game
-1 for the re-release of a preview
-1 for a fixfile or a 2nd version

Fakelabel-releases won't be counted.
Basicgames, compiled basicgames, gamemakergames
and tools we get no points.

1 extra point will be given for something special.
This can be a special feature in a crack, an       [+]
impressing tool, or.?!

-1 point will be given for not translating the whole
text of a game into english. It's not neccessary to
translate the grafix too, but if the game uses no
text, only grafix, they have to be translated fully!

-1 points will also be given for a bad crack. That
means for example no levelpacking, bugging parts of
the game.. .

If a game is fixed PAL/NTSC it will get 2 points added
to the points for the game. If the game was released
as PAL-version before, it will get one point added.
If a 2nd group is involved in the fix, the points will
be shared...                                         [+]
Make sure it's a real fix, and not only slowing down
the music. If the fix isn't needed at all, I'll give the
PAL-points only.

A fixed version of a game has to be released within'
6 months after the PAL-version to get points.

The same goes for a PAL-fixed version of an NSTC-
game. If a release has one or maybe more smaller
bugs, the group has 24 hours time to release a
fixfile or 2nd version. But I mean small bugs!

And now to something completely different..... :)

DISORDER (ger, hol............)                    2.1 points
I wasn't sure if I should really put this group in here
or to handle it as fakelabe.... But anyway the dudes
in DISORDER released PAC MANN (2.1 pts.), the game
from the game-workshop in the magazine 64'er. The
game is out for more then one month now, and all
groups put it out under their fakelabels. But
following the rules, I have no chance against this....!

F4CG (swe, ger, aut..)                      3,5 points
First they released the quite ok preview of FROGS
AND FLIES (0,4 pts.) from the states. Later they came
on with the PAL-verson of ICE GUYS (2,9 pts.), maybe
the best game this year! Since the crack was damn  [+]
poor, I had to take one point away. For example the
irq-loader got removed, and the crack fucked up
your scores... .
At the end of the month they released the preview
of PLASM (0,2 pts.).

MOTIV8 (dk, ger, pol.)                     0,1 points
They released the 2nd preview of WORDS DON'T COME
EASY (0,1 pts.)... .

ONSLAUGHT (aut, ger, dk..)                7,2 points
First they showed off with THE CASTLE (5,9 pts.) by
576Kbyte. They said it's fixed to work PAL/NSTC, but
while testing I recognized that they only slowed  [+]
down the music, and fixed their loader. So no points
for a fix. .
After this they released the preview version of
ICE GUYS (0,9 pts). The version was quite lame, since
they don't even removed the auto-start.
Later they released a 2nd preview of ASSASSINS
(0,3 pts.) after SCS*TRC released another version
AFTER all they released the preview of TERRITORY
(0,1 pts.).

SCS*TRC (hol, ger, usa)                    5,0 points
First they released the preview of ASSASSINS
(0,3 pts.). Later they released the preview version
of ALERT (0,1 pts.).                               [+]
Then they came up with the fixed version of 
REMEMBER (4,6 pts.). They had to release a 2nd
version due to the bugs in the original. Since it was
in the original too, I'll give no minus-points here.
On old C64's you'll not have much fun with this game,
since you see only the sprites in the Endsequence!

Ok, this was all for this issue. Quite short I think,
but that makes it easier for me... !

On the next page you'll find the final list...


Place  Group                                        Points  Releases
 1      ONSLAUGHT                                    7,2     4
 2      SCS*TRC                                      5,0     3
 3      F4CG                                         3,5     3
 4      DISORDER                                     2,1     1
 5      MOTIV8                                       0,1     1

On the next page I'll go on with the Fixer-charts for


Place  Group                                        Points  Releases
 1      SCS*TRC                                      4,6     1

A quite short list... :)

If you've problems or wanna send comments, you may
try to contact me on the US-Boards or use this one:



Space Roy-Profile

                   LEGAL PROFILE OF THE MONTH
Another issue, another interview with a legend from
the legal sector of the scene.. This time we bring
you a smalltalk with...
Okay, here we go...

?: Hello Roy! Please give us and the readers a brief
   discription of yourself!

!: My name is Roy Widding, but I'm known as SPACE ROY
   in the scene. I'm 24 years old now and have been a
   member of MEGASTYLE since I was 17. In my real life
   I work as a school assistent at the local high
   school, and I live together with my girlfriend.
?: And how did the C64 get into your life for the very
   first time?

!: Well, I think it was back in 1984 when I visited a
   friend of mine who just had bought a new kind of
   tv game called CBM64. The only game he had was the
   RADAR RAT RACE and I had never seen anything as
   cool as that before! Later on one of my neighbours
   got himself one too, and so I spend many hours
   there playing FORBIDDEN FOREST. Finally I bought
   myself one in 1985 or '86 after saving my pocket
   money for almost two years...

?: So, you really made sacrifices for getting a C64!
   K00l! Hehe.. So, how did you get your own handle
   then and how got the group MEGASTYLE its name???
!: I have changed my handle from MAO to CROCKETT
   and finally to SPACE ROY during my time in
   MEGASTYLE. The name SPACE ROY was something I
   got after playing CALIFORNIA GAMES with SCROLL
   and RAGE. When we wrote the names in the
   competitor-list we used our own name including a
   special character from the keyboard. So, SCROLL
   was RUBEN-X, RAGE was ANDERS-Y and I was SPACE-
   ROY, named after the spacebar.
   The name MEGASTYLE was constructed by COBRA
   (also known as BROZ) while he was reading a porno
   magazine, hehe! If my memory serves me right, he
   found an advertisement in the mag where both
   words MEGA and STYLE were written and he
   combined them and that's it!

?: When you entered the scene, who were the first
   buddies you knew, and why?

!: The first group i ever contacted was THE
   PAPILLONS(a ruling danish cracking crew). I didn't
   get any reply from them even though I sent them
   my whole hand written turbo tape list with over 100
   game titles! Can you believe this?!? Anyway, my
   first contact ever was JASON from the british
   group THE SAINTS. His first sending was so hot and
   extraordinarry that I used the stuff to obtain
   much more contacts like LEVITHAN from SUPER SWAP
   WIDE EXPRESSIVE. Especially SHADE has burnt his
   name into my memory. Propably because he sendt
   so many unbelievable uncensored porno pictures
   to the 17 years old unkissed boy I was back then!

?: Haha... Funny! So, continueing the journey through
   your past on the C64, which were the first groups
   you joined?

!: The very first group I ever was in was called
   me back in 1986. We produced mainly basic games
   for the C128(extreme collectors may contact me
   and ask for KITCHEN, SHANE or ORMEN ENORMEN 128).
   Later on we started cracking(freezing, hehe!)
   games under the name 0920 CRACKING SERVICE. When
   we released the first 0920 intro(only text on the
   screen and the COMMANDO music, but all in pure
   machine code!) another group from Brcnncysund
   called SPLITTED PERSONALITIES were so impressed
   that they asked us to join them. We said yes, but
   mainly only because the leader of the group had a
   job at the local computer store and supplied us 
   with the hottest originals that were available. But
   joining S.P. also ment war. You see, they were in a
   war with a local person STUBBSCROLL OF RSW(Later
   known as no one less than SCROLL/MSP!). We made
   several war demos against each other. And I must
   admit that it was REAL hate between the two
   fighting groups, even though I personally didn't
   even know SCROLL all the time. Some time passed
   and in 1988 I got fat up with S.P. and formed 

?: Hmmm.. Interesting story! What is your job in
   MEGATYLE and what can we expect from you and
   your group in the future?

!: Well, I have done some graphics for our next demo,
   so I think that I can consider myself a graphican.
   But I also make some musics and I do a little
   swapping with a couple of extremely good friends.
   About our future: We are still working on our new
   demo and I bet it will surprise you. Instead of many
   effects pumping out on the screen and nothing
   making sense, we will try to give the parts a
   deeper meaning. Some of you will propably compare
   it to DIGITAL MESSIAH(only with a bit more homour),
   mixed with our KALLE KLOAK style demos. Also the
   MEGAZINE will be continued after 6 years, but the
   concept is still unsure yet.  Also SCROLL and me
   have planned to make a small graphic adventure
   game together with RAGE. I finished the main
   sprites today, so it's progressing, you see. I also
   finished the graphics for our game PIMPLE PANIC
   lately and it should be out as soon as the coding
   is finished.

?: If MEGASTYLE for some tragic reason died, which
   group would you most like to join and why?

!: If the MEGASTYLE ship sinked, then I would 
   propably go down with it to the bottom! But if any
   boat should pass by and try tp rescue me then I
   would prefer that the rescueship was called
   AGONY. Because HORNET is a great friend of mine
   and I appreciate friendship in a group very much!
?: Please give us some info about the current
   memberstatus of MEGASTYLE and about what these 
   guys are doing!

!: Only four members are still active. These are
   SCROLL(programming, music), SHOKRAY(graphics and
   swapping), RAGE(music) and of course me, SPACE
   ROY(graphics, music, swapping). The rest is so
   inactive that I refuse to mention them here!

?: Now give us your favourites concerning...
   Coder: Jeff Minister(the most creative man ever!)

   Graphician: Bob Stevenson(the best!)

   Musican: Tim Follin(because no one of the new
             techno freaks is good enough!)

   Demo: Achmed/Judas (extreme humour!)

   Swapper: Hornet of Agony (a really good friend)

   Demo group: Hmmm.. Maybe... Crest?!?

   Cracker group: F4cg (They do very good cracks,
                  (but it's a shame that the wares
                  suck so much!)

   Cracker: Jack Alien

   NTSC Fixer: I don't want to comment this as I don't
               remember any names!
   Magazine: The Tribune

?: Hah, very indiviual. Great! Now over to something
   different: How would you desribe today's demo
   scene and what would you change?

!: I think it's boring and I would like to remove the PC
   influenced shit!

?: Why???

!: Because, in my opinion, it's always the same, just
   only a bit improved from the last time. I mean, what
   is the point?!? Making the same routine yet
   another time with a couple of rasterlines more to
   use on something else. The modern effect demos
   are just disks filled with (boring) source-codes. 
   They don't mean anything to me. They don't tell me
   anything. They have no humour and they have
   absolutely NO deeper meaning!

?: Okay.. That's all for this innterview! So, the last
   few lines are yours for greetings or whatever!

   See you all in our next demo...

?: Thanx for the interview!

!: No problem...

Injun Inc.-Profile


Feel warmly welcome to the second interview in this
issue. And of course this is a talk with a legend from
the illegal part of the scene. And this certain guy is:
                   INJUN INC./ACTIVE
Here we get straight to the start... Enjoy!

?: Hello Joergen! How about a short description of

!: Okay.. I'm 26 years old (I was born in 1970) and am
   living in a small village called Sandviken in Sweden.
   In real life I work as a system developer,
   programing mostly the mainframe, MVS and APL.
?: K00l! Brief but nice! So, how did you get your very
   own special handle???

!: From the heavy metal group ANTHRAX.

?: Aaaaah! Starting from the very beginning of your
   career, what made you go out and buy that machine
   called CBM64?

!: I got ny C64 as a christmas gift! And why a CBM64?
   I recall myself checking also SPECTRUM and TEXAS,
   too, but like about a million other I chose the C64.

?: And how did you get into the world of bits and 
   bytes then???

!: Since the games that were enclosed with the 
   christmas gift gave me a LOAD ERROR, I started to
   read the manual and began to program the ballons
   instead. I guess that was the starting kick!

?: Huuu.. Interesting! So, when you finally made the
   step into the direction called scene, which were
   the first groups you joined and who were the very
   first sceners you knew?

!: I was in the following groups:
   DIGITAL CRACKERS (I made my first crack for them)
   TRIUMPH (together with MAHONEY and KAKTUS)
   AGILE (here the real fun started)
   And my first buddies (back in 1985-87) were 

?: And which group are you in right now?

!: I guess I'm still a member of ACTIVE, but propably
   the most inActive, hehe!

?: Now going over to something different. What is in
   your eyes the difference between the old and the
   new age scene???

!: I don't know the new school scene very good, but I
   guess the internet is giving it a new dimension. But
   I miss the real cracks!

?: If you had the chance to form an own group. What
   would your dream team look like?

!: Puh, what a question! I guess my dream team would
   look like this (back in the good old days):
   Leader: one strong leader, who doesn't need to
           know much about hacking and coding
   Suppliers: 1 or 2 guys working at some shops that
              get the games first
   Crackers: 2 or 3 pals working together via phone
             and modem on at least two computers 
   Spreaders: 2 modem traders who spend lots of
              time using cards and uploading the
              first releases
              5 mail traders who trade with the top
              elite of the scene
   Demo section: 5 to 10 guys who create musics and
                 graphics and make the best demos

?: And now please give us your favourites in:

   Coder:   Mr. Zero Page

   Cracker: Antitrack, Mr. Z

   Musican: Jeroen Tel

   Demo:    Think Twice (all of them)

   Game:    Boulder Dash, Green Beret and many more

   Food:    pasta, pizza, McDonalds-food
   Drink:   cola, vodka + lime, gin + tonic

   Sex:   Only with girls! One, two or more at the same
          time. Hehe!

   Girls:  I love'em all!

?: Hahahahah...... Funny! Who belongs to the top of
   crackers in sweden, in your opinion?

!: KING FISHER, BACCHUS and me, of course.

?: Hmmmm, how would you describe today's scene and
   what would you possibly change?

!: Crackers became packers, I think. Since there are
   no protected originals released anymore, eh?!? But
   I have to admit that I don't know much about the
   new age scene.

?: Okay, that should be all for this interview! The
   last few lines are yours to possibly greet some
   of your friends...

!: Yep, I'd like to send some Hellos to ANTITRACK, KING
   GOBLIN and all the rest.

?: Thanx for the interview, joergen!

!: No problem! Bye...

Graphic Reviews

                           GRAPHIC REVIEWS

Hello again to some words about the latest graphics.
This time I'm gonna take a closer look at a collection
called ICARUS with graphics by CUPID/HITMEN/PADUA.
This is CUPID's second graphics show. His first one
he released about two years back under his old
handle SINISTER. It was called RED ALERT/ARCOSS. But
here we go with the review for ICARUS...

The show starts with an intro in grey. A 2x2 scroller
makes his way through the bottom of the screen and
then a logo showing ICARUS fades in. Then a logo with
the letters DRUID, one with METAL and one with CUPID
comes. They are all painted in Interlace-FLI and make
the screen full. But they don't look very good. They
are flickering really a lot and are too small for my
taste. The letters show different objects, for
example a heart as U in CUPID, but that looks very
silly in my opinion. For that I only give  29%

The real show starts then with a MOONCHILD logo in
koala. It's mainly brown coloured and the letters
have some nice special forms. A pitty that nearly all
letters have the same filling.   63%

The next one is another koala-logo, like all logos in
this collection are in koala, except indicated, of 
course. It was made for CONTRAST and is well known.
It features CUPID's typical comic style. The logo is
written vertical and the painter used many colours
what looks good here.     69%

An AMNESIA-logo in mostly purple follows. In the
background is some kind of small board with plasma.
The letters are really boring.   34%

The next one displays SHOUT!. Again it features a
comic style, but these letters look absolutely ugly.
The many colours are faded bad, in my opinion. Also
the ball in the background isn't that good.   28%

Up next is a FATUM-logo. The letters have another
for CUPID typical form, just standard. But the
colours were chosen very well and also the triangle
in the background is nice.   57%

The show continiues with a ANGRY-logo with copied
fillings, what's not so good. It is mainly painted in
lightred and orange, what fit's quite good here. The
best thing is the k00l ball in the background.    52%

The INTRUDER one features again this pseudo comic
style. The colourfading were painted very well, but
all in all I got the feeling that there's missing
something special.       43%

The next one was made for APS and is ugly, in my
opinion. It has a triangle on each side, but even that
doesn't make the shit better.      30%

But the next one is even worse. This BCD-logo has a
ball on each side and colourfadings are really bad!
Also the form of the letters is not smasher.     22%

The collection goes on with a fullscreen
Interlace-FLI picture showing us the famous viking
called HAEGAR at night in front of a mountain. Of
course the whole thing is comic styled, but this 
looks boring, I think. The picture is too simple, 
although it is quite old (back when CUPID was called
SINISTER).     24%

Up next is a fullscreen logo. Yep! It shows CALL THE
POWER ENGINE. The letterform is like nearly always in
CUPID's logo boring. A nice idea is the hill in the
background and also the letter's colourfades are
good.   50%

The following SILVER BULLET logo is a better one,
although nearly all letters have the same filling. The
colours were chosen very well and also the fades
are excellent.   60%

LEPSI were the ones, whom the next logo was made
for. It reminds me on a LEPSI logo by CZESZO. Its main
colour is also blue and also has a board at the
bottom.     41%

A brown chessboard features the EQUINOXE logo. The
letters are written like a pseudo tagg in grey and
where the letters cross the chessboard, there the
letters are orange. It's not my taste... 35%

The following AVANTGARDE logo is well known because
of being used very often in an intro. The letterform
is boring once again and the diagonal colourfades
aren't that nice.    44%

Another SHOUT logo is up next. There's nothing more
to say than simply: It is ugly!  26%

The CREATIVE ARTS one is far better. The letters are
painted in a k00l style and CUPID used many colours,
what really fits here. The only bad thing is, that
sometimes the colours bad chosen so that the filling
partly looks a bit strange.  73%

On blue background comes the VANDALISM NEWS logo.
The back looks like a space with planets and stars
and stuff. The letterform is as boring as the
diagonal colourfade.    39%

Again a logo that is well known though an intro. This
one is for TRC+SCS. It once again features CUPID's
typical comic style. There's nothing really bad about
it, but also nothing special good.    60%

On it goes with an Interlace-FLI fullscreen picture
showing a pig and printing "GOOD LUCK IN 1995". This
was CUPID's compopic at the party 4, if my memory
serves me right. The letters again have that comic
style, but this looks ugly here.  I just also ask
myself why the painter used that I-FLI mode..... The pic
also would have been possible in normal koala.       21%

The ATLANTIS logo after that isn't bad at all. It has
a triangle in the back and the effect with the logo
being mirrored in water is a good idea. But once 
again I have to admit that the letters miss anything
like good style..  62%

Surprisingly the following SKYHIGH logo has a
different letterstyle! Boah, can't believe it! But it
doesn't look nice, too! It reminds me of Japan
somehow. The good thing about it are the well done
colourfadings.   56%

Another logo for SCS+TRC, but this one is worse. The
fillings of the letters are copied and are ugly
anyway.      32%

The show continues with a BASSLINE V1.0 logo, which
was made for a music collection by FANTA. I guess
CUPID did something wrong, because the logo should
display somekind of 3d-effect, shouldn't it?!? But
he made the logo from the front to the back brigther
and brigther.. But it should be the other way around!
That would have looked much k00ler....    37%

The upcomming EXTACY LAND logo is this collections
best piece of art, in my opinion. The letters are old
styled and are simply great! Also the hills and the
background are nice! The whole thing is mostly made
in brown, what I like a lot. 76%

On we go with an AVT one in technology style. But
that is pure shit! The blue background somekind of
eats the logo up, because it is much too small then. 
A bad one..    24%

The DOOM logo isn't much better. It shows
cross-wires, but the fillings of the letters are bad.

THE TRIBUNE gathered the next logo. It features a
board in the background and the letters are like
handwritten ones. I don't like that, although the 
colourfades aren't that bad.      26%

The last real piece is an Interlace-FLI picture
showing two beetles having sex. That look funny
first, but that pseudo comic style is shitty and
again the painter hasn't used the possibilities of
I-FLI.   24%
Then comes the end part. It features an up-scroller
and also an ICARUS logo. This logo shows a C64 from
the inside with all some chips, what is a good idea in
my opinion.    59%

That were all logos/pictures in this collection. All in
all 31 (!!!) pieces! But it seems to me that CUPID gives
more on quantity than on quality. 
The musics in this show are over average, but I 
expected better ones from METAL.      67%
The coding by DRUID is really simple. Only 2 fade in
effects are not enough, in my opinion. It all just
looks oh so boring.   46%

So, after calculating all percentages of all pieces
I got to the point that this collection deserves
 44 percent!!!!
So, that's why I can't understand why CUPID is so
high in the charts. I think he should more
concentrate on making the logo or pictures look
better instead of making as many logos as possible.


Speaker's Corner

                           SPEAKER'S CORNER

This time again SHOKRAY wants to speak out on the
topic of THE CREST! itself...

Recently there was lots of excitement and talk
about our magazine. The reason for that is more or 
less the name THE CREST!
But to say it straight and clear: This magazine isn't
called CREST it's name is THE CREST!... Okay?!? There
is no relation to the group called CREST.
And I really think that it's a shame that some guys
blame us for using that name although they haven't
got any personal relation to the group. If there were
any guys who could blame us, then this should be the
members of CREST and no one else! We absolutely see
no reason for us to change the magazine's name,
just only because some eggheads and "call me god"-
guys think that they should dis us because of that.
When we started doing the magazine we knew that we
will get in trouble because of the name, but we kept
it without any hesitation because we really love the
meaning the words THE CREST have and think that it
really fits to the mag (and not just only to get more
attention, SKINHEAD!). Anyway, I also spoke to DEEKAY
and XAYNE about that magazine and its name and
none of them had any problems with that! Even
CROSSBOW said to DEEKAY that he doesn't care. So,
why should you other guys care then?!?
To say it once again, so that even the last suckers
get the point: This magazine's name is THE CREST! and
not CREST and it definatly has no relation to the
That's it concerning the name...

The next point some people claimed was the loader. 
They said that it's too slow and also want the music
to continue while loading, that means an irq-loader.
So, to please you guys we'll also include an
irq-loader, which can be chosen in a menu... I hope
that you are satisfied with that!

By the way, you shouldn't forget that this was the
very first issue! And the first issue just can't be
perfect. Other mags were released 10 or even more
issues and still full of bugs! In my opinion, everyone
should be glad that there are still guys who release
something in this small and unimportant scene in this
big world of mega PCs.

Now over to some more or less positive reactions,
which we got on THE DUNGEON:

THE CREST! didn't appeal to me at all. The magazine
was lamely coded, the text was below average and so
I didn't like it at all. Only the CREST picture was cool
at the beginning of the "show".
My humble opinion...

THE CREST!: Yeah, you're right... Your opinion is really
             Of course the mag isn't a real slammer
             concerning the coding. Hey, you should
             consider that DODGER isn't a coder at
             all. But I think he proved with this
             outfit that he isn't only a great
             cracker but also able to code k00l
             smaller things.
             I'd like to see something as good as this
             from CHROMANCE as well. For example
             better intros! So, first improve
             yourself and then you can claim, okay?!?
             Your reaction was absolutely lousy, I
             think. Why didn't you place proposals
             how to improve the mag then? Don't you
             have enough intelligence for thoughts
             like this, or what?!? To say it straight:
             Your reactions is lousy!
             Btw, if I were you I'd keep my mouth
             closed when I don't have any plan about
             graffiti art and stuff.. The first
             picture you mentioned doesn't show 
             anything like CREST. It displays ZELPOD!
             But it looks nice anyway, hehe!

Well, THE CREST! is quite okay, although the name is
quite dumb! Still the main thing (the text) was decent
enough. ;)
So my advice: Change the name and install an
THE CREST!: Thanx for the flowers, hehe! K00l to get
            a creative proposal from someone. But I
            gotta admit that we're going to keep the
            magazine's name. Nobody can't tell us
            which name is k00l and which not. We 
            know how to react on critics concerning
            the name and how to defend us.
            Concerning the irq-loader I already said
            something before.
            Anyway, thanx for that reaction!

Well, looks like SHOKRAY maybe has doctored the THE
CREST logo from an older logo he has done for CREST.
THE CREST!: Hmmmm.. No way man! It can't be that way.
            Because it was just HARDSEQUENCER who
            made that one! I also improved it a little
            bit afterwards, but HARDSEQUENCER is
            and still stays the one who painted it on
            C64. Btw, I did the sketch on paper for it!

We got some more reactions! Thanx to all of you who
gave us these, just as long these were creative and
included some kind of proposals how to improve the

Another thing: This magazine isn't whether a DYTEC
nor a MEGASTYLE project! It is independent, okay?!?

I also believe that most of the negative reactions
conclude from the fact DODGER and also me(SHOKRAY)
are part of that project. And we aren't very popular
with many scener because of our direct and true way
of speaking out. And we know that...
But we don't reallr care. You either like our mag or
you don't! If you don't want to read it, then just let
it be! Maybe then once we'll be the only reader's left
but we won't care and will continue editing the
magazine, because we love it!




Welcome dear audience!

If for some reason, you wish to see your address 
published in one of the upcoming issues of THE
CREST! then make sure to get in contact with one of
the main editiors via snail or e-mail or just scribble
it on the backside of your filled votesheet.
For important things concerning THE CREST! send to:

                    XXXXXXX XXXX
                    XXXXX XXXXXXXXX/XXXXX


                  (XXXXXX ) 

                  XXXXXXXXXXX, ( XXXXXXX  )

FLASH INC.         



          XXXX,  (XXXXXX.)

          XX XXXXXX.  (XXXXXXX )



                XXXXX XXXXXX,(XXXXXXX  )

                XXXXX XXXXXX, (XXXXXXX  ) 

                (XXXXXXX  )




          XXXXXXXXXXX,    ( XXXXXX )


             XXXXX XXX.XXXXXX,    (XXXXXXX)

              XXXXX XXXXX,  (XXXXXXX  )

               XXXXX XXXXX,   ( XXXXXXX)


                XXXXXXXX, ( XXXXXXX )

                XXXXXXX, ( XXXXXXX )


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