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Welcome to the first issue of the CREST!-Magazine.
The idea for this mag was born a long time ago in
Shokray's brain. After some months of work, some
sessions at different places (Hessen, EastBerlin),
endless phonetalks it's finally out.
This mag is supposed to be released regulary, this
means every month. We hope we can manage it...
The 3 guys behind this magazine are Shokray,
Hardsequencer and me, Dodger.
From issue to issue we'll get additional help from
different persons, and they'll be always credited
in this editorial...
So prepare for the list for this issue.             (+)
Thanx for help and support go to...
Zardax/Origo, Flamingo/Light, Artic/Palace,
Tyron/Hitmen, Jazzcat/Onslaught, Crossbow/Crest,
Avalanche/Atlantis, Riddler/Active, Leonardo/Padua,
Electric/Extend, Scapegoat/Topaz, Sledge/Fairlight,
Metal Maniac/Dual Crew Shining, Mr.Sex/Byterapers,
Metal/Vibrants and some other ones, which we might
have forgotten.

A special thanks for the music goes to DANKO/CEN.!

I'll send out some special thanx to some guys who
gave me their helping hand and moral support to get
this thing finally out:
ANDREAS/SHAPE and some of my friends in the real

You may miss one chapter in here, the Demo-reviews,
which should be included. But since this was done
under some time pressure, we couldn't get the music-
review done for this, so we'll include this in the
next issue.

At the end I'll give you the credits for this outfit:

Hires-gfx..................HARDSEQUENCER and SHOKRAY
Koala-gfx and font...........................SHOKRAY
All the rest..................................DODGER
Happy reading.......                               [return]



Feel warmly welcome to the first news-roundup in 
the CREST!-Magazine.. This time we're going to give
you some kind of overview on what happened in the
scene the last weeks and even months.. But we're
not going to focus only on the recent active groups 
as we'll also have a look at some more or less 
inactive but legendary crews.
We tried to get as much news as possible from every
group, but of course it was impossible getting 
everyone caught to tell us what's up.. So, if
someone feels that we forgot his group, he should
try to e-mail us his news at...
dytec(at)  or   the_dodger(at)
But in the next issues we'll only give you updates on
what happened since the previous issue.
So, here we go with the NEWS'N'UPDATES....

The legendary crew around RIDDLER turned 8 years
old on the first of may and they still fulfill what 
their groupname promises... They are active! 
ARTLACE is currently working on a new demo and
their most active member TRIDENT is short before
finishing his next trackmo and also his next
Memberstatus: Artlace, Bordeaux, Dexter, Foxy,
------------- Injun Inc., Riddler, Scare, Surfer,
              Trasher, Trident, Wolverine
Board:        Virtual Light+XX-XXX-XXXXX
FTP-Site:     Rash Refection

They gained LYNCHBIT as coder and fixer, but he'll
remain in LEPSI as 2nd group. Also ZATT came from
LEPSI DEVELOPMENTS to enstrengthen the Flight.
Even their old pal REAM returned to the scene, but
he didn't join AFL again because of some trouble
with other group members.
Memberstatus: Alg, Archangel, Baldhead, Blaze,
------------- Caledonian, Calypso, Chotaire,
              Chrysagon, Danzig, Flash, Goldhand,
              Heretic, Ignorance, Lynchbit, Mad
              Hatter, Ned, Rayden, Rug Rat, Styx,
              Violator, Wizard, Xenox, Zapotek, Zatt
Boards: Escapade           +XX-XXXX-XXXXXX
--------Antidote           +XX-XX-XXXXX
        Edge Of Midnight   +X-XXX-XXX-XXXX (down)

The old-school demo crew died some time ago and
most of the Members joined DUAL CREW SHINING. But
ZYRON's way lead him to F4CG.

The group died as well and with it their leader's mag
MENDIP. GARTH joined the forces of CHROMANCE lately
as he returned to the scene.

They won't do cracks anymore as they decided to
concentrate on legal work only. But we'll have to see
what time brings as they were very inactive recently
and they aren't much experienced on the legal
section of the scene. But as a start there are said
to be coming maybe some music- or graphics-
Memberstatus: Agemixer, Avalanche, B.A., Dr. Science,
------------- Mr.Giga, Rebel, Robocop

Things have been really quite concerning this
legendary demo group. But they'll try to release
their next demo on the Assembly'97. This demo won't
be the 100%-version of FOLLOW THE SIGN 3, because
they want to spend the new effects for a new demo
instead. So, hopefully this one will be out as 
planned, if not they'll put it out on the X-Mas Party.
Memberstatus: AMJ, Dr. Dick, Grendel, Mike, Mr. Sex,
------------- Mysdee, Professor Fate

First they kicked JOVAN and THOR but later they
gained T.M.R. to join, who left COSINE for that.
After these changes they started working on their
next demo, which will be called KISS MY CARC-ASS 2.
Memberstatus: Aahz The Demon, Carcass, Deathy,
------------- Fungus, Natas, Necrophobic, Pwizard,

They kept their course of steady memberchanges
and let SPHERE in. Besides that they got GARTH to
join them, who won't continue his mag MENDIP, but
who is said to maybe bring a new mag to life in
stead. They also gained BINJINX, who will be in them
as hacker and toolcoder. As they lost their EHQ
WESTPOINT with kicking out HEAVY HEAD due to
inactivity they took JOYRIDE in. With him he brings
his board VIRTUAL LIGHT.
Only after being in the group for about one month
FUNGUS left Chromance to join up with pals in F4CG.
But Chromance also showed life from their legal
section as they released a demo called DUMPSTER.
Memberstatus: Binjinx, Cubehead, Deviant, Druid,
------------- Garth, Jaydee, Jinx, Joyride, Lion
              Macx, Mr. Wax, Natas, Pete, Rough,
              Scratcher, Scud, Spermbird, Sphere,
              Stash, Syco, Zakk, Zar
Boards: The Bass Planet  +X-XXX-XXX-XXXX
------  Virtual Light    +XX-XXX-XXXXX
FTP-Site: Gangsta's Paradise:

They once again kicked ass with a smashing release
called KRESTAGE.. And only some weeks later they
surprised everyone with the sequel to it named
KRESTAGE 2! Hopefully there will be more from them
Memberstatus: Crossbow, Dane, Deekay, Drax,
------------- Maduplec, Mitch, Syndrom, Xayne...

They gained some really great members when ANTIC
died and most of the ANTIC crew joined them. But
sadly there haven't been seen any products from
them yet.
Memberstatus: BOZ, Creeper, Danger, Depeh, Elric,
------------- Jordan, Manga, Metal Maniac, Probe,
              Rebel MC, Zaz

After many months of silence they return with fresh
power. After AVANTGARDE died DODGER decided to
rejoined DYTEC and also HARDSEQUENCER came back
from his excourse in ONSLAUGHT. 
DODGER will start cracking again, although he and
HARDSEQUENCER are quite busy with editing the mag.
But HARDSEQUENCER won't be very active within the
next 10 months as he had to join the army at the
first of july.
With the pc-scene dying FATMAN decided to come
back and start swapping again.
Memberstatus: Coda, Dodger, Fatman, Hardsequencer
------------- Little Big Man

With KRUPPA they put out a fine dentro which is a
real highlight in today's scene. They are planning to
do a complete ROB HUBBARD COLLECTION together with
TOPAZ. The gfx collection by ELECTRIC was cancelled
as these graphics will be used in their next demo,
which will be propably out on the Assembly.
Memberstatus: Argon, Barfly, Barracuda, Dr. Acid,
------------- Duce, Electric, Junkie, Micke, Tape,
              TBB, Thor

They recently showed a sign of life with releasing
a HTML viewer for C64s with REU. They're planning to
put out RED DEVIL's next collection called DEVIL
TRACKS 3 and also the 2nd part of VISUAL ORGASM. But
their most important project is, of course, their
next demo, which should be out about X-Mas and
which should be called LEGOLIZE IT - A DECADE OF
Memberstatus: Bacchus, Harlekin, Highlander, 
------------- Lightside, Red Devil, Rowdy, Sledge,
Board: Warez Aquarium  +XX-XXX-XXXX

After running out of active crackers they just
took SKINHEAD from AFL in. They also enlarged their
legal section with gaining SLIVER, who left TRIAD for
them. And he's said to release his gfx collection
under that label soon, as well as STASI.
Since months they are saying that they'll bring back
an old board soon, but no one really believes that 
this will happen...
Anyway, they also let FUNGUS join, who left
CHROMANCE only after some weeks.
Memberstatus: Antitrack, Bitman, Derbyshire Ram,
------------- Devil, Goz, Intruder, Motley,
              Mr. Alpha, Neotec, Newscopy, Playboy,
              Sixx, Skinhead, Sliver, Smasher, Solar,
              Stasi, Walker, Zyron

They slowed down their activities on the CBM64 and
concentrated more on the Sony PlayStation. ZORE and
BALANCE were kicked out due to inactivity.
Memberstatus: Alchemist, Burn, Chaotic, Cupid,
------------- Diverse, Eroz, Groepaz, Jack Alien,
              Jinx, Kristian, Luke, Moonchild,
              Motion, Peacemaker, Racoon, Rammy,
              Sabotage, Seven, Skud, Stan, Tranziie,
              Tyron, Vortex, Zambo
Boards: The Dungeon            +X-XXX-XXX-XXXX
------  Warez Aquarium         +XX-XXX-XXXX
        The Mystical Paradise  +XX-XXX-XXXXXX
They showed once again good activity and seem to
improve more and more. BLENDER was kicked because
of bad behaviour and laziness and so he only stays
Memberstatus: Animalo, Calamity, Dandee, Didi, Goat,
------------- Holden, KBS, Mendrake, Skyhawk,
Board: The Dragon's Tower   +XX-XXXX-XXXXXX

Although there weren't any products from them
since a long time they are still alive! But all members
are quite busy with their real life. GOBLIN, for 
example, is travelling around the world and FLAMINGO
is a JAVA-Programmer and has nearly no spare time
for the CBM64 left. But hopefully we'll see something
from them at least at the X-Mas party this year.
Memberstatus: Flamingo, Goblin, Rash, Scooby, Waco
------------- Yabba

With the release of a nice dentro called AAAARGH 
they returned once again and somehow started a
little coding-fight with CREST! Hopefully that one
will turn out even more k00l demos from these guys.
Memberstatus: Scroll, ShokRay, Space Roy
Besides putting out some games things were really
quite concerning the crew around CROSSFIRE. They
got a new german BBS called RAVE-O-LUTION. And BIRD
left W.O.W. to concentrate on MOTIV 8 only.
Memberstatus: Bird, Clive, Crossfire, Eddie, 
------------- Greenfrog, Grego, Ibanez, Iceball,
              Kosa, Larry, Lyon, Mason, Mandrake,
              Nuke, TFP, The Magical Garfield, Visby
Boards:       In Living Color  +X-XXX-XXX-XXXX
------        The Dragon's Tower+XX-XXX-XXXXXX
              Rave-o-lution     +XX-XXXX-XXXXXX
FTP-Site:     Mount Tokay

As the group is quite big therefor also were a lot of
changes recently. First of all they lost DOWN BY LAW
as MORISSEY got kicked for his inactivity. They also
forced GALLAND to leave them, because he seemed to
cause some troubles with other members.
The group's founder VENGEANCE became active again
and showed up on the boards lately. But he has got
no plan concerning VANDALISM NEWS. Also NEBULA
called out for some days, but soon he became
inactive again. The UNHOLY was put on the inactive
status as well.
Memberstatus: Bizarre, Bwyze, Carlos, Deekay, 
------------- Digahole, Djkat, Doom, Donar, Grafee,
              Homeboy, Insane, Jazzcat, Jason,
              Jolz, McByte, Meff, Morbid, Moses, 
              Mr. Brain, Ramirez, Rap, Shocker,
              Sting, TBH, Trouble, Vengeance
Boards:       Deadzone        +X-XXX-XXX-XXXX
------        Sanitarium      +XX-XXX-XXXXXX
FTP-Site: Gangsta's Paradise

They aren't very active at the moment but they are
still alive! ZARDAX just is on vacation and after that
he'll get active again.
Memberstatus: BX, CLF, Crony, Destino, Mixer, Slayer,
------------- Zardax

Like always in the summer months it's really quite
around these guys at the moment. They'll put out 
their 100%-version of their X-Mas party demo
STARBURST within this month, although didn't add
anything to the version, which was shown at the
Party 6, but they linked it all together perfectly so
that it works really 100% now.
According to LEONARDO their next demo will be out on
the Party 7 in Denmark again, and it's said to be a
real smasher! So, be prepared for something
Memberstatus: Anonym, Cupid, Jadawin, Leonardo

These guys didn't do anything since ages. They
mostly concentrated their power to the internet.
Memberstatus: Ace, Artic, Delta, Genius, Flotsam, 
------------- Junkie, Page, Pain, Rockstar, ZNY

The dutch coop kicked ass within the lasy few weeks
by releasing quite a nice bunch of games. Hopefully
they can keep that power, because they will get
into harder times as CBA offically left the scene
for good. But they got MR. AMMO from TRIAD to
join them. 
But all in all things look good with them lately.
Memberstatus: Alchemist, Allitaice, Arrogance, 
------------- Bacillus, Burglar, Coolhand, Credo,
              El Banditos, Funxilla, Gazza, Micron,
              Moren, Mr. Ammo, Nightshade,
              Spectator, Splatterhead, Stake,
              Superstition, Trax, Tristan
Board:        The Dungeon       +X-XXX-XXX-XXXX
-------       The Mystical Paradise+XX-XXXX-XXXXX
FTP-Site: Digital Dungeon

They are currently working on their new demo, but
it isn't sure yet, when their hoing to release that.
The demo project has been delayed mainly by D'Arc,
who wants to finish the PC-version of his game
PENGUIN TOWER first. SCAPEGOAT also wants to do a
music collection together THOR/EXTEND.
Memberstatus: Addict, AMJ, Beat, D'Arc, Hawkeye,
------------- Hifi, HTD, Razorback, Scapegoat, TMB

The group with the triangle is more and more slowing
down. SLIVER left them for F4CG. And MR. AMMO also
said good bye to them and joined up with the forces
Memberstatus: Cash, Iopop, Jerry, King Fisher, Sailor,
------------- Tao, Taper, The Meatball, Twoflower

The legendary music group is pretty dead. The 
remaining members didn't leave the scene offically,
but they don't do anything these days on the CBM64.
METAL was the last one who had his C64 connected
about half a year ago. But DRAX and LAXITY are also
Memberstatus: Drax, Laxity, Metal

They showed us that they are still around with
putting out a small but fine dentro called I LOVE YOU.
At the moment they are busy with working in ED's
music collection DISCO CALCULI and OXIDY's flood of
graphics called EXPECTATIONS 2.
Memberstatus: Ed, Joe, Oxidy, Stash

Single News:
- DEVIANT started a BBS-gfx group called BLIND.

- JETAN left AGONY and joined his old group ALBION.

- ALIEN PROPHET, BEAT UP and MASTER S were all put
  on the inactive status of EXCESS.

- WAVEFORM/MILLENIUM died of Hotchkins desease.
- FANTASTIC ZOOL joined the guys in EXCESS.

- LTRIMM was taken into W.O.W.!

- REAM returned to the scene and joined AMNESIA.

- HUNTER was kicked out of SCORN and so stays in
  NO NAME only.

- FAZEE/FATUM left the scene, but he left us a last
  gfx collection behind.

- OFFENCE made a surprising comeback with releasing
  a demo. But most of the parts were quite old.

- The board FINAL GENOCIDE went down for the summer
  and will be online again in autumn.

- FORTRESS OF DOOM, an old BBS, is now online again.
  It runs on UCBBS and can be reached under

- GAXAR left his 2nd and 3rd groups THERAPY and TDR
  to remain in ROLE only.

- SCORPE left the german based group EXCESS.

- STARELIGHT/ARISE finally left the scene.

- FIRESTALKER made his comeback in the scene and
  joined his former group FTA again.

That were the news. We tried to avoid much talking
around, just wanted give you the pure facts in a
nice comprehensive form.



                               THE CHARTS

Welcome to the most popular chapter in mags
usually! In this issue, the very first, we present you
some kind of megacharts, because we didn't have
enough time to spread our own votesheet! Expect
better charts with self counted votesheets next 
So, this time we took into consideration:
                     RELAX - 20
                     DOMINATION - 8
                       NITRO - 23
Okay, let's go...


1.  OXYRON                   (52)         germany
2.  BYTERAPERS INC.          (47)         finland 
3.  CREST                    (35)         ger,dk,swe
4.  Camelot                  (20)         denmark
5.  Smash Designs            (15)         germany
6.   Agony                   (13)         poland
     Profik                  (13)         poland
8.   Graffity                (03)         hungary
9.   Wrath Design            (02)         sweden
10.   Beyond Force           (01)         finland

Comments: Oxyron, Byterapers and Camelot are too
          high, because they didn't release 
          anything since ages. 
                Crest should be higher instead because of
                their great activity with releasing
                KRESTAGE 1 + 2!

                Since the massive success with PROJECT
                PITCHFORK at the SYM-MEKKA97 the guys
                from Smash Designs climb on and on.

                Graffity and Wrath Designs should be 
                higher placed....


1. MR.SEX/BYTERAPERS INC.                  (55)
2.  GRAHAM/OXYRON                          (50)
3.  QUISS/REFLEX                           (34)
4.  Crossbow/Crest                         (32)
5.   Aeg/Smash Designs                     (28)
6.  Druid/Agony                            (16)
7.  Fuben/Oxyron                           (12)
8.  Profi 1/Profik                         (06)
9.  Guru/Reflex                            (05)
10. Clarence/Graffity                      (03)


1. SUCCESS + TRC                 (60)             hol-pol-ger
2.  ALPHA FLIGHT 1970            (45)             ger-swe-uk
3.  CHROMANCE                    (36)             hun-hol-pol
4.  F4cg                         (24)             swe-pol-bel
    Hitmen                       (24)             ger-swe-us
6.  Onslaught                    (16)             aus-ger-pol
7.   Laxity                      (13)             ger-dk
8.  Triad                        (10)             swe-ger-pol
9.  Fairlight                    (06)             sweden
10. Motiv 8                      (03)             dk-pol-ger 

Comments: The dutch coop SCS+TRC on the top spot,
          although they didn't manage to release so
          much lately.. And CBA left the scene...

          Propably the guys from ALPHA FLIGHT'70
          will climb to the top next time, as they
          were quite active.

          We are wondering when the promised oh so
          big warez-rush from F4cg will come... They
          don't deserve this 4th place with such an


1. JACK ALIEN/HITMEN                 (52)
2. BURGLAR/SCS+TRC                   (45)
3. MOONCHILD/HITMEN                  (37)
   IGNORANCE/ALPHA FLIGHT 1970       (37)
5. Cba/Scs+Trc                       (22)
6. Didi/Laxity                       (17)
7. Quathron/Triad                    (04)
8. Mr. Wax/Chromance                 (03)
9. Derbyshire Ram/F4cg               (02)
10. Crossfire/Motiv8                 (01)


1. CRUISE/TABOO                      (52)
2. JOE/WRATH DESIGNS                 (36)
3. DEEKAY/CREST                      (34)
4. Electric/Extend                   (32)
5. Rrr/Oxyron                        (20)
6. Creeper/Antic                     (17)
7. Cupid/Hitmen/Padua                (11)
8. Calamity/Smash Designs            (05)
   Fazee/Taboo                       (05)
10. Astaroth/Agony                   (04)

Comments: Why's CRUISE so high??? Haven't seen
          anything from him since ages.. I think it's
          time that he and all the other inactive
          ones make place for new talents.

          And what's up with RRR and CUPID? To stay
          in here they should try making more
          pictures instead of logos...
                Hopefully JOE or DEEKAY will take over the
                top spot next time, because they would
                really deserve this!


1. PVCF/REFLEX                              (48)
2. P.R.I./OXYRON/TIA                        (45)
3. MITCH+DANE/CREST/HYPE                    (42)
4. Drax/Vibrants/Crest                      (22)
   Syndrom/Crest/Tia                        (22)
   Jeff/Camelot/Hype                        (22)
7. Metal/Vibrants/Camelot                   (10)
8. Shogoon/Taboo                            (09)
   Fanta/Oxyron/Bass                        (09)
10. Zyron/F4cg                              (07)

Comments: PVCF isn't active anymore, but still the
          No.1! Strange, eh?!? I think the voters
          should more support new talents or other
          active composers.           

          MITCH+DANE are very active at the moment.
          So they'll propably take over the top spot

          Hey, would be nice to see DANKO back in
          here, because he's active again.. Just
          for example take this tune you are
          listening to right now.


Releasecharts May

                      Releasecharts May 1997

Welcome to the first releasecharts in the CREST!-
Since this issue was one month delayed, we have 2
Releasecharts in this issue.
But in the beginning I'll give you the rules used.
The rules may change a bit the next issues since I
have to see how it works out...

The boards where the releases will be taken from:
And now over to the point system:
0.X for Previews
2.X for Low Budget-games
3.X for Budget-games
5.X for Fullprice-games

-5 for the re-release of a full game
-1 for the re-release of a preview
-1 for a Fixfile or a second version

FakeLabel-releases won't be counted.
Basic-games, compiled basic-games, gamemakergames
and tools will get no points.

1 extra-point will be given for something special.
This can be a special feature in a crack, an       [+)
impressing tool. or...

-1 point will be given for not translating the whole
text of a game into english. It's not neccessary to
translate the grafix too, but if the game uses no
text, only grafix, they have to be translated.

It's not neccessary that a preview is playable. If a
group releases more previews of the same game,
they'll get no points for it!

If a game is fixed PAL/NTSC it will get 2 points added
to the points for the game. If the game was released
as PAL-version before it will get one point added.
If a 2nd group is involved in the fix the points will
be shared.                                           [+]
Make sure it's a real fix and not only slowing down
the music. If the fix isn't needed at all I'll give the
PAL-points only!

A fixed version of a game has to be released within
6 months after the PAL-version to get points.

The same goes for a PAL-fixed version of an NTSC-
game (if this should happen).

If a release has one or maybe more smaller bugs, the
group has 24 hours time to release a fixfile or 2nd
version. But I mean SMALL bugs!

But now we'll start with the May-list...
In may there was a big discussion on the boards
concerning one single release. This release was the
game MYSTERY. It was firstreleased by AFL in april,
and later some guys claimed the game had a bug.
And so URINE released a so called 100%-version.
Since no one could prove that the AFL-version bugs,
URINE would get re-release-points for this.
But since URINE was only found to blame AFL, we took
it out of the list.
Hope AFL will think about their 100%-mania...
But now to the real list:

ALPHAFLIGHT (Ger,Swe,Nor....)                4,8 points
They had a very silent month with releasing the
fixed version of BLOODHAND (4,8 pts.) only.          [+]
F4CG (Swe,Ger,Pol..)                        9,3 points
The fantastic ones released two Timsoft-games this
month. First they came up with the fixed version
of MANGANOID (4,6 pts.) and later they released the
fixed version of KNOORKIE (4,7 pts.).
Both versions are not that well done, since
MANGANOID included a small flickerbug in the end-
sequence and in KNOORKIE you can't see the trainer
on old 64's. You only see a black screen. But I'll give
no minus-points, since we have no rules for this!

LAXITY (Ger,Den...)                       -0,9 points
The guys in LAXITY didn't have the luck on their side
this month. First they released the preview of     [+]
THE RUN (-1 pts.) which was released by TRIAD some
time ago. Then they came up with MAP-RACE (0 pts.)
which is compiled basic. At last they released the
preview of TRAZZ (0,1 pts.).

MOTIV8 (Den,Ger,Usa..)                        0 points
Another month another try... The guys in MOTIV8
started with AFTERLIFE 2 (0 pts.) a game in basic.
Later they released the so called 100%-version of
TRIC TRAC (0 pts.). The only one difference to the
F4CG-version released last month was the included
notefile. As the game was sold to LOADSTAR the note
has no importance (they won't put it on their disc
Then they came up with the 2nd preview of         [+]
IMMORTALITY IN SPACE (0 pts.). They released the
first version of the preview back in 1995!
At last they released a game in compiled basic
called FOUR CORNERS (0 pts.).

ONSLAUGHT (Aus,Ger,Den...)                 16,5 points
ONSLAUGHT started this month with releasing the
fixed version of GHOST TRAP (5,3 pts.). Later they
put out TROOZE (5,4 pts.) as fixed version.
At the end of the month they finally released CRAZY
BUSINESS (5,8 pts.) which was fixed to run PAL/NTSC
too. CRAZY BUSINESS isn't well cracked, since you
can't see the trainer on old 64's. And they didn't
remove the bugs from the original. So you can't
watch the end (you see only a white screen) and   [+]
you should have problems entering your name if
you've a new highscore (you see only a black
screen). This only appears on old 64's again, but I
think it should be fixed in a good crack.
But no minus-points at all...

TRIAD (Swe..)                               0,2 points
They released AAKE 2-preview (0,2 points) this time!

This were all the releases in May 1997.
Now skip over to the next page and see the final

Rank  Group                                       Releases  Points
 1     ONSLAUGHT                                   3         16,5
 2     F4CG                                        2         9,3
 3     ALPHAFLIGHT                                 1         4,8
 4     TRIAD                                       1         0,2
 5     MOTIV8                                      4         0,0
 6     LAXITY                                      3         -0,9

No more comments on this...
Let's continue with the FIXING-CHARTS on the next

Rank  Group                                       Releases         Points
 1     ONSLAUGHT                                   3                16,5
 2     F4CG                                        2                9,3
 3     ALPHAFLIGHT                                 1                4,8

Quite short this time...
If you have problems with this list, found a mistake
or something else, then contact me through e-mail at


or on the major us-boards.

Releasecharts June

                      Releasecharts June 1997
Welcome to the 2nd Releasecharts in this issue of
the CREST!-magazine...
Not much words in the beginning. let's start...

ALPHAFLIGHT (Ger,Swe,Nor...)               5,8 points
The guys in AFL had some luck on their side with
releasing the fixed version of MAGIC FORMULA
(5,8 pts.). CHROMANCE and LAXITY released their
version some hours earlier, but failed with the fix.
They released a fix-file some hours later, but the
game was still flickering on PAL and NTSC in the
levels 17+22...
ARMAGEDDON (Usa)                                   2,1 points
This rebuild group came up with HYPERCARS (0 pts),
which was not running on PAL properly, and so
SCS*TRC released a working version the same day,
and stole the points.
The second game they released was LAZER DUEL
(2,1 pts.)...

CHROMANCE (Hu,Ger,Hol)                    0 points
CHROMANCE had no success with releasing the fixed
version of MAGIC FORMULA (0 pts.) for LAXITY, and so
they lost the points to AFL.
Later they released NETHER-preview (0 pts.) a quite
lame game from the states. The game itself is     [+]
coded in basic, so no points...

F4CG                                     (1,5 points)
The fantastic one had a quite active month... First
they released the preview of MR. ANT (0,2 pts.).
Later COLEE-preview (0,3 pts.) followed.
Then they released RUNDES LEDER (1 pt.) a quite nice
footballmanager-game. This german game was spread
as freeware. Since the game itslef is compiled basic,
I usually would give no points, but since translating
was for sure a horrible job, I give 1 extra-point for
this one!

LAXITY (Ger,Den...........)                         (2,4 points)
First they released SWEEPMINER (2,4 poins) a already
PAL/NTSC-running game released by GO64!
After this they tried to release MAGIC Formula...
And finally they released UTOPIA-preview (0 pts.).
It's a neat game, but it's coded in basic, so...

MOTIV8 (Den,Ger,Usa....)                     0,1 points
The guys in MOTIV8 released a quite lame preview of
the game MICRO MACHINE (0,1 pts.).. Wonder if this
game will be finished once...

ONSLAUGHT (Aus,Ger,Den................)           0,4 points
ONLSAUGHT released PENNY-preview (0,4 pts.) this

SUCCESS*THE RULING COMPANY (Hol,Usa..)  12,6 points
The guys in SCS*TRC had a quite fabolous comeback
this month...
First they put out the fixed version of HYPERCARS
(4,4 ptx.). One day later they came up with BLOX
(2,6 pts) which was already running PAL/NTSC.
At the end of this month they released the fixed
version of SQUARES (5,6 pts.).

And now let's go on for the list.                 [+]
Rank  Group                       Releases        Points
 1     SCS*TRC                     3               12,6
 2     ALPHAFLIGHT                 1               5,8
 3     LAXITY                      2               2,4
 4     ARMAGEDDON                  1               2,1
 5     F4CG                        3               1,5
 6     ONSLAUGHT                   1               0,4
 7     MOTIV8                      1               0,1
 8     CHROMANCE                   1               0

And  now we'll come to the FIXING-CHARTS...

Rank  Group                                       Releases         Points
 1     SCS*TRC                                     2                10,0
 2     ALPHAFLIGHT                                 1                5,8

A quite short list, but who cares...
Hope you enjoyed reading these 2 chapters!
For comments or mistakes contact me at:


            or leave mail on the major us-boards!



 Profile of the month - DANKO
Welcome to the very first interview here! And this
one features a guy that was and still is famous for 
his great musics! It's no one less than DANKO! As you
now know who we're talking about, let's start the
talk straight away...

?: Hi, we're glad to have you here in this profile of
the month! So, what about a brief description of

!: My first name is Tomas, I'm 23 years old, living in

?: Yeah, quite brief answer, hehe! Anyway, who did 
you get into the world of bits and bytes and why on
our beloved CBM64 ?

!: I got there myself, after having bought myself the
VIC 20. Once the C64 came, and I could afford it, it
wasn't really much of a question. It's still the 
funniest computer I've been using ever!

?: Ah, good to hear that! As a silent stalking 
composer with great style, have you ever done 
other jobs, something like coding or so?

!:Yep, I've done quite some coding back in time. Most
for personal use, though. But also when putting the
musics into the demos, since there often are special
requirements neccessary! I also did my two first
musicroutines by myself. About graphics: well, I'm no
pro. But of course I've been dabbling around with it.

?: And what made you start learning to compose 

!: It all started when I was five years old or so. My
father was a musician, and he used to run the
biggest musicstore in Sweden. No wonder I got

?: Hmmm.. quite intersting! So, let us know now for
how long you've been into the C64 scene and who
belongs to your best friends in it!

!: I don't really remember an exact date, or year to 
be honest, but by the time I started on CBM64 the 
game "FROGGER" was already old, hehe! Propably the
same year, the computer first was sold.
The people from the scene I used to know and did
things with back then were Syncro, Rygar, Karl XII,
Flamingo, Goblin, Pernod, Viper, Bob, Dragon, Sensei,
Psycho, Shark and a lot of other guys. You all know
who you are! :)

?: Hehe. What were then the first groups, which you

!: First Professor J (later on known as Syncro) and
I started SHADI Software. From there we went to

?: And are you still active on the sixtyfour?

!: No, not with full power. But I did a couple of tracks

?: Ah, we're looking forward to hearing more from
you! So, what in your eyes is the difference between
the old school and the new school scene! And what
would you do to bring back the old former days?

!: During the good old days there was this pioneering
spirit and everyone could feel that they truely were
involved in something new and happening. We made
history, breaking new ground within multimedia and
computing. Today noone actually invents something
new in that sense using a CBM64. Also the pioneering
days are over.
Thus, I don't really believe one can resurrect the old
former days. Though, trying to collect all the 
resources and contacts onto the Internet is really
something we all should strive towards.

?: Quite interesting viewpoint. So, is there any
phenomenon in particular or maybe dudes you don't
like in the scene?!? if yes, please give us a story!

!: there are always dorks and dweebs being around,
no matter where you are. But all in all, I liked most
of the sceners. Back then there was not much 
negative energy going around. The scene was purely
existing because of the positive energies flowing
between the people sharing the same interest.

?: And now give us your favourites concerning...

DEMO GROUPS: Censor Design, Light, Horizon, Judges...

CODER: Syncro, Andrew Braybrook, Mr. Cursor, Kjer,

ARTISTS:  The guy who made the eye in the game
           Sentinel!(ed. BOB!)

COMPOSER:    Martin Galway  (ed.C00l!)

CRACKER GROUPS: 1001 Crew, Computerbrains, Clonekid.
CRACKER: Mr. Z/Triad

DISC MAGAZINE: Shock, Sex'n'Crime, Mamba

GAME:  Pirates, Kaiser, Paradroid, Uridium...

TOOL:  Editor 50000, JCH's NPEditor 3.02, Duplicator,
       CCGMS, Turbo Assembler...

GIRL:  "B" and Tarja

SEX!:  Yes!  (ed.: Noway man!) 8)

FOOD:   Broccoli, chocolate ice cream, steaks

DRINK:   Grolsch, Rusty Nail
MUSIC:    Loreena McKennitt

BOOK:   Nile City 105.6 manuscript

MOVIE:   Gregories Girl

?: Wow.... What a list! Hehe. So what does your
dreamteam concerning the C64 look like?

!: Hey, ever heard about the team called CENSOR
DESIGN   ?!? ;-)

?: Haha! And now over to something completly 
different... Who, in your very own opinion, belongs to
the best composers from past and present in the
real life???
!: Hard to tell, since all the various composers 
throughout time have been composing different
styles. Albinoni must be one of them, though. Bach as
well. Regarding more contemporary composers, there
are just too many to mention.

?: And what can we expect from you and the other
guys in Censor in the future?

!: For starters, we are collecting our resources and
putting them up in the Internet. Our URL is the
From me you can expect a lot of new music on the 
C64! Other than that, regarding CBM64, stay tuned to
our homepages. Censor and me are all busy elsewhere
doing music and programming and stuff.
?: What does each member do exactly?

!: Half of the Censor team is busy under the name
NEUROSTONE, producing Playstation games. The rest 
is either studying or working.

?: Hmmmm... Now a quite tricky question: People often
talk about ELITE... What is ELITE in your definition???

!: Elite used to be the definition of the creme de la
creme on the scene. The top five percent of the 
best guys in coding, music, graphics and so on. After
that elite started to define people trading the
latest stuff on Amiga and PC. And then it kind of 
lost its meaning...

?: Whats your advice then to all the demo producing
groups concerning their future projects?

!: DO YOUR OWN THING! If you believe in what you're
doing, you may make some pretty nifty things! Act
professional about it and don't release anything if
you're not personally content with it!

?: Yeah, that's the point! And now over to some
brainstorming! What comes in your mind when I say...

LEGEND: Mr. Z/Triad


PARTIES: Aars/Denmark

MSI: Could it be that group called Megastyle Inc
      perhaps?  ;-)

PC: a tool

FRIENDSHIP: Censor Design

NUDES!: beautiful   (Aha!) 8-)

SWEDEN: freezing cold

I-Net: decentralizing power

CREST (group): that CBM64 group!!!
?: K00l, hehe! We're getting closer to the end now. 
I'll hereby give you the chance to say what's on your

!: On my mind? A lot. And yet, not much! Though, if you
guys are interested in what I've been up to the last
year then check out the URL

?: The last lines are yours...

!: This one goes out to the people I know: I love you 
all! You know who you are...

?: Thanks for the interview, Tomas! Bye...  

Shark Inc.-Profile

Welcome dear audience, to the Legend Profile.
The Crest staff is proud to give you this profile of
one of the most popular American sceners from the
past.  Known as former member and organizer of one 
of the legendary American Fixer groups of all times!
Proudly presented to you:


enjoy it......

[c]:  The Crest
[s]:  Shark/Inc
[c]:    Hello Shark, please give the readers a short
        description of yourself!

[s]:    Physically, I am 6'3, 200lbs. I have brown hair
        and hazel eyes.  I am very athletic and will
        destroy anyone in my path at basketball.

[c]:    Please tell me, how did the cbm64 first come
        into your live ?

[s]:    My friend. who was always into the newest
        technology got a vic20.  I saw the fun he was 
        having so I got one, too. Then he got a cbm64,
        then I got one. Cbm64 was very cheap and great
        fun, thus its popularity.

[c]:    ..and what were some of the very first groups 
        you were in, and what made you join them ?

[s]:    I started "International-Network of Chaos"
        ( Inc. ) in late 1987 which was my only group.
        I started "Inc" instead of joining another 
        established group since I wanted to prove to
        myself that I could take a group from nothing
        and make it into one of the best in the USA.
        Inc. ended in late 1990.

[c]:    Are you still active on cbm64 ? 

[s]:    I am not active. I now play cbm64 games on the
        emulators although I still have my cbm64.
        Directly related to the cbm64, I now help main-
[s]:     -tain the ultimate SID tunecollection called
         HV-SID's ( for the SID emulators ).  Yes, I 
         know cbm64 people hate the word "emulator".
         Check out my "Inc." web site for not only      
         old scene information, but also for HV-SID's:


[c]:     Who, in your eyes, belongs to the top of Us-
         fixer groups ?  (past/present)

[s]:     As of when I left (1990), "Inc." and "Exodus"
         were dominating with the NTSC fixing.
         I consider -Stormbringer/Exodus- as the 
         greatest NTSC fixer of all and -TMS/Inc- 
[s]:     (TMS=The Mind Slayer) the second best.
         Stormbringer/Exodus was so good that no one
         even today can NTSC the games that he 
         couldn't fix ( Turrican, Bionic Commando, etc )
         The Mind Slayer/Inc. and Stormbringer were the
         first to make a science out of NTSC'ing.

[c]:     ..and what is your very own opinion about 
         European NTSC-fixers?

[s]:     When I was on the scene,  the Euros only had 
         to PAL fix some of the loaders to the USA
         games.  Are you saying that Euros now NTSC
         fix games ?   .WILD!

[c]:     How does your dreamteam look like ?
[s]:     CRACKERS:    Mitch and Janitor
         CODERS:      Changeling and Silver Surfer
         FIXERS:      The Mind Slayer and Stormbringer
         ARTISTS:     Sarge and Hobbit 
         COMPOSERS:   Jeroen Tel/Funcomm
         LEADER:      The Shark  :)

[c]:     Great status!
         The Shark favourites are comming...      

[s]:     CODER:     Changeling (USA)
         CRACKER:   Mitch  (USA)
         ARTIST:    Sarge and whoever drew "the PAWN"
                    (a game) pictures.
         FIXER:     Stormbringer (Canadian)
         BOARDS:    Warez Galore  ( ran by Jimmy'Z !)
[s]:     COMPOSER:  Rob Hubbard    
         GAME:      4th and Inches (USA)/ (c) Accolade
         FOOD:        BBQ Ribs
         DRINK:       Root Beer :)
         GIRL:        Queen of England  (ed. !!!!)
         SEX:         Female
[c]:     What was the first BBS ever you have been 

[s]:     I can't remember.  Lamer boards.

[c]:     The scene (esp. the illegal part) has had a 
         tremendous slump in the last years. What do 
         you think is a possible cure for this Cpu?       
[s]:      One must see there is no cure. Despite every
          -one's love for the cbm64, technology is      
          always advancing.  My Pentium 90 is one year 
          old and it used to be the top of the line.
          Its CPU speed has been doubled already.
          One thing I have noticed about the cbm64 is 
          that several of the sceners are from east 
          Europe, Turkey, and a few others. what has 
          given it some life.  This was not the case in   
          1990.   Perhaps if the cbm64 was shipped to 
          Zaire, Guatemala and other third world 
          countries the cbm64 could survive ? Haha...
          For now many people are starting to use the
          cbm64 emulators for a good old nostalgic kick.

[c]:     How would you describe today's scene and
         what would you change ?

[s]:     The Internet wasn't part of the scene when 
         I was active.  This makes things awesome  
         since you never have to keep searching for 
         codes.  I am not an expert on the current 
         scene, but it seems to be active with a bunch
         of demo coders and musicians. This would make
         sense since there aren't many game-houses
         making games for the cbm64.

[c]:     What's your goal you wish to achieve in this
         age of this computer ??

[s]:     To have a killer cbm64 CD collection so that
          I can load any game I want at any time.  I would
          also like to continue to work on HV-SID's so 
          that the cbm64 music will always be preserved
          in an accurate manner. 

[c]:      Okay! Thanks a lot for this interview.. !
          The last lines are yours....8)

[s]:      So much about how I feel and what I know is 
          listed at the INTERNATIONAL-NETWORK OF CHAOS
          (Inc.) web site.  As for the cbm64, it was a 
          great computer for its time.  It will leave its
          mark on the computer industry for some time.


Graphic Reviews

Yo! Here we go with the graphic reviews... 
So, we'll give you an our view on the compo-gfx from
the X97 and the SYM-MEKKA! We'll especially focus 
on real pixelled graphics and not on such from  
other systems converted ones! Your hosts through
these reviews will be SHOKRAY and HARDSEQUENCER. 
We start with the gfx from the X97. The results were:

1. "TAZ" by BUNDY/W.O.W.

Okay, and now over to our very own comments on 
these pictures...

This koala picture features the tasmanian devil
"TAZ", which is well known through several comics.
He's crashing through a wall of paper [???] , which
looks like he's coming right out of the screen.

SHOKRAY would give the following rate.... 65% 
The rate was given so because of the picture
being in koala-format and only uses a few colours,
what gives it a special touch! More colours would
have destroyed the quality of this picture. 

This interlace-f.l.i. picture shows the shapes of a
vamp's face infront of a black background.

HARDSEQUENCER gives a rate of 27% .

This picture might be converted, but if it isn't, it
wouldn't look good anyway... It's just too simply
painted and especially the nose is really ugly! I don't
like this one very much...

On this interlace-f.l.i. picture you can see a fighting

SHOKRAY gives 71% for it!

The choice of colours by the artist was quite good,
he used only dark colours, so that it doesn't
flicker too much! But i guess it also would have been
possible only in f.l.i. or koala, wouldn't it?!? This one
should have won the compo...

This koala picture shows a face of a warrior [guess
you couldn't get that out of the name?!?]. The guy
[or girl?] looks like an asian rebel or so...

HARDSEQUENCER gives a percentage of 70%.

The few colours make this picture look original,
altough the background's too simple! Guess this
should have been painted better.. The same for the
colourfades in the face! But all in all i like it,
because the shapes are painted good.

What's that?!? We couldn't identify what it should
be! A creature from outta space with a bad bowel
desease! 8-)
The rating from SHOKRAY is 17%.

MARC, have you been the one, who disfigured it? 
Hehe! ;-)
Why the hell I gave 17%?!? Because it is really
impossible to figure what this thingy is...

And another interlace-f.l.i. picture. another ugly
one! It shows a woman with wings standing in the sea
infront of the sun...

HARDSEQUENCER gives not more than 19%.

It is absolutely shitty painted! The woman features
bad colourfades and her body looks strange anyway.
The only good looking thing, at least a little bit, is
the sun in the background. 

This picture is painted in Super Hires F.L.I. [???] and
shows a man's face morphing into an alien.

SHOKRAY thinks that it's worth 51%.

The choice of colours could have been better as
though as the pixelling. But the idea is quite good 
and it should have been ranked higher in the compo,
I think.

Yo, that we're our opinions about all the graphics 
from the X97 graphics competition... Our rankings
would look like this...

1. "COMPOPIC" by SLIVER/TRIAD                 71%
2. "WARRIOR'S FACE" by BUD/W.O.W.             70%
3. "TAZ" by BUNDY/W.O.W.                      65%
4. "COMPOPIC" by ZELDIN/CASCADE               51%
5. "DESIRABLE VAMP" by RAYDEN/AFL             27%
6. "COMPOPIC" by ADOLF/CENSOR                 19%
7. "HOTHEAD" by ALG+MARC/AFL                  17%

Hmmmm, our list is very different from the party
results. We really wonder, what all the party dudes
were voting for. Too bad that all the PC lamers had
the chance to take part in the voting... Bah!
And now over to the gfx from the SYMPOSIUM+MEKKA.
The results there looked like this....


Yumm, here are our comments to them...

On this interlace-f.l..i. you can see 2 old men in half
profile perspective.

HARDSEQUENCER judges and gives 74%.

if the picture isn't converted, then it's painted 
really good. But some things are also bad, for 
example the colourfades from the shadow to the
normal skincolour. Anyway, with the hope that it 
isn't converted i think it really deserved the top
spot on the party...

On here is shown a woman flying over a firespell
with something like wings or so in the background.
It's in koala format.
SHOKRAY's percentage for it is 35%.

First of all it's really hard to figure out what this
picture displays.... It's simply bad painted! The pixels
weren't set very clever by the artist and he also
mostly used the wrong colours at the wrong places.

This one gives you a man together with a woman and
another woman standing infornt of them in real
horror. They're all nearly naked and in the
background is some kind of sperm on an egg cell.

HARDSEQUENCER thinks that it's worth only 38%.

This f.l.i. picture has bad colours. They weren't 
chosen very well by the painter. And the man and the
two women looks strange anyway, because their
proportions are in some parts absolutly wrong,
especially the tits of the woman in the front. With
better colours and better proportions this picture
would look quite good, I guess.

This koala fullscreener displays a dolphin jumping 
out of the sea infront of a caribian island.

SHOKRAY gives it 45%.

The proportions of the dolphin are really wrong, 
they make the dolphin nearly look like a whale. The
whole pic is too "big" pixelled, what might be a
result of some bad colourcombinatons. But the 
position in the results of the party was justified.

This koala picture is of course meant as a fake.
It shows the german comic figure "DAS KLEINE 
ARSCHLOCH" shouting "PARTY!".


This fake picture is just a phun one. The comic
figure is painted badly, no good shades. It has no
artistic value.. 
This interlace-f.l.i. picture is taken from the X-FILES.
On it you can see a baby in an incubator and in the
back a hand with an eye in. At the bottom there's a
logo showing X-FILES MYSTERY.

In SHOKRAY's opinion it deserves 53%.

The possibilties of i-fli weren't used well, the whole
picture would also have been possible in normal f.l.i.!
The hand in the background doesn't look good at all.
The picture seems overloaded with it.

Is this a fake or what??? You can see an alien [???]
which looks more like a puppet and at the bottom a
logo showing ALIEN LIFE.

HARDSEQUENCER gives lousy 3% for this.

Hey, nearly everything else looks better than this!
The possibilties of U-F.L.I. stay absolutly unused...
To say it short: It is pure shit!

Yummie, that were all gfx from the SYM-MEKKA97.
In comparison to the party results our rankings look
like this:

1. "TOO MOTHERFUCKIN' EVIL" by RAYDEN           79%
2. "MYSTIFY" by CALAMITY                        53%  
3. "DOLPHIN" by BITBREAKER                      45%
4. "AND LET LIVE" by ALG                        38%
5. "FIRESPELL" by HOOGO                         35%
6. "MAHLZEIT" by BUGJAM                          6%
7. "ALIEN LIFE" by MBB                           3%

No major differences here...

So, that's all from the world of graphics for this 


Speaker's Corner

                           SPEAKER'S CORNER

In this issue it's SHOKRAY's turn to speak out...

I think, it's time to express some critical thoughts
about the new demo generation...
It seems to me that most of todays so-called demo
groups are simply unable to code own cbm64 based
routines! Obviously demos, that look like being made
with the help of a pc-demomaker, are more popular
than good old cbm64 demos. Trackmos here, trackmos
there, trackmos everywhere!!! Argh! Why do you do
such shit, you new school coders!?! Is it because of
today's coders' unability or is it because simply
everyone releases trackmos and that's said to be
k00l or is it because the coders only code for the
big screens on the party to get more votes from the
pc-guys with such effects?!? Fuck these coders who
compare themselves to great legends and think that
they are the best! the best? in what? in pc ripping?!?
A message to AEG/Smash Design: Saying that
CROSSBOW/Crest is a bad coder, is the most fuckin'
shit I have ever heard! Are you allowed to to judge
who can code good and who not?!? First you have to
prove that you are able to code own real C64 
routines! Okay!?! No offence...
Excuses like "There aren't any cbm64 routines left
to code" are pure shit! Hey, have you seen
KRESTAGE 1+2 from Crest or AAAARRGGHHH from
Megastyle?!? That's the best evidence that routines
like DYCPs are still very popular and are still worth
being coded and improved, although the routines are
old! In my opinion a great demo is a combination of a
good coded routine, k00l graphics and of course 
also well fitting sound and last but not least a 
funny or/and k00l scrolltext! (Like in the new focus
demo - great work tdj, I like that one!)...
Demos from groups like Byterapers Inc., Reflex or
Smash Designs don't give me anything concerning 
these points! Of course it's also a lot of work for
them to code such trackmos, but where's the sense
in bombing 1000 effects in 4x4 mode on the screen
when nothing makes sense together?!? I just hate  
to be forced to go away from the screen 10 meters
to guess what this effect should be! Nah, I don't
know what this is all about...
And then even some people call this competition...
Haha.. That's lame, I think! Competition in what?!? In
"Who rippes first?" or in "Who codes the most ugly
routine?"?!? Oh well...
I really really thank coders like SCROLL, CROSSBOW,
GRAHAM, CLARENCE and etc. for keeping the good old

I hope that my expressions here weren't too critical.
But I think and hope that I'm not the only one, who
thinks that way about the new demo generation...
Don't forget that this is a C64 and not a fuckin'
fast pc!



Welcome to the Advertisement chapter.

To all of you out there:
Don't hesitate to contact us as soon as possible, 
if you wish to see your addresses published in one
of the upcoming editions of the CREST!-magazine.
Only for important things about CREST!-mag contact:

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               XXXX XX XXXXXXXXXX

                    - 4 originals
                    - 4 CREST!-magazine etc....
                    - 4 all coop-releases


                    XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX
                       XXXXXXX XX/XX
                       XXXXX XXXXXXXX 

                     - 4 megaswapping
                     - 4 for all Lepsi releases
                     - 4 "design" magazine...

                         XXXX XXXXXXXXX
                        XXXXXXXXXXX. XX
                          XXXXX XXXXXXX

             - searching for new contacts
             - to get in contact with Triad.

                   XXXXX XXXXXX
                   XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XX
                     XXXXX XXXXXXXXXX

                   - Propaganda magazine.
                   - demo/mag swapping
                   - 4 all F4cg wares.

                          XXXXXXX XXXXXX
                          XXXXXXXXXXX XXX
                          XXXXX XXX.XXXXXX

                 - to get in contact with Hitmen.
                 - Brainfart paper mag.

                     BIZ KID/CAMELOT [pc]

                      XXXXXX XXXXXXXXX
                         XXXXX. XX.XX
                         XXXX XXXXXXX

       - to get in contact with Camelot Pc-section
       - 4 Pc stuff (disc)


                         XXXXX XXXXXXX
                         XXXX-XXXXXX-XXX. XX
                          XXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX

                   - 4 all releases from Active


                        XXXX XXXXXXXXXX
                         XXXXXXXXXX. XX
                          XXXXX XXXXXX

                    - 4 the latest Dytec-warez
                    - 4 the CREST!-Magazine

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