Splash 19 ch14 Epilogue

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the epilogue...........by mr.brain
ooh yeaah(not an orgasm!)you have
just finished your trip in the
ocean wide pages of splash.so you
had a real orgasm now,and in my
opinion,it's something sad because
you finished reading this issue
and i feel like starting to work
for the next issue in this kickin'
hot summer! will i ever have any
holidays ? anyway,i have to stop
this crap and tell you nice news!

the next issue of splash will be
released with a new outfit.yeah,
after so much fun with this cool,
old one,we agreed on the idea that
a new outfit would take us back to
our #1 spot after a year.but there
are some questions in my mind...
people read mags like the famous
'time',which has not changed its
outfit for many years,and is still
number one.

think of the intro as the cover.
well,we don't use top model photos
like cindy's,but our intros are
equally cool,he,he.so there is no
problem with the intro.

think of the page design as the
outfit.they never change the page
design for years,but they are the
most popular mag.we didn't aswell
change it,but people still blame
us for it!? do you see a diffence?
sure! people buy it for the text
quality not for the page or cover

in my opinion,text quality should
be of 90% important,and the rest
10% of course.

in a diskmag,the difference is you
don't use your hands to flip the
pages but a joystick.so,the outfit
must be very userfriendly.can you
say the outfit is not userfriendly
or the text quality is low? do you
really believe it? in addition,we
offer you a bunch of cool musics
that you can never find in a paper
magazine.(oh,c'mon,dummy! -ed2)

with this logic,you can think
that i want to say that splash is
better than time ? yeaah,why not?
hehe,ok they are professionals,but
we're not.

this issue's epilogue was a bit
different from the other ones.i
think it is better.we and some
other magz were just writing bye
bye crap and voter names in the
last chapters.i wanted to make a
change this time and give you
something positive.i hate it when
chapters don't give the reader
anything.so i made a revolution
and changed the style.i won't
write the voter names anymore,coz
it sux! voters know who they are.
you don't need it,anyway.

yep,this is another ending.i hope
the scene will last as long as we
live.hey,don't worry,the king of
scenes is still c64 scene.believe
me... there is no friendship like
ours in other scenes.

man,take care of yourself untill
the next issue with a new outfit.

    stay free..

          stay with me!

               -the brainiac-
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