Splash 19 ch13 A Step Beyond

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a step beyond..........by mr.brain
after issue #18,i got very nice
words about this chapter.in the
beginning,i had planned to do it
for once,but according to the
reactions i recieved,i've decided
to continue "a step beyond".it is
also interesting for me,as i learn
about the latest improvements from
other computers,and even news for
our scene,such as:


commodore company sold the patent
of commodore 64 & amiga to another
company called escom.(so,from now
on we may call it escom 64!? -ed1)
i don't know much about that now,
but they plan to produce the compy
with cool expansions.let's wait'n


intel invited 486 users to prefer
pentium chips from now on.they've
also said the 486 processors have
reached an end and must be changed
with pentiums;new programmes would
not work with 486 processors.

this explanation wasn't enough for
most 486 users.they wanted to blow
up the guys,he,he.as a 486 owner,
it was not nice for me.

they also announced that there
would be a decrease on prices in
august.it should decrease about
350-400 u.s dollars.(wov! -ed2)

in comparison with a 1,200,000
transistored 486,pentium chips
have 3,300,000 transistors !

the aim of intel is to convince
people to have a pentium at home.


the last thang that's taken place
in the web is gambling between
large number of users.the computer
maniac called warren eugene from
toronto wants to open a gambling
den with the help of internet,but
it's still a question of legal or


the most famous and popular film
director,steven spielberg,helps
defected children with his new
system.with the help of this new
designed system,defected children
from every part of the world can
come together and play games in 3d
areas.this system is called the

he also built the starbright asc.,
which is supported by ub networks,
sprint,and intel.this system will
be set up at children hospitals,
where all children can use it
freely.the system also includes
mobile terminals for the children
in bed.(coool! -ed2)

it will be first tested in u.s
hospitals,then will be connected
to others in the world.


the last point the technology has
has reached are the cd-roms.with a
cd-rom,you can listen to any music
watch the animations,even see the
latest video clips from your favy
groups or a real film with the
help of a cd-i card.i just bought
one with the help of falcon/acy,
and i can watch the films: naked
gun 2.5,black rain,hunt for red
october and also some pornos,hehe.
contact me for more info.

wanna know the diffences between a
disk and a cd ?

while you can copy a disk up to
1.44 mb',a cd's capacity is more
than 600 mb.you can also feel the
speed difference while you are
doing this.you can use a disk up
to 10,maybe 15 years,but a cd may
live more than you,and maybe your
children.                          r


the new serie called performa
gives you a perfect service.it
contains the best utilities for
multimedia.the 75mhz powerpc 603
processored performa 5200 also
offers you a cd-rom drive,8mb ram,
500 mb harddisk and will be sold
with a bundle of programs.the pack
contains animation,music programs,
and grolier multimedia ensyclo...
(whatever that is! -ed1)

yoho,that's it,but i will continue
blasting your heads off in the
soon coming issue.

   this is mr.brain

          from cnn world news!
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