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legal highlights.......by digahole
the concept of this chapter is to
share my opinions about the latest
legal productions around and their
creators.so, chill out, and take a
look at the list of tonights lucky

PLUSH ETHICS.................PLUSH
RITUAL 2.....................TABOO
LONG LIFE................576 KBYTE


the first one,"still cruisin",was
a shock.i never thought flash inc.
was out there struggling to come
back -and with such weakness.there
are only three members left and
they are not the ones who made fhi
what it is,and could never be.

sorry guys,but you can't just pop
around ruining a fucking cool re-
putation.how about joining another
group ? b'coz from the quality of
your production,it is obvious that
you can only take a step back,but
not forth.

their small note-demo starts with
an average introduction part,which
is followed by a poorer designed
screen where you choose one of the
scroll-texts written by morpheus
and the spy.


my latest illness is a bit weird!?
i feel sick when i don't recieve a
disk from sebaloz full of lepsi's
music or tool or logo collections.
please help me doctor!(now that is
absolutely not funny -ed2)

the kids,this time,have come up
with a logo collection and a musix
collection.both are under average;
although froyd's music coll.bears
a fine logo painted by cupid.the
tunes are very polish-like and the
logos are almost the same with the
same shaping style of vertical

erm,there was also another coll.
from the lepsi collectionists.that
one is frank's intro coll.aargh,i
really can not understand why some
people think it is a cool job to
gather a dozen of poor intros.

the only thing i can advise these
dudes is to use all that stuff to
put together a demo.they are all
promising kids,but collections are
something that groups release when
there is nothing they can do else
at the time.


plush was one of the groups i
wondered what they were like.now i
know,that they are good at quality
entertainment.one interesting tang
is that brix,my old german pal,and
l'trimm has joined them lately.

"plush ethics" is their cool music
collection which starts out with
brilliant graphics by cupid and a
few nice animations.the design and
the fade in/out effects are cool

the main screen where you choose
a tune from an animated jukebox is
also very nice,but the sad part
about it all is that the tunes are
not worth it.fanta is capable of
much better ones,i think.


recently,i recieved a one file
thingy,which is unfortunately,in
fact,a collection.a guy had ripped
the tunes of last ninja 2 and put
them all in one file,to be played
along with some nice line-graphic

the equalizer effect was really
cool,but i do not consider this to
be a real production,b'coz he had
not done anything else.the only
reason i am writing about that,is
because it made me remember the
golden old times.it also reminded
me of how good the musicians of
that time were even without todays
magical music editors.

the tunes are so great,and yet the
instruments were almost the same
in each title.and when i remember
how great the game itself was,i
can't help but ask why people can
not produce such things today on
this cool machine.


after watching taboo's latest gfx
demo,i considered whether or not
cruise was human,coz those graphix
are over a mortal brain and hand.
they must be done by a creature of
higher intelligence and ability.

beside the marveleous graphics,the
coding,design,and the soundtrack
was extra ordinarily well.shogoon
has done a great job on that piece
of music.he earned my vote,but of
course,no one can beat k.nordbo in
my eye.he is a real musician.

what i want to know is,when taboo
can do a demo.i guess their coders
are not experienced enough at the
math tricks to compete with quiss
and other smarties today.

      REACT'S PLAZMA MONSTER           h

react is one of the active demo
groups these days.well,the only
production i saw from them is the
plazmolytic,but it's an impressive
piece of work.

the demo certainly has the best
plazma effects ever created on 64.
many magnificent colors and effex
such as interlace plazmas are all
there to give your eyes pleasure.

the design of the demo is quite
fine,but there were spelling mis-
takes in the loading screen,and
each effect took more time than it
deserved.other than that,everytang
looks cool.


when zzap of noice sent me a new
demo from the guys called ambush,i
said "who is that?" well,then when
i loaded the demo,it was obvious
why i did not know about them.

the demo runs on the old spacepass
concept and the design is poor as
oxyron's previous demos.the effex
were quite interesting however.my
personal opinion about the ambush
dudes is that they need to work on
design.and they need a better gfx
man,because graphics are very im-
portant in a demo.


anotha superb production that came
out of the graced hands of taboo
members is zone of darkness.umma
telling ya boyz,this one kicks ass
like hell.

although only a preview -even only
a demo- it astonished me with huge
vector animations running over
brilliantly painted bitmap back-
ground graphics together with the
shogoon's excellent soundtrack.

now i really wonder what the game
would be like,and i could buy this
game were it sold as an original
in the compy shops,but people in
turkey rarely get their hands on a
real origi and they rarely choose
to buy it.


one of the decent full price games
that reached my homebase was the
576 kbyte's long life.the guys are
hungarian,and so are the texts in
the game,and that sux!

other than that,the game looks
really nice with big characters
displayed over a single color wall
and a small bitmap view overhead.

the technique used in the display
of the dudes are quite nice.one of
the characters is completely made
out of sprites (6 to be exact-ed2)
and the other out of character set
that's usually used to display a

there aren't lotsa movements,but
still it looks and plays cool.the
worst part of the game concept is
the tunes.they are ripped out of
last ninja 3.baeh,lame.


lately i have come up with a quite
interesting idea.it had always
bothered me to see unactive dudes
or groups in the charts,so i think
i found a way to prevent this.

in order to accomplish this hard
job,all of the ruling and cool
mags have to agree on the project.
here is how the thing works like:

< figure out the long ago dead
  groups and sceners that are
  still being voted for.

< figure out the voters for those
  unactive (dead) groups,and give
  minus points to them according
  to how many dead guys they vote
  for,or which rank they vote.

< then make a big chart that shows
  the names of all these lame vote
  disabled assholes.

cool,eh ? some might refuse to do
it,or even blame me of something.
(i don't know of what,but there're
enough dummies to find one. -ed2)


unfortunately,there are too many
mags around (suprise! -ed2).the
one and only reason behind this is
because a mag is easy to code,and
stupid texts do not require a high
iq level.

so,the new groups that bubble in
the scene-soup think they can take
their chance in this area,where a
dozen of unexpected glories have
met unexpected sceners(remix,duke,
neotec,etc. -ed2)

then the idea of becomming famous
without having a talent overcame
the crowd,and the mag-rush started
like it had never.what followed
this was the better groups getting
tired of seeing all those mags and
their editors/groups getting the
attention they did not.so,they did
also start making their own mags
with cool outfits and effects and
the two-sides stupidness.

finally,it came to this point when
bullshit lamers include this note
in their notes:

"hey,xxx will be out soon,don't u
worry" (that sounds like me! -ed2)

this chapter will probably not
reach every single scener,but i
know that all of ya weird magazine
editors are reading this to review
in your mag reviews chapter.so,i
have reached my goal,cause there
are thousands of mag editors,hah.

thus comes the end to this part.
splash will be out with a much
faster outfit,and it should look
cool indeed with some nice'n'first
ever effects.(guess who is coding
it ?! me -ed2) bleed,asshole.

      - off to dig a hole-
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