Splash 17 ch21 Mixed Chapter

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       the mixed chapter

   you are again with mr.brain on
the mixed chapter. well,in this
chapter i've some words to tell
you about some different topics.

   first of all,a new shining
summer is waiting for us.some of
us finished their schools and some
passed his class.but one thing is
clear: we are FREE now! so we'll
concentrate on our hobbies(like
this scene),go on a holiday and
live our life! sunny beaches,sea,
girls...and the taste of a cold
beer under sun.than we find a cool
girlie(or a handsome boy if you're
a bit different!)and live a summer
love! some say summer love is
steady?! do we have to marry with
him/her? no,of coz not,but this
sentence wanna say that it's
better than others.

   yep,better stop this here,
otherwise i can't control myself
and leave splash than go on a
holiday..it's between 30-40 deg-
rees celcius everyday here in
turkiye and do you know what we
turks do in this occasions?let's
tell you;because of hot weather
your body loses extreme water and
salt,so we make AYRAN,it's a cool
drink which is made with yoghurt.
let's describe it to the people
who doesn't know it:

 1-take a glass.
 2-put yoghurt in 1/2 of it.
 3-fill the glass with water.
 4-sprinkle some salt.
 5-mix them all with a spoon.
 6-put an ice.
 7-drink it! (what else?)

  i hope you liked it.we turks
have a sentence to say in this


  it means that if you're hot,try
ayran everywhere.it's easy to

    yep,i've also some words to
americans:doncha know what is

        WORLD CUP'94

   in an opinion poll,%61 of
americans said that they don't
know where world cup'94 is being
held!heh,some of them don't know
even what football is..it's the
most popular sport in world except
u.s.a...isn't it strange?well,they
have their own sports like:
american football,baseball,etc..
but a huge organisation like this
must be known by everyone.

   probably,when you're reading
this chapter,a team won the world
cup,i don't know which team but
i have my favourites.

  in group a:

  colombia was the favourite but
they played bad and eliminated.
switzerland and romania plays well
and i don't give u.s.a any chance.

  in group b:

  it's one of the hardest group.
brasil has guarenteed the second
tour,also sweden played well!
russia won cameron with a score of
6-1 but i don't give chance to
them for final.

  in group c:

  germany is the favourite of coz
but they don't play as well as in
italy'90.spain will also can do it
bolivia and south korea has no

  in group d:

  argentina has guarenteed the
second tour and have a chance for
the final,the second team can be
nijeria or bulgaria.greece has no!

  in group e:

  italia was the favy but they
lost against ireland and has a
draw against mexico,so can hardly
pass to the second tour.norway is
unfortunately eliminated.

  in group f:

  holland and belgium are the
favourites in this group.i think,
morocco and saudi arabia has no
chance for the finals..

    yes,at the end the favourites

  and these groups can make a


  ok,these are my favies.
as the ball is round-shaped,it's
possible for all teams to won the

   now i'll tell you one last
thing;as everybody knows the brain
of the group NIRVANA,kurt cobain
has commited suicide and dead.he
was a real musician for me.let's
finish this chapter with the song
from him:

       all apologies
   what else should i be
   all apologies
   what else should i say
   everyone is gay
   what else could i write
   i don't have the right
   what else should i be
   all apologies

   in the sun
   in the sun i feel as one
   in the sun
   in the sun
   i'm married

   i wish i was like you
   easily amused
   find my nest of salt
   everything is my fault
   i'll take all the blame
   aqua seafoam shame
   sunburn with freezerburn
   choking on the ashes of her
   all in all is all we all are

                 kurt cobain.

  really nice song..yeah,you see
life is going on.our aim must be
always say: don't worry,be happy!
 and live the beautiful part of
life because it's so short and
years passes like minutes.
   (brain the philosopher b.c.405)

  hope to see you in another part.

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