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        pkk reality
   in turkiye and in the world!

   yo dear friends,what you will
read here is a really important
thing and we have to face up with
this.well,i don't wanna write non-
scene topics in splash but there
are some situations that nobody
can escape from it.and this is
releated with all the world.

   most of you,specially the
german guys knows it very well.
there is a terrorist organisation
called pkk which is supported by
the enemies of turkiye.and they
try to make every kind of crime in
turkiye also in some europe coun-

  i'll try to tell you everything
here,so keep reading:


   the pkk organisation,which has
been active in the southeast of
turkiye since 1984,has in fact,no
relation what's ever with the kur-
dish people or the kurdish iden-
tity which it purports to defend.
in the eyes of local and foreign
public opinion,the pkk terrorist
organisation has played up the
issues of"kurdish identity","free-
dom for the kurdish nation" and
"war on behalf of identity and
freedom",and by implementing a
policy based on exaggeration and
falsehood,has misled and misinform
ed citizens of kurdish origin in
the anatolian region and world
public opinion.
 the pkk has craftily and insist-
ently played up the controversies
of the"reality of the kurdish iden
tity","freedom for kurdish nation"
and the "struggle for freedom car-
ried out by the pkk for the kurd-
ish cause" for so many years that
many foreign countries,internatio-
nal organisations,many local legal
associations,institutions and
organisations,media and in fact,
even important personages from
political parties have fallen
under the influence of the pkk.
 as a result of these developments
the pkk terrorist organisation has
made its real identity synonymous
with the "freedom of the kurdish
 however,when one evaluates the
violence practised by the pkk
since 1984,the true identity of
pkk becomes evident and the MASK
falls from its face.
 turkish public opinion has for
years nurtured the belief that
sooner or later the true colours
of the pkk will be understood by
all.in fact,as of october,1993,
many countries have become cogni-
zant of the realities and have
identified the pkk as a terrorist
organisation.all the people of our
country and the whole world shoul
know that the pkk has nothing to
do with the "kurdish identity".its
leaders are in it for personal
gain and have been hired by anti-
democratic forces outside the
country to upset peace and secu-
rity in the region.
 this group of terrorists and mur-
derers have taken it upon themsel-
ves to prevent the development and
strengthening of democracy in
turkiye. consequently the problems
of the people in southeastern ana-
tolia should not be confused with
the personal gain hoped for by the
pkk,and the two should not be view
ed as being synonymous.
 it should also be borne in mind
that the people living in the
southeastern region of anatolia
are not all kurds as the pkk would
want others to believe.it's popu-
lated by just about all the
DIFFERENT kinds of people of vari-
ed roots who make up the turkish
nation as described by the const-
itution.these people are interming
led with each other and share the
social and economic hardships of
the region together.

  consequently turkiye is faced
with a southeast anatolian problem
arising from special regional con-
ditions.if a name is to be given
to the problem,this would never be
named as the"KURDISH"problem.it's


   there is no DISCRIMINATION bet-
ween citizens in turkiye.

 all citizens have the right to
vote and be elected,and possess
equal political rights within the
framework of principles protected
by law.to cite an example:anyone
can establish a political party of
his choice,and be a mamber of any
political party of his choice.
 there are no political restrict-
ions and never have been.in the
belief that"sooner or later they
will know they have erred,"the
state until today has shown and is
showing the utmost patience and
belief that a solution will be
found under the roof of the
turkish grand national assembly,
which is the basic element of
democracy in turkiye.
 when the un document on human
rights is taken in hand,article by
article,the results are of
interest.the pkk terror org:
it is now plainly evident that the
pkk has NOT adopted a brotherly
approach either within its
organisation towards its own
militans or towards the people of
the region.

-with no regards for age or sex;
infants,children,young people,old
men and women have been killed in-
discriminately in flagrant viola-
tion of their RIGHTS TO LIFE AND

-recruiting personnel for the
organisationby force,and utilizing
them as SLAVES with no permission
being granted them to leave the

-obtaining money and equipment
TORTURE, sending young girls to
the pkk mountain units and using
them for all their needs which is

-resorting to flagrant violations
of basic rights laid down by law
and the constitution.
in spite of freedom of travel in
the country the pkk waylays passen
gers,opens fire on buses,abducts
tourists,arbitrarily captures and
kidnaps people,razes villages that
defy its demands and banishes vil-
lagers to other regions.

-the pkk tries to prevent people
and families,who have fled the
region,from returning.

-members of the organisation enter
into relations with girls by force
and poligamy is widespread which
is in violation of the basic con-
cept of a family.girls are gene-
rally looked upon as sex objects
and the dignity of the human being

-people of region are deprived of
their goods,property and money by
the use of force.

-the pkk bombs places of worship
and shoots both young and old who
read the holy book.they kill reli-
gious leaders in village mosques
and violate the right and freedom
of worship.

-notwithstanding the right of the
people of the region to freely
seek information,knowledge and
thought,the pkk by exerting force
against newspaper distributors and
publishing houses,forces  them to
suspend their activities and pre-
vents distribution of daily news-

-all citizens in the country have
the right to establish associa-
tions dedicated to peace!the pkk
however,by establishing terrorist
organisations and supporting ter-
rorism also forces the people of
the region to join them.

-in spite of the fact that the
people of the region have the
right to participate in the admin-
istration of the nation through
elections,the pkk pressurizes the
people to vote for their candida-
tes and in pursuit of its own
interests forces others to vote,
and by forcibly removing the signs
and emblems of political parties
from buildings,blocks free elec-
tions and the right to VOTE and be

-by blocking the efforts and acti-
vities of the state,pkk attemps to
deprive the people of the region
of their communal security rights.
they burn down schools,kill teac-
hers and prevent the realization
and development of CULTURAL rights

-the pkk forces students to leave
school and incites them to boycott
schooling thus depriving them of
their EDUCATIONAL rights.

-the pkk leys obstacles in the way
of investments by the state,raids
construction sites and threatens
and kills workers,thereby prevent-
ing the people of the area from
finding employment in a work of
their choice.

-while the pkk wages a struggle
for its so-called right and free-
doms,it opposes the laws that ac-
hieve prosperity and law and order
in turkiye,which is a democratic
society that recognizes the rights
and freedoms of the people of the
region and shows respect for them.
they consequently accept their
implementations,in regard to the
so-called rights and freedoms
which are contrary to the aims and
principles of the united nations,
as a strategy in their struggle.

-the loathsome'n inhuman measures
resorted to by the pkk are direct-
ed towards doing away with all
rights and freedoms as outlined in
for people living in turkiye.


   altough during a meeting held
on july 15/1993 by the european
parliament on the subject of the
"rights of kurdish people",the
activities of the pkk terrorist
organisation were condemned,there
were also desicions taken against
 when these decisions are examined
one by one it becomes evident that
the members of the european parli-
ament have not fully understood
the issues involved.to be able to
do so,it is first of all necessary
for them to know more about the
social structure in turkiye.
 the 10th article of the turkish
constitution states that"all lan-
guage,race,colour,political lean-
ings,philosophy,religion and
similar factors.
 no privileges can be granted to
any person,family,group or class.
state organs and administrations
must abide by the principles of
equality before the law in all
their activities".
 within this concept,no person or
community in the turkish republic
is discriminated against.there is
only a nation,the members of which
are all equal before the law.every
person,irrespective of roots,
religion or race,can claim turkish
 it is even scientifically imposs-
ible to seperate people who have
lived in a country that for thou-
sands of years has been invaded
by various tribes;a country that
has seen many civilizations and
has been a home for people of
different languages,religions and
roots.these people are like the
sugar in a cup of tea.they have
lived together for centuries and
are now so intermingled that it is
impossible to segregate them.
 this is the basic concept of a
"NATION"in the turkish constitut-
 this is also the belief that has
developed and taken shape in the
thoughts of the 60 million turks
who inhabit this land.it was this
view that moved ataturk,during the
early years of the republic,when
speaking of the turkish nation to
I'M A TURK".with this statement he
encompassed all those living
within the political boudaries of
the turkish republic-all those who
have made this country their home.
 when he used the above expression
it was with the concept of a
"nation",with no thought of dis-
 the pkk further claims that the
5 basic subjects taken up by the
european parliament have nothing
in common with reality.


   the pkk and their adherents
claim that the kurds in turkiye
are of a different race.answers to
this lie in scientific research.
research has in fact,been carried
out as to whether the race is sep-
erate or otherwise.books and docu-
ments are available in support of
both views.
 however,when delving into the
matter,the most important point to
consider is the credibility of the
publishing houses and authors and
the validity of their scientific
approach.serious works emphasize
the fact that kurds and turks are
of the SAME race.to substantiate
this claim,they point to research
into customs,traditions,language,
folklore,historical monuments,tomb
stones and other similar cultural
data.these authorities have always
expressed their willingness to
debate the subject on a scientific
platform.the truth of the matter
is that none of those who hold a
contrary view are willing to enter
into debates to defend their view-
 in fact,it is not all that impor-
tant which point of view is accep-
ted.altough there was a mosaic in
turkiye that remained intact for
centuries,we have now reached the
2000's and it's no longer possible
for anyone to fully pinpoint their
identity and roots.


   the pkk puts forward the claim
that the majority of turks living
in the southeast of the country
are in reality kurds and therefore
the region should be granted auto-
 the most convincing way to refute
this claim is to resort to statis-
tical data.it's worthwhile here to
analyse the results of recent elec
tions in the area.
 for the first time in turkiye's
democratic existence,a political
party defending the kurdish iden-
tity participated in the 1991 elec
tions.if the region had been pre-
dominantly kurdish then the large
majority of the votes should have
gone to this party.however,this
did not and could not happen.the
party knew that it could not even
obtain the minimum of 10% of the
votes necessary to be able to no-
minate deputies.the party was thus
forced to participate in the elec-
tions together with the SHP which
is one of the strongest political
parties.even with this great
advantage the party only obtained
18% of the votes.
 the result show that 82% of the
people of the region do not sup-
port this political party that
champions the kurdish identity.in
other words,82% of the inhabitants
of the region do not share the
views of the party in regard to
kurdish identity.
 how is it possible to speak of
autonomy in a region where 82% of
the population state that they are
turkish citizens,and anyway how
could autonomy be implemented?


   the pkk claims that"kurds in
turkiye are treated as secondclass
citizens.they are deprived of the
right to speak their own language
and there is no freedom of educa-
tion."as previously mentioned,no
privileges are granted to any seg-
ments of the population and all
state organs must strictly abide
by the principles of equality.
 when the matter is sufficiently
analysed,the following realities
come to the fore:
 irrespective of their origins all
citizens can attend schools of
their choice and this is what has
 they can choose their area of
occupation and have in fact done
 in no place such as schools,res-
taurants,buses,districts nor any-
where else has there ever been
discrimination in the fields of
livehood,security of life and pro-
 there are no privileges extended
to anyone in the areas of employ-
ment,ascertaining salaries,freedom
of thought and conscience and
 there are no restrictions or obs-

    ok,because of memory,i've to
stop here in this issue,i hope you
understood something about the
topic and now you know what ter-
rorism is,it effects or will
effect all the world soon,so try
to prevent this and be clever.

   i wish you lovely days without
any terror.

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