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     mr.brain welcomes you in the
mag-reviewing chapter.i tried to
review some mags but i think i'm
a bit late coz some weeks passed
after their release date.anyway,
there are some people who couldn't
see the mags,i think.(lets say i

  the mags i reviewed for you are:

      NITRO#16 by excess

      METAMORPHOSIS#5 by trooper
      (it will be released under
       agony label)

      GOSSIP#17 by bud,slash,otto
                   and ginger(heh)

  i'm starting with:

    NITRO issue 16

 INTRO:nice gfx,a swinging excess
logo at the top and a nitro logo
at the bottom.between these nice
logos,a small 1>1 scroll writes
some ordinary things.nice intro


 OUTFIT:humm,very nice!an indian
(i think),at the left hand side,
nitro logo at the top.all well-
drawn by alien prophet.at the
bottom you see the chapter names,
near names,a sprite joystick shows
you the situation of your stick.
a cool and extra-ordinary outfit,
it's cool!


 TEXT:lotsa text to read,the chap-
ters you can find in this issue

       what's up
       who's ruling
       chat time 1
       chat time 2
       chat time 3
       magreviews 1
       magreviews 2
       gamereviews 1
       gamereviews 2
       all above mail
       foreign words
       addy corner 1
       addy corner 2
       addy corner 3
       addy corner 4
       ravers corner
       mixed chapter
       last words

  you see,lots of text,articles,
reviews...there are seven! reviews
chapter.isn't it a bit boring?
there are even cover and tool
reviews which i saw for the first
time.i think it's a bit useless.
there must be more articles..


 GRAPHICS:all logos are well-pain-
ted and the best one is the outfit
piccy.also a colorful logo by luka
looks cool in the text screen.
all are nice...


 MUSIC:lotsa different cool tunes.
nice to listen,not very pro but
you won't get bored while listen-
ing them.


 OVERALL:this mag is one of the
best in the scene,but it can be
more better coz i know excess-crew
have the power to make it better
and improve it.at all,the mag
effects you with readable texts,
gfx and zaks.so i'll calculate all
of them here and we'll see...


   the overall point is:%78

 the next reviewed mag is:


 INTRO:no intro.

 OUTFIT:well-animated two sprite
arrows help you on choosing a
chapter.and a colorful logo at the
top.there is nothing special.


 TEXT:there was not much text to
read.here's the list of chapters
you can find in this issue:

       releases one
       releases two
       contact corner
       interview one
       interview two
       escapade story
       board flash

 you see,it needs improving,but
releases chapters are enough good
to read.


 GRAPHICS:only a colorful metamor-
phosis logo..it's nice but not


 MUSIC:only one music which bores
you after some time.


 OVERALL:if you analyse all the
parts one by one,this mag seems
not successfull,but if you fix
them all,it has something cool.
it's easy to use and writing style
of trooper is not very bad.if we
think trooper(the ed.)has no co-
editor,also we can call it success
but not a kickin' mag overall.


   the overall point is:%48.75

 i also reviewed gossip altough
this mag is not a serious one but
i won't give any point to it.

    GOSSIP issue 17

 INTRO:two gossip logos at the top
and at the bottom.another 3 color
one is swinging between them.and
a sprite is over it,which shows
the issue number:17.an ordinary
intro which we can also call it
bad.after you press space a screen
comes where you can see mtv's
beavis and butthead.they're well-
drawn and it says beavis&butthead
sucks.then you press space and
another surprise is waiting you.
you've to toast some famous
players(or lamers) to enter the
outfit,these players are:voeller,
you toast them all,you're congra-
tulated and have the chance to go

 OUTFIT:a 3 colour logo at the top
and under it,you see the chapter
names.it's nothing special.

 TEXT:there are some arrogant text
but if you don't take it serious
it's really funny.the chapters you
can find in this issue are:

         slash says
         bud talk

 most of the chapters includes
funny crap.for example,in inter-
views they had a conversation with
kurt cobain from the hell,hehe..
and in food,you see some recipes
from some countries traiditional
food.in reports chapter;they tell
you a fight between the editors
and a gang becoz of a girl,and
everything is fun in this mag.
no serious text overall.

 GFX:only a 3 color logo and no

 MUSIC:some old and cool zaks,nice

 OVERALL: don't take this mag
serious and enjoy it,it's sumthing
different,makes you laugh..

   okay men(and women of coz),this
chapter is also finished.you load
it and read all at ten minutes but
believe me,it takes my hours to
prepare all chapters.well,i hope
you enjoyed a bit.see ya later

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