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      yooooo man! welcome to the
fun-chapter which is one of the
cooolest chapters in this issue.

    i wrote this part just to make
my readers happy and smile a bit.
try it once,you'll like it,or..?

  anyway,i hope you'll like it and
won't get bored of it.some created
by me and some taken from several
books,then translated from turkish
to english(not very bad!)by me.

   the one man show starts..

and here's MR.BRAIN with you once

    anne bought a piano for her
daughter,but her daughter was very
untalented.little girl asked:

  - mum,can i take my piano with
    me when i got married?

 anne answered:

  -yep sweety,but better don't
play piano to the boy before mar-
riage or the piano will stay at
home like you,too.

   well,that was not good enough,
read this:

     the man entered to a pharmacy
which was managing by two old sis-
ters.the man asked if there was a
man male pharmacist for an impor-
tant reason.

   the old girl said:you can also
tell it to me,please don't hesi-

  -i'm very ill,madam.i always
have strong feelings to women and
i always desire'em.i can't control
myself.do you have a medicine for

  -himm,wait a minute,i'll have to
ask my sister..(two minutes later)
 ok,you've to come here twice a
day,there is sumthing that my sis-
ter and me can give you.

  hahahaaaa,that was cool.

    there was a book-seller in
moskva(the capital city of russia)
he was arranging the books in a
row.the book names in the row was
ordered like this:

     "far from moskva"
     "under sky-scrapers"
     "in a foreign country"
     "would you like to live?"

  ehem,that was cool,too.now i've
some puzzles for you..

 - which kind of monkeys can't
climb to trees?

(the ones who have height phobia)

 - can sheeps climb to trees?

(if you want,why not?)

 - when camels fly?

(in april fools day!)

 - what dogs do,when day receive
a call?

(i believe you know it better)

 - why dinasours are pretty?

(coz they are not living in this

 - what's the name of the sister
of snowwhite?

(what else can it be than rainblue

 - which kind of mouses don't eat

(the ones which are compatible
with computers!)

 - which kind of mouses don't go
behind the flute-man?

(the ones which like techno)

   ok,back to some funny stuff.

     little boy was speaking with
his mother.he asked:

   - mum,can i have a baby?

  she answered angrily:

   - noo,don't ask this stupid

  the boy ran away to his little
girlfriend and said:

  - ok,don't worry about it,we can
go to the same place again..

    haha,nice one...

  one day,hitler(the nazi!) went
to a fortune-teller and asked:

  - tell me the date when i will

  - you'll die on a festival day
of jewish.

  - are you sure about that?

  - yeah,when you will die,jewish
will do a festival that day.

 yeah,nice one..fuck nazis!

  besides the world war,in a part
of africa,two cannibals were
discussing about the war.one of
them said:

  - homm,lotsa food to eat!

  - europeans don't eat human.

  - then what they do with'em?

  - they fire'em,or put'em in a

  -what!?what a violence!what a
barbarism,they kill people with no


   in a meeting,mark twain was
talking with a woman,he said:

  - oh,you're very beautiful madam

  - thanks,but i can't say the
same to you mr.twain.

  - then,do what i'm doing!say lie


 the man was very ill,and he went
to the local doctor,he said:

  - oh,doctor.i'm very ill,i went
to a pharmacist before you.

 the doctor laughed and said:

  - haha,they don't know anything
and they talk nonsense.don't trust

  - ok,i won't.he advised me to
visit you.


 there was an opinion poll,which
was asking,what would you like to
be if you come to the world again?

  there was a really different

 - i would like to be a piece of
soap,but! in the bathroom of
brigitte bardott!!!

          THE BOSS

   the boss was talking with the
young worker:

  -you don't have a good education
but you're a determined hard-work-
ing person.you started as a
security guard,then you became the
security chief,now i'll make you
the boss of the factory.

  -thank you dad!

         A REQUEST

    the cowboy entered the saloon
very angrily and shouted:

  - who painted my horse!!??

 nobody answered.he asked again..

  - who painted my horse into red?

 a cowboy who looked like a giant
standed up and said:

  - i painted!what do you want?

 the cowboy was surprised against
this huge man and answered:

  - erm..well,i would like to ask
when you will paint the head and
the tail.

   now,i've some questions to you.

 - which kind of fish fly?

(the ones caught by seagulls)

 - what would sneaks do if they
had breasts?

(they would rub on the back)

 - who finishes the five year
school at thirty years?

(the teachers!)

 -who did the cheapest world tour?

(the stamps! ed.mostly the cheated

 - why are some guyz have long

(coz they believe in men and women

 - in which bottles you can't fill
any milk?

(of coz to the filled ones!)

          GOOD IDEA

     the plane was flying at 8000
feets.everybody was enough tired
and trying to sleep a bit.but the
naughty boy was playing like hell,
was running across the plane and
shouting.then an old women told
her good idea:

  - you dear little boy,why don't
you go out and play there?

         ONLY 5 MINUTES

    in a conference,the man was
talking for hours,everybody looked
like very tired and bored,a woman
asked to the man:

  - i think you're tired,if you
want we can give a 5 minutes break

  - no,i didn't.

  - then you continue but we'll
have a 5 minutes break.


   okay man,also i'll give a 5
minutes break as i'm very tired of
writing and translating these..

  i had a very bad night yesterday
i saw myself eating a big mushroom
in my dream and when i woke up,my
pillow was lost,hehe..

   lets stop here,i hope you're a
bit happy now,that was not too bad
so what about smiling a bit?don't


  take care of yourselves till our
next meeting(it will be in some
seconds if you load another part!)

            michael jackson? noo

            eddie murphy?    noo

               MR.BRAIN?   yeeeah!
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