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 interview with WOLF/F4CG/VISON

  yep dudes, here is dragon jaeger
with an interview made with WOLF.
ya all know diz cool swaper but
who cares?! by the way all ya know
is wrong! or?! hehe... well, first
i should give out sum sorries coz
diz interview is very old. it was
planned for this issue but as ya
already know this issue is a bit
(!) delayed.

  so hope ya will don't matter and
just enjoy diz funny and long in-
terview. let's go on...

(+): dj for splash staff
(-): wolf/f4cg/vison

+: let's start with da usual ques-
   tion... tell us a bit about u'r
   self,your age,how you look like
   your hobbies beside compies...

-: ok,i'm 18 years old,about 185cm
   high and my wight is app. 75
   kilos... well,when i finally
   have some spare time,my hobbies
   must be the usual stuff like
   parties,ladies,booze and pro-
   bably also some other stuff,
   which i can't come to think off
   right now...

+: are you going to school or are
   you working. tell us abit about
   your public life.

-: argh,did you have to remind me
   about that?!?! hehe... oh well,
   as for the moment i'm taking an
   education on a level known to
   danes as "hh",and basically
   this stuff is quite hard and
   takes must of my time... ARGH!
   I HATE IT!! hehe...

+: in which groups have you been
   and what's your current job now
   in f4cg and vision?

-: well,it all started around the
   22th of january 1990. at that
   time i was hanging around in a
   quite un-known group called 516
   just for the fun of it ya know.
   anyway,after a few months in
   the scene, i got bored and so i
   joined up with the coolies in
   ACCURACY (yo guyz!! yeah,that's
   really ya,hehe!). well,i had a
   really good time there and i
   still remember when we released
   the demo called ONE YEAR ACCU-
   RACY,which is the best demo
   ACCURACY ever have release in
   my opinion. anyway, because of
   MMC (who called himself the
   main-swapper of the group
   although he had app.5 times
   less contacts than me and 10
   times worse once!) and because
   i thought i would try something
   new, i decided to join up with
   the crew TRAUMA. but... bad
   choice! after less than one
   week in the group i got a call
   from EXCELL/IKARI who told me a
   few facts about the leader cal-
   who of-coz were (and still is!)
   the worst re-cracker,ripper,
   lamer etc. in the scene. well,
   as soon as he proved this to me
   i left the group with the speed
   of the light...
   so! i was groupless for a half
   year or so,'till i finally got
   an offer to join the,at that
   time very high ranked,group
   GENESIS PROJECT. anyway,because
   of certain circumstances i
   decided to turn down the offer
   and instead i joined up with
   the very promising looking
   group JOY DIVISION.
   unfortunally, their visions
   turned out to be no more than
   an illusion: we started up like
   we were going to be a new world
   domination with a spread-disk
   with no less than 6 first-
   releases on it,but that was all
   we ever released.after that the
   group died... so! i wanted to
   try something completly new and
   so i decide to build up my own
   group. UNIQUE was the name...
   well, the group only lived for
   a short time,and our only mem-
   bers were me,GHOST(now in DOM-
   INATORS) and CROSSFIRE(now in
   EPIC).as for CROSSFIRE, then i
   had absolutely NO idea that he
   was EXORY,if i had i would
   NEVER have let him join...
   anyway,we were about to get
   some really cool members,but
   things fucked up and the group
   died... well,since i was of the
   opinion that this group could
   have made it quite big,i basic-
   ally got quite tired of the
   scene,so i left it for a half
   year. then,when i returned,i
   decided to accept an offer,
   which i had already got a half
   year earlier,to join VISION(the
   old one). so! i stayed there
   for a half year or so and then
   i joined F4CG (this happend for
   app. 10-11 months ago). after
   some time i became the main-
   swapper of the group and so on!
   anyway,lately i got a call from
   leader of the old VISION) who
   wanted to re-build VISION to-
   gether with me and some other
   guys and with him and me as the
   leaders of the group.i accepted
   so now i'm a member of both
   F4CG and VISON... so,as for the
   moment i'm the main-swapper of
   F4CG and the leader (together
   with SATAN) and main-swapper of
   VISION... that's it!

+: what a short answer!?! well,
   have you any other group and
   jobs on other systems too?

-: well,i'm also active on the
   AMIGA and doing some VHS trad-
   ing etc.,but since i'm VERY
   busy nowadays,and since i real-
   ly don't have that much inter-
   est in the AMIGA scene,i don't
   wanna join a group on another
   system.i DID get an offer to
   join one of the biggest groups
   in the amiga scene about a year
   ago or so,but as i said i real-
   ly don't have that much
   interest in the amiga scene, so
   i said no thanx... i'm still
   trading with a few coolies
   there though...

+: what do you think about the c64
   scene today,tell us sum ideas
   (if you have) to make a better

-: well,compared to the scene back
   in the golden days of the c64
   like 1988 etc.,it's quite bad,
   because of the low amount of
   game releases etc. nowadays.
   beside,99% of all games rele-
   ased today are pure CRAP! still
   there's a alot of the old elite
   guys still hanging around in
   the scene and when you think of
   the fact that some of the big-
   gest and best VHS,PC and SNES
   pirates and hackers in the
   world are around too,i think
   it's quite cool.how to make the
   scene better? well,killing
   CROSSFIRE/EPIC would be good

+: do you prefer the c64 or amiga
   scene and why?

-: well,i surely prefer the c64
   scene.a lot of the amiga scene
   members are lamers (even some
   of the high ranked once).of-coz
   there's also a few coolies in
   the amiga scene,but an average
   amiga scene member are (as far
   as i'm concerned) compared to
   an average c64 scene member,
   quite bad.the only cool thing
   about the amiga scene really is
   a FEW of their demoes and games
   which makes the c64 look quite
   bad.let me finally say that i
   deeply respect the top cracker
   groups,and a few of the demo
   groups,on the amiga and they
   surely aren't lamers,but unfor-
   tunally they are a minority of
   the amiga scene...

+: what are you future plans in
   the scene and in yar real life?

-: in my real life:to end my edu-
   cation with an average of no
   less then 9.6 (germans:1.4),so
   that i can go to the university
   and study jurisprudence (as an
   old saying goes: the one who
   knows the law,also knows how to
   abuse it,hehe!). in the scene:
   nothing special with exception
   of keep kicking ass,yeah!! hehe

+: do you have a girlfriend or are
   you a homo? (hehe..joke of-coz)

-: grr... nope,i don't have one at
   this moment,but soon hopefully.
   and NO(!!!!!) i'm NOT a homo,
   hehe!! (homos ought to have
   their dicks cut off. fucking
   creatures!! don't do anything
   else than spreading AIDS, hehe)

+: what kind of music do you like

-: well,in fact i like all kind of
   music from pop to techno to
   metal etc.,but i'm a parti-
   culary big fan of god,erm sor-

+: have you ever busted from cops
   or post? when and why?

-: yep,as most people probably
   know i got busted for hacking
   some months ago. basically, i
   used to be one of the best
   hackers in denmark,but unfor-
   tunally my luck ran out and i
   got nailed. anyway,for further
   details on this matter simply
   read the note i wrote some time
   ago called "busted.../wolf!".
   if you haven't got it then you
   are probably the only person in
   the whole scene who haven't!!
   still,when i think back on all
   the things i have done,it's a
   miracle that i haven't got
   busted for anything else...!!

+: who are your best friends in
   the scene?

-: uh,that's one of those questi-
   ons i hate to answer,coz there
   will always be someone,who fell
   let down.anyway,i guess it must
   be a few of the F4CG members,
   most of the VISION members (yo
   SATAN,RAY and all ya other
   VISION,DJ/ACY and some more...
   this is only in the c64 scene
   though,if you're also talking
   about the amiga,vhs and hacking
   scene,then ther's ALOT of other
   people who should be in here
   too.since most of them don't
   read this tough,there's no rea-
   son for mentioned'em in here,
   they know who they are,and they
   all got my respect...

+: now i give ya sum free-lines so
   you can send da whole scene a

-: ok then,if there's anyone out
   there who wanna trade the very
   latest C64,AMIGA or VHS warez,
   then be sure to contact me for
   a 99% reply at:


   the adress is also for joining

   if anyone,anywhere,are running
   a conference or just wann have
   a nice chat,then be sure to
   call me voice at this number:

+: now about your favorites...

-: demo group    : censor design
                   and black mail

   cracker group : red sector inc.

   coder         : dunno

   cracker       : dunno for sure,
                   but probably
                   satan/vision or
                   fen 1/f4cg

   gfx artist    : hein holt/black

   composer      : jeroen tel and
                   matt grey

   swap group    : have absolutley
                   no idea,dude!

   swapper       : brego/rsi and

   demo          : dutch breeze or
                   some of all
                   those cool
                   wonderland demo

   mag           : well,shock,
                   front page,pro-
                   and the pulse
                   seems to be the
                   once fighting
                   for the #1 spot
                   on my chart...

   game          : probably some
                   of the older
                   once like def-
                   ender of the
                   soccer or so...

   country       : u.s.a.

   food          : probably ham-
                   burgers or so..

   drink         : champagne

   situation in
   bed           : well,any situa-
                   tion with
                   madonna would
                   pretty much do
                   it!!! hehe...

   girl          : madonna!!

   city          : hmm.. no idea!

   car           : well,one of
                   those that the
                   lamers on the
                   tv serie miami
                   vice are dri-
                   ving in would
                   be nice!

   movie         : body of

   actor         : robert englund

   actress       : madonna!!

   singer        : madonna!!

   overall person: madonna!!

+: what a madonna fan!?! ok,what's
   da most important thing in your

-: having PHUN (=fun!) and to fin-
   ish me education...

+: creat a question yourself and
   answer it.

-: question:who's the 3 coolest
            guys in the scene?
   answer  :me,myself and i!! hehe

+: where do ya spend you vocations

-: that's different,next year,how-
   ever,i'm going to the states
   and i'm REALLY looking forward
   to that event,as i've never
   been there before. yeah,it's
   gonna be COOOOOL!!

+: imagine you must spend a week
   in the past,at least 50 years
   back in time. where and when
   would you prefer to go?

-: ups,now THAT'S what i call a
   hard question,dude!! well, i've
   NO IDEA. actually,i would pre-
   fer going FORWARD in time 'till
   when visual raltity etc. have
   been developed to a prof-
   fesional level...dunno for sure
   though, guess we're in a rather
   good time dimension after all,

+: do ya belive that there is life
   at other planets or galaxies

-: hu!? well,if you go beyond our
   solar system,then yes... just,
   imagine, there could be creat-
   ures out there who are 1000s
   of times bigger than us, so
   that we are no more than in-
   sects compared to 'em. scary
   stuff,eh dude!? hahaha...

+: well,that's all. very thanks
   for your time do ya give. do
   you wanna have somebody to
   greet? ok.cu dude.

-: well,thank you! yep,and greetz
   to all my conacts and fans out
   there! i love ya all....NOT!!!
   hehehe!! yep,l8er!
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