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      yoyoo interview freax!
 another issue,another interview.
this time my(mr.brain) victim is
from pinneberg and the country is

  he has a shiny smile on his face
and he seems always happy.well,i
only saw his photo and made some
phone calls but i think i'm right.
he's a real cool guy and a kickin'

  do you know this guy?

 yeah probably you'll say yes.he's

         PRI of tia/oxyron

  if you don't know him,you'll
learn here,and i'm sure you will
like him after you read the

   hum,time to start,otherwise
i'll fill the chapter with full

  S)mr.brain in the name of splash
  P)guess who..? pri of coz.

S)hi volker,please introduce your-
self to our readers.

P)hi everybody!my name is volker
meitz alias pri.i am 20 years of
age since february 24th and i am
currently doing civil service in
an old people's home. my outer
appearance looks like this: i am
179,5 cm of height(didn't make it
to 180),68kg of weight,have blue
eyes and long blond hair.some of
my most important characteristic
marks are positivity,creativity
and a good deal of lazyness which
i'm known for by my contacts.

S)when and how did you enter the

P)after having lamed around for
two or three years,just playing
games and stuff,i put some ads in
a german mag called computer floh-
markt(ed.or sumthing like this!)
in 1988 where i got some of my
first contacts.i founded a group
called  touch  with some locals
and lamed around some more,playing
and freezing games,until me and
zaphed(perhaps anybody still knows
him)joined duplex who later in
went in co-op with oracle.at the
end of 1990 i joined the depreda-
tors,and after they died one year
later i remained groupless for
some months until i finally joined

S)at first,why did you choosed
composing?why not coding or etc.?

P)i was not a musician from the
start.actually i was just a swap-
per with about 50 contacts until
autumn'91 when i received dmc 1.2
from one of them.i had tried once
or twice before on editors like
future composer or music-mon,but
found they sucked.however,i quite
liked the dmc and so started to
work seriously with it.i can do
some simple coding to the extent
of a simple intro or noter.anyway,
if you want to be a good coder
nowadays you've got to be good at
maths,and maths is one of the sub-
jects i hate most;it's so fucking
logical,and there are thousands of
rules for everything which you've
got to obey.i rather like to use
my phantasy! at the beginning i
also did some ugly logos.actually
i do some graffity now and then,so
people should think i can also be
a decent painter.but i don't like
the restricted possibilities on 64
and i don't like to do everything
pixelwise.i could imagine myself
as a mag-editor,but that would
probably take too much time;i've
got more things to do in life!
however,i am a kind of co-editor
in skyhigh,which means i sometimes
write articles about musical
subjects or party-reports.

S)you do your work well.what do
you think about your music future
in scene and in real life?

P)well,i still want to improve and
get more popular,altough i think i
can be proud of what i achieved
already,in decent mags i find
myself in the top 5 together with
syndrom,drax,danko and jeroen.
maybe i'll do one or two game-
projects once in a while,altough
i don't think you can make any big
money by doing games on 64 anymore
you mentioned my real life zaks.
maybe you know that i play in a
band? (ed.of coz i know,i'm a pro-
interviewer,hehe..) we are into
funk and jazz,and currently we are
on the stage as to play gigs in
clubs and on festivals in and
around the area of hamburg;we also
recorded a song for a cd-sampler
about us and other local bands.of
course there we wish to get more
popular aswell!

S)what's thing that makes you stay
on 64?you can make better zax on

P)i don't really know other compy
scenes,but from what i hear i
guess the 64 scene is the oldest
and best,also not arrogant in any
way which is the very reputation
of the amiga scene.of course i
would find it interesting to do
music on amiga or pc,but since
i don't own any,i can't!i rather
tend to spend my money on musical
equipment such as keyboards,mod-
ules,recorders,effects and stuff.
however,i am planning to get
myself a pc next year,and if i do,
you can be sure to hear from me on
that machine!

S)tell us about a day of your life

P)at a possibility of 11:3 within
14 days,i go to work in the old
people's home i mentioned before.
there i do things like washing and
clothing the old men and women,
taking walks with them and stuff.
i've alternate and early shift,
sometimes even at the weekend,
which rather sucks,but i can't
help it.anyway,it still is some-
thing sensible in contrast to
going to the army and getting tra-
ined to kill.apart from work i do
band rehearsals every week,i do
roleplaying now and then,i go to
the disco and dance to indi,grunge
wave and stuff.and if the weather
is as great as today,i go to the
beach and have some fun in the
afternoon and in the evening!

S)do you have any other hobbies
besides composing on 64?are you
good at all?which one do you like

P)i already mentioned my band and
grafitti.apart from that i also
play basketball.last season i did
not train regularly,but this one
i'm planning to play in a team
again.however,music plays the
major part of all my hobbies. i
compose on computer,compose and
play in my band,and of course also
listen to it from miles davis to
panthera,except for mainstream and

S)tell us your favies at crack gr.
demo gr.,magazine,cracker,coder,
swapper,graphician and musician.

P)crack group:i am not interested
  in the crack scene these days.

  demo group :camelot

  magazine   :the pulse,revealed

  coder      :slammer

  swapper    :incubus

  graphician :joe,dane

  musician   :drax

S)what're your wishes about scene?

P)hum,i must say that i am rather
satisfied with what the scene is
like nowadays.demos have reached a
high standard,so have their ingre-
dients music,graphics and coding.
there are some decent mags arount,
and what is most important,there
as friendship.well,i wish that
people continue to be immovative
and creative to keep the scene
alive,and perhaps a minor wish is
to be successfull on the next
party competition...
 oh,i do have one more wish:i'd
like the so-called standard voters
to think before voting.don't vote
for inactive people(jeroen tel,
flash inc.,blackmail...)and don't
vote only for names but for the
productions these names release!

S)what's your opinion about the
scene now?

P)my answer to the last question
was only about the demo scene.i
didn't mention the cracker-scene
because i'm not interested in it
anymore as it is absolutely boring
to me.only shit games are being
released,and the so-called crackin
is reduced to packing and training
if furthermore is absolutely  un-
creative,and in contrast to the
demo-scene,doesn't really seen to
have a future.

S)compare the scene you begin and
the scene now.

P)in my opinion nowadays the demo
scene plays the major role,while
at the end of the 80's both demo
and cracker scene were of equal
 there were not so many composers
around because of which many group
used tunes by other musicians who
got very famous by this.nowadays
almost every group has its own
composer,and the competition is
harder,altough i think the number
of composers who really have theo-
retical knowledge of how to write
music is rather small.on the whole
nowadays there are more groups who
deliver more releases,and that
seems to be really positive regar-
ding the future of the scene.

S)what are your favies at:food,
drink and tv channel?

P)food:anything italian.(ed.i ad-
vise turkish food!)

  drink:milk,orange juice,beer

  tv-channel:i only watch tv very
seldom,so i don't really have a
favourite channel.i can only tell
which channels are NOT my favies.
(bei ard+zdf sitzen sie in der
letzten reihe)<sorry an insider
only for germans.(ed.or the ones
who know german,like me,hehee..)

S)what's your future plans in
scene and in real life?

P)as i said already,i want to imp-
rove further;to say it precisely,
get top 3 or even higher.
 in oxyron we are planning to
continue our coma light series,
and in tia we surely will release
some more editions of zakplayer.
 now for the test of my near
future:i've only got 3 months of
civil service left.after that i'll
go jobbing for a while until i'll
start studying traffic engineering
in berlin in autumn'95.

S)as a tradition,you've to greet
your frinds here.will you do it?

P)is that really ment to be a
question? (ed.yes!)
 hand and footshakes to my mates
in oxyron and tia,incubus,walker,
dr.kaos,ed,cresh,the gee,jeff,gero
stash,galland,snooze,all my other
contacts and everybody i've ever
met at a party.

S)thanks for the interview,i wish
you a better&enjoyable life and
wish you luck in your job...

   i believe this guy will be the
top composer very soon coz he has
a nice style and quadro tunes are
fuckin' cool!

   the chapter ends here so if you
didn't read the other interview
yet,it's the time for starting
another one.

p.s.nice lyric   mr.interviewer
%100 written
by the poet      who eats brain!
                 also called as

                 mighty mr.brain
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