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   in this chapter you'll read the
reactions from readers to our mag.
so we'll know what the readers
think about the mag,then try to
improve it in that way.

  lets start with SPLATTERHEAD's

  this issue really kicked major
arse!the intro was cool,especially
the gfx!keep up the scene-puzzles,
it rules! another four year??

ANSWER:thanx rene!that gfx in the
intro was drawn by kadem,i agree
that they were really cool.
scene-puzzle will continue and
another four year??why not?

  another one from LEMMING:

 splash is my favourite mag for
sure.two or more scene-puzzles
would be great.keep up the good

ANSWER:thanx for your interest.
yeah,more puzzles would be great
for you but not for me.just try
to prepare one and see how hard
it is,also i don't want splash to
be a puzzle-book.one is okay!

   one from CALYPSO:

 splash really kixx ass,and is
worth my vote,but please,change
the logo in the menu!the statue is
cool though!

ANSWER:dear terry,thanx for your
react but i don't agree you,coz
i think that logo fits the other
gfx so no need to change,but if we
find a better one,why not?

  a short one from GIORGIO ARMANI:

 very professional mag.lots of
interesting read.keep up the good

ANSWER:thanx man!but it will be
amateur this time coz i'm the new

   hum,i've a huge reaction now.

  dear splash staff!

thanx for finally using my logo!
couldn't be any better place for
it than in the chapters.by the way
i don't mind that you left the
logo from DEATH upon the menu-gfx
because i guess you did it because
it fits better with them than mine
i can just agree.don't know if it
was my advise that made you
improve the upscroller in the
chapters but i'm glad you did
anyway!the text is ok as usual,
please try to hold that amount and
the special things like the scene-
puzzle,etc.and you'll for sure
never get off the top position.

ANSWER:dear marco,first of all
thanx for your long reaction and
your help to our mag.yeah,you're
right that death's logo fits it
better.the fast upscroller is
wanted by everyone so we had no
any other chance than fixing it!
of course we'll continue doing our
specialities,and will try to find
new ones.keep supporting us.thanx.

  now an interesting one for our
votesheets from SPECTATOR:

  does everybody really fills in
that top 10's on yar sheet?!how
about making a top 5?

ANSWER:hum,most people fills it
but as you'll see i decreased the
charts to top20 coz there are not
much people left to vote so why
not?i'll think it in our next
votesheet(coming soon!).thanx.

   and one from POEBA:

 very cool mag,lots of interesting
text,keep it up,i'm waiting for
the next issue.

ANSWER:thanx.here it is.

    a cool one from MR.ALPHA:

cool mag!especially i like the
personal identities!the music
could be better!the text is %100
ok!keep this standard please!

ANSWER:thanx mario!yeah this time
music is better as it's exclusive
for splash from BRIAN/TIA.i can't
promise for the same text as that
was written by falcon last time
but i'll try my best!

   a long one from DR.KAOS is
coming up:

 nice to see splash coming out
again.i didn't like the logo in
the text outfit.the rest was ok so
far.but can you install a music
on/off function?would be really
cool.try to release splash more
often.scene-puzzle is a cool idea
(i think you're heard this before,

ANSWER:yep,after a long time we
released splash again.hum,a muzak
on/off function?i'll ask it to dj
but i don't think so.better use
your monitors volume button until
we fix one..yes,we'll try to
release it more often and scene-
puzzle is a %100 splash trademark!
thanx for your interest.

   the last one is written by

  now splash is in my opinion the
BEST mag on the scene!this isn't
joke!but one problem:maybe i'm a
fool,but i can't do one thing;how
to do fast text display(forward&
backward)-left or right joy or
with fire up+down.please improve
it!and keep two sides issue for
      your fan from poland:anthrax

ANSWER:thanx for your opinion..
well,i don't know if you're a fool
or not but fast upscrolling is
easier than breathing!you've to
use left&right stick!that's all.
hum,we think a regular releasing
one-sided splash will be better
than a huge delayed two-sided one
(splash#16 was released at the
first days of october 1993!)

  yo dear fans reaction chapter is
coming to the end.i want everyone
to write his own reactions so we
will know what you like and don't
like.don't forget that if splash
is cool,it's only because of you.
keep on supportin'.

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