Splash 17 ch01 Facon Says Bye

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     hello friends! this article
is based on real story happened to
our friend falcon.the names used
in the article are absolutely true


 lets read what falcon says:

    hello all sceners!

  i'm very happy to welcome you to
a new issue of your favourite mag
splash.a long time have passed by
changing lots of things but at the
end accuracy managed to publish
this mag once more.

  now i'm really trying to decide
how i must start my last chapter
ever in splash.yeah,i think it'll
be the best to start with explain-
ing why this is my last chapter.

  as you know i released the prev-
ious issue in october'93.by that
time my university also started.as
i was a last grade student i had
to study more which mean that
school needed more time.also i had
to be busy with my pc.because of
lack of time i slowly started to
leave the scene.now i must apolo-
gize from most of my contacts as i
even couldn't send an goodbye
letter.but now i will say it from
this part at the end.

  during this time,altough i was
away from the scene i always got
news from the scene by my accuracy
gang.by the help of my friends i
saw that for a long time splash
was at the top of the charts.well,
all my friends and lovers of
splash!i must send our thanks in
name of my group to all of you,one
by one!i'm very happy that we man-
aged to make something good.but it
is now time for me to stop at this
position.but this doesn't mean
that splash will die as i'm giving
the editorialship to mr.brain whom
i believe that he will succeed.
(brain.thanks man!i will!)please
never stop supporting him for the
future of splash.

  now i want to talk about my
future plans a bit.while i am
writing this the date is 24th of
july.i've graduated fro my univer-
sity and i'm now an electronic
engineer.and one month later i'm
going to nottingam/united kingdom
for my master degree and i wish to
visit the sceners that i know
there.(hello derbyshire ram!)and
one more glory news.thanks god i
made it!what?i think all of you
remember my girlie story.at the
end i made stealing her heart so
we are together now.

  i have come to my last words.it
will be very hard for me to leave
this scene but in this world,the
end of every beautiful event comes
early.i must thank to all my
friends who are still in the scene
or left ages ago.in my scene life
from 1989 to 1994.i'll never
forget you and this scene.

  and now,all the supporters of
this scene!please try to do your
best for this scene and try to
keep this wonderful scene alive!

  perhaps one day we will met in a
corner of this world who knows..
but until that moment i wish luck,
happiness and the best to all of
you in this scene.i love you all!



   yeah,life is hard and full of
difficult events.another star
slided out of our lovely scene but
the remaining ones will continue
where he left and we'll keep this
scene alive.

    that's the way it goes,man!

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