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   oh,i can't believe it a dream
for me has really become truth and
after lots of days full of sorrow
and pain i'm here in front of my
computer and here's with starting
the chapter that i and probably
all magazine editors love much.so-
me month ago i really couldn't i-
magine myself to release another
issue,no not at all,i couldn't i-
magine myself doing something that
had used to give me some pleasure.
i had lost all of my morale and
the feeling of life because of a
love as you have read in the 'you
and us' chapter.nearly all things
were going bad about my life ac-
cept one thing.your coming reacti-
ons really gave me endless morale
support and by the help of them i
once more understood that i and my
friends had to go on with this mag
as you see this was an example for
how much your reactions are impor-
tant for us.now i want to say my
classic words again but as our aim
and way of journalism is trying to
present a better issue from the
previous one,i must say them.

   last issue again was very im-
portant for us as this time we ma-
de it first time double-sides and
we could hardly waited for your
reactions.what would our needings
for a better issue and did we sa-
tisfy you with this double-sided
issue.thanks to all that nearly
%95 of our readers liked it.of'coz
we were and are not the best so
we have got some reactions which i
will now reply,asking us to add
or improve something.we try to ma-
ke all things better with the help
of the light source caused by your
reactions and as you see we are
back with another the new issue of
splash.so don't forget to send yo-
ur reactions again.never forget
that if we work together then it
will be more easy for us to close
to the perfection.

   also before starting with reply
the reactions i want to thank you
again.yes,i and all splash staff
must send best wishes and endless
thanks to all the guys who thought
that splash is a cool magazine and
voted for us.yes by the helps of
our readers splash had now a very
good place in the charts now.but
if we don't have such readers like
you then it was impossible for us
to rise.but you can be sure that
this won't be spoiled us.just the
opposite we will try to do better
issues and try to be worthy for
your votes.this will be only our
aim with this magazine.

   now i can start with the reac-
tions now after this important
text according to us.i'm so plea-
sed that we could gave some plea-
sure to a great part of the scene.
your reactions are saying this to
us.but also we got a very little
amount of reactions that are unsa-
tisfied.i will also try to answer
these reactions too.ok,let's go
with it:

   JASON/X-RATED:the mag is nice
at all and #15 was a total smasher
because of huge amount of text and
the extra chapters like the puzzle
continue this standart if possible
my advices:1)include up/down fast-
scrolling in the chapters coz it
would be useful if you are searc-
hing for sum special things.2)use
my logo.

   answer:yo jason! thank you very
much for your reaction.it's very
cool that you like our magazine.
here is one more issue in the same
perhaps more quality of splash
including another huge amount of
text and special chapters.if you
go on helping us sure that we can
continue with this standart.yes,
we also got more reactions same as
your advices.as you see we've ma-
naged it.here's a new fast-scroll
routine and new(your) logo in the
text screen.thank you pal.

   IOPOP/JAM:really cool issue,#15
very good.better than the ones
that been released before.put a
fast mover of the text in the vi-
ewer or make the speed faster.ot-
herwise a really good mag.

   answer:thanks for the reaction
pal.yes,producing a better issue
from the previous one is our aim
in this magazine.we also put the
fast-scrolling which we think you
like.ok,see you.

   SDI/SACRED:splash's really cool
especially now it's 2 sides.i like
many chapters in a mag!the scene
puzzle by the way was very cool.i
liked it very much.keep up the
good work and i will keep voting.

   answer:thanks you friend!we are
glad that you find our magazine
cool.just enjoy the chapters and
the puzzle of this issue as this
time it has a present.we will try
to keep up as much as your help
goes on.enjoy the issue pal.

staff!congragulations with your
last issue of splash.it was mega
cool.so you keep trying to get a-
round script!keep trying!

   answer:very good that you have
liked our magazine coolie.but you
are wrong in one point.we don't
want to competite with the other
magazines with just selecting one
as an example.we try to create our
own style and our own amount.so we
took only one thing as a reference
and this is the last issue of our
magazine.we try to improve it in
the coming issue.we tried it once
more.i hope you like.thank you.

   CHRIS/ASPHYXIA:what the hell is
this disc-mag or disc-book? only
the main menue looks like 'normal'
article!but seriously really good
work!yep,this is a mag not fucking
disc note.i always enjoy reading
splash.scene-puzzle is very cool
idea.keep it in next issues.cool
issue of splash.

   answer:woow!what a reaction.i
must thank you for this good super
morale support.here we are with a
new issue of splash including an-
other long-article menu,heh he! so
enjoy this issue too.thank you.

   GETTOBOY/TPAU:your magazine was
cool again.i liked the lots of
chapters coz i like to read much
chapter so your mag was cool.i al-
so like the way you write the text
but change the music coz i heard
better musics,keep it going reac-

   answer:it's also cool that you
like what we are doing.yes,we are
trying to present you a much chap-
tered but at the same time inclu-
ding interesting texts issue.in
every issue we also change the mu-
sic.what's your opinion about it
now? see you.

   CAT/EXCESS:cool mag,some more
tunes would be cool too.and why
can't you let the text go faster?
some more vote-items would be cool
too.the rest is ok with me,i like
the menu!maybe some more intervi-

   answer:hello our good friend!
you can be happy know as most of
the things you asked for is now
present in this issue.we included
swapper charts,new musics and four
interviews in this issue.so enjoy
it and send us your wishes.goodbye

   GIGABYTE/NONAME:yo staff!i re-
ally enjoy reading splash each ti-
me i get  new issue.so just keep
up the excellent work and you will
raise to the top in all charts.

   answer:we really enjoy getting
reactions like that.thank you.we
will of'coz try to do our best if
our readers go on supporting us.so
never forget helping to us.see you

   GALAXY/CROSSLINE:splash is a
cool,nice,good looking,superb co-
ded,fantastic,crazy and my favou-
rite mag!

   answer:and you are one of cool
readers of us.thank you very much!
we will try to deserve your reac-
tion in the coming issues.

extremly cool issue of splash.i
really liked it!keep this style of
making mag forever.

   answer:thank you guy for this
morale-transport.we will try to do
this king of issues as your help
goes on reaching us.

   BLACK PRIEST/FLT:never saw your
mag!but i'd like to see it.

   answer:hey,these kind of reac-
tions make me crazy.why on the e-
arth we couldn't manage to spread
this mag to every single member of
the scene? yes,although we and ot-
her friends of us spread this mag
world-wide there are some guys who
haven't caught it.so please help
us in spreading this mag too.

   CHAOTIC/???:tell me why do  you
need so many identities.ok,just
kidding for your chapter i know.
nice mag you got,keep on producing
it,i like the unsual chapters.

   answer:thank you man!see the
result of these identities in this
issue.i got too much of them that
5 chapters does not enough for.but
i will go on in the next issues.
just see the unsual chapters of
this issue and i hope that you li-
ke them.see you.

some more text in each chapter.the
coding and so on are cewl.you do
not really need that many chapters
fix an anti-reload option so the
mag won't reload the old chapter
but just start it up.

   answer:thank you stormlord for
sending this reaction.first of all
i must say that we try to seperate
the subjects into different chap-
ters and we try to put enough text
with a subject or happening in the
chapters as we don't have a prob-
lem with chapter numbers.i think
this makes mag more tidy and in
order.as all the chapters can't be
long in the same amount,we also
have some short ones.but in total
we try to release issues having
lot's of text.i hope i won't be an
arrogant guy if i say that we ma-
naged this,heh he!yes,you're right
with the anti-reload.we will try
to fix it.i hope that you like
this issue.see you.

   SHORTY/EXTACY:i like your maga-
zine so keep up the good work.

   answer:we love you too so here
we are presenting another issue
for you.

   TRUSS/DUNEX:send me an issue
then i can judge and say my opini-
on about it.

   answer:another guy who haven't
seen splash? what a pity for us as
our work haven't been seen by all
the guys.i hope that this issue
arrives you and you enjoy it.

   MORRIS/LOD:cool mag!but change
the logo in the main menu.

   answer:thanks for the reaction.
as you see the logo stays in the
main menu as we think that it fits
there too much.but we have put a
new logo in the text-screen.i hope
that you like it.enjoy this issue
and see you later.

loved the big issue of splash! i
especially liked the crossword so
please make more of these!only one
thing is bad and that is that the
fishes in the main menu are jum-
ping very fast and it tooks kind a
strange.otherwise it rulez!some
cooler music please!

   answer:yo static!thank you very
much for this great reaction.here
a new issue and here's a new puzz-
le for your entertaintment.also
this time we have a present for it
about the fishes,i want to say so-
mething.you may say i am a dreamer
but i ask you dream too.in the
polluted world of ours,we really
missed the days when fishes were
jumping like that.so with this me-
nu let's try to remember that days
ok,i think they seem more cool for
you now,are they? what is your o-
pinion about these musics? see you
later pal.

   GOREFEST/PROXYON:splash issue
15 was boring!none of the texts
could interest me except for the
personalities.to you falcon.you
should improve your writing style
and your english as sometimes you
are talking nonsense!by the way
'awful' means very bad.so you
think splash is awful.you're right
a lot of text doesn't make a good
magazine.it's the amount of jour-
nalism.anyway just improve!

   answer:yes our dear friend go-
refest! before starting i want to
add something for the knowledge of
our readers.as you see,this is a
hard reaction.when i told this to
gorefest,he answered me just say-
ing he was too hard.but in my next
letter when i told him that i was
suprised with it,i got another re-
action back saying that i'm an ar-
rogant guy as i were thinking that
everybody should love splash.i
think there are some point to cle-
ar now so just start with it.

   i really can't understand one
thing,my friend gorefest.once,no
not to much ago,before the mega-
splash you were a supporter of
this magazine.you have sended us
reactions saying that you liked it
and even you helped us spreading
votesheets.but this reaction was
really surprised me.in fact i did
not change much things in my edi-
ting style but we just included
new chapters.so what's the reason
for i really couldn't understand.
as i have said lots of times befo-
re my aim with this magazine is to
enteratain my friends and not ha-
ving something to be arrogant.i
want to ask everybody something.
did you ever see me with writing
bulshit like i'm the best,vote for
me etc? i don't think so.perhaps
sometimes i tried to face you with
how hard it is to edit a long mag
like this but this has no relation
with being arrogant.i said i real-
ly suprised for your reaction be-
cause of two reasons.first once a
time you were a supporter of us
and second your reaction was the
only one saying these to us.yes,i
think it's too normal for me as
the other reactions are positive
but this one...may be i have a
fault in one thing.i said that e-
verybody likes splash but i forgot
that you can't make happy and en-
tertain ALL the people.whatever
you do,there will be some some pe-
ople,perhaps a little amount,who
won't like your production.but yo-
ur aim must be to please most of
the people you can and i hope that
we are managing to this.your reac-
tions shows this.i think this's
not being arrogant just giving ex-
ample from the truth.

   yes,you are right!as nobody is
perfect i'm neither also.of'coz i
have some deficiencies like every-
body has.but i try to do my best
and i'm glad that most of the guys
like my style.i must say that i
liked your editorialship in flash-
back especially the news.but are
you thinking that you have no de-
ficiencies? last thing i want to
discuss is that you couldn't find
an intersting part in splash? yes,
last time we had some special
chapters ever in a mag of c64 but
this can be nonsense for you.but
as you know i had an article about
the stop-spreading originals.did
not this interest you? because you
also published one defencing near-
ly the same ideas with me.i think
a mag editor must read all parts
of the mags but especially the
parts which he will write some-
thing about.just to clear some mis
undestandings i want to say not
for copying but for getting more
points.because perhaps you can
look  the subject with a different
of view.

   yes,last paragraph with this
reaction.as you see,here is a new
issue for your pleasure.but you
are free of'coz.you can try to
enjoy this issue or you can format
the disc,throw it to the ashcan
or whatever you do.but don't for-
get something that i will also try
again to gain your support.so i
must say that i hope you like this
issue.see you later.

   after this very long reaction
and answer now,we can continue
from the where we have left.

   DR.DISK/SUCCESS:very nice maga-
zine but i can't always read e-

   answer:yes,man!thanks for your
reaction.i can imagine that as
writing this mag also it's reading
must be hard.(oh shit,i never tri-
ed it,heh he!) but you aren't du-
tied with reading it once.you can
go on reading when you have some
time.ok,enjoy this issue friend.

   MAJA/NEBULES:i love your mag!

   answer:short but meaningful
reaction from you.thanks boy we
also love you too.

   i have said that we can conti-
nue now but i forgot something.
because of out of memory error,
this chapter must reach to its end
but as all the reactions haven't
finished yet,i want to go on in
the next chapter.see you there!

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