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          HELLO FOLKS !

the boss of accuracy welcomes you
to the movie reviews part of splas
h.i hope there are some movie mani
acs around there who could enjoy r
eading this.
 first of all,i've to say that,som
e it takes somtime for some movies
to be shown in turkiye ,so some of
the movies i reviwed here may be
old for you guys out in western eu
rope.anyway,then take them as vide
o reviews,eh?
 okey,for this time you can find t
he following movies

- bram stoker's dracula
- wayne's world(this one quite old
- a few good man
- the crying game
- bodyguard

it was me who watched the first th
ree up there,and i took the last t
wo from NEWSWEEK and simplitied th
en a bit.... enjoy !

okey let's go now....


 yeah,that's it! that's the kind o
f movie that i call "SUPER B" and
it's certainly one of my favorite
movies ever.
 the thing that sepetures this one
from many other dracula films is i
t's loyalty to the original story
from "BRAM STOKER" and the amount
of romantizm in it.
 let's talk about the story first:
the evil transilvania count dracul
a beats the turks in a battle(in t
he real history,that's not the way
,hehe) but his wife thinks he's de
ad,so she commits to suicide.the c
an't gets very angry to the christ
ian church and sells his soul to t
he devil which makes him a blood s
ucking vampire,an eternal creature
 many yers later,he devides to buy
some houses in london.
an executive from an estate compan
y visits him in his castle in tran
silvania.but when the count falls
in love with the photograph of his
licence he inprisons him and goes
to london with some land from his
own estate.and then......
 well,if you haven't watched this
movie yet,catch it either at the c
inema or an video!
 because it's such brilliant one
that you keep your lareath from th
e beginning to the end.the action
and excilement is kept very contin
ious while the master director sho
wed his great talents both in that
and in the scene capturing.
aslonishing fude aways,fast close-
ups and many other things.
 but if you're looking for a horro
r movie,this ain't the one you're
looking for as it's a mixture of a
ction and romantizm.and it looks
COOOOL ! catch it anywhere.



 wayne and his close friend guth s
tart to become quite populer with
their weird tv-show named "WAYNE'S
WORLD" and a big tv company makes
a contact with them but when they
see that the company changes their
show into shit,they just try to ge
t rid if the contact.meanwhile way
ne talks in love with a female roc
k vocalist who's also funcied by t
he snob producer of the tv vocalis
t,and so the story goes on.....
 well,yes the story may look like
and yes it is !
 but the thing that makes this mov
ie so much...
 outstanding is the munner and spe
eches of the characters.
also,the movie goes around a rock
scene and you can enjoythen as wel
l grently!here are some examples f
rom speeches :
 baking powder:i beg your pardon
 exqueeze me:excuse me
 babecitian:someone good at yettin
g girl

 god,this movie is damn good !



 huh,in fact the story is quite co
mplicated,but i'll give a try.
a recruit gets beaten by two other
in u.s navy base in cuba and dies.
 one of the lawyers of the navy th
inks that he was.beaten because of
an order from a top officer.the or
der is called "CODERED"and this a
sort of illegal education for the
soldiers that's done by beating et
c...of course the officers deny th
e order but the lawyer certainly
will not give up....
 to say the truth,when i went to t
he cinema i had to some projeduces
as tom cruise was the head actor b
ut he wasn't that bad in this one
and the whole is movie is certainl
y a thriller!go and watch it!!!!!



 i can't think of another movie th
at mixes the tragic,the playful an
d the perverse in the way the cryi
ng game does.
 the crying game in fact contain f
our movies for price of one,it sta
rts as if it were going to be an I
RA thriller,takes a turn toward ro
mance and by the time it reacher.
 it's unpredictability bouyont con
elusion,pills the rug and the floo
r out from under your feet.what's
so satisfying about these mind-pop
ping manvvers is that they're neve
r cheap tricks.
 the hero is a soft-spoken IRA ter
rorist named fergus,who participal
es in the kidnapping of a politica
l hostage,the black british soldie
r ,jordy assigned to guard the man
 he may have to kill,fergus's inna
tely kind nature gets him in troub
le with his more fanatical collegu
es.a bond developes between prison
er and captor that threatens fergu
s's political priorities.this part
of the story ends in horor and and
fergus and is forced to the irelan
d for london.there e takes a const
ructia job,changes his name and fi
nds jody's hairdvesser girlfriend,
whom he had promised to lok in it
anything happend to the soldier.
 as this point,the movie turns int
o something different,a love affai
r a deal deal with the past...watc
h the rest at the cinema!!
 when the movie is over,you play i
t back in your mind,seeing everyth
ing in a fresh light.if the test o
f a good movie is how it makes an
avdience feel when the lights come
up,"THE CRYING GAME" is a very goo
d movie indeed.it leaves one giddy


 someone is trying to kill pop sta
( rachel marron(whitney houston)
pthe man hied to protect her is ex
-secret service agent frank farmer
(kevin costner),state-of-the-art b
odyguard.at first,rachel doesn't k
now the extent of the danger she's
in.surnounded in her own world,her
family and flunkies who keep the t
ruth from her.
 the superstar resents frank's ins
trusions on her lifestyle.
 they bicker.then they sleep toget
her.than he pulls away,knowing tha
t he can't maintain his street pro
fessional standarts if his heart i
s involud.
 the bodyguard is a wildly uneven
romantic thriller.costner is the b
est thing in it,his wary,cool nift
ily balanced by self effacing hamo
r.but whitney is not so affective,
she has to be more complex at the
role as the character is so,but sh
e doesn't know how to do that,she'
s just good at performing.still,th
e bodyguard has it's flashy,shallo
w pleasures.......

              THE BOSS OF ACCURACY
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