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          movie reviews

    although i was very busy this
month because of the exams in uni-
versity and some personal problems
i was able to watch some movies
and know i will review them here
just for your pleasure.i couldn't
recieved any reviews from our pa-
kistan section so i think i must
do it.ok,let's stop this meaning-
less talk and start with the real
chapter.this month we have three
films to be reviewed.here they're:


   michael dougles-sharon stone

    sure everybody like  the films
which includes some cool fucking
screens.but mostly like this kind
of films which also have a cool
subject material.if you like both
this kind of films and psychopat-
hic films this is just for you.its
a story of a book-writer who se-
lects a person for her book as a
main character and makes love with
him.the film start with a really
shocking fucking screen and then
she kills her partner with an ice-
breaker in the bed.because her
story finishes like that and ofco-
urse police  arrive and start the
interrogation.then she selects her
new victim.this time he is the de-
dective.a new love of our writer
has start again.will it finish in
a short time with an ice-breaker
or not? watch it and enjoy.i real-
ly recommend this movie to you as
it deserves to spend on time.good
scenario and nice screens.



    eddie murphy-robin giwens
            halle berry

    eddie murphy is an advertise-
ment responsible of an parfum com-
pany and because of this he is all
the time in contact with new bea-
tiful models.he is a very fast guy
that it seems there is no women
who could reject him.he's changing
his girlfriends like changing his
socks.but one day his company and
another one unite.the other adver-
tisement responsible is this time
a beatiful woman.now he must fight
for his job.this woman also has a
closed girlfriend who comes with
her to this company.eddie couldn't
know what to do because he likes
both of the women.our fast vaga-
bond is now in depression.because
he must give the right decision
and stop his vagabond-style life.
it's a nice comedy dependent on
this subject.you can watch it if
you want to laugh.



    clint eastwood-gene hackman
   morgen freeman -richard harris

    i didn't watch any western for
a long time so when i was  very
pleased when this movie arrived to
the cinemas.but i couldn't find
what i want as it is a kind of mo-
vie which has no special thing.the
story is that in a small town the-
re are some whores working in a
saloon.one day a customer of them
hurt one of them from her face by
using a knife cause she laughed to
him for his small weapon,heh he!
sheriff arrives and gives a punis-
ment to him.he ordered him to grab
7 horses and bring them to the ow-
ner of the saloon.whores find this
punisment to low so they combined
their money and announced that
there is a reward to the killer of
the quilty guys.our hero clint is
an old assassin who killed lots of
guys but them married with a women
who rescued him from his bad style
life.he became a farmer but then
his wife dies.so he must work more
for his children.then he heards a-
bout the reward and makes his de-
sicion.he must get this money for
the future of his children.he also
gets his old friend and partner to
do this job and starts the voyage.
on the way they reached to the yo-
ung guy who gave the prize news to
clint and from now on they are 3
guys.they arrive at the town and
in a short time they get in troub-
le with sheriff because of their
guns.they reject to give their
guns to sheriff and then the acti-
on starts.

   in fact it is a good movie it
doesn't give the pleasure of  the
old hits of clint eastwood  like
'the good,the bad and the ugly'
and of'course many more.i felt a
bit sorry after watching this film
as clint eastwood became very old.
what can we do? this is the law of
not the west but the law of nature


    yes,these were all of them i
watched lately.hey i am waiting
for your help for this chapter.why
not to send us the reviews of your
latest films? everything will be
better if your helps increase.ne-
ver forget this.

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