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           axl's page

    hello palz!welcome to my first
special-chapter in this magazine.
what we have in there,do you want
to know? yes,the life is so hard
and you must take it easy and find
the good points for a good life.so
the main subject in this chapter
is the life.the true or discusable
sides of life,the comic situations
and all sort of material.you can
help me with it.just send a letter

    now enjoy the chapter and send
your thoughts and other stuff to
me.lets start with it.

    girls are one of the causes of
going on this life.they are great
creatures but they lie very always
do you want some examples? here're


   -i'm not ready for a love busi-

   -i'm surely not like my mother.

   -i don't believe in astrology.

   -i used to wear 36th size in
the past.

   -i hate and never do any type
of gossip.

   -i ate nothing today.

   -that's the natural colour of
my hair.

   -i can't find time for gymnas-

   -this trouser must be shrank
at the dry-cleaning.

   -i have left him.he didn't.

   -i never eat any sweet.

   -noone can notice the hair on
my leg.

   -i am not interested in marri-

   -i don't like the ones who try
to claim ownership.

   -he will call next week.

   -i never want to be 17 years a-

   -there were lots of men who
wanted to marry with me.

   -he was not type of me.

   -i am not jealous of my sister.

   -i will never have n cosmetic

   -it is ok if i don't wear my e-

   -he'll change after the marri-

   -i'm thinking of the dinner in-
vitation but i'm not sure now.

   -according to me love comes be-
fore the money.

    they are comic but true accor-
ding  to me.now let's move on an-
other subject.do your friends have
an idea that you are crazy? per-
haps they seized this opinion af-
ter seeing you doing things like
these.what? just move on.

          YOU R CRAZY IF

   -you can laugh at the harlequin
who have grabbed his finger to  a

   -you can bend your  newspaper
with hitting in the middle of it
with your head.

   -you still think that fatal tu-
berculosis is an ordinary  cough
and you don't visit the doctor.

   -you block up your ears for not
hearing the voices while you are
eating carrot.

   -you try not to come face to
face while you're eating your fish

   -you get stressed because of a
little space of the curtain and
can't stand without closing it.

   -you can't examine the finger
paths and oil-droplets on your eye

   -you bend all the papers you
get from the middle.

   -you collect all your coins in
only one pocket.

   -you look continously to the
ashes of the cigarette.

   -you find something to celebra-
te everytime.

   -you like the girl in your sch-
ool,buy all the time some presents
and at the end lose all your money

   -you try to chatter with all
the girls you see.

   -you close yourself to your ro-
om and try not to see the other
members of the family.

   -you don't be the dj of your

   -you don't run to the window to
see if it has snowwed or not.(in
turkiye snow is a surviver of most
studients as schools start a holi-
day if it snows heavily.)

    living crazy! perhaps some of
you defend the idea of living fast
if you live fast or slow,it does
not matter as you will become old
one day.what are the signals of
becomming old? here are some.


      you r becomming old if

   -your car begins to stay at the
garage most of the time.

   -you think computer is a tran-
sient hobby.

   -you read the smallest things
in the newspaper too.

   -you don't need to change your
clothes by replacing new ones.

   -you have a head-ache before
and after the fucking.

   -you start to wish for your py-
jamas in the early hours of the

   -you don't miss the competiti-
ons at the television.

   -you order somebody to answer
the door or the phone.

    in life,the important thing is
not the how long you have lived.
the important thing is how much
happy you have lived.so try to en-
joy all the beatius of life becau-
se one day will come and it'll be
to late for them.so i wish you all
best things and much success in
your life.we will meet in the next
issue.i'm waiting for your letters
so send soon.goodbye!

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