Splash 14 ch17 Nostalgy

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    yo guys!i tried to finish this
issue before the start of the new
year but i couldn't finish.because
editing a mag is not an easy job
as you can guess.

    by the way,i wish you a happy
new year.yes,although so many guys
guessed 1992 would be propably the
last year of our scene,as you see
it goes on living.now,i look  at
the demos and i think myself what
a jump we have done.i'm using my
c64 for more than 8 years.if  you
look at the old demos,you can see
the jump with your eyes.but all of
the demos and the productors of
them,i mean old groups have a spe-
cial remembrance in all of our he-
arts.yes,the memories! they're the
only thing that the old days left
to us.so beetlejuice and i started
a new chapter in  which you  can
share your memories,both good and
bad,with all other sceners.perhaps
you want to narrate the start of
your group or an event you've li-
ved.yes,i agree we must live today
not the past but we also must not
forget our memorians.

    so we are waiting for your in-
terest in this chapter and  send
some text to us.you know our addy
but i'll write it once more.please
send your memories too:


    as this is a new chapter we
again start with an story from us.
we hope to publish some which you
will supply us.ok,this time here's
a story from beetlejuice.what he
have narrated,do you want know it?
then read it by yourself.here it


    now i am going to tell about
how we builded accuracy/ankara.i
had my first c64 in my 6th birth-
day.what a present! there're lots
of disks.i  started  to discover
them.there were lots of stupidness
in them.couple of years later  i
bought lots of games and programs.
just before i start to play i was
100% meeting the intros of falcon.
(that time he only used his real
name in the intros).at that moment
i meet golem at school.he was bet-
ter than me in c64.i wasn't able
to program anything but he was.be-
cause of a trouble we had a fight
with each other and we didn't see
each other for 2 years.we had  a
common idea.we didn't like falcon
at the moment coz he was better
than us.after two long  years  i
saw golem at the street.he said he
had good news.when we got home i
saw that he wasn't the  same.he
told me that he was the first co-
der of a group -cosmo-.i  was  a
member of a nonscene group data at
that time.i was just selling the
oldest games to the shops.

    one day i was selling 'after
the war' to a shop.falcon entered
in.he saw it and he said that he
had daily stuff and i have to swap
1 or 2 years faster.i was leaving
sadly.i heard him calling me.he
offered the chance of my life.mem-
bership of accuracy.i succesfully
get over all the exams he gave.i
was an accuracy member after all
those exams.

    golem left his group and i was
waiting for it.i offered him the
quality.he accepted.at last we bu-

    yes,we have reached the end of
this new chapter.we hope that you
like it.

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