Splash 14 ch16 Too Much Mags But

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       too much mags but...

    hello there!it's nice to meet
you in another article in this ma-
gazine.it's a speciality of this
magazine to publish some articles
whose aim is to make you think and
to bring some other point of views
to the subject.we don't say that
we are all the time right-ones but
we don't beware to say the things
about something we think that it
is silly or...what is the subject
of this article then?

    the main subject of this issue
is the large amount of magazines
and the specialities.no no no this
time i won't say the classics like
too much magazines,ban them etc.
infact i'll say some words to de-
fend them.yes,i'll again try to
get another point.

    in the last 3-4 months of this
year i started to see some words
saying that the only way for this
scene to survive is the legal sce-
ne.the cracking in large amounts
causes the scene to die.and all o-
ver the year i read some articles
saying that there are too much ma-
gazines.according to me both  of
the ideas have some right-points.

    i also think that there're too
much magazines but i'm also defen-
ding the idea that we are in need
of most of them.let's look to most
of the spread-discs of swappers.
what do we see there? generally
the stuff is consist of the latest
cracks and magazines.

    today the companies don't pub-
lish lots of originals and the qu-
ality in most of the games are go-
ing down too.so everyone gets lots
of versions of the games.yes,its
advantage is we can judge who is
better in cracking but honestly
please tell which stuff you prefer
a stuff which is full of the same
cracks you have got before or the
stuff consists of the latest issue
of magazines.

    i personally prefer the second
alternative.because i think that
every magazine has a kind of spe-
ciality in it.yes,there're some in
which the quality is very low but
sometimes i get bored of the crax
so much that i also read them too.
a good mag-editor must follow all
the other magazines so i try to
read all the mags.sometimes i call
my friends if they have some new
ones that i couldn't grab.and if
they have i ask for it.

    in my opinion it's a very hard
attack for the mags to say  that
there are lots of them.because it
is not an easy job to edit a maga-
zine.you must all the time get so-
me interesting points,collect more
and more votesheets and spend most
of your spare time while editing.
yes there are lots of them but ne-
ver forget the efforts to bring o-
ut only one of them.

    the thing that i want to say
is,this magazines are also a part
of this scene.we must have them as
like as we need cracks and demos.
yes,the best in nowadays for a us
is to produce more demos but we
must not forget the mags as they
are the materials which make this
scene more clear for us.

    lastly i will say something
like i have said for the cracking
groups.the several versions of the
same games give us a chance to ma-
ke our opinion that who is better
in cracking.the same thing is va-
lid also here according to me.lots
amount of magazines gives us the
chance to determine which magazine
is the best.you read most of them
but only vote for your favours.at
the end i couldn't take myself
from saying this once more.

   if we were you,we would read
      all magazines to judge
           the quality!

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